Saturday, October 6, 2012

Belinda Wears Black

Today's Story is by Melia!

Belinda Blake loved black. Everything had to be black. "Belinda, sweetie, it's time for your first day of first grade." called Mommy. 

Belinda was ecstatic. She came bouncing down the stairs in 20 seconds. "Well someone's happy." Daddy called as he bounded in through the kitchen door.

He kissed Belinda on the cheek. Belinda's older brother Ty, and her older sister Marissa came in from the dining room each holding a banana and a poptart. "Hey,Hey,Hey." Marissa cheerily exclaimed.

 Ty just gave a small wave. Belinda was wearing a black dress with a black bow tied around the middle, she wore shiny, bright, black wedges,  and in her wavy brown hair was a black headband with a big black flower on it. "Let's go." urged Belinda.

She pulled Mommy out the door. When they got there, Marissa skipped in and Mommy and Daddy each blew her a kiss. "Hi, I'm Mrs. Hoogledoggen, you must be Belinda." the teacher greeted.

Belinda found her seat and sat down. "Hi, I'm Belinda." Belinda explained to the girls at the table.

The girls stared at her like she had two heads. They were both wearing bright colored dresses. One's name was Emmy. The other was named Jess. Jess was wearing a baby blue dress. Emmy was wearing a hot pink dress. In fact, when Belinda looked around everyone was wearing bright colors except Belinda.  Belinda was embaressed. The next day Belinda borrowed Marissa's clothes without asking. She came down the stairs wearing a bright blue dress, with pink shoes, and a bright purple headband. "Belinda why are you wearing my clothes?" Marissa asked. "They aren't even black.

"Everybody else wore bright colors." Belinda cried.

"But everybody else isn't you. You are Belinda Blake, and Belinda wears black. Besides you are the only Belinda, so don't try to be someone you aren't. Just be you." Marissa soothed.

"Thanks, Marissa." Belinda replied.

The girls hugged. "Now go get dressed or you'll be late for school." Marissa exclaimed..

Belinda changed her clothes into a black top with black pants. At school Belinda played with Emmy and Jess. It turned out they were staring at her because they admired how she wore completely black even though no one else did.

Belinda learned to always be herself, and it doesn't matter what other people think about you, what matters is what you think.

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