Saturday, February 23, 2013


Raya Hendrickson had a closet full of toys. She had a case full of books. She had shelves full of CDs, computer games and DVDs. She had a garage full of outdoor toys. She even had a swingset  in her backyard. Yet, despite all of this Raya was always bored.

"I have nothing to do!" she whined constantly.

"Why don't you play with your Barbies?" suggested Mommy.

"I'm bored of that!" exclaimed Raya.

"How about reading a book?" Daddy suggested.

"Bored!" said Raya.

"You haven't colored in your coloring books for a while." said Mommy.

"Boring!" said Raya.

"Go outside, and ride your bike." suggested Daddy."It's a beautiful day."

"BOR -- ING." said Raya dragging out the word.

Mommy and Daddy kept offering suggestions. Every time they made a suggestion, Raya would shake her head "Bored of that. Bored of that. Bored of that." Raya repeated again and again and again until Mommy and Daddy thought they would never get those words out of their heads.

The next morning was sunny and bright. Raya bounced out of bed excitedly. She thought that it was unusal that she didn't hear any sound coming from the kitchen. She didn't smell any food either. That was really odd.

She went downstairs, but the kitchen was empty. "Mommy! Daddy!" Raya called. She was  getting a little bit scared. She went in the other room still calling out to her parents and found them sitting on the couch in their pajamas. That was unusual, but it was Saturday. Maybe, they were going to have a pajama day. Raya loved pajama days. They still ate breakfast on pajama days though so Raya didn't know what was going on.

Raya smiled and sat down on the couch between Mommy and Daddy. "Good morning." she said cheerfully glad to have found them."When is breakfast?" she asked. "I am really hungry." She looked eagerly at her mother.

"Oh." said Mommy. "I'm not making breakfast today."

"You're not?" asked Raya in surprise.

"Oh no." replied Mommy. "I'm bored with that."

Raya turned to her father. At least he was still being reasonable she told herself. "Daddy!",  she said smiling at him.  "Are you making breakast?" she asked hopefully. 

Daddy shook his head, "No." he said. "I'm bored with that too. " he replied

"But you can't get bored with breakfast. " Raya insisted to both her parents. "We have to eat!"

"But we ate yesterday." said Daddy.

"And the day before." said Mommy.

"We're bored with that." they said together.

"But you can't get bored of breakfast." insisted Raya. "Besides," she reminded them "It's not like we eat the same thing for breakfast every day."

"If you can be bored with a closet of full of toys, a case full of books, shelves full of CDs and computer games and videos, as well as a garage full of outdoor toys and a swing set so many things that you cannot possibly use of all of them in one day, we can certainly be bored of breakfast. I mean we eat it every day." they replied.

"Oh." said Raya finally understanding what this was all about. "Your're not really bored of breakfast, are you?" she asked both of her parents.

"We are only bored when we choose to be bored." said Mommy. It was something that Raya had heard her say a million times before, but never really listened to.

 "And what is really boring is hearing you say a hundred times a day how bored you are." added  Daddy.

"I'm sorry, Mommy. I'm sorry Daddy." said Raya and at that moment she genuinely was. However, she didn't think that it was possible for her to not ever be bored again. 

"We are not saying that you are never going to bored again." said Mommy as if reading Raya's mind.

"But you need to try harder not to be bored so much." said Daddy, "Frankly, your being bored is boring us." said Daddy.

"Okay, Daddy." agreed Raya. "Can we eat breakfast now? Please!"

Mommy nodded. "We're hungry too." she said heading into the kitchen, Raya and Daddy followed.

Raya sat down at the table. Mommy started making breakfast. Daddy was looking at the newspaper. Before, she knew it Raya was bored again, but this time she decided to keep it to herself.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Bye-bye baby

Today's Story is by Melia!

    Melinda Macintosh was six years old. She had a Mommy, a Daddy, and a two week old baby sister named Layla. They also had a puppy named Pepper. Melinda couldn't stand Layla. Mommy and Daddy always played with Layla. And talked to Layla. And gave Layla hugs and kisses and attention. Ever since Layla was born Melinda was treated as if she were invisible. Melinda wished Layla would go back to the hospital.

  It was  September fourth and Melinda was getting ready for school. She wore a bright  pink dress with ruffles and little black high heels. Her long shiny blond hair was hanging down her back in a braid. "Melinda, time for your first day of  first grade. And hurry up, Layla is getting restless." called Mommy.
When Melinda came home she wanted to tell Mommy all about her day.  She excitedly rushed into the house and found Mommy in the room that belonged to Layla. Mommy hushed her and explained, "The baby is napping. You have to be quiet!"

So Melinda wandered off to find Daddy. He was in his home office painting something. Melinda opened her mouth to start telling him about her day but he covered her mouth with his hand and exclaimed,"I am painting a rocking chair for Layla when she gets older. I need to concentrate." 
 Melinda still wasn't discouraged.She set off to find Pepper. He was a good listener. But Melinda found him curled up with Layla in her bassinet. Now Melinda was sad. Nobody cared about her. Then Melinda had an idea. She lifted up her baby sister and put her on the soft carpet. Then she got a cardboard box from the garage. She also took some packing tape from Mommy's desk and she found some safety scissors and a small blanket. She carefully spread the blanket in the box. Then she gently lifted in the sleeping baby. Then she closed the box and cut some air holes in so Layla could breathe. She taped the box together and put on a stamp. She planned on mailing her away the next morning when the mailman came. The Mommy walked in and found the box. She opened it up and lifted out Layla. "Oh my sweet little angel. Melinda you are in big trouble. You can not mail away your baby sister!" Mommy declared

She burst into tears. "You don't care about me. You only care about Layla. And Daddy too." sobbed  Melinda.

Mommy said, "Honey, that is not true. We have enough love to go around. Layla is just a baby so she needs more attention. You get to be the one she looks up to. You can be my special little helper." And she pulled Melinda in for a big hug

Melinda looked up at the baby who opened her eyes and smiled at Melinda. Melinda smiled back. Then Layla went back to sleep. Melinda decided having a little sister wasn't so bad and Layla was really cute.


As the girls grew they got closer and closer. Now Melinda is 12 and in middle school. Layla is 6 and starting first grade. They have a new baby sister named Rosy and she is loved very much by her sisters and parents. Layla gets jealous of Rosy sometimes and still sometimes fights with Melinda. But everyone gets along pretty well most of the time.

 This is a fiction story. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Billie Jean The Big Girl

Billie Jean Barrett did not feel like a big girl, but everybody said she was one. "My what a big girl you are, Billie Jean!" Grandma told her patting her head on her way to see Billie Jean's new baby sister, Bonnie. Grandma scooped up Bonnie in her arms and cooed over her. "My what a cute little baby you are." She sat down on the couch with baby Bonnie still in her arms.

Billie Jean wanted to be Grandma's cute little baby too. When she tried to sit down on the couch and crawl into Grandma's arms too, Grandma pushed her away. "Not now, Billie Jean." she said. "Your too big. You'll hurt the baby."

Billie Jean pouted and sat down on the floor angrily. She didn't want to be a big girl. Nobody cared about big girls. She wanted to be a baby again. She stuck her thumb in her mouth. She hadn't done that since she was a baby.

"Billie Jean!" said Mommy entering the room and spying Billie Jean's thumb in her mouth. "Why are you sucking your thumb? You're a big girl! Big girls don't suck their thumbs"

"I don't want to be a big girl!" cried Billie Jean unhappily, but Mommy didn't hear her. Billie Jean stomped her feet angrily on the ground, but Mommy didn't see her. Baby Bonnie had started crying and Mommy had gone off to feed her. Billie Jean went chasing after Mommy. "I'm your baby too, Mommy." she said tugging on her mother's skirt and trying to get her attention.

Mommy turned and gave Billie Jean a look. Billie Jean knew that look. It was not a happy look. "Billie Jean." she said angrily, "Not now." She turned away from Billie Jean. Grandma handed baby Bonnie to Mommy and Mommy took the baby to feed her.

Billie Jean stormed out of the room. It was not fair! She was Mommy's baby too! She was! She was not a big girl. Why couldn't Mommy take care of her too? Why did everything always have to be about Bonnie?

For a while, things were quiet. Then, baby Bonnie started crying again. She cried and cried and didn't stop. Billie Jean peeked in the other room. Mommy was practically in tears too. She tried feeding Bonnie some more but Bonnie wasn't hungry. Bonnie just kept crying. She tried changing Bonnie's diaper, but Bonnie still kept crying. Mommy and Grandma took turns holding her and trying to comfort her and get her to stop crying, but nothing worked. Bonnie just cried and cried.

Finally, Billie Jean couldn't stand it anymore.Someone had to stop that crying. If Mommy and Grandma couldn't do it, it was up to her, Billie Jean. She went running into the other room. "Mommy," she asked, "Can I hold the baby?"

"Not now." said Mommy, but Grandma said it couldn't hurt and that they'd tried everything else. Billie Jean sat down on the couch and Mommy settled the baby in her arms. Bonnie looked up at her big sister and stop crying. Billie Jean smiled at her. Bonnie kept looking at her. She almost seemed to be smiling back.

"Mommy." said Billie Jean proudly but quietly so as not to upset her sister. "I am a big girl."

Mommy smiled at Billie Jean. "Yes you are Billie Jean, but your still my baby too."

Billie Jean smiled back. "Yes," she said. "I'm a baby and a big girl too."