Monday, October 29, 2012


Once upon a time, there was a Mom and a Big Sister and a Little Sister. They all lived in a house in a nice neighborhood with a good school. One fine sunny day, they decided to have lunch out on their back patio.They were sitting pleasantly eating their lunch when the phone rang.

Mom went into the house to answer it. It was Grandma. Big Sister and Little Sister came into the house to talk to her too. Grandma was quite a talker. Once she got going, it was hard to get her to stop talking so they were gone for quite a while.

When they finally came out, Mom said "Someone has been eating my lunch." She held up her chicken sandwich which had a big bite out of it."

Big sister said, "Someone has been eating my lunch." She held up her ham sandwich which was half eaten.

"Someone has been eating my lunch." said little sister, "and, now it is all gone!" She held up the empty plate where her tuna fish sandwich had been.

They went back into the house and went into the den. "Someone has been sitting in my seat." said Mom. She picked up the cushions from her chair off the floor where they had fallen and put them back on her chair.

"Someone has been sitting in my chair." said Big Sister. She brushed away some fur that had been left on her chair.

"Someone has been sitting in my chair and they knocked it over." said Little sister. She picked up her chair off the floor.

They went upstairs to the bedrooms. First they went into Mom's room. "Someone has been lying in my bed." said Mom. She fixed her rumpled covers.

They went into the girls' room. "Someone has been lying in my my bed." said Big Sister. She straightened up the toys that she kept on her bed.

"Someone has been sleeping in my bed, and there she is!" said Little sister pointing to her bed. There was their golden furry cat, Giglocks,  purring soundly in the middle of Little Sister's bed. They all laughed. The noise startled Gigilocks. She woke up and opened her eyes and scrambled out of the room. They all laughed even harder.

"Come on." said Mom to the two girls when they finally stopped laughing. "I'll make you some more lunch." They went back downstairs.

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