Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Spelling Bee

"Mom, Mom!" Daya Myers excitedly burst through the front door after school one day.  When she couldn't find her mother, she went bounding up the stairs looking for her.

"What's going on?" inquired her mother as she heard Daya's loud footsteps clattering up the stairs.

"I'm going to be in the school spelling bee!" announced Daya excitely.

"Oh, honey!, That's great!" enthused her mother throwing her arms around her daughter and hugging her.

"Wait, there's more!" declared Daya wrenching out of her mother's grasp. "Kinley is going to be in the spelling bee too." Kinley Ingram was Daya's best friend. She had been since they sat next to each other on the school bus on the first day of first grade.

"That's great." replied Mom.

"Yeah, the winner goes on to the state spelling bee and the winner of that goes on to the national spelling bee in Washington DC. Can you imagine me winning the National Spelling Bee?" said Daya dreamily closing her eyes.

"Whoa, slow down. Don't count your chickens and all that. Just take it one bee at a time."

"Oh  I can win it. I know I can." replied Daya confidentally. "Besides, they gave these pages of spelling words to study which should help us. If I master these I should have a good shot of winning."

Daya decided to do her homework and then relax a little. She would start studying the words after dinner. After dinner, she was tired though so she figured she would get a fresh start the next day after school.

The next day after school, Kinley came home with Daya. "Hello, Kinley." greeted Daya's mother. "Congratulations on making it into the Spelling Bee."

"Thanks, Mrs. Myers." replied Kinley.

The two girls had a snack then sat down at the kitchen table to do their homework.

"Did you start studying the spelling words yet?" Kinley asked.

Daya shook her head. "Nah. Not yet. " she admitted. "It shouldn't be too hard anyway. I'm pretty good at spelling."

"You're lucky." replied Kinley. "I have to work really hard at it. I still can't even believe I made into the Spelling Bee at all."

"Don't put yourself down. I'm sure your not that bad." Daya assured her friend.

After homework, Kinley had to leave. "Can't you stay for a little while even?" begged Daya.

"No, sorry. It'll be dinner time soon, and I want to have time to look over the Spelling Bee words."

Daya shrugged. She couldn't believe Kinley was being so obssessive about studying for the stupid Spelling Bee. It couldn't be that hard. She wasn't even planning to look over the words until after dinner.

After dinner, Daya got caught up in watching TV. Then, she took a shower. By the time she finished drying her long hair, she was too tired too look over the spelling words. "I'll do it tomorrow." she promised herself.

Tomorrow came and went and so did the next day and the next. Daya never managed to sit down and look over the spelling words. Suddenly, the day of the Spelling Bee which had seemed so far away was here.

Daya and Kinley and twenty of their classmates stood on the stage with their familes and other school mates sitting out in the audience watching them.

After the ground rules were explained, Kinley was the first speller. 

"Favorite." intoned the moderator.

"Can you use it in a sentence?" asked Kinley nervously.

'Come on, Kinley.' Daya thought. 'That's any easy one.'

"Pink was her favorite color." stated the moderator in a monotone

"F *A*V*O*R*I*T*E." spelled Kinley slowly and carefully.

Daya silently cheered her.  Her turn was next.

"Surprise." intoned the moderator.


"No, I'm sorry that's incorrect." replied the moderator. "You may sit down."

Daya's mouth flew open and she fell into her seat in stunned silence. She couldn't believe she got knocked out in the first round when so many kids that she knew were not nearly as smart made it through to the next round including Kinley.

The rest of the match went by mostly in a blur. She just barely heard Kinley get knocked out in the final round on the word "spectator." That was an easy one. Everybody knew spectator is spelled with an o and not an e.

After the match, Daya was really upset but Kinley didn't seem bothered at all. "We gave it our best shot." Kinley assured her friend with a smile as they exited the stage and went to find their parents in the audience.

Daya wasn't assured at all. She was  really angry at herself, but she decided to take it out on her friend instead. "How could you miss 'spectator'"? she hissed at her Kinley. "Everybody knows 'spectator is spelled with an o and not an e."

"Well, at least I made it through more than the first round." Kinley hissed back. "Surprise?" she said, "You got out on surprise?  Everyone knows that there are two R's in surprise. Besides, it was on that sheet of words they gave us to look over when we made it into the spelling bee. Did you ever even look at that?"

Daya turned bright red and suddenly felt really ashamed. "You're right." she admitted. "I never even looke at that paper. I deserved too get knocked out in the first round,  and you should have won. I'm sorry you didn't. Can you ever forgive me for being so horrible?"

Kinley shrugged, smiled, and hugged her friend. "Don't worry about it." she said. "I was so nervous standing up their in front of just our school, I would never be able to handle being in the state spelling bee. Anyway, I think just being in the school spelling bee, should be good enough to get our parents to take us out for ice cream, don't you?"

Daya nodded. "Sure," she agreed putting her arm around her best friend's shoulder. "Let's go find them."

Friday, January 5, 2018

Millie the Magnificent

Today's story is not only for my daughter but by my daughter.

Millie Foster wanted to be a magician. She got magic kits. She  practiced all the time. No matter what Millie did, she could not get a trick right. Once, she did a magic show for her whole family including her aunts cousins and grandparents. She performed a trick with an egg in a hat, It was a disaster. At the end of the trick, she  put the hat on her head. The egg cracked and went all over. To make matters worse, her mom just cleaned everything. Plus, Millie had just showered that morning.

"Millie good news I am taking you to a magic show. Maybe it will help you improve your magic if you watch carefully." mommy said with a smile.

"Thanks mommy, but I don't think anything can help my magic. You remember the egg and the hat? I ruined the carpet. It still has stains all over, but I do still like watching magic. I will go to the magic show." Millie replied.

Later that week, they went to the magic show. Millie was so happy to see the show.

"So what did you think about the show?" mommy asked as they got up from their  seats when it ended.

"Mommy, that show made me realize I should never give up my dream of magic. I just have to keep practicing. Someday I will get it right." announced Millie proudly.

When they got home, Millie went straight to her room. She stayed there all day watching magic trick videos and practicing tricks. She even tried making up some of her tricks, but nothing worked. Maybe Millie just wasn't fit to be a magician. Millie didn't give up. She kept doing all she could think of to help her learn a trick.

Suddenly, Millie's dog Trixie jumped up on Millie's lap. A couple minutes later, Trixie jumped down. In place of Trixie, a bone had been placed in Millie's lap.

"I've got it." Millie thought to herself. "Magic has to be hidden. So people can't tell what is really happening. Millie burst out of her room. She got mommy and asked her to take her to the toy store down the street. There were some good magic kits there. After tons of begging, mommy finally agreed.

Millie picked out all kinds of magic kits. She found a kit just like what she had done with an egg a couple months ago. She knew to really know how magic works she had to be able to complete that trick. When she was done picking magic kits, Mommy paid, and they went home.

Once they got home, Millie went right to work. She decided which tricks to do for her magic show. Next, she wrote a script. After that was done, she practiced all the tricks and studied the script making sure she learned it by heart. When she was sure she had memorized her script word for word, she tested each trick one more time. She was just about ready to ask mommy to invite the family over for dinner  when she remember the on thing she had forgotten. She needed an assistant, every good magican had one. She picked up the phone and dialed the number of her best friend. "Hey Kayla, what to be a part of my magic show?" she asked into the phone.

"Of course!" Kayla replid excitedly

"Great, be over in ten minutes." Millie said and hung up without waiting for a responce. When Kayla got there, Millie taught her what she needed to do and helped her to learn her lines. By the time they were finished, it was time for the show. Millie's whole family was waiting in the living room.

Millie and Kayla stepped out of the room and ran downstairs. They stepped into the living room and the show began. At the end of the show, everyone clapped for Millie and Kayla.

"Millie, how did you do that?" asked her cousin Mark.

"A magician never reveals their secrets." replied Millie.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Mandy Loves Makeup Too

Mandy Brewster  was five years old. She had two older sisters. Mattie was 15. Marie was 16. They both loved makeup. Mandy loved make up too. She adored pretty eyeshadows especially in shades of purple and blue. She was crazy about lipsticks especially in bright colors, the brighter the better. Her favorite color was cherry red. She thought rosy rouged cheeks were just beautiful.

Mattie and Marie were allowed to wear makeup because they were older. Mandy was not because she was younger. "Please, mommy!" she begged. "I want to wear make up too."

Mommy smiled and patted her on the head "Your too little, honey." she replied."Wait until you get older." Mommy would paint Mandy's fingernails and toenails in pretty colors but that was it.

Mandy liked to sit in her sister's room and watch them get made up at least when they would let her. "You're so lucky. You get to wear make up." she declared enviously from her perch on Mattie's bed  as her sisters got ready to go out one day. She watched them paint their lids with eyeshadow and smooth rouge on their cheeks and line their lips with lipstick.  They look so pretty. Mandy sighed  She couldn't wait until she could be that pretty too.

Mommy didn't seem to appreciate make up as much as her girls. When she saw Mattie and Marie, she frowned. "March right back up there and take some of that off." she commanded. "When it comes to makeup, less is more." she declared.

Mattie and Marie sighed. They didn't seem to think so. They unhappily and went up and took some of the make up off even though they didn't want to. They knew better then to argue with their mother if they wanted to go out at all.

After Mattie and Marie left, Mandy wandered back up to their room. She knew she wasn't supposed to be in there when they weren't home, but she just couldn't help herself. She just wanted to peek at the pretty make up that's all. She tiptoed into the room and wandered over to Mattie's make up case. She took out the eyeshadow and looked at all the pretty colors. "Ooh." she sighed over a particularly lovely shade of purple eyeshadow. "I bet this would look pretty on me." she said to herself out loud. Maybe, she could just try a little bit  and then wash it off and noone would know.

After she smudged the eyeshadow all over her eye lids and around them, she looked in the mirror and smiled. It looked so pretty. All it needed was a little color on her cheeks to go with it. She went in Marie's make up case and found a gorgeous shade of pink. That would be perfect! She smeared it all over her face from her eyes to her chin.  She looked in the mirror again. She looked even prettier! 

Then, she sighed. Something was definitely missing. She thought about it for a minute and then she smiled happily as she figured out what it was -  lipstick. Lipstick would be just the finishing touch she needed. Then, she would really be beautiful.

Mandy scrounged around in both her sisters' make up cases and tried all the lipsticks until she found a shade she liked - the perfect cherry red. She managed to completely cover her lips and all around them as well. Then, she looked in the mirror and admired herself. "Pretty, pretty." she smiled at her reflection.

Just then, Mommy came in startling Mandy so much that she managed to knock all the make up on to the floor. "Look how pretty I look." Mandy said to Mommy smiling brightly but Mommy didn't smile back. "Too much makeup?" asked Mandy pointing to her face.

Mommy nodded frowning. "Too much makeup."

Mandy smiled. She felt just like a big girl.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Rayli's Resolutions

Brooke Sanford was sitting at the kitchen table doing her homework. Her little sister, Rayli wandered over to where she was sitting. "What are you doin'?" she asked curiously.

"My homework." groaned Brooke unhappily. "We have to write a New Year's Resolution."

"What's that?" asked Rayli

"It's something that you want to change or do better in the New Year." replied her sister.

"Oh!" declared Rayli enthusiastically. That sounded like fun. She wanted to make a New Year's Resolution too. "Can you only make one New Year's Resolution?" she asked.It sounded like so much fun that she wanted to make lots of them.

"You can make as many as you want." replied her sister.

"I am going to make lots of New Year's Resolutions!" announced Rayli. "I will not eat vegetables! I will not go to school! I will get a dog!"

Brooke shook her head at her sister. "It can't be things you don't want to do anyway and that you have no control over. It has to be things you can control and that will make your life better not just things that you want. Why don't you start with something like I will not annoy my sister when she's doing her homework."

"Okay." replied Rayli disappointedly. It wasn't going to be a fun as she thought but she still want to try. New Year's Resolutions were for big girls, and Rayli wanted to be a big girl like Brooke. Rayli got a piece of paper and a pencil and went looking for her mother.

"Mommy, can you help me write my New Year's Resolutions?" she asked when she found her mother in her room sorting the laundry.

"Sure sweetie." replied her mother. "Just as soon as I finish sorting."

Rayli sighed. She sat down on her mother's bed impatiently. She did not like waiting. As soon as Mommy was done, Rayli excitedly handed her the paper and pencil. "Now, you write what I say." she commanded. Mommy gave her a look. "Please!" added Rayli.  Rayli's Mommy put the pencil to the paper ready to write.

"Number one, I will not bother my sister when she is doing her homework." declared Rayli. "Number two, I will clean my room. Number three, I will eat my vegetables. Number four, I will go to bed when I am told." When she finished stating her resolutions, Rayli sat back and smiled proudly as Mommy read them back.

That night at dinner, she shared her resolutions with the rest of the family. After dinner, the night went quickly and before long it was 8PM, Rayli's bedtime. "Time for bed, sweetie." announced Mommy.

Rayli frowned unhappily. "Just five more minutes. Please!" she begged.

Now, it was Mommy's turn to frown. "I thought going to bed when you're told was one of your New Year's Resolutions."

Rayli shrugged. "Maybe, I'll just have three New Year's Resolution's." she said.

The next day after school, Brooke was sitting at the table doing her homework again when Rayli hurried over. "What are you doing?" she inquired nosily.

"Wasn't one of your New Year's Resolutions to not bother me when I'm doing my homework?" asked Brooke with annoyance.

Rayli shrugged. "I still have two other resolutions." she said. "I am definitely going to keep those." She ran off to her room to play with her toys. After a while, she got bored and came downstairs to watch TV. She had only been watching for a few minutes when she heard her mother calling from upstairs.

"Rayli!" she was yelling in an angry voice. Rayli slowly and worriedly went back upstairs.

"What's the matter, Mommy?" she asked upon finding her mother in Rayli's own room.

"Wasn't one of your New Year's Resolutions to clean your room?" asked Mommy. "This room is a mess!" She pointed around the room. There were toys and books scattered everywhere.

Rayli sighed. "I still have one more resolution. I know I can keep that one!"

That night, Mommy served asparagus with dinner. As soon as Rayli saw it, she made a disgusted face and pushed it to the end of her plate. Asparagus was her absolute least favorite vegetable.

"Rayli," Mommy reminded her. "Don't forget your New Year's Resolutions."

Rayli slowly picked up her fork and moved it toward the aparagus. Then, she quickly moved it away again. "Maybe, I'll make New Year's Resolutions next year instead." she declared.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Adorable Adela

Octavia Wyatt had a new baby sister, and she wasn't happy about it. Nobody had asked her before the baby was born if she would mind having a younger sibling - she did, in fact, mind.  She minded very much.

Before the baby came, Octavia was the cute little one. She was the one everyone came to see and fussed over. Now, it was Adela, her baby sister. 

"Oh, she's so adorable." gushed the latest visitor to arrive at their house and peek into the sleeping baby Adela's crib. 

Octavia put her finger in her mouth as if she were about to gag. Adorable? What was so adorable about a tiny baby who could hardly do anything but sleep and go to the bathroom. Meanwhile, she, Octavia could do all sorts of exciting things like count and spell and do both a front and a back somersault.

"Do you want to hear me count to ten?" she asked her mother. 

"Later." Mommy said with a smile. "I have to feed Adela."

"Do you want to hear me spell my name?" she asked her father.

"I can't right now." he replied. "I have to go to the store to  get Adela more diapers. Do you want to come?"

Octavia frowned and shook her head no. She didn't want to do anything for that stupid sister of hers. 

Grandma arrived and Octavia immediately brightened. Surely, Grandma would want to spend time with Octavia. She and Grandma had always been close. "Hi Grandma." she greeted her grandmother warmly. "Do you want to see me do a front or a back somersault?"

Grandma smiled. "I have to see baby Adela first."  she replied.  She hurried off into Adela's room, 

Octavia slumped to the ground dejectedly. She closed her eyes for a minute and opened them to see a figure looming over her. It was her older cousin, Marie. "Hi." said Marie sitting down beside her.

"Aren't you looking for Adela's room?" asked Octavia pointing towards it. 

Marie shook her head no.

"Don't you want to see adorable Adela?" asked Octavia wrinkling up her nose at the mere mention of her baby sister's name.

Marie shook her head no again. "I came to see you." she replied. "I wanted to tell you I know how you feel."

Octavia didn't think so. She just rolled her eyes at her cousin.

"I really do." replied Marie sincerely. "You see I'm an older sister too. Only in my case, it was adorable Essie. It was Essie everyone came to see and Essie everyone fussed over. I felt really left out."

Octavia nodded vigorously. She knew just how Marie felt, lonely and sad and like she didn't matter. "What did you do?" she asked eagerly. 

"Nothing." replied Marie. "What could I do? I was just a kid."

Octavia frowned again. She thought Marie's advice was going to be helpful but she guessed not. She started to turn away from her cousin.

However, Marie continued talking. "Do you know what happened?" she asked. "Essie got older." she continued after Octavia shook her head no. "After a while, she wasn't so adorable and so new anymore. She was just another kid like me. After all, you can't be a new baby forever."

Octavia smiled. It was her first genuine smile in a long time. She thanked her cousin and went off to see her baby sister.

"Can I see the baby?" she asked entering her Mom's room. 

Grandma was about to say no because the baby was sleeping in her bassinet but Mom was so happy that Octavia finally wanted to see her baby sister that she practically had tears in eyes. "Sure, you can see your baby sister. " she replied. "Just be really quiet though. Adela's sleeping." 

Octavia quietly tiptoed over to the baby's bassinet and peeked in. Then, when Mommy and Grandma looked away for a minute. She leaned in and whispered. "Don't get used to it. You're not going to be adorable forever. You know."

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hazel's Horse

Today's story is not only for my daughter but by my daughter.

Hazel Prince loved horses. She had all kinds of books about horses. Hazel loved learning all different facts about horses and ponies. One day, when Hazel was in her room she thought of the best idea ever, she would ask her parents for a pet horse. She went into her parents room to find Daddy lying down on the bed reading a book. "Daddy, can I get a pet horse please?" Hazel asked hopefully as she walked over to Daddy.

"Sure, honey." Daddy replied barely listening to what Hazel was asking. He missed the part about pet horse.

Later that day, Hazel was sitting in the kitchen with a paper and a pen. "Mommy, which name do you like best for a horse, Buttercup, Sweetie, Snickerdoddle or Butterscotch?" Hazel asked looking up from her paper.

"I think I like Butterscotch best." Mommy replied not quite understanding why Hazel needed a name for a horse.

"Okay. Thanks, Mommy." Hazel said picking up her paper and leaving the room. She went into the living room to find her little sister Caroline sitting on the couch watching My Little Pony on the TV. "Hey, Caroline! Guess what!" Hazel said sitting beside her little sister.

"What?" Caroline asked looking up at her sister and away from the TV screen.

"I'm going to get a pet horse. And, I am going to name it Butterscotch." Hazel stated happily. Upon hearing this, Caroline's jaw dropped instantly.

"Mommy and Daddy are getting you a horse? They won't even let me get Puppy!" Caroline stated angrily glaring at Hazel. "This is no fair!"

Hazel went into her room. She went straight to her desk which had her computer on top. She turned on the computer and looked up what to get for a horse. Hazel took a pencil and paper out of her desk drawer and wrote down all the things she would need for her horse. Then, she went onto different pet store websites and looked for the things she needed. "The things to wash Butterscotch are cheaper to get at Pet Market, then at Furry Friends." Hazel said to herself. She needed to find the cheapest way to get all the things she would need. After she finished with that, she looked up different places where she could get Butterscotch. Hazel decided she wanted a little white horse that's name was Snowflake. Although of course when Hazel got her, she was still going to change her name to Butterscotch.

"Hazel, Caroline, it's time for dinner!" Mommy called from downstairs.

"Mommy, how come Hazel can get a horse, but I can't get a puppy?" Caroline asked as she sat down at the diner table.

"Hazel's getting a horse? Mommy asked looking very confused.

"Yes. Daddy said I that I can get one." Hazel explained. Everyone's eyes turned to Daddy.

"I didn't know you wanted a real horse I thought you wanted a stuffed horse. I'm sorry Pumpkin. What if instead of getting you a horse, Hazel, and you a puppy, Caroline, we get you smaller pet to share like a Bunny?" He looked over at Mommy to make sure that she was okay with that idea. She smiled back at him. "How does that sound?" Daddy asked looking back at Caroline and Hazel. Hazel and Caroline looked at each other and then looked back at Daddy.

"Okay." The two girls said at the same time. Hazel might not have gotten a horse, but at least she was getting a pet. Maybe someday she would finally get a horse.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Silly Saturday

Every Saturday Layna's family had what they called Silly Saturday. Where they would have a lot of fun and be silly all day. Her family included her Mom. Her dad. Her little sister Crystal who was seven years old, and was five years younger than Layna. Lastly Layna had a two year old sister named Morgan , who was ten years younger than her. All of them loved Silly Saturdays and waited each week for the day to finally arrive, but this week was different. Layna's best friend Ellen was coming over for a sleepover on Saturday. Ellen was surely going to think that Layna was strange if she saw what Silly Saturdays were like. Layna decided to ask her mom if they could skip Silly Saturday this week. She went to her parents room, but her mom wasn't there. Then she went to Morgan's room. Her mom was in there. She was lying in Morgan's bed with her. It was time for Morgan's nap. She was reading Morgan a story to help her fall a sleep. "Mom since Ellen is coming to sleepover on Saturday can we maybe skip Silly Saturday this week?" Layna asked hopefully. 

When hearing the words skip Silly Saturday Morgan burst into tears. She loved Silly Saturdays and since she was only two they always made her really happy.

"Sorry Honey, but your it makes your little sisters very happy, and without it they will be really sad. "

"But if Ellen sees Silly Saturdays she will think I'm crazy. She will never want to be my friend then." Layna wined.

"If she is  really your friend she will like you for who you are not for what you do on Saturdays." Mommy replied going back to reading Morgan a story.

Layna could tell Mommy was done with that conversation. Even though she didn't believe what mommy had just sad she left the room. She went back to her room. "Mom doesn't even care how I feel about Silly Saturdays, she only cares what Crystal and Morgan think." Layna thought angrily to herself. After a lot thinking Lanya decided to look passed Silly Saturday and just look forward to Ellen coming for a sleepover. Once Layna decided to look passed Silly Saturdays she couldn't wait for the day to arrive.

Finally after a lot of waiting Saturday arrived. Usually everybody had matching wacky clothes for Silly Saturday, but today there was no way Layna was going to dress wacky. Layna picked out her pretty white dress with little sunflowers on it. The family also usually did wacky hair styles for Silly Saturday, well all except Daddy who didn't have enough hair to style. Although today Lanya carefully parted her hair and put it into two perfect braids. Unfortunately for Lanya the rest of the family was still dressed in there Silly Saturday outfits. Mommy and Daddy were sitting on the couch with Crystal, and Mommy had Morgan in her lap. They were playing the first game of Silly Saturday. It was the Funny Face game. In the game they took turns making funny faces. Just then the doorbell rang. "I'll get it!" Layna called out as she ran for the door.

"Hey Laney."  Ellen said as she looked at Lanya who had just opened the door.

"Hey Ellen, come on in." Lanya welcomed as she lead Ellen into the house. Ellen had been to Layna's house before just not for a sleepover and not on a Saturday. Ellen walked straight to the living room to see the Funny Face game. Layna quickly pulled Ellen out of the room and dragged her away. "Let's go in my room." Layna suggested walking towards the stairs. Ellen agreed and the two went upstairs to Layna's room. While they were in Layna's room they did all kinds of things. Such as playing games although normal games not Silly Saturday games.

"Layna, Ellen. It's time for lunch." Mommy called from down stairs. The two girls raced down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"I won the race." Layna announced as her and Ellen reached the kitchen. They both started to laugh. For lunch they were having spaghettios. Morgan scooped her bowl of spaghettios in her hands and dumped it on top of her head. On most days Mommy would have scolded Morgan, but since it was Silly Saturday she just laughed. After a minute of it sinking in Morgan started to cry because the spaghettios were burning her head and face. When Morgan started to cry Mommy immediately picked Morgan up in her arms.

"I'm going to take Morgan to have a bath, so she cool off." Mommy explained as she carried Morgan off. The whole time Layna had her head in her hands. She was so embarrassed. After that the day did not get much better for Layna. It seamed like every minute Layna's family would find another way to embarrass her.

Finally it was time for Layna and Ellen to go to bed. The two of them lay down on the two couches in the Living room. "I am so sorry about my family. Every Saturday is what they call "Silly Saturday" where the act silly all day. I understand if you think I am weird and don't want to be my best friend anymore. Or if you don't even want to be my friend at all." Layna said sadly

"There's no need to apologize. Your family is really cool and funny. My parents never spend anytime with me and I don't even have any siblings. Of course I still want to be your best friend." Ellen assured Layna.

"Really." Layna asked.

"Really." Ellen replied. From then on Layna always enjoyed Silly Saturdays as she had before, and  Layna was never afraid to be herself. Or at least she tried not to be.