Sunday, March 27, 2016

Beverly Wants A Bunny

Beverly Delancey couldn't wait for Easter. She loved bunnies and she was hoping to get a bunny of her own. "When is my Easter bunny coming?" she asked her mother.

"Why on Easter, of course, Beverly." Mommy replied with a big smile.

Easter could not come fast enough for Beverly. About a week before Easter, Mommy took Beverly to the mall. They waited in a long line for what seemed like hours. Mommy wouldn't tell  Beverly what was going on. She wanted it to be a surprise.

Finally, they reached the front of the line. "Do you want to sit on the Easter bunny's lap?" asked Mommy expecting Beverly to respond yes excitedy

"No." replied Beverly boredly. She started walking away.

"What?" asked Mommy in surprise. " I thought you wanted to see the Easter bunny."

"I want an Easter bunny of my own." replied Beverly.

A couple days later, Mommy told Beverly that Daddy was coming home with a surprise for her. "It is something you really wanted." Mommy told her. "It is a few days early but we knew how much you wanted it, and we just couldn't resist."

Beverly knew she was getting a bunny of her own. She was so excited she started jumping up and down and squealing. She immediately started to think of names for her bunny.

When Daddy came home, Beverly ran over to him. "Where is my surprise?" she asked eagerly.

"Don't I get a hello?" asked Daddy disappointedly.

"Hello, Daddy." replied Beverly. "Where is my surprise?"

Mommy and Daddy laughed at Beverly's eagerness.

Daddy handed Beverly a wrapped package. Beverly was confused. Why would a live animal be wrapped up? She quickly opened up the package. It was a chocolate bunny. "Oh." she said quietly. "Thanks." she added not very enthusiastically.

"I thought you wanted a bunny." replied Mommy in confusion.

"I want a real bunny." stated Beverly. She disappointedly left the room without her chocolate bunny leaving Mommy and Daddy starring after her.

When Easter arrived, Beverly wasn't excited about it all. When Mommy and Daddy told her to come downstairs because they had a surprise for her, she wasn't at all eager to go. What could they possibly have for her now a stuffed animal?

However, when Beverly got downstairs, she found a cage with a little white bunny in it. Beverly excitedly knelt down by the cage. "Is it for me?" she asked happily.

"Yes, she's all yours." they replied.

"I'm going to call her Lily, How did you ever know that I wanted a real life Easter bunny of my own?"

"Oh we just knew." they replied.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Bossy Barbara

Barbara Turner was a girl who liked to have things her way. In fact, she was very bossy. She  tried to boss her friends around, but they didn't always let her. More than anything, she bossed her little sister, Brielle around. After all, Brielle was only 6, and Barbara was 8.

Barbara was in her room reading  her book when Brielle burst in without even knocking. "Do you want to play?" Brielle asked Barbara eagerly.

Barbara shook her head. "Not now. Go away." she demanded.   Brielle  frowned. She just stood by the foot of of Barbara's bed and made no attempt  to leave the room. "I said get out!" insisted Barbara. "I'm reading!" Brielle sighed and reluctantly left her sister's room.

A little while later, Barbara went to find her sister.  Brielle was in her own room playing with some of her toys. "I finished my book. Let's play now." Barbara said bossily.

"But, I'm already playing with my toys." protested Brielle.

"You don't want to do that." Barbara told her insistently. "You want to play with me. Come on." She led her little sister to their playroom. "Now go and get the Barbies." demanded Barbara as soon as they entered the playroom.

"But I don't want to play Barbies." replied Brielle. "I want to play a game."

"We're playing Barbies." Barbara informed her. "Now, go and get them."

"Barbara!" called Mommy from her room. "Can you please bring me my glasses? I left them in the kitchen!"

"Okay, Mommy!" Barbara answered back.  She knew better than to ignore Mommy. However, she had no desire to go all the way down to the kitchen for Mommy's glasses and then come all the way back up again. "Brielle," Barbara ordered "Go and get Mommy's glasses."

"But, she asked you." pointed out Brielle.

"Just go get them." Barbara told her.

"But .."

"Go!" ordered Barbara. Brielle  gave Barbara  an angry exasperated look, but she went to go get  Mommy's glasses and bring them to her like Barbara told her to.

Barbara waited in the playroom.  She heard Brielle's loud footsteps clumping down the stairs. A little while later, she heard Brielle's loudly footsteps clumping back up the stairs, and then down the hall to Mommy's room.  She expected Brielle to return to playroom any minute, but she waited and waited and Brielle didn't come back.

Finally, Barbara went looking for her little sister. Brielle was still in their Mom's room. Mommy smiled when Barbara entered the room. "Oh Barbara." she said cheerfully. "I'm glad your here too. I was just telling Brielle that we are going to be having a visitor."

"Oh?" said Barbara full of curiosity.

"Cousin, Sydney is coming." announced Brielle before Mommy could get in another word.

"Yes." replied Mommy. "Your cousin, Sydney is coming to visit, and I expect you two to be nice to her." she added.

Brielle nodded. She was looking forward to playing with her cousin.

Barbara frowned. Sydney was only 4. Barbara didn't mind playing with her sister when she felt like it, but she didn't want to play with two annoying little kids. She decided she would keep herself busy when her cousin arrived and stay away from both Brielle and Sydney.

A little while later, Sydney arrived. After Mommy forced Barbara to come and say  hello to Sydney, Barbara hurried up to her room.

"You come play." Brielle told Sydney bossily. Sydney happily followed Brielle into the playroom.

In her own room, Barbara picked out a new book to read and sat down on her bed to read it. However, she couldn't concentrate because Brielle and Sydney were being so loud down the hall. It was mostly Brielle who was yelling at Sydney.

"We're going to play Candy Land." insisted Brielle loudly.

"But I want to play dolls." protested Sydney unhappily.

"We're playing Candy Land. Now go and get it. It's over there!" demanded Brielle bossily.

Sydney started to cry. She didn't want to play Candy Land. She wanted to play dolls.

As soon as Barbara heard her cousin crying, she hurried into the room. "Why are you being so bossy, Brielle ?" she asked her little sister. "Maybe, Sydney doesn't want to play Candy Land. Maybe, she wants to do something else."

"We're not doing something else." insisted Brielle stamping her foot angrily. "We're playing Candy Land."

"Why do you have to be so bossy?" Barbara asked her.

"Because I'm in charge." Brielle told her

"Well, why do you have to be in charge?" asked Barbara.

"Because I want to be like you." Brielle declared proudly pointing to her sister. "I want to be just like you."

"Oh." said Barbara quietly. She didn't feel proud of herself at all. She felt ashamed. For a few minutes, she didn't say anything. Then, finally she said "You shouldn't tell Sydney what to do. You made her cry."

"You tell me what to do." pointed out Brielle although she didn't say it like she was complaining. She said it like she just thought  that was the way it was supposed to be.

Barbara felt even more ashamed. "Well, I'm going to try not to do that anymore, okay? " she said to her little sister. "And you're going to be nicer to Sydney. We're both going  to try to be not so bossy, okay?"

"Okay." agreed Brielle.

"Now, let's find something that we all want to do." suggested Barbara, but she didn't demand it.

"Okay." agreed Brielle and Sydney happily.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tara Takes a Trip

Tara Redman was so excited. She was going to be going on her first overnight trip. She was going to be visiting her Grandma all by herself for a whole weekend.  She would be away from Mommy and Daddy for three whole days and two whole nights all by herself. She felt like such a big girl.

All Tara wanted to talk about for weeks was her upcoming trip, "When am I going to Grandma's?" she would ask Mommy eagerly several times a day.

"About an hour sooner than the last time you asked me." Mommy would answer with a laugh.

Tara didn't think it was so funny, She thought the time was passing much too slowly. She wished time would hurry up so it could be the day for her to go to Grandma's.

Tara told everyone she knew she was going on a trip to Grandma's. She told her teacher.

"That's nice, Tara." her teacher replied. "I bet you'll have a good time."

She told her friend's teenage brother.

He just kind of said "Uh huh." and hurried along on his way.

She even told her next door neighbor's yappy little dog. The dog barked excitedly. Tara was sure that meant he was happy for her,

Tara even told strangers only when she was with Mommy and/or Daddy though. She knew better than to talk to strangers alone. Some people smiled. Some people said "That's nice." Some people ignored her. Nevertheless. anyone who encountered Tara was sure to find out all about her upcoming trip to Grandma's whether they wanted to or not.

At last, the happy day arrived, Tara woke up bright and early. Daddy was already at work, but Mommy was still sleeping."Mommy, is today the day?" Tara whispered loudly in Mommy's ear,

"Yes." Mommy answered groggily and half asleep."But go back to sleep. It won't be time to get ready for a while.

There was no way Tara was going to go back to bed. She was too excited. She just kept talking loudly to herself until Mommy could not stand it anymore and got out of bed.

Mommy helped Tara pack and get dressed. Tara must have changed what toys she wanted to take a million times. Actually if she had her way she probably would have taken even more toys, but there wasn't enough room in the suitcase.

Grandma wasn't coming until after lunch. All morning long Tara kept asking "When will it be lunch time?" and "When is Grandma coming?"

"Soon." was always Mommy's answer. It didn't seem soon to Tara at all.

Finally, it was time for lunch. Tara was so excited she could hardly eat anything. She was too busy talking about her upcoming trip.

Just as they finished lunch, they heard a car outside. Tara ran to the window. "Grandma!" she shrieked excitedly as she saw Grandma's little blue car pull up in the driveway. She hurried and got her suitcase and started dragging it toward the door.

Mommy laughed at Tara's eagerness. "Here, let me help you with that." she offered taking Tara's suitcase from her.

Tara frowned. She was a big girl. She could carry her own suitcase. However, before she could protest the doorbell rang. "Grandma!" exclaimed Tara flinging the door open.

"Hello, my sweet girl." Grandma greeted Tara warmly hugging her and kissing her on the cheek. "Are you ready to go?" Tara nodded happily.

"Goodbye, baby." said Mommy. Now it was her turn to hug and kiss Tara. "You have a good time. I love you, and I'll miss you."

"I love you and I'll miss you too." replied Tara suddenly feeling a little bit sad.

"Are you ready?" asked Grandma. Tara nodded. Grandma took the suitcase and led Tara out to the car. They got in their seats, got their seatbelts on and Grandma pulled out of the driveaway.

Grandma chatted happily about all the things they were going to do and what fun they were going to have over the weekend. Tara hardly said anything. She just kept turning around and looking back a lot.

"Are you okay, my sweet girl?" asked Grandma finally. "You're very quiet." She knew that was not like Tara who was usually quite a chatterbox.

"Grandma?" said Tara quietly.

"Yes?" answered Grandma. "What is it, my little love?"

"I'm ready to go home now." announced Tara.

"What?" replied Grandma in surprise. "We haven't even gone around the block yet." Grandma told her.

"I'm ready to go home now. " repeated Tara sounding like she was about to burst into tears.

"Okay." replied Grandma. "I'll take you home." She turned the car around and headed back to Tara's house.

When they arrived, Mommy came out on the driveway. She was surprised to see them. "Did you forget something?" she asked.

"No." replied Grandma. "I'm making a delivery." She lifted Tara out of the car and into her mother's arms. "Somebody was missing you."  she explained.

"Mommy!" exclaimed Tara happily clinging to her mother. "I missed you. I'm so happy to be home!"

Monday, March 21, 2016

Briony's Bows

Briony Arthur's prized possessions were her hair  bows. She had eight of them. There was a purple one and a pink one. There was a red one and a blue one. There was a gold one and a silver one. There was a striped one and one that was all the colors of the rainbow. She loved each one of them and each one was special to her. When she wasn't wearing them she kept them clipped to the top of her mirror where even Briony could only reach by standing on her chair and climbing onto her desk. She kept them there to keep them away from her little sisters.

Briony had three little sister. Shannon and Shosie were twins. Vivica was the baby. All of her little sister's were fascinated by  Briony's bows. All of them wanted to touch one of Briony's bows. All of them wanted to wear one of Briony's bows. Even baby, Vivica would reach up her chubby fingers whenever she got close enough to one and try to grab it and take it for herself. Briony would never let her little sisters near any of her bows.

One afternoon, Briony was playing with her brush and her bows. She had just put her gold bow and her silver bow in her hair when she heard her mother calling her from downstairs. "Ill be right there!" replied Briony. She was going to put her bows away before going to see what her mother wanted.

"Briony!" her mother called again in a voice that said Briony had better not keep her waiting.

Briony knew she had better go right away when her mother spoke in that tone of voice. She just left her bows. She would have to put them away later.

When Briony got back, from helping her mother, she couldn't find her bows. They were not where she had left them. She looked on the floor. No bows. She looked on the table. No bows. She looked everywhere but still no bows. Briony wanted to cry. She couldn't imagine where they could be.

Just then, Shannon and Shosie entered the room followed by baby Vivica. Shannon was wearing a pink bow and a purple bow. Shosie was wearing a red bow and a blue bow.  Baby, Vivica was wearing a striped bow and a bow that was all the colors of the rainbow.

"You give me back my bows!" demanded Briony.

"You gave me back my bows!" repeated Shannon and Shosie, but they did not remove the bows from their hair or make any attempt to return them to Briony.

Baby Vivica just touched the bows in her hair and smiled. "Pretty, pretty." she said.

"You give me back my bows!" declared Briony getting angrier and pointing her finger at her sisters.

Shannon and Shosie laughed and pointed their fingers back at Briony. Baby Vivica pointed her finger at Briony and smiled. None of them took the bows out of their hair.

By now, Briony was steaming mad. Her face was turning red with rage. She continued pointing at her sisters, and she stamped her foot at them too. "You give me back my bows!" she cried angrily.

Shannon and Shosie just kept laughing at her. They pointed their fingers and stamped their feet just like Briony but they did not give Briony back her bows. Baby Vivica pointed her finger and stamped her feet too and she smiled happily. To her, it was all a fun game.

Briony sighed and angrily pulled the gold and silver bows out of her hair and threw them on the ground. Shannon and Shosie took the bows out of their own hair and threw them on to the ground. Baby Vivica took the bows out  of her hair and threw them on to the ground too. Briony smiled in relief and gathered up all her bows and hugged them to her. She was so glad to have them back.  It made her incredibly happy.

Briony was about to take her bows back to her room and put them away but  as she was leaving the room, she glimpsed at her sisters' faces. They all looked so incredibly sad, they looked the way Briony felt when her bows were missing. Briony actually felt bad for them. She sighed again. Then, she gave the pink and purple bows to Shannon. She gave the red and blue bows to Shosie. She gave the gold and silver bows to baby, Vivica. She kept the striped bow and the bow with all the colors of the rainbow for herself.

Her sisters smiled at Briony gratefully. Briony smiled back, and she felt surprisingly good.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Eek a Mouse!

It was a bright sunshiny day. Six year old twins, Olissa and Oliver Trent were sitting out on their front porch. Oliver was playing his Nintendo 3D. Olissa was reading a book.

Suddenly, Olissa thought she saw a little furry creature scurrying by. She sat up quickly and nervously dropped the book out her hands.  "What was that?" she exclaimed worriedly.

"I'm sure it was nothing." replied Oliver not even looking up from his game.

Olissa put her hand to her ear. She was sure she heard squeaking. "Did you hear that?" she asked grabbing her brother's arm. "I think it was a mouse."

"Hey!" exclaimed Oliver pulling out of his sister's grasp. "You're messing up my game."

"Didn't you hear it?" insisted Olissa.

"I didn't hear anything." replied Oliver. "Besides, even if it was a mouse, who cares? It's just a little mouse. "

"It's just a little mouse?" replied Olissa indignantly. "Mice have teeth. you know. They can bite."

"They are  little." stated Oliver. "I'm sure they have little teeth."

"Bites from little teeth can hurt too." pointed out Olissa.

"I think you are being ridiculous." replied Oliver. "You haven't even seen a mouse."

Just then their mother called them in to dinner. All through dinner, Olissa kept thinking about the mouse. She was so worried about it that she could hardly eat. She just kept pushing her food around on her plate.

"Are you feeling okay?" their mother asked Olissa.

Olissa nodded. "I'm just not very hungry." she explained.

"She's too busy worrying about mice." Oliver teased. Olissa shut him an angry look.

"Well, there aren't any mice in here." their father assured them both.

"I wasn't the one who was worried about it, Olissa was." Oliver pointed out. Olissa shot him an even angrier look.

"That's enough talk about mice at the dinner table. " reprimanded their mother. "Just eat your dinners."

There was no further talk about mice but that didn't stop Olissa from thinking about them. In fact, she couldn't stop thinking about them at all. That night she lay in bed thinking of nothing but them. She kept thinking she saw them scurrying out of dark corners of her room or that she saw them crawling out from under her bed. She thought she heard them too. She kept thinking she was hearing  little squeaking noises. She worriedly pulled the covers all the way up and ducked her head under them trying to hide from any mice that might  possibly be there.  She could not sleep at all. After a long long while, when she was finally able to drift off to sleep, she dreamed about mice:  lots and lots of mice, armies of giant mice with lots of heads like the mouse in The Nutcracker.

The next day was another beautiful day. "Can we do our homework out on the porch?" Oliver asked their mother when they got home from school. Their mother readily agreed because she thought it would be good for them to get some fresh air while they were doing their homework.

Olissa shuddered. "I'm not sure I want to." she replied worriedly.

Oliver laughed. "Are you still worried about that mouse?" he asked. Olissa just glared at him. "Don't worry," he assured her in a teasing manner. "I'll protect you."

"Cut it out, Oliver." Olissa demanded.

They settled down on the porch with their homework and started working on it.

Then, suddenly something furry ran by Oliver. He screamed and jumped back.   Olissa put her hands in front of her face and peeked through her fingers. Then, she quickly took her fingers away from her face. "Oh," she said looking at the little brown mouse that she saw in front of her. "It's so cute. It's just a tiny little thing."

"Don't touch it." cried Oliver pulling her back. "It might bite you."

Olissa laughed. "Now who is afraid of a little mouse?"

"I'm not afraid." replied Oliver. "I'm just protecting you." Olissa could see that he was shaking a little though and his voice had slight tremor when he spoke.

"Okay." said Olissa. "If that's what you want to believe."

Oliver gave her an angry look. "You are the one who kept talking about mouse bites." he reminded her.

Olissa smiled. "I know." she admitted. "That was before I knew how cute it was." she tiptoed over near the mouse  and knelt down. "Hello, little mouse." she said softy to it.

"Be careful. It might have rabies or something! " Oliver exclaimed worriedly pulling her back as the frightened mouse scurried away.

 "Hey!" exclaimed Olissa falling over as Oliver pulled her back. "You scared it away." she said disappointedly getting up and looking for it.

"I'm was just protecting you." insisted Oliver.

"Okay." replied Olissa. "If that's what you want to believe." She couldn't help smiling.  She knew he was afraid of the mouse, and she wasn't. For the first time, in her life she had been braver than her brother, and she was so proud of herself.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Unlucky Lucille

Today's story is by my daughter and I

Lucille Guiney was not a very lucky girl. She woke up late one morning. She didn't get to eat breakfast which was her favorite, chocolate chip pancakes with syrup, whip cream and a cherry on top. She stepped in a puddle on her way to school and ruined her dress. It was her favorite dress too. It was purple with pink pockets.

In school, she realized she had forgotten her homework.  She looked through her backpack several times. It wasn't there. She got so upset about it that she had trouble paying attention in class.

"Lucille," the teacher said, "Can you answer the next question, please?"

"What?" asked Lucille. Her mouth hung open in confusion. She didn't even know what they were doing. The other kids all started laughing hysterically. Lucille was so totally humiliated. 

"Alright, that's enough." declared her teacher, Miss Mary. The other kids stopped laughing. However, it was too late, Lucille did not feel any better.

The rest of the day was pretty similar. Lucille couldn't wait to go home. On her way home, she tripped and fell on the ground. "Just my luck." she quietly said to herself. She was brushing herself off when she noticed she had landed in a patch of clover. She leaned down to look closer. She couldn't believe it, right in front of her was a 4 leaf clover! She wondered if it was really lucky. "Ah, probably not." she said, but she picked it up to show it to her Mom anyway. She put it in her dress pocket.

When she got home, her mother had a delicious plate of freshly baked double chocolate chip cookies with caramel and fudge for her. They were her favorite, but her mom hardly ever made them. They were delicious.

After Lucille ate, she did her homework. It was really easy. She made sure to put it in her backpack right after.  

Just when she was finished with her homework, the phone rang. Mommy answered. She talked for a little while and seemed really excited. "That's great!" she exclaimed happily smiling towards Lucille. "That's really great!" Lucille couldn't wait to hear what was going on. "That was your Principal." explained her mother.  "You have been chosen to be in the Geography Bee, and if you win you can get a college scholarship."

Lucille didn't know what to think. "Really?" she asked in disbelief.

"Really." replied her Mom. "I'm so proud of you." She hugged Lucille. 

Lucille started jumping up and down excitedly.  She couldn't wait to tell everybody. She hurried to call her Grandma. 

Grandma was really happy for her "This calls for a special celebration." she declared.  "Where would you like me to take you?" she asked.

"Can we please go out for ice cream?" asked Lucille.

"That sounds good to me. I'll pick you up after school tomorrow." replied Grandma.

"I can't wait!" said Lucille excitedly.

After she got off the phone, she told her mother. "I can't believe how much my luck has changed. I guess four leaf clovers really are lucky. I found one this afternoon and ever since then good things have been happening to me."

"Oh." replied her Mother.

Lucille didn't think her mother believed her. "Here let me show you." she declared reaching into her dress pocket and pulling out the clover. She handed it to her mother.

Her mother took it and examined it. "I'm sorry, honey, but this is only a three leaf clover." Mommy showed her that the  one of the leaves was ripped in two.

"What!" exclaimed Lucille, "but what about all my good luck." 

"Maybe, your just a lucky girl." replied her mother.

"But what about before?" asked Lucille. "My luck wasn't good at all."

"Luck can change." explained Mom.

"I'm glad mine did!" stated Lucille with a big smile on her face.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Prince's Girl Clothes

There once was a land far away. In this land, there lived a young prince. This prince needed an outfit for the Royal Ball. He was a growing boy and none of the party clothes he already had fit him anymore. The King and Queen hired the finest tailors in the land to make the prince some new clothes for the Ball.

The tailors showed the Prince the best materials they could find. "Just pick out whatever you like, and we will make you the finest outfit in the land. " they told him.

"I would like a dress." replied the young prince.

The Tailors looked at the King and Queen who both had their mouths open in shock. "Your just teasing us, aren't you son?" asked the King. The Prince shook his head. "That isn't funny." said the King.

The Queen stared deep into her son's eyes and saw that this was what the Prince really wanted. "Let it be so." she declared. "If the Prince wants a dress. Then, he shall have a dress."

"What color dress would like then, your royal highness?" asked the tailors. "We have some fine blues, and blacks and browns."

"I should like a pink dress."  replied the Prince.

"Pink!" exclaimed the King rising out of his seat in horror. "It has to be pink?"

The Queen looked once more into her son's eyes and she could tell that this is what the Prince really wanted. "Let it be so." she declared. "If the Prince wants a pink dress. Then, he shall have a pink dress."

"As you wish, your Royal Highness." replied the tailors.

They brought in the royal cobblers to make the prince a pair of shoes to go with his new clothes.
"What kind of shoes can we make you, your highness?" asked the cobblers. "We have some fine leathers. We can make you a pair of sturdy Oxfords or a nice pair of loafers."

"I would like a pair of high heels." answered the Prince.

"High heels!" exclaimed the King jumping out of his seat once more. "Heels?" he repeated shaking his head and putting his face in his heads.

"Heels?" echoed the Queen but in a much softer tone. When her son nodded his head she replied. "Let it be so. If the Prince wants a pair of heel, he shall have a pair of heels."

So the tailors and the cobblers set about making the Prince's new clothes. All day and all night they worked. When they were finished, the King ordered them to bring the new clothes to the palace for the Prince to view and try on. He was secretly hoping that when the Prince saw the new clothes he would realize how foolish and silly looking they were for a young prince, and he wouldn't want them after all. The King would be happy to have the tailors and cobblers make the prince a whole new royal wardrobe just so long as the prince came to his senses and got rid of the pink dress and heels.

However, when they brought the new clothes to the Prince and he tried them on, the prince smiled happily. "This is just what I wanted!" he exclaimed.

"I'm glad your happy my darling." replied the Queen.

The King's face turned bright red and he looked as though he might explode, but he said nothing. He still didn't think that the Prince was really going to wear the dress to the Royal Ball. "Are you sure that's what you want?" he asked when he finally regained his composure.

"Oh yes!" exclaimed the Prince excitedly. "Definitely."

The King shook his head sadly and sighed. The Queen gave him a warning look.

The day of the Royal Ball arrived. Prior to the ball, it was traditional for the royal family to lead a procession to the palace. The Royal family got ready for the procession. The King and Queen got dressed in their finest clothes. The Prince put on his dress. They sat in the royal carriage and prepared to lead the procession to the palace.

The route to the palace was lined with peasants just waiting for a glimpse at the royal family. They were so excited to see the King and Queen and the Prince. They couldn't wait to see what they were all wearing.

When the royal carriage went by, the crowd peeked in. When they saw the King and Queen's fine clothes, they oohed and aahed. When they saw the prince's dress and high heels, there was a hush, and they opened their mouths in shock.

Then, the whispering began. "The Prince is wearing girl clothes." they said. The whisper worked it's way through the whole crowd until everyone was loudly whispering "The Prince is wearing girl clothes!"

Then, one brave little girl stood up and said. "I think the Prince looks good in his new clothes and if they are comfortable and make him happy, isn't that good enough?"  Nobody in the crowd responded so the little girl turned to her mother and said. "Mommy, isn't it a shame that girl's can wear pretty much whatever they want, but boys can't wear girl clothes."

The mother smiled at her very smart little girl who just happened to be wearing a fine suit. "Yes, it is a shame." she agreed.

The Prince overheard the little girl as the carriage passed by, and he smiled at her. He invited the little girl and her mother to sit inside the royal carriage and come to the ball with him. They happily accepted. The little girl happily danced every dance with the Prince, and they had a wonderful time.

Years later when she grew up, the two of them were married. He continued to wear the dresses in the family and she continued to wear the pants, and both of them were happy as can be for many years to come.

Friday, March 11, 2016


Quinby Radko was sitting at the table eating dinner. "Do I have to eat my peas?" she asked as she pushed them to edge of her plate with her fork.

"Vegetables are good for you." replied Mommy.

Quinby shrugged, but made no move to eat her peas. She hated vegetables. Why did things that were good for you always have to taste so bad?

"Eat your food." insisted Mommy. "Good food helps you grow."

Quinby thought about that for a minute. "Will I be bigger than Ulianna?" she asked hopefully. Ulianna was Quinby's older sister.

"Maybe, someday." replied Mommy.

That was all Quinby needed to hear. Her eyes lit up. She quickly wolfed down all her dreaded peas.

After dinner, Quinby went over and stood next to Ulianna and measured herself. "You're still taller than me." she declared disappointedly.

Ulianna shook her head. "Why wouldn't I be?" she replied.

"But I ate all my peas." whined Quinby. "Why didn't I grow?"

Ulianna laughed at little sister. "It doesn't happen that fast." she said.

Qunby sighed impatiently. She didn't want to wait. She wanted to grow now.

For a whole week, Quinby ate all her vegetables without complaining. Every day, after dinner she stood next to Ulianna and measured herself. Every day, she was still not taller than Ulianna. Ever day, she was still the same size. "Why aren't I growing?" she complained to Mommy. "I've been eating my vegetables every day."

Mommy smiled. "Growing doesn't happen that quickly." she informed Quinby. "Don't worry it will happen. Just be patient."

Quinby didn't want to be patient. She wanted to be taller. "Is there anything else I can do?" she asked hopefully.

"Get plenty of rest." replied Mommy. "Sleep helps you grow as a matter of fact growing happens when you sleep."

Quinby eye's lit up. That was it! That was the answer! She just wasn't getting enough sleep. If she got the right amount of sleep she would be taller than Ulianna in no time.  "Can I go to sleep now?" she asked excitedly.

Mommy laughed at Quinby's eagerness. "It's not even dinner time yet." she replied.

Quinby frowned disappointedly. She decided to figure out excitedly how much sleep she was going to need to be taller than Ulianna.

Ulianna was lying on the couch watching TV. "Can you stand up for a minute?" asked Quinby. Ulianna stood up. Quinby measured herself next to Ulianna. It looked like Ulianna was about two inches taller than her. "Two more nights sleep, and I'll be as tall as you." Quinby happily informed her big sister.

Ulianna just shook her head. Her little sister sure was strange. Ulianna went back to watching TV.

For the next two nights, Quinby happily went to bed without protest the minute she was told it was time. Once she was in bed, she didn't get out of bed once. She just went right to sleep.

On the third day, Quinby woke up and excitedly sprang out of bed. She hurried to find Ulianna. Ulianna was still in bed. "When are you getting up?" demanded Quinby. Ulianna just rolled over and went back to sleep. Quinby sighed impatiently. She stood by Ulianna's bed watching and waiting for Ulianna to get up.

Ulianna felt Quinby staring at her and opened her eyes but did not get out of bed. "Don't you have something better to do?" she asked angrily.

Quinby shook her head no.

Ulianna reluctantly dragged herself out of bed. Maybe, if she got up, Quinby would go away.

Quinby's eyes lit up when Ulianna got out of bed. Now, she could see if all that sleep had paid off. She hurried over to Ulianna and measured herself. Then, she frowned. Ulianna was still taller than her.

As Ulianna went into the bathroom to brush her teeth, Quinby went off to find their mother.

Mommy was in the kitchen about to make breakfast. "Can you get me the blue flowered bowl to make pancake batter in?" she asked Quinby as Quinby entered the room.

Quinby reached into the cabinet and got the requested bowl."Mommy when am I gonna grow?" she asked as she handed it to her mother. "I eat all my vegetables. I get lots of sleep, and I'm still not taller than Ulianna. When am I going to get bigger? When I am going to grow?"

Mommy smiled. "But you're growing already." she replied.

"I am?" asked Quinby in surprise. "but I am not taller than Ulianna."

"No, you're not." agreed Mommy. "and you might not never be, but you're taller than you used to be. When you handed me that bowl just now you didn't have to stand up on your tiptoes to reach the cabinet like you used to."

Quinby smiled. Mommy was right. She did used to have to stand on her tippy toes to reach the cabinet. She was growing! She might not be as tall as Ulianna yet, but at least it was a start.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Annoying Ariena

Ariena was the youngest of  the three Wurtzel children. She was 8. Her sister Ashley, was 13. Her brother, Ian was 16.  Ariena adored her brother and and her sister. She always wanted to hang around them. Unfortunately, Ashley and Ian never seemed to appreciate her presense.

Ashley was sitting on the living room couch. One of her feet was lying on the coffee table in front of her, and she was painting her toe nails purple. The phone was propped between her ear and her shoulder. "I know!" she exclaimed into the phone. "I can't believe she did that." Then, she noticed Ariena standing over her. "Do you want something?" she asked in angry voice.

"Mom's not going to like you doing your nails in the living room." Ariena informed her.

Ashley glared at her little sister. "I don't believe that's any business of yours." she replied curtly.

Ariena shrugged and plopped herself into a chair. If Ashley wanted to get herself in trouble that was her business.

Ashley went back to talking on the phone. She talked for ten minutes without even noticing Ariena was still there. Ariena listened intently to Ashley's conversation or at least the part of  it that she could hear. Mostly the conversation was pretty boring, but when Ashley started talking about a new movie that was coming out that weekend, Alana's ears perked up. She jumped out of her seat. "I want to see that movie too!" she shouted excitedly." Can I go too?"

Ashley frowned. "Do you mind?" she hissed. "This is a private conversation."

"Well, it's not a private living room. " retorted Ariena. "I heard you talking about that new movie, Guinea Pigs 2, and I want to see it too! Why can't I go with you?"

"You're not invited." replied Ashley rudely.

"Please! Please! I'll be good. I'll be quiet. You won't even know I'm there." begged Ariena.

Ariena raised her eyebrows at her sister. "How is that even possible?" she replied in disbelief. "You are such a pest! You are so annoying!" She grabbed the phone and her stuff and hobbled out of the room with her toes in the air so as not to smudge her freshly painted toenails.

Ariena stuck out her lower lip and frowned. Now, what was she going to do? She decided to go and look for Ian. She went up to his room, but he wasn't there. In fact, he wasn't anywhere in the house. Ariena was just about to go ask Mom if Mom knew where Ian was when she glanced out the window and saw him out in the backyard throwing around a football with a group of his friends.

"There you are!" Ariena exclaimed happily as she eagerly hurried out to the backyard.  "Hey what are you doing?" she asked when she reached her brother and his friends. The boys immediately stopped playing and glared at her.

"We're playing football." replied one of her brother's friends. "So why don't you get out of here!"

"Rude much?" Ariena huffed at the boy who had spoken to her, To her brother, she asked "Can I play?"

"No!" chorused all of the boys at once.

"Please!" begged Ariena. "I'm really quick. See?" She took off running around in circles.

"Cut it out, Ariena!" Ian told her. "You're gonna get hurt."

"Why can't I play?" she whined. "Is it because I'm a girl?"  She continued to run around in  circles.

Ian grabbed her and scooped her off the ground to stop her from running around, "No, because you're a little kid and you're a pest. Don't be so annoying!"  he replied in exasperation. "Now, why don't you get out of here so we can get back to our game."he added putting her back down on the ground again.

Ariena angrily glared at her brother for a minute. Then, she turned and stormed off. The boys quickly went back to their game.

Ariena flopped herself down onto the couch. Her mother found her there a little while later. "Hello, sweetie." her mother greeted her cheerfully. "What are you doing?"

"I'm not doing anything." replied Ariena boredly.  "Nobody will let me do anything. They all think I'm annoying. They all just keep telling me to go away. Do you think I'm annoying?"

"No, of course, I don't. " replied her mother. "Would you like to help me make dinner?"

Ariena's eyes lit up. "Sure!" she exclaimed excitedly. She followed her mother into the kitchen. They started making spaghetti. Ariena helped her mother make sauce. She was standing by the stove stirring the sauce when her brother came in.

"What's that?" asked Ian. "It smell delicious." He grabbed a spoon and helped himself to a spoonful of the sauce.

Mommy shooed him away. "That's for dinner." she scolded him.

Just then, Ashley came in. "I'm starving." she said. "I need something to eat" She went to the refrigerator and took out the bread and was about to make herself  a sandwich when Mommy took the bread and put it back in the refrigerator.

"You'll spoil your appetite." stated Mommy.

"When's it gonna be ready?" whined Ashley. "I'm really hungry!"

"Me too." added Ian.

Ariena shook her head at her brother and sister. She smiled at her mother. "They're really annoying, aren't they, Mommy?" she said.

"Yes, they are." agreed Mommy smiling back at Ariena.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Penina and the Pink Magic Marker

Penina Foley loved books. She also loved drawing. Her favorite book was Harold and the Purple crayon. She loved how Harold could create so many great things with just his crayon. Penina wanted to draw amazing things too.

Penina looked for her crayons. They weren't in her art kit. They were't in her toy box. They weren't in her closet. Finally. she found them under the bed.  They were all out of the box and most of them were broken. The only ones that weren't broken were brown and green. Penina really didn't like those colors. She threw all the crayons back down on the ground.

Penina went back to her art box. She had some water color paints. She tossed them aside No, that wasn't what she needed at all. Next, she found some glue and some glitter. Those weren't what she was looking for either. She tossed them aside too. Finally. she found her markers. She opened up the box. She looked at each one in turn and threw it to the ground: red, blue, black, brown, green, and orange. No! No! No! No! No! No! Then, finally she found just what she was looking for, something special to write with, a pink marker. Penina loved pink. Pink was her favorite color. She could make really special drawings with a pink marker.

Penina draw a castle with her pink marker. Then, she drew a King and Queen. "Hello, your highnesses." she said bowing to the King and Queen. "Why, yes, thank you I'd love to go to the ball." Penina drew herself a pretty dress and a nice pair of shoes.. Then, she draw a ballroom.

All that dancing made her tired so she made herself a bench to sit down on. Then, she made a pretty flower garden to look at. The flowers looked a little wilted. Penina made rain to make her flowers grow. Then, suddenly there was a little too much rain so Penina drew herself an umbrella. She imagined that the umbrella was lifting her high up in the air so she drew clouds and birds. Then, she drew an airplane and she imagined climbing inside it. She was hungry after all that flying so she drew some food and pretended to eat it.

After she ate, she was bored with flying. She drew herself a parachute and parachuted down to the ground. She draw herself a nice bed of grass to land on. Then, she draw herself some fun shaped clouds to look at.  There was an angel and a bunny and a puppy dog. Penina got so cozy staring up at the pink clouds she had drawn that she soon drifted off to sleep.

Penina began to dream that she actually lived in a world where you could draw things and they would come to life. She walked along a white markered sidewalk looking at the green and blue and red markered cars driving  along in the black markered street.

The people driving the cars looked like papers dolls. They were completely flat. They were all made of pretty colors like pink and purple and yellow and red. They looked just like the people Penina always made in her drawings had come to life. In fact, they were the people Penina always made in her drawings. "Thank you for bringing us to life, Penina." they told her gratefully. Penina just smiled and waved.

The people wanted to make Penina their queen. "Oh no, thank you." said Penina modestly.  "I just couldn't accept." However, the people insisted. They wanted her to sit on a gold markered throne and wear a silver markered crown on her head.

Just as they were putting the crown on Penina's head. She heard a loud noise, and it jolted her awake. There were loud footsteps in the hall outside her room, and they were quickly approaching her door. Then, she heard Mom's voice. "Penina!" she called. "Penina, I've been calling and calling you it's dinner time!"

Penina quickly sat up bu before she could answer, her bedroom door opened, and her mother rushed into her room. Mommy opened her mouth to say something, but before she could get a word out she saw Penina's room, and she froze. When she finally recovered she said in an angry voice "Penina why is your room a mess and why is there pink marker all over your walls?"

Saturday, March 5, 2016

On A Cold Cold Night

It was a cold cold winter's night. The temperature was below freezing. It was the kind of night that makes you dream of moving to a warm tropical climate where the sun shines all year long. Nina Urman lay shivering under a pile of  fluffy blankets.  She still couldn't warm up though no matter, how many blankets she piled on top of her.

Nina could hear the icy wind rustling through the trees outside her window. That just made her feel even colder. She wished she had someone to snuggled up against and keep her warm. She thought about crawling in with her little sister, Nola. Nola's bed was way too small for both of them. If she got in bed, with Nola she'd probably just end up on the floor which would be even colder. Besides, sometimes, Nola kicked.

Mom and Dad were so lucky they had each other to snuggled up with and get warm. They also had a heater in their room. They wouldn't let Nina and Nola get heaters in their rooms because they were afraid of the heaters being knocked over and something bad happening like a fire starting.

Nina thought about Mom and Dad all warm and snug in their bed down the hall. She was filled with jealousy. She wished she was a little kid again and could crawl up into bed with them. Even then, they never let her stay long. As soon as they noticed she was in their bed, Dad would scoop her up in his arms and carry her back to her  own room. However, even just a few minutes in Mom's and Dad's bed always made Nina happy. She wished she could have that now just a few minutes in their bed to warm up. It was too bad she was too old to crawl into their bed in the night anymore.

Finally, Nina could stand it no longer. She didn't care if she was too old to climb into her Mom and Dad's bed. She was going to do it anyway. It would only be for a few minutes; just until she warmed up.

Nina quietly slipped out of her bed and scurried down the hall to Mom and Dad's room. She climbed up in the bed next to them trying to make herself as small and invisible as possible. 'Just for a few minutes.' she thought to herself. 'Until I warm up. Then, I'll go back to my own bed.' Mom and Dad's bed was so soft. She felt the warmth of  heater and the warmth of her parents body heat as well. She finally started to feel a little warm herself. Nina sighed contently and quickly drifted into a deep sleep.

Nina's little sister, Nola was awakened by the sound of Nina's footsteps hurrying by her room. She wondered what was up and quickly sat up in her bed. She worried that something was wrong. There was no way she was going back to sleep now not until she was sure everything was okay.  She waited for the sound of Nina's footsteps to come back down the hall.

Five minutes went by. Then, ten minutes went by. Still Nina did not come back down the hall to her room. It was dreadfully quiet. Nola's imagination was running wild with the horrible possibilities of what might be wrong.  She was terrified. She was sure something awful must have happened.  She could no longer just lie in her bed and wait to find out what it was. She quickly hopped out of bed and ran down the hall to their parents room.

When Nola got to her parents room, Mommy, Daddy and Nina were all lying snug and cozy in Mommy and Daddy's bed. Nola's face turned red with anger. Here they all were cuddling together in bed while she, Nola was lying alone in her bed worrying that something terrible had happened and freezing. Well, she wasn't going to stand for that.  She quickly slipped into the bed next to Mommy. 'Ah' she softly sighed contently as she was suddenly filled with warmth. Within minutes, she was fast asleep and dreaming.

Maribelle, their cat had been curled up lying under the bed when Nina came in. When Nina had crawled into the bed, Maribelle crawled out from under it. She meowed softly and went and sat in the corner of the room. When Nola showed up, Maribelle jumped up by the window. She could feel the cold air blasts through the window. Maribelle jumped back. She did not like cold one bit. She wanted to be warm and cozy too just like the rest of the family, Maribelle flung herself  down from the window ledge onto the bed. She curled up in her favorite spot between Nina's legs, closed her eyes and went back to sleep purring happily.

The final member of the family, Bernie the big St. Bernard padded into the room. He saw the whole family even Maribelle, the cat all lying snug and cozy in bed without him. Bernie whimpered sadly. He wanted to snuggle up with the family too. He jumped onto the bed. Because of Bernie's large size they bed gave a huge jolt when Bernie jumped on. Maribelle went flyng off the bed. Bernie moved around trying to get comfortable,  Nina and Nola both went flying out of the bed too. Bernie still couldn't get comfortable. He moved around even more the covers flew off the bed and Mommy and Daddy went crashing to the floor with them. Bernie lay down across the middle of the bed and closed his eyes. At last he was comfortable.

However, nobody else in the house was comfortable. "Bernie!" they all exclaimed angrily jumping to their feet. Bernie opened his eyes when he heard his name. He saw the family all standing around him. He was with his family. He was happy. He closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Selfish Sally

Sally Stevens was a seven year old girl. She had seven friends, counting her aunts . Alex, Jo, Sam, Teddy, and Max. They were all girls. She had an Aunt Charlie and an Aunt Delilah Al Morine Doxen Voile. Aunt Al, for short. Sally lived with her aunts. Sally was selfish. "Sally,  can I borrow Spy Kids 4? I didn't get a chance to see it in the movie theater." asked Alex.

"No it's mine, that's your own fault. I won't share!" replied Sally selfishly.

"You are so selfish. I don't want to be your friend anymore. I'm leaving." shouted Alex.

Now, Sally only had six friends. "Do you want to play Barbie?" asked Jo.

"Okay." agreed Sally happily.

Jo brought all her Barbies over. Sally got all her Barbies out. They spread all the dolls out on the floor. "Let's pick dolls." suggested Jo. Sally agreed. Jo picked out a doll.

"Oh no." said Sally. "You can't use that one." Jo picked out another one. "Oh, definitely not that one." declared Sally.

Jo gave Sally a very angry look. "Can I use any of them?" she asked.

"Well not mine." replied Sally. "Why don't you use your own?"

Jo gave Sally an even angrier look. "I don't think I want to be your friend anymore." she shouted and then, she stormed  off.

Now, Sally only had five friends. Sally was very sad. To cheer her up, Aunt Charlie and Aunt Al took her to the movies. They invited Sam to go along. "At least you're my real friend." Sally told Sam when they got to the movies and found their seats.

Aunt Charlie and Aunt Al bought popcorn and soda. Sam's eyes lit up when she saw the popcorn, "That looks so good." she declared hungrily reaching for some.

Half of the popcorn spilled as Sally quickly snatched it away. "Why didn't you ask your mother to give you money for popcorn?" she  remarked angrily.

Sam quickly stood up and glared at Sally. "I'd like to go home." she told Aunt Charlie and Aunt Al.

"We'll take you home after the movie, honey." replied Aunt Charlie sweetly.

"I want to go home now!" insisted Sam.

"Okay," said Aunt Charlie. She told Aunt Al and Sally to stay and that she would pick them up later.

"You are no longer my friend." Sam hissed in Sally's ear just before she and Aunt Charlie headed up the aisle to leave the movie theater.

Now, Sally only had four friends 'Well at least I still have Teddy and Max.' thought Sally happily. 'They are my true friends.'

The next day Sally saw Teddy and Max at the playground. She ran over to them excitedly. "What do you want to play?" she asked eagerly.

"We don't want to play anything with you." announced Teddy.

"We heard how you treated Alex and Jo and Sam." added Max.

The two girls hurried off to play on the swings without Sally. Sally sat down on the park bench feeling very sad. Now, she only had two friends and having only two friends that were your Aunts was like not having any friends at all.

Aunt Charlie and Aunt Al saw Sally sitting all alone on the bench, and they came over to her.

"What's the matter?" they asked full of concern.

"I don't have any friends." replied Sally miserably.

"Why not?" asked Aunt Charlie.

"Because they weren't very good friends." declared Sally madly.

"Are you sure that they were not very good friends or was it you who wasn't a very good friend?" asked Aunt Al.

Sally carefully thought about everything that had happened. "I guess it was me that wasn't a very good friend." she admitted. "But I don't like to share." she insisted.

"Just because it's the right thing to do doesn't make it easy." stated Aunt Charlie.

"Would you rather have your things to yourself or have friends?" asked Aunt Al.

"I would rather have my friends." declared Sally with a smile. She knew just how to win her friends back.

The next day, she invited all her friends over. They didn't really want to come but reluctantly they did. "Let's play Barbie." she said when they showed up.

"We didn't bring any Barbies." replied Alex.

"Besides," added Jo. "We don't know if we want to play Barbies with you anyway."

"Just give me a chance." begged Sally. "It doesn't matter if you didn't bring any Barbies." She handed all her Barbies out to her friends.

"You didn't leave any for yourself." pointed out Sam.

"That doesn't matter." said Sally.

"Yes, it does." insisted Teddy.

"We want you to play too."  declared Max.

"You do?" asked Sally happily."Are we friends again?" she asked hopefully. All the girls nodded in agreement. "I'm glad." declared Sally.

"We are too." replied her friends.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Marvelous Mother Goose

Little Bo Peep sat crying in the meadow. Her sheep were nowhere to be found. "What's the matter?" asked Kitten One, of the famous three little kittens.

"I lost my sheep, " cried poor Little Bo Peep "and, I don't know where to find them. In fact, I am always losing my sheep, and if I can't keep from losing them, I'm going to lose my job. Whatever shall I do?" She hung her head in her hands and sighed sadly.

"Why don't you ask the Marvelous Mother Goose for help?'  suggested Kitten One.

Little Bo Peep looked up curiously. "Who is the Marvelous Mother Goose?" she asked. She had never heard of such a person.

"You've never heard of the Marvelous Mother Goose?" asked Kitten One with complete and utter surprise. "Why, she is just the most powerful person in all of Fairy Tale Land,"

"The Marvelous Mother Goose?" repeated Little Bo Beep. She looked up at Kitten One hopefully. "Do you think should she could help me find me my sheep and keep from losing them again?"

"Definitely." Kitten One assured her. "The Marvelous Mother Goose can do anything. Just last week she helped my sisters and I find our mittens."

"Great!" exclaimed Little Bo Peep jumping up and down with excitement at the thought of being able to find her lost sheep and keep them from wandering off again.  She took off in search of the Marvelous Mother Goose, and then suddenly realized she had no idea where she was going. "Excuse me!" she called to the retreating figure of Kitten One. "Where can I find this Marvelous Mother Goose?"

"Just follow the Garden Path." replied Kitten One before heading off in the opposite direction.

"Follow the Garden Path. Follow the Garden Path." Little Bo Peep repeated out loud over and over again. Then, suddenly she came to a cornfield. In the cornfield, there was a haystack. Little Bo Peep thought she saw arms and legs in the middle of haystack. She was worried that someone was in trouble in there so she quickly went over to check it out. "Hello?" she said poking at the one of the arms coming out of the haystack.

"Ouch!" said a voice as a little boy jumped out of the haystack. "Why are you poking me?"

"I just want to make sure you were okay." replied Little Bo Peep.

"Well, you didn't have to poke me." declared the little boy. Then, he started looked around frantically.

"What's the matter?" inquired Little Bo Peep. " Did you lose something?"

"My sheep!" exclaimed the little boy. "I lost my sheep."

"I lost my sheep too." Little Bo Peep told him. "I'm on my way to the Marvelous Mother Goose. She is going to help me find  and keep my sheep."

"The Marvelous Mother Goose?" repeated the little boy. "Do you think she could help me find my sheep too, and keep from falling asleep so I don't lose them again either?"

"I'm sure." she could replied Little Bo Peep. "I'm told she can do anything. Why don't you join me? I'm Little Bo Peep." She put out her hand.

"I'm Little Boy Blue," said the boy taking her hand and shaking it. "How do we get to the Marvelous Mother Goose?"

"Just follow the Garden Path." she told him.

"Follow the Garden Path?" he repeated.

"Yes, follow the Garden Path." she said. And they both kept repeating it. "Follow the Garden Path. Follow the Garden Path,"

Then suddenly, they stopped. "What is that?" asked Little Bo Peep as she thought she heard a noise. Then, suddenly she felt something on her lips and somebody was kissing her.  She jumped back and quickly ran over to Little Boy Blue.

A  boy appeared in their path. "Oh not another one!" he cried sadly putting his head in his hands. "Why do the girls always run from me? At least you didn't cry though." he added brightening up a little. "They usual cry."

"Well, I'm not a crier" said Little Bo Peep proudly.

"But when I met you ..." started Little Boy Blue but Little Bo Peep cut him off with a harsh look.

"For one thing, " Little Bo Peep continued "You shouldn't sneak up on people and kiss them."

"Maybe the Marvelous Mother Goose can help him." suggested Little Boy Blue,

"Who is the Marvelous Mother Goose?" asked the boy. They told him all about the Marvelous Mother Goose. He told them he would love to join them and see if the Marvelous Mother Goose could help him keep all the girls from crying and  running away from him. After all, how was he ever going to get a date if the girls wouldn't stop running away from him?

Little Bo Peep and Little Boy Blue introduced themselves to the boy. He told them that his name was Georgy Porgie. They all set off down the Garden Path together in search of the Marvelous Mother Goose.

They had only gone a few feet when they heard a scream. "Did you see it? Did you see it?" a girl exclaimed frightenedly running into their path.

They shook their heads. "See what?" they asked.

"See the spider. Oh, it was big and black, and it was terrible. I'm deathly afraid of spiders." admitted the girl.

"Can't you just avoid them then?" suggested Little Boy Blue.

"Avoiding spiders is easier said than done." replied the girl. "especially if you care to keep your house clean like I do."

"Maybe, the Marvelous Mother Goose can help her get over her fear of spiders too." suggested Georgie Porgie.

"That's a great idea!" exclaimed Little Bo Peep. "Why don't you come with us? We're on on our way to the Marvelous Mother Goose?"

They didn't have to ask twice. The girl, whose name was Little Miss Muffett decided to join them. They quickly set off down the Garden Path.

They had only walked a little further when they reached a sunny cottage. They knocked on the door. "Come in!" called a Grandmotherly voice. They carefully entered. Inside they found a kindly old woman who looked like a goose. "Are you the Marvelous Mother Goose?" asked Little Bo Peep as the others all hung back behind her.

"Well, of course I am." replied the woman "You were expecting a giant head behind a curtain, maybe?"

"Are you going to make us perform a feat like finding  a witch's broomstick or cutting out the heart of a princess and bringing it to you before you help us?" asked Georgie Porgie worriedly. He couldn't stop his knees from shaking in nervousness at the presence of  the Marvelous Mother Goose. It was the first time he had ever been afraid of a female instead of the other way around.

Mother Goose laughed. She had a lovely musical sounding laugh. "Of course not." she declared. "Those feats are for other people in other times and places. What can I do for you, my children?"

"Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep and needs a better way of keeping track of them. Georgie Porgie can't get the girls to stop running away from him. Miss Muffet is deathly afraid of spiders. I lost my sheep too, and I can't stop falling asleep on the job. " Little Boy Blue explained in a rush.

The Marvelous Mother Goose smiled. "Well, that's all easily solvable." she said. "As for all the missing sheep come and see." She led them to her backyard where two herds of sheep were grazing on her lawn.  "I wondered where all these sheep came from that are destroying my grass and flowers. See it's true when they say that when you help others you're really helping yourself. If I help you with your problems I will also be getting rid of these sheep, and that will eliminate my problem. Let this be a lesson to you children. Always help others."

"Mother Goose," said Little Miss Muffet impatiently. "You're rambling. Could we get on with it? I am kind of tired. I've haven't been sleeping much. My fear of spiders has been keeping me awake nights."

"Yes, of course, dear." replied the Marvelous Mother Goose. "Let's start with you first. I don't know how to get rid of spiders, but what I can do is give you this giant can of bug spray." She took out a huge red can marked Bug Spray. It was the biggest can any of them had ever seen. It was as big as a two liter bottle of soda. She handed it to Little Miss Muffet.

"Oh thank you. Mother Goose." exclaimed Miss Muffet gratefully. "Those spiders better be afraid of me now!" she added waving the can of bug spray around.

"Be careful, dear." warned Mother Goose. "It's not to be used on other people." Miss Muffet carefully put the spray down as Mother Goose moved on to Georgie Porgie. "As for you," she said to him. "First of all, you should stop sneaking up on girls and kissing them."

Georgie Porgie's mouth fell open. "How did you know about that?" he asked.

"I'm the Marvelous Mother Goose. Some things I just know." she said. "Anyway I can't help you with that, but I can help you with your other problem which is that you have terrible bad breath. Maybe, your breath is one reason why the girls always run away from you and cry when you kiss them."

"How do you know I have bad breath?" asked Georgie Porgie.

"I can smell it from here." replied Mother Goose waving the smell away from her face. Little Bo Peep and Little Miss Muffet both nodded in agreement. "Here is something to help with that." Mother Goose told him. She handed him  a huge round white candy. "This is the neverending breath mint." she explained just suck on it for a few minutes when you need it to freshen your breath."

"Thank you Mother Goose." declared Georgie Porgie gratefully. He immediately popped the mint in his mouth and began sucking on it.

Mother Goose moved on to Little Boy Blue. She handed him a wrist watch. "Make sure this is set to go off at regular intervals when you're on the job, and you'll never fall asleep on the job again."

"Thank you." replied Little Boy Blue sincerely. "What about Little Bo Peep? What can you do for her?"

"Ah yes. Little Bo Peep." replied Mother Goose. "Her problem is a little more complicated than yours. She needs a tracking device for her sheep so if they wander off she can find them. I haven't gotten anything like that yet, but in the meantime, here are some bells we can use to keep track of the sheep's comings and goings."  Little Boy Blue, Georgie Porgie, Little Miss Muffett and Little Bo Peep herself all helped Mother Goose put bells around Little Bo Peep's sheeps necks.

Afterwards, they all thanked the Marvelous Mother Goose again for helping them, took the gifts she had given the, gathered up Little Bo Peep and Little Boy Blue's sheep and headed back down the Garden Path toward their homes.

Just as they started walking down the path, a very upset young girl was running up it. "Mother Goose! Mother Goose!" she cried in a very worried voice. "My lamb has come to school again!"

Mother Goose poked her head out of the cottage window. "Don't worry. Mary." she called. "I'll be right with you." To the others, she said. "The Marvelous Mother Goose's work is never done."