Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Kitten

It was a stormy summer day. Aurora Nichols thought she heard a noise outside the window. "It's probably just the wind and the rain." her mother assured her.

Aurora shook her head. She was positive it wasn't that. "It sounds like crying." she insisted. She went to the window and looked out. "Oh, look, Mommy!" she cried. "There's a little kitten out there and she's cold and she's shivering!" Aurora flung open the front door and ran out without even putting a raincoat on.

"Aurora!" exclaimed her mother.

"Look, Mommy!" said Aurora when she came back in the house with the dripping wet kitten in her arms. "She's cold." The tiny gray thing was shivering. Aurora was dripping wet and shivering too.

"You need to get out of those wet clothes." demanded Mommy.

"Okay." agreed Aurora, "if you take care of Grayla."


"That's what am I calling her." replied Aurora.  Mommy frowned. "What's the matter?" asked  Aurora. "You don't like the name Grayla?"

"It's not that. The name is fine."
"You're not going to put her out in the rain again? Are you, mommy?" Aurora asked worriedly. Her big blue eyes opened wide with horror at the thought.

"No. Of course not. It's just I don't think you should get too attached to her. She may belong to somebody." explained her mother.

"Well, anybody that lets a poor little kitten like this out in the poring rain doesn't deserve to have her." declared Aurora. Before her mother could say another word, she hurried upstairs and grabbed a fluffy dry towel from the linen closet and wrapped up the little grey kitten in it and began drying her off.

"Aurora!" said her mother.

"Oh alright." said Aurora. She handed the towel and the kitten to her mother and went off to change out of her wet clothes. In less than five minutes, she was back.

"Why Aurora!" exclaimed her mother. "I don't think you've ever gotten dressed so quickly before in your life."

Aurora ignored that remark. She just scooped back up the little grey kitten in her arms and kissed her.

"So much for not get attached." said her mother, but of course, Aurora wasn't listening. Of course, she did get attached to the little kitten. She was with them for almost a week. Aurora fed her and  brushed her and petted her and took care of her. Aurora grew to love the little kitten she called Grayla with all her heart.

Grayla loved Aurora right back. Every time, Aurora went away, she eagerly waited for Aurora to come back. As soon as Aurora walked in the door, she brushed up against Aurora's legs until Aurora picked her up. When Aurora sat down, she curled up in Aurora's lap and purred happily as Aurora pet her.

In the meantime while Aurora and Grayla were getting so attached to each other, Mommy and Daddy placed an ad in the paper looking for the kitten's owner. They promised Aurora if nobody claimed Grayla, Aurora could keep her. "But don't get to attached to her." they warned. Of course, Aurora didn't listen.

At the end of the week, Aurora came home from school to find a strange woman talking to Mommy. "Aurora." explained Mommy. "This is Grayla's owner. She saw the ad in the paper and came to get Grayla. Her real name is Mabel."

Aurora hardly heard a word Mommy said. In fact, she completely blocked out the name of Grayla's owner when Mommy said it. To her, the kitten was Grayla and was always going to be Grayla and not Mabel. Mabel was too big of name for the tiny kitten. Aurora swallowed hard and stared at the ground to keep from crying. When she looked up, she realized Mommy was talking to her.

"Go and get, Grayla for Mrs. Crumm." Mommy urged.

Aurora did as she was told although she wasn't happy about it. She found Grayla under the bed and scooped the kitten up in her arms. "I'm going to miss you." she whispered into the kitten's fur. Grayla unaware of what was going on purred happily in her arms. Aurora went back to her mother and quickly deposited Grayla into her mother's arms.  She couldn't bare to give her straight to Mrs. Crumm. As soon as she put the cat in her mother's arms, she ran out of the room before she burst into tears.

Mommy gave the kitten to Mrs. Crumm. "Oh thank you and your daughter so much!" gushed Mrs Crumm. "We were leaving on vacation when somehow Mabel got out. We couldn't find her before we had to leave or we would miss our plane. When we got back, we saw your ad in the paper. We were so relieved that Mabel was okay." she explained.

Just then, the little kitten jumped out of her arms. She ran and found Aurora who was lying on her bed crying. She scrambled up on to the bed beside Aurora.  Aurora sat up and gathered the kitten in her arms and hugged her but she didn't take her back to her mother and Mrs. Crumm. She couldn't bare to.

After a few minutes, Mommy called "Aurora!" Aurora frowned unhappily. She held tightly to Grayla but she did bring the kitten back to Mommy and Mrs. Crumm. Only it turned out Mrs. Crumm was  no longer there only Mommy was.

Aurora looked around in surprise. "Where's Mrs. Crumm?" she asked only partly wanting to know the answer.

"She left." replied Mommy.

"She did?" asked Aurora in surprise.

"Yes, she saw how attached Grayla is to you...."

"I thought her name was Mabel." interupted Aurora rudely.

"Well not if you don't want it to be." replied Mommy.

"What do you mean?" asked Aurora afraid to hope.

"She's yours if you want her and you can call her what you want." explained Mommy. "Mrs. Crumm saw how attached you two are and she couldn't bare to separate you. You reminded her of when she was your age, and she had her first kitten. Besides, she has two other cats at home now. She was just relieved to find out that this little kitten is alright."

"Oh." replied Aurora. She had barely heard a word Mommy said except the part about the kitten belonging to her now. "Yes, I want her." she said happily. "She's mine, and her name is Grayla."

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

You're My Best and My Favorite

Dori Auerbach was tired of watching TV. She was sick of her toys. She was bored with playing alone. She went off to find somebody to play with.

Mommy was in the kitchen making a grocery list for her weekly trip to the supermarket. She looked up and smiled as Dori entered the room. "Hello, sweetie." she said cheerfully.

Dori smiled back. "Oh, Mommy." she gushed. "You are just the person I was looking for. Will you play cards with me?" she begged smiling even brighter and looking up hopefully.

"I can't right now, sweetie." replied Mommy. "I'm making the shopping list."

Dori went up to her mother and put her hand on her mother's arm. She looked up sadly into her mother's face and opened her own big brown eyes widely. "But mommy." she said quietly, "You're my best and my favorite. I really want to play with you." she pleaded.

Mommy couldn't resist. "Okay." she agreed. "Maybe, just one game."

Dori excitedly ran off to get a deck of cards. They sat down at the kitchen table to play Go Fish.

Three games later, Mommy stood up. "That was fun," she said "but I really need to finish making the grocery list before it's time to make dinner."

"Okay, mommy." replied Dori. She went off to play, but she was soon bored again. She wandered into the den and found her brother, Brian. He was playing his handheld video game. "Hi Brian." she greeted him overly warmly as she entered the room

"Hey!" Brian replied without even taking his eyes off his game but he said it in a friendly way.

"Will you come outside with me and push my on the swings?" asked Dori looking at her brother with her best sad puppy dog face.

"I'm in the middle of something." he replied. "Why don't you ask Mom or Dad or Kendra?" Kendra was their older sister.

"Please!" begged  Dori, and when he didn't reply, she climbed up into his lap. "You're my best and my favorite. I really want to go outside with you."

"Okay." Brian relented. "Just let me finish this level." A few minutes later, he was ready. They went outside and Brian pushed her on the swings and played with her on their backyard swingset for half an hour. Then, he glanced at his watch. "I've gotta go. " he said. "The baseball game is about to start." He went in the house and turned on the TV.  Dori was bored with baseball. She went off to find something else to do.

Dori went upstairs. She found her sister, Kendra. Kendra was doing her nails. "Oh, Kendra!" exclaimed Dori excitedly. "Can you do my nails too?" she begged.

Kendra frowned. "I don't think so." she said. "As soon as my nails dry, I need to pick out something to wear to the party tonight." Kendra and her friends were always having parties. Dori thought their parties were totally boring. All they did was eat and drink and talk and dance. They never played any cool games or anything.

"Please, Kendra." begged Dori. She looked up at her sister with her most serious expression. "You're my best and my favorite."

"Okay," agreed Kendra, "Pick out a color while my nails are drying."

Dori smiled happily and quickly picked out a bright pink color. Pink was her favorite color. As soon as Kendra's nails were dry, she polished Dori's. Then, she did Dori's toenails too. By the time. Dori's nails were dry, Kendra had had enough sister bonding time. "Now, I really have to get ready for tonight." she said ushering Dori out of her room.

Dori was soon bored again. She wandered into her parents room and found her Dad. He was checking his e-mail on his laptop. "Hi, Daddy." she said. "Will you play with me?" she asked.

"Maybe later, honey." replied her father. "I'm doing something right now."

"But Daddy." said Dori puffing out her lower lip and making a sad pouty face. "You're my best and my favorite."

Just then, Kendra came into the room. She wanted to borrow one of Mom's blouses. "Hey, " she said. "I thought I was your best and your favorite!"

Kendra was followed by Brian who wanted to tell Dad something that had happened in the baseball game. "I thought I was your best and your favorite!"

Brian was followed by Mom who wanted to find out what sides everybody wanted with the chicken they were having for dinner. "I thought I was your best and your favorite."

Dori blushed  nervously and looked at the ground. Then, she quickly looked up and smiled. "Your all my best and my favorite." she said.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Brylee and the Baseball Player

When 3 year old Brylee Kane and her family found themselves seated right behind the home team's bullpen at  a Mid City Mountain Cats baseball game, they were all really excited. They loved baseball. The Mountain Cats, their local minor league team, was their favorite team. They had never had such great seats before. They got them from Daddy's boss because he had to go out of town to attend his wife's cousin's wedding and couldn't use them.

All of the Kane family loved baseball especially Brylee. She didn't get the game that much, but she loved to go to games. She loved the sounds of the stadium, the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, the music and the special effects from the scoreboard. She loved the smells of the stadium, fresh mown grass and delicious foods. She loved the tastes of the stadium especially the pizza and ice cream. When she went to a game, she paid attention to everything, the rest of the crowd, the vendors, the players on the bench. The only thing she hardly paid attention to was the game itself.

While they waited for the game to start, Brylee and her sister Wynona stood by the railing watching the pitcher warm up in front of them. "Be careful." warned Mommy as the two girls got closer and closer to the railing.

"Why don't I teach you how to keep score?" suggested Daddy opening the scorebook they had purchased at the entrance to the stadium. Wynona eagerly sat next to him and they bent their heads together over the open book.

Brylee had no interest in that. She remained standing by the railing watching the teams warm up. Warm up time was soon over. Just as the players were leaving the field to go get ready for the game to start, the pitcher who had been warming up in front of them turned and reached toward Brylee with the ball in his hand. "Here you go." he said warmly. At first, Brylee didn't know what to do. She was not supposed to take things from strangers, but Mommy nodded her head that it was okay this time so Brylee took it.

"Say thanks, Brylee." Mommy told her.

"Thank you." said Brylee excitedly hugging the ball.

"Hey no fair!" exclaimed Wynona looking up from the scorebook  and seeing Brylee holding the ball.

"You can share it." said Mommy.

Brylee shook her head no. "Mine." she said possessively.

"Where'd she get it?" asked Wynona jealously.

"He give'd it to me." said Brylee pointing to the player who had given her the ball. She smiled brightly and hugged the ball again.

Wynona's eyes opened wider with jealousy. She looked at the player who Brylee had pointed too and saw that his number was 36. She looked up number 36 in the scorebook and found his name. "Cory Davis." she read aloud. "His name is Cory Davis."

"Cory." repeated Brylee as her smiled got even bigger.

"Is Cory your boyfriend?" teased Daddy.

"Cory my boyfriend." agreed Brylee nodding.

"No, he's not." said Wynona.

"Yes! Yes!" insisted Brylee.

Mommy and Daddy smiled and thought it was so cute that Brylee thought Cory Davis was her boyfriend. Wynona shook her head and rolled her eyes.

From then on, Brylee really thought Cory Davis was her boyfriend. She talked about him all the time. She asked about him every time they saw a baseball game live or on TV whether it was the Mountain Cats or not. 

About a month later, Cory Davis got traded. Wynona overheard Daddy telling Mommy about it. "Don't tell your sister." warned Mommy. "It will upset her."

"I won't." promised Wynona. She actually felt sorry for her little sister. Brylee really thought that Cory Davis was her boyfriend. She probably wouldn't take it very well that he was traded.

The very next day, they got Daddy's bosses seats at the stadium again. This time his son had a Little League game that he had to attend so he couldn't go to the Mountain Cats game.  This time there was a lot of traffic on the way to the game, and they got to the stadium later. As soon as they got there, Daddy and Wynona went to get food.  Brylee and Mommy went right to the seats. Brylee immediately  stood by the railing watching the teams warm up. She looked all over for Cory Davis, but she couldn't find him.  She was about to ask Mommy where he was when the teams finished warming up and a player handed Brylee a ball. It wasn't Cory Davis, but Brylee didn't seem to mind. She took the ball eagerly without even waiting for Mommy's okay this time. "Thank you." she said happily clutching the ball.

Just then, Wynona and Daddy came back with the food. "Hey!" exclaimed Wynona jealously noticing Brylee once again with a ball in her hands.

"He my boyfriend." said Brylee happily pointing to the player who had given  it to her.

Wynona sighed. "Here we go again." she said.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Taylor's Teddy Bear

Theodora Bear was Taylor Newberry's favorite teddy bear. Taylor had her since Taylor was just a tiny little thing. Theodora was pink and fluffy. She had two different colored eyes since one had to be replaced when it fell off and got lost. Her fur was matted from being held and loved so very much. Theodora slept on Taylor's bed every night. When Taylor didn't see her there, she went into a panic. "Mommy!" she would call out in a worried voice. "Theodora's missing!"

"Did you look for her?" Mommy would call back in a calm voice . She knew how much Taylor loved Theodora, but she was confident that Theodora would always turn up somewhere, and she always did. Either Theodora was under the bed or she was behind the door or Taylor had left her downstairs or in another room. She was always found somewhere, and Taylor would heave a huge sigh of relief and clutch the stuffed bear tightly to her chest. Mommy would smile at Taylor and nod her head as if she knew all along it was going to work out fine.

Then, one day, Taylor could not find Theodora anywhere. She looked in all the usual places. There was no sign of Theodora. She looked anywhere else she could find, but still no sign of Theodora. "Mommy!" she cried worriedly. "I can't find Theodora!"

"Did you look for her?" asked Mommy in her usual calm voice.

"Yes!" exclaimed Taylor by now on the verge of tears, "I've looked everywhere."

"I'll help you in a minute." promised Mommy. "I just have to check on your sister." About a minute later, Mommy called out to Taylor in a loud whisper. "Taylor, come here."

Taylor joined Mommy in her little sister, Tia's room. Mommy pointed to the bed. There was Tia all curled up with Theodora in her arms. Mommy seemed to think it was cute because she was smiling. Taylor, on the other hand, did not think so. She frowned and yanked Theodora out of Tia's arms causing Tia to wake up and start crying loudly.

"Taylor!" shouted Mommy angrily.

"My bear!" exclaimed Taylor possessively clutching it to her chest.

Tia just continued to cry. "Bear, bear." she said finally through her tears pointing at Theodora and reaching out for her. Taylor held Theodora over her head way out of Tia's reach. Mommy glared at Taylor.

"It's my bear." Taylor reminded them all.

"Yes." replied Mommy, "but you didn't have to wake your sister up. We know Theodora is yours. You would have gotten her back."

"Bear, bear!" repeated Tia sadly pointing and grabbing again. Mommy shooed Taylor out of the room. She tried to give Tia one of her own stuffed animals but Tia wouldn't take any of them. She just kept repeating "Bear, bear!" and pointed to the door.

Eventually, after a long while, Tia cried herself to sleep. Mommy and Taylor thought that would be the end of it, but it wasn't. The minute Tia saw Theodora she called out "Bear, bear!" and reached for her.
When Taylor wasn't around, Tia would go in her room and take Theodora. It got so that Taylor had to keep Theodora hidden, and she was not happy about it.

Mommy was not happy either. Finally, she decided to get Tia a Theodora of her own. When she told the girls, they were both excited about it. Taylor was excited that she would get Theodora back to herself, and she wouldn't have to hide her bear anymore. Tia was excited to be getting her own Theodora. "Bear, bear." she said but this time happily.

They went to the store. They could not find a bear exactly like Theodora. Tia would not settle for anything else. They went to another store. There were still no bears like Theodora. They went to every
store they could think of that would possibly have teddy bears. Still, they could not find a bear that looked like Theodora. Still, Tia would not settle for another bear. They went home. "Bear, bear." Tia cried. She was back to saying it sadly now. Taylor actually was beginning to feel sorry for her.

At home, Taylor went to her room and got Theodora out of her hiding place in the back of Taylor's closet. She hugged Theodora tightly. "You always make me feel better." she whispered into Theodora's fur. She took Theodora and went to find Mommy and Tia. They were in Tia's room. Tia was still crying, "Here." said Taylor shoving Theodora into Tia's arms.

"Bear, bear." cried Tia excitedly hugging the bear.

"You can have her." announced Taylor. "I don't want you to be sad anymore." but now Taylor was the one who was sad. Taylor was the one who looked she was going to cry.

Mommy smiled proudly at Taylor. "Maybe, you can share Theodora." suggested Mommy.

Taylor smiled. "I'd like that." she said.

Tia smiled too. "Bear, bear." she said still clutching Theodora.

Taylor was not sure Tia was going to be a good sharer, but still she was proud of what she had done, and she did not take Theodora back.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ana Adores Books

Today's Story is not only for my daughter but by my daughter

Ana was a 3 year girl. She adored when her mom or dad  read her books."Mommy can you read me a story?"

"Not right now, sweetie pie. Maybe when daddy gets home from work, he will read you a story."

"Okay, Mommy." said Ana.

After a while, daddy got home.

"Daddy, can you read me a story?"

"Okay, princess. What book?" said daddy

 "The princess and the pizza."
"Once upon a time in a beautiful land there was a prince who wanted to marry a princess. He decided to give a test. All princesses were great cooks. One princess made her secret recipe.

"Mmm." said the prince "What do you call this?"

" I call it pizza".

"They got married and lived happily ever after."

"Read me anther story."

"Not right now princess. Ask Kayla."

"Okay, daddy."

"Kayla, can you read me a book?" said Ana

"Not right now, Ana."


"Mommy, Can you read me a story?"

"Okay, sweetie pie, Let's read the baby animals book."


"Puppies kittens, oh so much more." The rest of the pages fell out of the book, but  it was time for bed anyway.

The next morning, it was Ana's 4th birthday.  "I'm 4 now. I can read." she said. She read to her family. The book was called Bob.

"Bob sat with Pat on the mat with the cat and the bat and the rat all in hats with a baseball bat."

"That was hard." said Ana "I'm not gonna read anymore."

And she didn't.  Until the very next day.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sleeping Cutie

Crissi Woodley had a new baby sister her name was Cassidy. She was only about a week old, but ever since she came home from the hospital friends, neighbors, and various family members would come over and ooh and aah over her. They would say how cute Cassidy was. Then, they would tell Crissi,"You are so lucky to have a sister close to your age to play with someday." Crissi would just shake her head. Even though, she was only a few years older, she thought of herself as a big girl and she thought of Cassidy as a baby. She did not at all think of them as being close in age. Besides, all Cassidy ever did was sleep. How could she possibly be a playmate for Crissi?

Still, Crissi liked the idea of having a sister to play with. She stood over Cassidy's crib waiting for her to wake up. She waited every day, but Cassidy only seemed to wake up when she was hungry, and she just stayed awake enough to eat and then went right back to sleep.

"Mommy?" asked Crissi. "When is Cassidy going to play with me?"

Mommy smiled at Crissi so proud that she seemed to love her little sister. "When she gets older." Mommy said.

Crissi rolled her eyes at Mommy. "But, mommy," she said wearily. " she is older we've had her a whole week already."

Mommy laughed and kissed Crissi on the cheek. Crissi didn't think it was funny at all. She went back to standing by Cassidy's crib every day and watching her sleep and waiting for her to wake up for more than a few minutes at a time.

After what seemed like days to Crissi, but had only actually been a day or two, she got tired of waiting. She grabbed the step stool from the bathroom and brought it to Cassidy's room. She leaned it against the crib and stood on it. She reached out her hand and was about to poke her sister to try to wake her up when Mommy entered the room.

"Crissi" exclaimed Mommy in a loud angry whisper. "What are you doing?" She grabbed Crissi in one arm and the step stool in the other and dragged them out of the room.

"I just wanted to wake her up so we can play together." mumbled Crissi softly, but Mommy either didn't hear her or didn't care. She was never allowed in Cassidy's room by herself anymore. Instead, she stood outside Cassidy's door still waiting for her to get up and play with Crissi.

"Cassidy," she whispered through the keyhole of the door. "Cassidy, don't you won't to play with me?" When she got no response, she whispered a little louder. "Cassidy, don't you want to play with me?" When she still got no response she said out loud. "Cassidy, don't you want to play with me?" When that got no reponse, she shouted "Cassidy .." but she got no further than that because Mommy heard her yelling and came and shushed her.

"Quiet!" whisper yelled  Mommy shaking her head and putting her finger to her lips. "Cassidy's sleeping." She shooed Crissi away from Cassidy's door.

Crissi frowned unhappily and stared at the floor. "She's always sleeping." she mumbled to herself.

Then, finally it happened. One day, Cassidy woke up and cried. Mommy tried to feed her, but she wasn't hungry. Mommy changed her diaper, but that wasn't it either. Mommy kept trying but she couldn't figure out what was wrong. Cassidy just kept crying. "I know what she wants, Mommy." cried Crissi excitedly. "She just wants to stay awake and play with me!" Mommy looked doubtful, but by then she was willing to try just about anything to get Cassidy to stop crying.

Crissi tried talking softly to Cassidy but Cassidy kept crying. She tried singing Cassidy a song, but Cassidy just cried louder. She tried showing Cassidy her toys and then Cassidy's own toys but Cassidy didn't even look at them.  Crissi did everything she could think of but she couldn't get Cassidy to stop crying either.

Crissi was so disappointed after all, this time Cassidy was finally awake for more than a few minutes and she didn't want to play after all. All she wanted to do was cry.  It was so much better when she was sleeping at least then it was peaceful and quiet. Crissi frowned and sighed. "Go back to sleep, Cassidy." she said.