Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Petula the Puppy?

Bright and early one morning, Petula Sheehan's mother entered her room and opened her curtains. "Good morning, sweetie." she greeted her daughter cheerfully.

Petula sat up in bed looked right into her mother's eyes and said "Woof!"

Petula's mother laughed. "Nice puppy." she said. She patted Petula on the head. "Get dressed and come on down to breakfast." she commanded.

A little while later, when Petula came downstairs and sat down at the table, her mother asked what she wanted for breakfast. Petula said ""Woof!"

"Okay, very funny." replied her mother. "What do you really want for breakfast?"

"Woof." repeated Petula.

"Oh you're a puppy, huh?"

Petula nodded.

"Well, puppies don't eat at the table." replied her mother. Petula obediently slid out of her chair onto the floor and said. "Woof."

""Enough playing get back off the floor,  and eat your breakfast." declared Mommy. She gestured for Petula to get back in her seat.

Petula did get back in her seat, but didn't say a word.  Mommy scooped eggs onto Petula's  plate. Petula leaned really close to them and sniffed them. Then, she proceeded to eat them like a dog without using a fork or a spoon or even her hands.

"Petula!" exclaimed Mommy horrified when she noticed what Petula was doing. When Petula continued to eat like a dog, Mommy took her plate away, but by then Petula had enough and she just hurried away from the table.

Mommy sighed. She hoped Petula would tire of pretending to be a dog soon.

However, all afternoon Petula crawled around on her hands and knees and chased balls and bugs and barked.When Daddy came home, she greeted him with a bark.

"Did you meet our puppy, Petula?" asked Mommy. Daddy smiled but Mommy didn't smile back. She was tired of having a puppy, she wanted to have a little girl again.

Petula crawled over to Daddy and sniffed him. He playing along and patted her on the head. "Good puppy." he said.

Petula smiled and wagged her imaginary tail.

At dinner time, Petula quickly swallowed bites of her dinner when Mommy and Daddy weren't looking. At bath time, she splashed her arms around like she had paws until there was almost as much water on the floor as in the tub, and Mommy made her get out. Then, she shook herself out instead of toweling down.

"Petula!" exclaimed Mommy in anger as Petula got her all wet.

At bedtime, Petula insisted on having her tummy rubbed and being patted on the head. Then, she curled up like a puppy and went to sleep.

Then, next morning, when Petula's mother went into her room to wake her up, she seriously hoped that Petula was done playing dog.  "Petula?" she said quietly gently shaking Petula awake.

Petula opened he eyes and look right at her mother. "Meow." she said. Petula's mother sighed.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Lost Mittens

Kitty, Katya, and Tabbi Feliciano were sisters.They were each ten minutes apart in age. Kitty was the oldest, Katya was in the middle and Tabbi was the youngest. They were typical sisters. Sometimes, they got along well; sometimes they fought. Over all, they loved each other, and they loved to play together. More than anything they loved to play in the snow.

One fine snowy day, Grandma came to visit. Kitty, Katya and Tabbi were getting ready to go play in the snow. They were all bundled up in their snow gear. Kitty was dressed all in red. Katya was dressed all in pink. Tabbi was dressed all in purple. "Where are you going with those ratty mittens?" asked Grandma. She held up Kitty's hand. There was a big hole in the mitten right where the thumb was supposed to be. Katya's was torn at the thumb and at the top. Tabbi's had a big hole right in the middle.

"Oh, Grandma," replied Kitty sadly. "We don't have any other mittens. Katya and Tabbi nodded in agreement.

"Yes, you do." Grandma informed them.

"We do?" chorused all three girls in surprise. They had no idea what Grandma was talking about.

Grandma reached for her giant black pocketbook which was sitting on the table in front of her. Kitty, Katya and Tabbi all huddled around her excitedly. One never knew what goodies Grandma was going to take out of her big black bag. It was as exciting as Mary Poppins carpet bag.

Grandma reached into the bag and pulled out three pairs of  homemade mittens. "These are for you." she told Kitty handing her a pair with red hearts. "These are for you." she told Katya handing her pair with pink stars. "These are for you." she told Tabbi handing her a pair with purple diamonds.

They were they most beautiful mittens the girls had ever seen. "Oh, thank you, Grandma!" they exclaimed excitedly hugging their Grandma.

The girls took off their old mittens and threw them away. They happily put on their new mittens and went out to play in the snow.

A few hours later, they had enough of the snow. They were freezing and wanted to go inside to warm up. As they hurried inside and quickly took off their wet clothes and left them in a heap by the door, they noticed a delicious smell wafting in from the kitchen.

"What's that?" asked Kitty eagerly.

"It smells like cherry pie!" exclaimed Katya.

"Yum!" exclaimed  Tabbi.

Mommy and Grandma came in from the kitchen. "Hi girls." Grandma greeted them warmly. "Did you have fun in the snow?" The girls nodded happily. "While you were outside, your Mom and I baked a cherry pie. Why don't you come in the kitchen and have some?"

Kitty and Katya and Tabbi all loved cherry pie. Practically before Grandma finished talking, they had started heading toward the kitchen eager to taste the delicious smelling pie.

"Just a minute!" their mother exclaimed. By the tone of her voice, they could tell she was not happy with them. They stopped in their tracks.

"We took off our wet clothes." Kitty assured her.

"Yes." agreed Mommy, "but do they belong in a heap by the front door?"

"Oh." said Katya quietly.

Tabbi just shook her head no.

The three girls picked up their wet coats and hats and scarfs and handed them to Mommy. She put them in the dryer. "Where are your mittens?" asked Mommy.

Kitty and Katya and Tabbi got down on the ground. They looked all around. They could not find their mittens.

Mommy looked at them with disappointment. "Those were new mittens," she declared "and Grandma made me them especially for you."

"We're sorry." replied Kitty sincerely.

"Really, really sorry." added Katya.

"Can we have pie now?" asked Tabbi.

Mommy gave them a very angry look. "No mittens no pie." she declared. She went back into the kitchen.

Kitty frowned deeply. Katya sighed sadly. Tabbi began to cry. They really wanted a piece of that pie. They were sorry they had lost their brand new mittens.

They decided to look for their lost mittens one more time. They were going to go back out in the snow to look. Kitty was about to put her boots on when she saw something red at the bottom of one boot, She pulled it out. It was her mittens. She smiled happily.

Katya suddenly remembered that she had put her mittens in her coat pocket. She turned off the dryer and opened it up. She took her coat out of it and removed the mittens from the pocket. She sighed with relief.

That only left Tabbi. She had no idea where her mittens were. She began to cry harder.

"Please don't cry." begged Kitty."We'll help you look."

Katya nodded in agreement.

Tabbi smiled gratefully.

The girls search all over the floor by the door again. There was no sign of Tabbi's mittens.

"Maybe they're in your boots like mine." suggested Kitty. They took each of Tabbi's boots one a time and turned it upside down. No mittens.

"Did you leave them in your coat pocket like me?" asked Katya. Tabbi shrugged. They turned off the drier again and took out Tabbi's coat. They checked every pocket but there was still no sign of Tabbi's mittens. They were about to give up and put the coat back in the dryer when they noticed something stuck in one of the sleeves of the jacket. They pulled it out. It was Tabbi's mittens.

They happily hurried off to the kitchen to show their mother they had found their mittens. "Go put those in the dryer with the other wet clothes and then you can come and have some pie." Mommy told them.

The girls quickly did as they were told. They couldn't wait to taste that cherry pie!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Let Me Do It!

"Who wants to help bake a cake?" called  Mommy from the kitchen.

Linnea Vessey and her older brother and sister, Louie and Lara were all sitting in the den watching TV.  All three of their heads immediately turned toward the sound of their mother's voice as soon as they heard the word "cake."

 "I do!" exclaimed Louie.

"No, I do!" cried Lara.

"No, me! Me!" shouted Linnea. "Let me do it."

They all went running into the kitchen pushing and shoving each other along the way.

"You can all help." declared Mommy. "Now, who wants to go and find the cake mix in the pantry?"

"I'll get it." said Louie.

"No, I'll will !" insisted  Lara.

"Let me do it!" cried Linnea.

They all ran out to the pantry. Louie was the tallest so he reached up to the shelf where the cake mixes should be. "There isn't any cake mix." he announced.

"Are you sure?" asked Mommy. "I could have sworn there was at least one box left."

Louie looked again. "There isn't." he replied.

Lara  stood up on her tiptoes and looked too. "No, there isn't." she confirmed.

"Let me see! Let me see!" shouted Linnea jumping up and down to try and see onto the shelf that was way over head.

All three children disappointedly trekked back into the kitchen.  "Are we still going to make a cake?" asked Lara hopefully.

Mommy nodded. "We'll just go to the store and get another box of cake mix." she declared.

"Oh yay!" exclaimed Linnea jumping up and down excitedly as Louie and Lara's frowns immediately turned to smiles.

Mommy loaded them all up in the car, and they hurried to the supermarket. At the supermarket, they quickly found the cake aisle. "Let's get this." stated Louie pointing to a box of banana cake.

"No, let's get this." demanded Lara pointing to a box of carrot cake.

"I want this!" stated Linnea pointing to a box of chocolate cake.

The three of them argued until Mom abruptly stopped them by announcing. "We are going to get this." She held up a box of vanilla cake. They picked up some icing - miraculously they all agreed on chocolate fudge, Then, they went to pay for their purchases.

At home, Mom looked at the recipe on the back of the box. "Who wants to get the eggs?" she asked.

"Me! Me! Let me do it." shouted Linnea before the others could say a word.

"Let Louie do it." replied Mom. "He's older." "Don't worry," she added upon seeing the frown that instantly spread across Linnea's face. "You can get the butter."

"What about me?" Lara pouted as Linnea quickly followed Louie to the refrigerator.

"You can get the beaters for the mixer." Mommy assured Lara. Lara hurried to get them out of the drawer.

Mommy let Louie crack an egg and Lara crack an egg and Linnea added the butter. They all took turns mixing. Soon the cake was ready to bake. Mommy had barely put it in the oven and closed the oven door when all three children quickly disappeared. "Who wants to help clean up?" called Mommy into the other room. There was no answer from Louie. There was no answer from Lara. There was no answer from Linnea.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Search For Ice Cream

A hint of a sweet melody filled the air, and Isla Vickery hurried to the window to see what it was. When she saw the familiar white truck, she was filled with excitement. "Mommy!" she exclaimed excitedly "Can I get ice cream?"

Mommy briefly looked up from the phone where she'd been chatting with Isla's Aunt May for the past hour. Aunt May was a dear but boy did she like to talk. Daddy always said if  you told Aunt May that your house was on fire and you had to get out immediately, she would keep right on talking. "What?" asked Mommy uncertain what Isla had asked. She'd been half daydreaming half listening to Aunt May.

"Can I get ice cream?" repeated Isla twice as eagerly.

"Can we talk about this when I get off the phone?"  asked Mommy.

Isla  knew it wasn't really a question. She sighed and flopped down on Mommy's bed  and impatiently waited for Mommy to get off the phone.

After about fifteen or twenty minutes and at least three or four times when the conversation seemed to be ending but didn't, Mommy finally got off the phone. Isla eagerly bounced off the bed. "Now can I get ice cream." She inquired hopefully.

Mommy glanced at the clock on her bedside table, and shook her  head. "It's too close to dinner."she

"Please, Mommy?" begged Isla pleadingly looking into her mother's eyes. "I'll put it in the freezer and save it for after dinner." she promised.

"Okay." agreed Mommy seeing the disappointed look on Isla's face. She send Isla to fetch her pocketbook, and they hurried downstairs.

When they got outside, it was eerily quiet. There was no sign of the ice cream truck anywhere. Isla quickly looked up and down the street a few times as if that would make the truck reappear.

"Come on, Isla." urged Mommy seeing Isla's disappointed face. Mommy locked the house and they got in the car and drove around the neighborhood  looking for the ice cream truck. Despite several false alarms when they spotted similar looking white trucks, there was no sign of the ice cream truck.

When they got home, Isla wearily followed her mother into the house. Disappointment filled Isla with exhaustion. 

"Don"t worry, Isla." stated her mother cheerfully upon seeing Isla's sad face. "I think we may have some ice cream left  in the freezer from when I went shopping last week."

Isla smiled half- heartedly. It wouldn't be as good or as special as ice cream from the ice cream truck but at least it would be something. 

That night, Isla could barely get through dinner even though Mommy had cooked spaghetti, one of her favorite meals. All she could think about was the taste of sweet creamy delicious ice cream . Her mouth watered for it.

When dinner was finally over, Isla practically jumped out of her chair and ran to the freezer. She looked around but didn't see any ice cream. She looked around a few more times and even stood up on her tiptoes to make sure  she didn't miss anything, but there was still no sign of any ice cream. Mommy and Daddy looked too, but they didn't see any either.

Just as they were finishing looking, Isla'a older brother, Artie came in. He'd been at a friend's house where he'd had dinner. "What  are you looking for?" He inquired curiously seeing everyone staring in the freezer.

"I thought we had some ice cream left from when I went shopping last week." explained Mommy.

"Oh that. " replied Artie, " The guys and I ate it after baseball practice the other day. We were starving"

Isla glared at her brother. He shrugged and went upstairs to do his homework.

Isla sighed and hung her head sadly. She was so disappointed. She had so been looking forward to the delicious taste of sweet creamy ice cream. She couldn't get it out of her head. 

"How about we go out for ice cream?" suggested Daddy.

Isla's smile lit up her whole face. Ice cream at the ice cream shoppe was even better than ice cream from the ice cream truck. She nodded happily in agreement. "Thanks, Daddy." she said.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Generous Geneva

    "That's mine!" shrieked Geneva Withers grabbing a toy out of her little sister, Mya's hands.

Mya began to cry.  Mommy scooped her up in her arms. She gave Geneva an angry look. "Why can't you share with your sister?" she asked. "She wasn't hurting the toy."

"But it's mine." replied Geneva as if that were explaination enough.

Mommy frowned. "Geneva," she replied in a voice that was filled with disappointment. "It's nice to share. It's nice to be generous." She shook her head sadly at Geneva.

Geneva looked at the ground. "I'm sorry." she said and she really was, well not so much that she had taken the toy away from Mya, but that Mommy was disappointed in her.  She hated to disappoint Mommy. She wanted to make Mommy proud.  "Okay, Mommy."declared Geneva. "I'll share. I'll be generous."

That night at dinner. Geneva dumped her peas onto Mya's plate.

"Geneva?" inquired Daddy. "Why are you putting food your on your sister's plate?"

Geneva smiled brightly. "I'm sharing." she replied proudly. "I'm being generous."

"You need to eat your own food. Giving your little sister the food you don't like is not being generous." said Mommy.

"But, she likes them see." replied Geneva pointing to Mya who was happily scooping up fistfuls of peas.

"She has her own food, Geneva." declared Mommy. "You eat yours."

Daddy nodded in agreement. "You need to take back your peas back and eat them yourself." he advised sternly.

Geneva sighed. She took her spoon and scooped her peas off Mya's plate and back onto her own.

The next day, Geneva went through her toys. She gathered up all the broken ones that she didn't want anymore and carried them to Mya's room. "Here, these are for you." she told her little sister. Mya smiled happily and grabbed on to a stuffed lamb with hardly any stuffing left in it.

Geneva proudly went back to her own room pleased with how generous she was. That is until, she heard Mommy's angry voice shouting "Geneva!"

Geneva slowly went back to Mya's room. Mommy sounded really angry, and Geneva wasn't anxious to face her. Geneva didn't understand why she was so angry when Geneva was just trying to be generous like Mommy wanted.

Mommy frowned as Geneva entered the room. She looked even angrier than Geneva expected. "Why is Mya playing with a bunch of broken toys?" asked Mommy.

Geneva didn't understand why Mommy was so unhappy with her.  Maybe, when Geneva explained Mommy would understand and her anger would go away."I gave Mya all my old toys." she explained smiling  proudly at Mommy.

However, Mommy didn't seem any less angry. She just shook her head, at Geneva and asked. "Is it nice to give somebody broken toys? Would you want broken toys?"

Geneva frowned and shook her head no. "I was just trying to be generous like you wanted me to."she explained.

Mommy frowned back and sadly shook her head again. "Giving somebody your old broken toys is not being generous." she stated.

Geneva shook her head and sighed. She had disappointed Mommy again. She felt as if she was going to cry. She sure wasn't good at this being generous stuff.

"Being generous is not about giving others things you don't want. Being generous is about giving other people things they would want." Mommy explained in a much softer tone. She knew that Geneva wasn't purposely trying to be mean to her sister.

Geneva nodded thoughtfully.

The next day, Geneva was sitting at the table eating a box of cookies and watching TV when Mya wandered over to her. Mya pointed to the cookie  Geneva was eating and tried to grab for it. Geneva reached into the box and handed one to her sister. Mya took it eagerly and happily put it into her mouth.

Just then, Geneva saw Mommy watching her from the doorway, and she instantly froze. Was she doing something wrong again? She quickly glanced up at Mommy and noticed that this time Mommy was smiling.

"I'm proud of you, Geneva. I know that animal crackers are your favorite, and you still shared with your sister."

"Now, am I being generous?" asked Geneva hopefully.

"Yes," replied Mommy smiling at Geneva. "Now, you're being generous."

Geneva smiled. She loved when Mommy was proud of her.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Almost Ready

Juliette Yarrow never came right away when anyone called her.  At first, she wouldn't even say anything at all. She would just stay where she was and finish what she was doing. That really made Mommy and Daddy mad so she learned to say "I'm coming!" as soon as she was called, but she really wasn't. She was never ready when they called her. She was almost ready, and she wouldn't go until she was ready.

Juliette was reading a book in her room when her mother called her. She sighed unhappily. Her book was so good, and she was right in the middle of a chapter. "I'm coming!" she called quickly, but she continued to read her book. She was almost ready. She would go down when she finished her chapter.

After about ten minutes, Juliette went downstairs. "What's going on?" she casually asked her mom.

Mom frowned at her. "Look who decided to show up." she replied sarcastically.

"I was in the middle of something." Juliette explained.

Mom just shook her head. It was always the same with Juliette. She could not be bothered to come when anyone called.  "Well, it's too late now." replied Mom. "Grandma was here and she took Jessa for ice cream." Jessa was Juliette's little sister.

"She did?!" exclaimed Juliette indignantly. "Why didn't she take me?"

"I called you, but you didn't come."

Juliette frowned "Are they going to bring me ice cream?" she asked. Her mother didn't know the answer to that question.

A little later, Grandma and Jessa arrived home. Jessa's face was covered with chocolate and cookie crumbs.

"It looks like you had a good time." Mommy said with a smile.

Jessa smiled back. "I did." she said happily bobbing her head up and down. "I had cookies and cream and chocolate ice cream. It was delicious."

"Did you bring me any?" asked Juliette jealously.

Jessa shook her head.

"I'm sorry." replied Grandma. "I didn't know you were home."

Juliette glared at Jessa and then at Mommy. They both knew she was home.

Mommy just shook her head. "You didn't come when I called." she replied.

Juliette sighed as Grandma kissed her and Jessa and left.

Juliette still had not learned her lesson. A few days later, Mom called both Juliette and Jessa from downstairs. Jessa noisily hurried down the stairs. Juliette was lying on Mommy's bed watching one of her favorite TV shows. She was right in the middle of an episode and did not want to leave before it was over. "I'm coming." she called back. She was almost ready, and she would go soon.

A little while later, she went downstairs. Jessa was handing Mommy a bowl and a spoon. "What are you doing?" asked Juliette.

"I helped Mommy make a cake for the bake sale, and she let me lick the bowl." replied Jessa proudly.

"Did you save me any?" asked Juliette.

Jessa shook her head no.  "You weren't here." she replied as Mommy nodded in agreement.

Juliette frowned.

The next day, Uncle Barney came by. When Mommy called, Juliette she was in the middle of drawing a picture. By the time, she finished and went downstairs. Uncle Barney was gone.  Jessa was still there though with a five dollar bill clutched in her hand. "Look what, Uncle Barney gave me!" she bragged excitedly.

Juliette frowned with a mixture of jealousy and sadness. She was so tired of missing out on everything.

The next time, Mommy called her Juliette came right away. She came so quickly she arrived almost before Mommy finished calling her name. This time Mommy wanted someone to go with Daddy to the supermarket. "I'll go." Juliette volunteered. Jessa was nowhere around anyway.

When Daddy and Juliette came back from the supermarket. Her mouth was full.

"What are you chewing?" Jessa demanded to know.

"Daddy got me a pack of gum at the supermarket." replied Juliette.

"Did he get me any?" asked Jessa.

Juliette shook her head no. "You weren't there." she replied.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Blossom and the Babysitter

Blossom Everly was 8 years old, and she did not want a babysitter. "Do you have to go?" she asked her mother for about the tenth time.

Her mother nodded and smiled at her. "Yes." she replied. "You know Daddy and I have to go to a dinner with Daddy's boss and his wife."

"Can't I go with you?" suggested Blossom eagerly as if that were the perfect solution and just nobody had thought of it yet.

Mommy shook her head. "I'm afraid not. It's just for grownups." Blossom sadly looked at the ground. "Don't worry." Mommy added seeing Blossom's sad face. "By the time you wake up in the morning, we'll be home." she declared.

Just then Daddy arrived home with an unfamiliar teenage girl. Blossom frowned at the girl, but the girl smiled back at her.

"Hi." said the girl happily. "I'm Geena Grasso. You must be Blossom." Blossom didn't reply. She just looked away.

Mommy and Daddy kissed Blossom on their way out the door. "Be good." said Mommy.

"Have fun." said Daddy.

After Mommy and Daddy left, Geena asked Blossom. "So what would you like to do?"

Blossom ignored her. She just sat down on the living room couch and started trying to braid her hair,

"You have really pretty hair." Geena told her. Blossom still ignored her.

"You should put your hair in a French braid." suggested Geena.

"I don't know how to do a French braid." replied Blossom unhappily.

"I could do it for you." offered Geena. She sat down on the couch next to Blossom and began braiding Blossom's hair. Blossom still didn't want to like Geena, but she really wanted her hair to be French braided so she just said quietly and let Geena braid her hair.

Geena quickly finished braiding. "There." she announced when she was done. "Here, let me take a picture so you can see it." She quickly snapped a picture on her cellphone and showed it to Blossom.

Blossom smiled. She had to admit it looked really pretty. "Thanks." she said happily. She was starting to warm up to Geena just a little bit.

Geena started talking about a character on a TV show that had a braid like Blossom's.

"That's one of my favorite shows!" exclaimed Blossom.

"Mine too." replied Geena.

They began talking about the show. Then they began talking about other shows. Then books,and before she knew it, Blossom had had a whole conversation with Geena. It turned out Geena liked a lot of the same things when she was a little girl that Blossom liked now. They talked so much that Blossom's throat got dry. "I'm thirsty." she declared, "And I'm hungry too." she added.

"Then, let's have a snack." said Geena.  Blossom was reluctant. Mommy usually didn't let her snack so late. "Don't worry." Geena assured her. "It will be our little secret." Blossom smiled. She liked having a secret with Geena.

They went into the kitchen and found some cheese and crackers and juice and brought them into the living room and ate in front of the TV. Afterwards, they cleaned up. Then, Geena played games with Blossom for an hour.

Before, they knew it. It was Blossom's bedtime. Geena let her stay up an extra hour and read her stories. Finally, it was time for Blossom to go to bed. Geena tucked her in bed and turned out the light. "I'm really glad you came to babysit me tonight." Blossom told her.

"I'm really glad too." replied Geena.

The next morning when Blossom woke up, Mommy and Daddy were back. "I guess you survived having a babysitter." Daddy teased her.

"We were back by the time you woke up just like we promised." declared Mommy.

"Can you go away again tonight, and can Geena babysit me again?" asked Blossom eagerly.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Uncle Donald's Farm

Frankie Zucker was so excited to be going to her Uncle Donald's farm. She had never been to the farm, and she just loved animals. "We are going to see horses, and cows and sheep and pigs." she gushed to her baby sister. Flora on the car ride over. Flora didn't reply but smiled warmly at her sister happy to have Frankie's attention.

When the arrived at the farm, Frankie happily rushed out of the car. Mommy and Daddy laughed at her eagerness. They carefully took Flora out of her car seat and hurried after Frankie.

"What are we going to see first?" Frankie eagerly asked her Uncle.

Uncle Donald smiled at Frankie's enthusiasm."I thought we'd visit the horses first." he declared. He led them to the back paddock where the horses were running around. There was a big white horse and a smaller black one.

"Oh they're so pretty!" cried Frankie.

"Flora, what does a horse say?" asked Mommy.

"Moo!" shouted Flora.

Mommy, Daddy, Frankie and Uncle Donald all laughed. "Horses say neigh." Frankie told her little sister.

Next they visited, the pigs there was a mommy pig and a bunch of little baby pigs. The little pigs were all feeding from their mother. "They're so cute!" exclaimed Frankie. "Can I have a pig?" she asked giving her mother a pleading look.

"No." replied her mother sternly. "Cute little pigs grow into great big pigs. Our house isn't big enough for a pig. Sometimes, it's barely big enough for you, Daddy, Flora and I.

Frankie frowned. Sometimes. she would rather have a pig than her sister,  but not always.

"Flora, what does a pig say?" asked Daddy.

"Moo!" cried Flora.

Mommy, Daddy, Frankie and Uncle Donald all laughed. "Pigs say oink." Frankie informed Flora.

Next the saw, the sheep. It's wool was really thick.  "That would make a nice sweater." replied Mommy.

"It will soon enough." Uncle Donald told her.

Frankie liked the wool better on the sheep. Wool sweaters were always so itchy to her. "Flora, what does a sheep say?" she asked her little sister changing the subject and trying to get the thought of uncomfortable sweaters out of her mind.

"Moo!" exclaimed Flora.

Mommy, Daddy, Frankie and Uncle Donald laughed. "Sheep say baa." said Frankie.

Last they went to visit the big brown cow. She was lying in the barn. "She's beautiful!" gushed Frankie.

"Maybe, later you can help milk her." Uncle Donald told Frankie.

Frankie's eyes lit up excitedly. "That would be really fun!" she declared eagerly.

"Well, kiddo," Uncle Donald said to Flora, "This is your chance to be right. What does a cow say?"

"Meow!" shouted Flora excitedly.

Mommy, Daddy, Frankie and Uncle Donald all laughed.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Analeigh Always Wants Attention

Analeigh Vaccaro and her older sister, Isabel sat at the kitchen table doing their homework. Analeigh kept looking over at her sister, but Isabel just kept staring at  the paper she was working on. Analeigh was bored and wanted attention. She just loved to be the center of attention, and she couldn't stand to be in a room where anyone in it was not paying attention to her

"Guess what happened to me at school today!" Analeigh announced excitedly to Isabel.

Isabel continued starring at the homework sheet in front of her and ignored Analeigh.

"Isabel?" said Analeigh trying to get her sister's attention. When there was no reaction, she repeated "Isabel?" Isabel still did not look up or acknowledge that she had been spoken to. "Isabel!" shouted Analeigh loudly in her sister's ear. "I'm talking to you!"

Isabel backed away and rubbed her now sore ear. "You don't have to yell." she hissed angrily. "I'm trying to do my homework." she declared gritting her teeth.

"But don't you want to hear what happened to me in school today?" asked Analeigh.

Isabel shook her head. "No." she replied and went back to her homework.

Analeigh was bursting at the seams and she was sure that Isabel would really want to know so she decided to tell Isabel anyway. "I was walking to my classroom .." she began

"I said no!" replied Isabel angrily turning away from her sister..

Analeigh walked over to Isabel and peered at Isabel's homework page over her shoulder. "Oh that  looks easy." she declared. "I bet I can do that. I am really good at math. I get the best grades in the class on all my math tests."

Isabel  sighed, shook her head, and stared icily at her sister.  "I think I am going to go do my homework in my room." she announced grabbing her stuff and heading for the stairs.

Now, it was Analeigh's turn to sigh. She would just have to find someone else to talk to.  She went into the living room and found her  other older sister, Emalia. Emalia was on the phone as usual. That didn't bother Analeigh. She went right up to Emaila and started talking. "Guess what I did in school today!" she exclaimed.

Emaila gave her sister a red angry glare. "Do you mind?! I'm on the phone." She turned away from Analeigh and went back to the phone. Analeigh did not leave the room. She stayed around and listened to Emalia's side of the conversation. Emaila and her friend were talking about a popular series of movies.

"I love those movies." exclaimed Analeigh excitedly butting in. "My favorite is the one where  ..."

"Analeigh!" screamed Emaila cutting her sister off abruptly. "I'm not talking to you!  I'm talking on the phone.  You're not part of this conversation."

"Why not?" replied Analeigh indignantly. "I love those movies. I've seen every one at least 5 times. When I grow up I'm going to.,."

"Don't you have something to do?" cut in Emaila glaring at Analeigh.

Analeigh frowned at her sister and shook her head no. Of course, she had homework, but she didn't feel like doing that.

Emaila sighed in frustration and frowned.  "Then, I'll go." she announced hotly. She gave Analeigh another red angry look, grabbed her cellphone and headed for the stairs.

Analeigh just shook her head sure that it was all Emaila, and that she, Analeigh, had done absolutely nothing wrong. Teenagers were so moody. Analeigh was in no rush to be one herself.

Left alone with no one to talk to again, Analeigh got bored. She went upstairs to her Mom's room. Mom was sitting at her desk with Isabel. "What are you doing?" asked Analeigh.

"Mom's helping me with my math homework." replied Isabel.

"I could help you with that." replied Analeigh. "I'm really good at math. My teacher said ..."

"Analeigh." interjected her mother. "We know you're  a good student, but now I am helping your sister."

Analeigh quieted down for a minute. She looked at the math book over her mother's shoulder. "Oh that's really easy. I could ..." she stopped mid sentence when her mother gave her a not very happy look.

Analeigh sat down on her mother's bed and was quiet for a few minutes. Then, she was overwhelmed with boredom. She really didn't like when nobody was paying attention to her. She got up and walked back over to her mother and Isabel at her mother's desk "Guess what happened to me today!" she proclaimed brightly.

"Analeigh!" declared her mother angrily. "I'm helping your sister with her homework." Analeigh's whole face froze, and she looked as though she were about to cry. "Just wait a few minutes." Mommy added in a softer tone. "And then I'll be with you."

Analeigh smiled. "Okay, Mommy." she replied.. She sat down on her mother's bed and waited silently and patiently. After about five minutes, she jumped up excitedly. "Is it time yet?" she asked.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Saving Siri

Halle Herman stared miserably out the window of her hotel room as the rain poured in buckets down the window. Her family was in Washington DC for a week, and they were supposed to be going to look at the monuments on and around the National Mall today. Halle's brother, Max was happily playing away on his portable gaming system, and the baby, 2 year old, Siri happily toddled around the room. Neither of them seemed as upset as Halle felt.

"I'm bored!" announced Max tossing his game on the bed. "Why didn't you let me bring more games?" he asked his mother accusingly.

"You don't need to spend all your time playing games while we are away. " replied his mother calmly. ""Besides, we are only going to be gone one week. You'll survive it. I promise."

Max looked doubtful. "But what are we going to do now?" he asked pointing out the window to the rain.

"Yes." agreed Halle. "What are we going to do?"

Siri chose just that moment to bump into something and start crying. Mommy sighed and scooped Siri gently up in her arms. "Why don't we go swimming?" she suggested. "I hear the hotel has a very nice indoor pool."

"Swimming!" shouted Max and Halle at the same time. They both loved swimming and they were both really good swimmers too. They had each started taking swim lessons when they were just a little older than Siri was now. They quickly hurried to find their bathing suits while Mommy struggled to put a cute little polka dotted two piece on a squirmy Siri.

When all three kids were ready, Mommy  handed Siri to Halle so she could put on her own suit. Siri smiled at her sister. She just adored Halle. Halle smiled back. Siri was so much less annoying than Max. She hoped that didn't change as Siri got older.

When Mommy was ready, they grabbed some towels and headed down to the pool. Mom took Siri and sat down by the side of the pool. Max jumped right into the water. Halle eased in from the steps. As soon as Halle got all the way into the pool, Max snuck up behind her and splashed her. "Hey!" she cried splashing him back. Soon they were in a full out splashing war.

The lifeguard blew his whistle and pointed to them. "No splashing!" he declared.

"Sorry." they said. They stopped splashing. For a while Max played by himself and Halle swam. When they both got tired of that, they started playing a game together, Ordinarily, Halle would not be caught dead playing a game with her little brother, but in the pool on vacation when nobody else was around she figured it was okay. Max wasn't too fond of playing with his sister either. However, they ended up having a surprisingly good time together.

Even Siri noticed what a good time they were having. She sat by the side of the pool with their mother jealously starring at her brother and sister laughing and playing and having fun in the pool. She wanted to be having fun too. She pouted and whined and tugged on her mother's arm and pointed to the pool. "I'm sorry, sweetie." replied Mommy sympathetically,  "I know you want to go in the pool with your big brother and sister, but you'll have to wait a little bit." Mommy was waiting for Dad to call.  He was at a business meeting. They were in Washington DC accompanying Dad on a business trip, Poor Dad! They spent their days seeing the sites and having a good time while Dad went to meetings. Once in a while, he was free to accompany them. Halle and Max loved those times best of all the time they spent on their vacation.

The phone rang loudly in Mommy's bag. She put her hand in to get it, but it wasn't where she thought it was. She took her eyes off Siri for a second to go rummaging in her bag for the phone. That was all Siri needed. She made a break for it and toddled off toward the pool. "Siri!" screamed Mommy when she looked up and saw Siri by the edge of the pool. Siri looked up startled by Mommy's voice and tumbled into the pool.

"Siri!" Mommy screamed even louder and more desperately. Max saw his little sister and nervously looked around for the lifeguard who was all the way on the other side of the pool flirting with a group of pretty girls.The lifeguard looked up at the sound of Mommy's terrified scream, but before he could even dive into the pool, Halle hurriedly swam over to her little sister. She quickly scooped Siri up in her arms. Then, she carried her out of the pool and into their mother's anxiously waiting arms. "Oh my baby." exclaimed Mommy clutching Siri tightly too her and looking gratefully at Halle. Siri coughed up a little water, and then started crying hysterically. Mom carefully looked her over.  She seemed to be okay though just frightened. Mom hugged her tightly in her arms then gave her a bottle to calm her down.

By the this time, Max had come out of the pool and joined them. "You're  a hero, Halle." he declared.
"You saved Siri's life." Halle shrugged. She hadn't really thought about it that way. She just did what she had to do.

"You are a hero." replied Mommy gratefully, "and I'm proud of you." The phone started ring again and Mommy answered it. This time Halle stayed with Siri. Siri looked up at Halle with big wide adoring eyes while continuing to sip on her bottle. Halle smiled at her. "I'm kind of fond of you too." she declared. "And I wouldn't want anything to happen to you."

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Animal Crackers Everywhere

Kenley Sawyer  sat in the back seat of the car with her little sister, Dahlia. "Cookies! Cookies!" demanded Dahlia reaching out her little hands toward the front seat.

"We'll have cookies when we get home." promised Mommy trying to concentrate on driving.

"Cookies now!" exclaimed Dahlia.

"We don't have any cookies here." explained Mommy.

That didn't help at all. "Cookies, cookies." repeated Dahlia as tears started flowing down her face, and she headed into full meltdown mode.

Mommy sighed wearily. "Kenley, can you please try and amuse your sister." she begged.

Kenley was able to distract her sister for a few minutes. Then, Dahlia went back to sorrowfully demanding cookies. Finally, she had a crying fit,exhausted herself, and fell asleep.

Mommy sighed again but this time in relief. At least, it would be peaceful for a little while.

"Are we going to be home soon?" asked Kenley hopefully.

"Yes," replied Mommy. She wanted to be home just as badly as Kenley.

When they arrived home a a little while later, Dahlia immediately woke up. "Cookies!" she cried excitedly not missing a beat. Mommy sighed yet again. She was hoping Dahlia would have forgotten by the time she woke up from her nap. Mommy quickly ushered them into the house.

In the house, Mommy went to the cupboard and took out two small boxes of animal crackers and handed one to Kenley and one to Dahlia. "Thank you, Mommy." replied Kenley gratefully. She went in the den to sit in front of the TV and eat her cookies. Dahlia grabbed hers and toddled off.

A few minutes later, Dahlia showed up in the den and stood right in front of the TV where Kenley was watching. "Hey!" said Kenley angrily getting up to move her little sister. Then, she noticed Dahlia looked as though she were about to burst into tears again. "What's the matter?" Kenley asked worriedly. Her little sister could be a pain, but Kenley loved her.

"No cookies." announced Dahlia sadly pouting and hanging her head down.

"No cookies?" repeated Kenley with surprise. "You ate all your cookies already?" She couldn't believe that Dahlia was the slowest eater in the world. She saw that the animal cracker box was still tightly clutched in Dahlia's hands. Dahlia was holding it upside down. Kenley pried  the box out of her sister's hands and look inside. Sure enough the box was empty. That just couldn't be. Kenley looked again sure enough the box was still empty. Kenley suddenly wondered how long Dahlia had been holding the box upside down. Maybe, some of the cookies had dropped out.  "Come on, Dahlia." she said to her little sister. "Let's go look." There was no way Dahlia could have eaten all those cookies.

Dahlia happily trudged after her sister. "More cookies?" she said hopefully.

They headed up the stairs to Dahlia's room. On the stairs, Kenley found cookies on just about every other step. Kenley shook her head and picked them up and put them in the empty cookie box. When they got upstairs there were cookies scattered in the hall. Kenley scooped them up and put them back in the cookie box too.  In Dahlia's room, there were cookies everywhere: cookies in the bed, cookies under the bed, cookies by the door, cookies behind the door.  There was no way Kenley was going to clean all that. "Mom!" she called loudly.

Mom came running worriedly. "What is it?" she asked with concern. Before Kenley could even reply Mommy looked around and saw the mess and shook her head. Kenley quickly helped Mommy clean up.

"Cookies!" exclaimed Dahlia excitedly when all the cookies were back in the box.

"No, sweetie." replied Mommy. "You can't eat those they're dirty."

Dahlia instantly burst into tears. "Cookies! Cookies!" she cried sadly through her tears.

Mommy quickly scooped her up and carried her down the stairs.  Kenley followed closely behind. Mommy brought Dahlia into the kitchen and sat her down at the table. Then, she gave Dahlia another box of animal crackers.

"Cookies!" exclaimed Dahlia immediately reaching into the box for a cookie. She started to scramble out of her chair and run off with her cookies.

"Oh no!" declared Mommy. "You sit right there and eat your cookies."

Kenley smiled. She got ready to head back into the den to finish her own box of cookies.

"Can you please eat in here with your sister so she doesn't get up again and leave a trail of cookies around the house?" begged Mommy.

"Okay, mommy." agreed Kenley but not very happily. Sometimes, it stunk being the big sister.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Raeleigh and the Red Velvet Cupcakes

Raeleigh Villano eagerly rushed over as her older sister, Eden burst through the front door after school. Eden ignored her little sister's excitement at seeing her. "Where's Mom?" she asked Raeleigh anxiously. Raeleigh pointed toward the stairs. Eden hurried upstairs with Raeleigh trailing behind her.

"Mom!" exclaimed Eden hurrying into their Mother's room. "I need a dozen cupcakes for the bake sale at school."

"OOh! Cupcakes!" exclaimed Raeleigh excitedly clapping her hands. Eden gave her a nasty look, and Raeleigh instantly quieted down.

Mom looked up from the desk where she'd been sitting balancing the checkbook and shook her head. "A hello would have been nice." she replied not liking Eden's rudeness.

"Hello, Mom." replied Eden in a not very friendly tone. "I need a dozen cupcakes for the bake sale." she repeated.

"And when is this bake sale?" inquired Mom warily.

"Tomorrow." admitted Eden looking down sheepishly.

"Tomorrow?" repeated Mom glaring at Eden. "And how long have you know about this?"

"For about a month." admitted Eden. "But,I forgot." she added as if that would make it all better.

Mom frowned even deeper, but didn't say anything,

"Please Mom." begged Eden. "We're raising money for the class trip."

"I'll help you, Mommy." offered Raeleigh. Her mouth was watering at the thought of those delicious cupcakes.

"That won't be necessary." declared Eden trying to usher her little sister away.

"She can help if she wants to." replied Mom.

"Yay!" exclaimed Raeleigh excitedly jumping up and down and giving her sister a smug look.

"Get out the cake mix." Mom told Eden pointing to the pantry as soon as they entered the kitchen.

Eden went over and looked inside. She found pancake mix, waffle mix and muffin mix but no cake mix. "There isn't any." she replied anxiously.

"Are you sure?" asked Mom. She could have sworn they had at least two boxes of cake mix just the other week. She looked around but she couldn't find any either.

"Didn't Grandma borrow cake mix for her card game?" pointed out Raeleigh.

"Oh that's right." replied Mom. She quickly ushered them into the car, and they hurried to the store. They picked up red velvet cupcake mix and some icing. Red Velvet was Eden's favorite kind of cake. It was Raeleigh's too. She licked her lips hungrily at the thought of it.

When they got home, they prepared the cake mix. Eden wasn't actually that much help even though the cupcakes were for her. She was too busy texting her friends on her phone. Raeleigh was a big help though. She had a great time helping to measure and pour and mix.

When the cupcakes went in to the oven, Eden went to her room and Mom went upstairs. Raeleigh stayed in the kitchen and kept turning on the oven light to see how they were baking. They looked so good. They smelled so good too. She wished she could have one.

Finally, the cupcakes came out of the oven. Mom put them on the stove to cool down so she could ice them. Raeleigh kept looking at them while they cooled and wishing even more that she could have one.

"Could I have just one?" Raeleigh begged as they were icing the cupcakes a little later.

"No!!" exclaimed Eden angrily.

Mom gave Eden a look. "No sweetie." she replied to Raeleigh. "You know they are for Eden to take to school."

Raeleigh nodded sadly and looked down.

"Maybe, we'll make some soon for us." Mom told her trying to cheer her up.

Raeleigh nodded and smiled weakly at Mom. Soon seemed along way away when they had those delicious looking and smelling cupcakes in their house right now.

Mom packed up the cupcakes in a cake tin and left it on the counter for Eden to take to school the next day. She and Eden went about their business doing other things. Raeleigh tried to keep busy doing other things too, but she couldn't stop thinking about those cupcakes. She went in to the kitchen and stared longingly at the closed cake tin. That didn't really help, Maybe, if she just opened up the lid a little and peaked at them that would make her feel better. However, when she opened the lid that she just made her hungrier and want them more. Maybe, if she just had one they wouldn't notice. That would never work because Eden knew exactly how many there were - a dozen.

Then, Raeleigh had an even better idea, and her face lit up. She would take a little tiny taste from each cupcake and that there way would still be the same amount and Mommy and Eden would never know she had touched them. She quickly went over to the cupcakes and scrapped a little bit of the icing on each one off with her finger and ate it. She had just finished when she heard footsteps coming and she hurried out of the room.

Eden went into the kitchen to check on the cupcakes. "Mom!" she screamed at the top of her lungs when she saw the tiny holes in each cupcake.

"What's the matter?" asked Mom entering the kitchen at the sound of Eden's loud voice. "Why are you yelling?"

"Look at this!" exclaimed Eden angrily pointing to the hole filled cupcakes.

"Raeleigh!" exclaimed Mom and Eden at the same time. Raeleigh knew better than to come out. Mom went upstairs and found her hiding under her bed. "Raeleigh." Mom said sternly. "Did you stick your finger in all the cupcakes?"

At first, Raeleigh tried to shake her head no, but when Mom gave her an angry look, she nodded. It was hard to deny anyway since she still had a face full of icing.

"Raeleigh." declared Mommy disappointedly. "You knew this cupcakes were for Eden's school and not for us. Why did you stick your finger in them?"

"I'm sorry, Mom." replied Raeleigh, and she really was. She was actually starting to get a tummyache from all the icing she had eaten. "Can't we make some more?"

"No, we can't. We don't have any more cake mix, and we don't have time."

"Then, what are we going to do?" asked Eden anxiously entering the room and glaring at her little sister.

"We are going to go to the bakery and buy a dozen cupcakes." announced Mom. "But you're not off the hook, young lady." she reprimanded Raeleigh. "The money for the new cupcakes is coming out of your allowance."

Raeleigh nodded in agreement. She didn't have a choice anyway.

"But what about the other cupcakes the ones Raeleigh ruined." inquired Eden. "Are we just going to throw them all out?"

"No. That would be a waste." replied Mom. "We'll just keep them for ourselves."

Raeleigh couldn't help smiling. Nobody else was going to want to eat cupcakes with her finger marks in them. It was so worth it even if she had to pay for the cupcakes for Eden's school.

"No cupcakes for you today." replied Mom as if she could read Raeleigh's mind." And no more than one a day and if something like this happens again you won't be eating any cupcakes for a good long time."

Raeleigh nodded. "Yes, Mommy." she replied, but she still couldn't help smiling at the thought of so many days of red velvet cupcakes awaiting her in the not too distant future.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Brenna Wants A Baby

Brenna Wyman adored babies. She always wanted  to be around them. She liked their soft baby skin. She loved their sweet baby faces. She marveled at how tiny and fragile they were. She was just crazy for everything to do with babies.

When Brenna was five, a lot of her friends mother's started having babies. Brenna was jealous of all her friend's little siblings. "I think that you should have a baby." she announced to her mother one day.

Mommy looked up from the desk where she'd been sitting and doing paperwork and laughed.

Brenna glared angrily at her.

"Oh." replied Mommy. "You're serious."

"I need a brother or sister." insisted Brenna nodding her head to emphasize her point.

"Oh you do, do you?" replied Mommy. "What about Jeremy?"

Brenna wrinkled her nose in disgust. Jeremy was her older brother. He was a big slob. All he and his friends ever seemed to do was sit around in his messy room playing video games. "That doesn't count he's older. I want a baby brother or sister." she explained.

"Even if you had a baby brother or sister they'd get older you know." pointed out Mommy.

Brenna nodded. "Yes." she replied, "but they would always be younger than me."

"That's true." Mommy agreed. She didn't say anything else. She thought the discussion was closed.

However, it wasn't to Brenna. "Then, we agree?" asked Brenna.

"Agree on what?" asked Mommy warily.

"That you and Daddy are going to have another baby."

Mommy quickly shook her head. "Oh no." she replied forcefully. "This baby factory is closed. You and you're brother are enough for this family."

Brenna frowned.

Mommy smiled at her. "Don't worry. Someday, you'll grow up and have your own children."

Brenna instantly brightened up. Having her own children would be even better than having a little sibling. She couldn't wait to grow up.

From that day on, Brenna couldn't stop talking about the children she was going to have when she grew up. "When I have my baby .." she would announce as though it were something that was going to occur in a matter of days rather than a matter of years. She would even walk up to strangers in the store and announce "I'm going to have a baby."

Other people would always think that it was Mommy who was going to have a baby. "Oh that's nice, dear." they would say smiling at Mommy. Mommy would quickly usher Brenna away while the people would marvel at how thin Mommy looked for someone who was going to have a baby.

One day, Mommy and Brenna were shopping at the store. Mommy reached up and lifted a heavy package off the top shelf. An elderly woman quickly approached them or at least as quickly as her tired old legs could carry her. "Should you really be doing that in your condition?" she asked Mommy harshly.

"What?" asked Mommy starring at the woman in confusion.

"Shouldn't you be more concerned about the safety of your unborn child?" pointed out the woman.

"My what?" replied Mommy still confused. Then, as she realized what was going on, she frowned at Brenna. "I'm not pregnant." she declared turning back to the woman.

"Oh but  I thought..." sputtered the baffled woman. "You're little girl said..."

Mommy just shook her head at Brenna.

"Mommy's not having a baby." announced Brenna. "I'm having a baby."

"What?" exclaimed the woman even more confused than ever.

"After I graduate from kindergarten, and go to first grade and then get married." explained Brenna as though it were going to happen precisely in that order without anything else in between.

The elderly woman looked at Mommy apologetically as she realized her mistake. Then, she smiled at Brenna. "Well, good luck with your future babies then." she said.

Brenna smiled back. "Thank you." she said.

As the woman turned and walked slowly away, Mommy turned to Brenna and declared. "Let's just keep our future babies to ourselves from now on. We don't have to share them with everyone."

"Okay, Mommy." replied Brenna.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Only Children

Colbie Unger had an annoying little sister named Cherisse. Cherisse thought that Colbie was the annnoying one. The two girls were constantly fighting.

"You took the last lemonade!" exclaimed Cherisse angrily one afternoon.

"I did not." replied Colbie just as angrily.

Then, suddenly they were off screaming and yelling until Mom had to come and quiet them down

Other times. it was Colbie who started up with Cherisse.  Often she would accuse Cherisse of getting into her stuff.  A typical fight would go something like this.

"You were in my stuff again, weren't you?" Colbie would declare accusingly pointing her finger in Cherisse's face.

"I did not! What would I want with your stupid stuff?" Cherisse would reply defensively. "And get your finger out of my face." she would add pushing Colbie's finger out of her face.

"Don't touch me!" Colbie would shriek.

"You touched me first." Cherisse would reply defensively.

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

Then, they would be off screaming and yelling again.

However, Colbie and Cherisse didn't always fight. Sometimes, they actually played together peacefully. To, Mom, it seemed like those times were rare while the fighting, yelling and screaming happened quite a lot.

One afternoon, Colbie and Cherisse had a particularly loud argument. There were yelling and screaming for over ten minutes. It went so long and got so loud that Mommy was pretty sure that they had no idea what they'd been arguing about in the first place. She knew she didn't. All she knew was that she'd had enough.  "Okay!" she proclaimed loudly over the two girls yelling. "That's quite enough yelling. "

"She started it!" cried Colbie.

"No!, she did!" replied Cherisse.

"I think you both need some time in your rooms." replied Mommy calmly pointing them in that direction.

"Now, you got me in trouble," Colbie declared angrily. "I wish I never had a sister!"

"You got me in trouble." replied Cherisse equally as angrily. "I wish I never had a sister too."

"Well, that's it then."  stated Mommy. "If you can't learn to get along and stop fighting all the time just stay away from each other. Pretend that you never had a sister. You can be two only children."

Colbie and Cherisse were confused for a minute. They couldn't understand how that was going to work. However, then they were filled with joy. They didn't care how it was going to work. They were just so happy not to have to deal with each other anymore. It was going to be so great to be an only child even if it was only pretend.

Mom still send them to their rooms. It would be easier to stay away from each other if they were in their own rooms. For about an hour, they each played happily in their rooms. Colbie was so happy not to have Cherisse in her things. Cherisse was happy not to have Colbie bossing her around.

After a while, it got boring, Colbie started reading a joke book. There were a lot of funny jokes in it that she wanted to share with somebody. She started to go toward Cherisse's room, but then she remembered she was supposed to be acting like she didn't have a sister, and she went back in her own room. She sat back down on her bed disappointed that she didn't have anyone to share the funny jokes with.

Cherisse was bored too. She wanted somebody to play with. She rushed out of her room without even thinking about it and headed straight for Colbie's room.

"Where are you going?" inquired Mommy.

"I'm going to play with Colbie." replied Cherisse.

"Colbie?" asked Mommy as if she had never heard the name.

"My sister." reminded Cherisse looking at her mother as though she were crazy.

"But you don't have a sister." pointed out Mommy. "Remember?"

"Oh yeah." Cherisse replied quietly stopping in her tracks. For a minute, she stood there silently. "But I want to have a sister." she insisted finally.

"I want to have a sister too!" exclaimed Colbie hurrying out of her room.

Mommy smiled. She knew they would not be able to stay away from each other for that long. She just wanted a more peaceful house. "Well, then." she replied. "You two are going to have to try to get along better and not yell and scream so much."

"We'll try." promised Colbie and Cherisse.

Mommy nodded. That was all she could hope for. They were still siblings living in the same house, and there was always going to be some fighting.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

It Followed Me Home

Baya Middlebrook loved animals. She loved them more than anything. She always wanted a pet of her own, but her mother would never let her get one. "Please, mommy, please!" she would beg, but her mother always said no.

"Maybe, when you're a little older." Mommy would say.

Baya  asked  and asked all the time, but her mother kept saying the same thing. She did not think she would ever be old enough for her mother's no to turn to a yes.

Still everywhere, she went Baya would find animals and want to take them home. When she was at the park, she went over to the pond.  She saw all the little tiny fish swimming around. Then, suddenly she saw a little green frog. She chased it around. She finally caught it just as she heard her mother calling her.

"Baya! It's time to go." called Mommy.

"Coming, Mommy!" answered Baya quickly.  She slipped the little frog into the pocket of her jacket and hurried over to her mother.

At home, Baya took off her coat, but she didn't hang it up. She just left it on the floor. It was still there when her mother send her to get washed up for dinner. As soon as she left the room. she heard her mother calling her again.

"Baya!" called Mommy in a not very happy voice. "Why is there a frog jumping around n my kitchen floor?" She frowned at Baya.

Baya looked at the frog. Then, she looked back at her mother. "It followed me home." she said.

"Oh, it did it?" replied her mother.

Baya nodded. "Yes it did, " she announced. "Can we keep it?" she asked eagerly.

Mommy shook her head. "I'm afraid not. We'll have to take it back to the park tomorrow."

Baya frowned disappointedly.

The next day after they took the frog back to the park, Baya was playing in her back yard. She heard a noise coming from under the deck. It sounded like crying. She crawled under to see what it was and found a little gray kitten meowing.

"Aw!" she gushed scooping the kitten up into her arms. "You're so cute!" She took the kitten into the house.

Mommy's raised her eyebrows when she saw, Baya walk in carrying the cat. "Why is there a cat in my house?" she inquired.

"It followed me home." replied Baya. "Can we keep it?"

Mommy frowned and shook her head no. "Take it back outside." she demanded. "You don't know where that cat's been. It could have a disease or something."

Baya sighed disappointedly and took the little kitten back outside. Afterwards, she sat down on the porch and thought about all the pets she wished she could have. Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard barking.  She ran over to to the sidewalk to see where it was coming from.

Suddenly, a big brown dog appeared. Baya happily petted the dog. "Aren't you sweet?" she gushed.
She hurried off when she heard her mother calling once again.  The dog trotted after her right up the steps and into the house.

"Where did that dog come from?" asked Mommy.

"It followed me home." replied Baya. "Really!" she added. "Can we keep it?"

"Isn't that the neighbor's dog?" asked Mommy.

"Oh yeah." replied Baya suddenly noticing that the dog had a collar.

Mommy went with Baya to take the dog home. Afterwards, Baya sat out on the front porch feeling sad and sorry for herself that she didn't have a pet. She was still sitting there by the time Daddy came home.

"Hi, Baya." Daddy greeted her stepping out of the car.  "I hear that animals keep following you home."

Baya shrugged. "It doesn't matter." she replied sadly. "Mommy won't let me keep any of them."

"Why don't you come and see what came home with me." Daddy suggested.

"What?" asked Baya wondering what Daddy was talking about. She followed him over to his car. Daddy reached into the car and took out a box and handed it to Baya. She peeked inside. Inside the box was a tiny hamster.  "Oh!" cried Baya. "It's so cute! Whose is it?"

"It's yours." Daddy told her just as Mommy came out of the house and joined them.

"Really?" exclaimed Baya excitedly.

"Really." he replied as Mommy nodded in agreement.

"Oh, thank you!" she said joyously.   She was so happy she finally had a pet of her own.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Quiet Night

It was the middle of the night. Xadria Kogan suddenly woke up and sat up in bed.She tried to go back to sleep but she just couldn't. She was too wide-wake. She didn't like the silence in her room. It was too quiet. She didn't like the quietness. It was kind of scary. Xadria decided to go to her sister's room. Surely, her sister would be up texting and talking to her friends when she was supposed to be sleeping.

Xadria hurried out of her room and tiptoed down the hall to her sister's Xoella's room. She barged into the room getting ready to bust her sister for being up in the middle of the night. However, the room was silent.  Xoella was lying asleep in her bed. Xadria crawled into bed with her sister. She lay there for a while, but she still couldn't sleep. She got up and picked up her sister's phone. She turned it on. It started beeping loudly to indicate that Xoella had numerous text messages.

The loud noise woke Xoella. Xoella sat up groggily and looked around her room. When she spied Xadria sitting with her phone, she gave her sister a very angry look. "What are you doing with my phone!" she exclaimed in a sleep fogged voice. Before, Xadria could even reply, she stumbled out of bed and snatched the phone out of Xadria's hands.

"Now that you're awake, can I play on your phone?" asked Xadria cheerfully.

Xoella's eyes burned like fire. "Get out!" she screamed pointing to the door.

Xadria frowned. "You sure aren't pleasant in the morning." she replied disappointedly.

"The morning?" shrieked Xoella. "It's the middle of the night. Now get out." She threw a pillow at Xadria's head, but Xadria just managed to leave the room before it hit her.

Xadria decided to go into her brother, Xander's room instead. Xander never went to sleep. Surely, he would be awake playing video games. She hurried down the hall  to her brother's room. When she got there, she couldn't see any light under the door. That was unusual. She went into the room. Her brother was lying on his bed. He was fully clothed and he was not under the covers, but he was fast asleep. Xadria lay on her brother's floor for a while. It was too uncomfortable, and too quiet. She still couldn't sleep.

Xadria got up and went over to her brother's computer. She saw a new game he had gotten lying open on his desk. It looked like fun. Xadria wanted to play it. She quietly went over to the computer and turned it on. It started up loudly.

Xander's eyes opened at the sound, and he woke up. He was surprised to see his little sister in his room, but he wasn't as angry as Xoella had been. "What are you doing here?" he asked curiously.

Xadria smiled at him. "Let's play a video game, Xander." she suggested.

Xander looked at the clock. "Not tonight." he replied. "I have to work tomorrow."

Xadria frowned. She forgot her brother had just started at a part-time job working at the gas station. "Then, can I play?" she asked hopefully.

Now, it was Xander's turn to frown. "It's late." he replied. "Do you think Mom and Dad would like you up playing video games at this hour?"

Xadria started to nod her head yes but when Xander gave her a look she shook her head no.

"Come on." said Xander. "I'll take you back to your room." Before, she could utter a word of protest, he'd scooped his little sister up into his arms and carried her down the hall. He deposited her back in her room onto her own bed. "Goodnight." he said as he turned and headed back for his own room.

"Goodnight." Xadria called after him disappointedly.

As soon as the sound of Xander's footsteps going down the hall faded away, Xadria got out of bed again. She went back into the hall. She went into her parents room. They were both fast asleep too. It was really quiet in their room. Neither one of them was even snoring which was unusual.

Xadria quickly went over to the TV and turned it on. She sat on the floor and listened to it quietly for a few minutes. Then, a loud commercial went on and Mom and Dad both woke up.

"Xadria!" they exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"

Xadria smiled at them. "It's too quiet. I couldn't sleep so I came in here to watch TV." she explained.

Mommy frowned. "It's much too late to watch TV." she replied.

Daddy nodded in agreement. "Come on." he said. "I'll take you back to bed." He scooped Xadria up in his arms, and for the second time that night she was carried back to her room.

Daddy put Xadria into her bed. "Goodnight." he said kissing her. "I'll see you later."

"How much later?" asked Xadria.

"Not before 8:00." replied Daddy.

When Daddy left the room, Xadria listened to the sound of Daddy's footsteps retreating down the hall.

The house was still quiet, but Xoella and Xander lay awake in their beds. Mommy and Daddy lay awake in their bed too. None of them could get back to sleep after Xadria had woken them up.
Xadria yawned. She was kind of tired from all that wandering around. She closed her eyes and fell right to sleep.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Life Of a Little Black Puppy

Today' story is not only for my daughter but by my daughter.

I am a little black puppy I live with a happy family. My family is not too small but not too big ether. There are 4 kids, a mommy and a daddy. The kids are  1 boy and 3 girls, a little girl, a middle girl and a big older girl. The boy is the oldest of all.  My family first got me back when I was just about a week old and could not open my eyes.

That's some of what my life as a little black puppy is like.

My family is always telling me how easy my life is because I'm just a little puppy, but the truth is they never spent a day as me. My life is harder than it looks. When I first wake up in the morning I have to run outside and get the newspaper for my family. Then, before the little girl wakes up, I have to go lie in her bed with her so she will think I slept with her. If I don't, she will be sad and cry.

That's not the end of my story.

Later, when the kids get home from school, they pick me up and swing me in their arms. I  hate when they do that. For one thing, I don't like being held. For another thing, it gets me very dizzy.

Later in the day, at dinner, I get up to the table for my food, and I get sprayed with a little bottle of water until I leave the plate in front of me, which is clearly mine.

I go to sleep really hungry so I have to sneak out and get a snack while everyone else sleeps.

Then, the kids wake up and get ready for school. They each brush my teeth not knowing the other did. Then, they throw balls at me and tell me to get them. Some humans are so bossy! I mean, if they want it they should stop throwing it.

My life is also very good, I love my family. I have a nice place to live. I love when the little girls watch dog movies.

I don't like when the kids aunt makes me sweaters. I hate them! They are so annoying! I wish she would stop making them.

Every week the family has a family meeting where they talk and fix problems. Rudely, they never ask me what I think about the topic. Well, the kids do but they never give me enough time to answer the question about the topic for the family meeting. Sometimes, that makes me really extremely mad!

There's just not enough hours in a 24 hour day. Maybe, a day should be 64 hours and not 24 hours that would help me with a lot of my biggest problems.

So. I guess what I am trying to say is that a little puppy can have a hard life.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Greta and the Annoying Ones

Greta Hardison was a fun loving free spirited girl. Her younger sisters, Angeline and Analiese were much more serious girls. Greta thought they were just annoying.  She always wanted to have a good time first. Angeline and Analiese always wanted to do their work first. They couldn't understand why Greta didn't want to as well.

When the three girls came home from school. Greta immediately flopped herself down on the living room couch. Angeline and Analiese went into the kitchen and sat down at the table. They took their pencils and their homework sheets out of their backpacks and immediately sat down to do their homework.

Greta laughed. "We just left school. " she said to her sisters. "Why do you want to do your homework right away? Don't you want to take a break from school stuff for a while?"

Angeline  looked up for a minute and shook her head no. "I'd rather get it over with." she replied. Then, she went back to her work. Analiese nodded in agreement without even taking her eyes off of the paper she was working on.

Greta came into the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator and looked around. "Hmm! What should I eat for a snack?" she contemplated loudly.

"Shh!" hissed Angeline trying to concentrate on her work.

"Sorry." replied Greta, but she really wasn't sorry at all and she didn't even attempt to be any quieter.

This time Analiese looked up and glared at Greta.

Greta just smiled. Her sisters were such geeks. There would be plenty of time to do homework later. Greta grabbed an apple out of the fridge, and then went in the other room to eat it in front of the TV.

The noise of the blasting TV annoyed Angeline and Analiese. "Can you please lower that?" begged Angeline.

"We're trying to study." added Analiese.

After Greta had allegedly lowered the TV three times. it was still blasting. Angeline sighed and grabbed her schoolwork and headed upstairs. Analiese followed.  When they passed Greta, they gave her angry looks.

Greta just shrugged off her sisters' anger. Not everyone was as fanatic about school work as Angeline and Analiese. There was still plenty of time to get homework done.

Greta finished her snack and then decided to have another one. All the while, she continued watching TV. When she finished eating. she decided to watch the rest of the episode of the TV show she was watching. She hated to leave an episode in the middle.

When the episode was over, one of her favorite episodes of one of her favorite shows went on. She decided to watch that one too. There would still be plenty of time to do homework.

When the next episode was over, Greta finally turned off the TV. She went upstairs to do her homework, but she got distracted by the teen magazine on her desk. She picked it up to look through it for a minute or two before getting into her homework, but she ended up reading the whole thing.

By the time, Greta  was finished looking at the magazine, it was dinner time. "Did you finish your homework?" Mommy asked Greta, Angeline and Analiese as they sat down at the dinner table.

"I did!" exclaimed Angeline proudly. She gave Greta a snobby look.

"I did too." added Analiese. She gave Greta a snobby look too.

Greta frowned back at her sisters, but said nothing. She was hoping the subject would be dropped, and she quickly stuffed her mouth with food so Mommy wouldn't expect her to talk.

Mommy was not so easily distracted. "What about you, Greta?" asked Mommy the minute Greta finished chewing.

"Not yet." Greta replied.She quickly went back to eating hoping the subject would be dropped.

However, she should have known better. When their Mom had something on her mind, she wouldn't let it go. "How much do you have left?" Mommy asked Greta pleasantly.

"All of it." replied Angeline before Greta could reply. Analiese nodded in confirmation. They gave Greta a very smug look. Greta glared back at them.

Now, it was Mommy's turn to give Angeline and Analiese angry looks. "I was talking to your sister." she declared. Then, she turned back to Greta. "How much of it do you have left?" she repeated.

"Well ..." Greta played with the food on her plate a little bit stalling. "I haven't actually done any of it yet." she admitted finally. "But I'm going to get to it after dinner." she promised quickly.

"Alright." replied Mommy as she went back to her own food.

"Alright?" repeated Greta. She couldn't believe Mommy had given in so quickly. There had to be a catch.

"Yes," replied Mommy. "When we are watching that new movie you wanted to see, you'll be doing your homework."

Greta angrily bit the inside of her mouth. She forgot that movie was on tonight. Well, no worries. She'd just quickly do her homework after dinner.

However, after dinner, she kept getting distracted, and her homework took longer than she thought it would. By the time, it was time for the movie. she still wasn't done. Still no worries. She would just sit in front of the TV and do her homework while she watched.

That was not okay with Mommy, however. "Take your homework up to your room to finish it." Mommy told Greta when the movie went on.

"I can finish it while I watch." insisted Greta.

"Greta." replied Mommy giving Greta a stern look. She didn't have to say anything else for Greta to know how serious she was. Greta sighed and grabbed her school work and headed upstairs. There was no doubt that Angeline and Analiese were annoying but just maybe they were right about work before play.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Pretty Purple Purse

Yaleena Skouras was a girly girl. She loved fancy frilly things. Her favorite color was pink. When she saw the flowery purple purse in the window of the department store she couldn't resist it. "Ooh, Mommy." she begged tugging on her mother's arm. "Can I have that?"

"Not today, sweetie." replied Mommy gently removing Yaleena's hand from her arm.

"Can we at at at least go inside and look it at?" asked Yaleena hopefully. She had a little money saved up maybe she could buy it for herself. Mommy nodded, and Yaleena happily rushed into the store.  She ran over and found the section where they had purses like the one she had seen. There were only a handful of them. She picked up one and looked at the price. It was $9.99. Yaleena wasn't sure how much she had. She would have to go home and count her money.

As soon as they got home from shopping, Yaleena hurried up to her room. She found her white ceramic piggy bank, opened it up, and turned it upside down over her bed. An avalanche of coins and dollars spilled out onto her blanket. Yaleena quickly counted it. She had exactly $3.37. Yaleena frowned and counted it again. It still came out to $3.37. Yaleena frowned and then suddenly, she was filled with determination. She was going to find a way to get rest of the money and buy that purse.

She went to find her mother. "Mommy?" she asked "Do you have some extra chores I can do so I can earn some extra money?"

Her mother shook her head but when she saw the disappointed look on Yaleena's face, she thought about it for a moment. "You can bring the down the laundry to the laundry room and sort it for me." she replied.

"Okay." agreed Yaleena excitedly. She hurried off to gather and sort the laundry.

Mommy couldn't help laughing. She had never seen Yaleena so excited to do chores.

Yaleena quickly finished and Mommy paid her 50 cents. Yaleena put it in her piggy bank. She counted her money again and frowned. There was so much more to go.

The rest of the day, Mommy found a few more odd jobs around the house for Yaleena, and she made  $1.50 more. She was over halfway to her goal, but she felt like she still had so much more to go.
"Do you have anything else for me to do, Mommy?" inquired Yaleena eagerly, but Mommy shook her head no.

When Daddy came home, Yaleena asked him. "Do you have any chores for me to do?" He shook his head. Yaleena frowned disappointedly.

"Yaleena's saving her money to buy herself a pretty purse." explained Mommy.

"Oh." replied Daddy thoughtfully. He did not understand about purses and pretty things. However, he did understand about saving and hard work. He appreciated that Yaleena was making an effort to earn her own money for something she wanted. "You can help me clean out the garage on Saturday." he replied. "I'll pay you five dollars."

"Thank you, Daddy." gushed Yaleena excitedly. "But can't we do it today?"

Mommy and Daddy laughed at Yaleena's eagerness. "Tonight is a school night. It will take a long time to clean out the garage. It's really messy. We don't have enough time today." explained Daddy.

Yaleena frowned, but then she smiled because she knew she would soon have that pretty purse.

The next day after school Aunt Mila came over. Yaleena and Mommy and Aunt Mila went to the mall. As usual, Aunt Mila secretly snuck Yaleena a couple of dollars. "Here," she whispered in Yaleena's ear as she handed her the money. "Buy something fun for yourself."

Yaleena smiled brightly. Now, after she had helped Daddy clean out the garage she would not only have enough to pay for the purse, but she would have enough to cover the tax too. "Thank you, Aunt Mila." she whispered back gratefully.

In the mall, Yaleena asked Mommy if they could stop so she could show Aunt Mila the purse she was going to buy, When they got to the store, the purse wasn't in the window anymore. Yaleena frowned worriedly. She hurried in to the store. She quickly went over to the rack where the purses had been. It was still there, but there were only two left. She couldn't wait for Saturday to come so she could earn the rest of the money and come buy the pretty purse before they were all gone.

The rest of the week went by slowly but finally it was Saturday. Yaleena spend the day helping Daddy with the garage. After they finished and she took a shower, she put all her money together and counted it. Then, she counted it again just to be sure. She smiled happily. She had just enough to get the purse.

Just as she finished counting her money, her mother and father came into the room. Mommy sat down on the bed beside Yaleena. Daddy stood in the doorway. "We have good news and bad news for you." they told her.

"Oh?" replied Yaleena worriedly. She bit her lip nervously.

"First the bad news." replied Mommy very seriously. "I went to the mall today and they are all sold out of of those pretty purple purses you wanted."

Yaleena's mouth flew open but no sound came out. She blinked really hard to keep from crying. No! No! Not now! They couldn't all be gone  after she'd  worked so hard to  earn the money to buy one for herself!

"Now here's the good news." replied Daddy. He took out his hands from behind his back where he'd been holding them. In his arms was the pretty purple purse that Yaleena wanted. He put it down on the bed in front of Yaleena.

Yaleena's eyes lit up with excitement. "But, I thought you said they were all sold out?" she asked in confusion.

"We bought the last one for you because we are so proud of how hard you worked, and we didn't want them to run out before you had a chance to buy it." explained Daddy as Mommy nodded in agreement.

"Oh, thank you, Mommy. Oh thank you, Daddy." gushed Yaleena. She hugged them both tightly. "Do you want me to pay you back?" she asked starting to gather up the money she'd saved to give it them.

"Not this time." they told her. "Consider it a gift because we are so proud of you."

Yaleena thanked them again and put away her money. Then, she picked up the purse from her bed. She looked at and admired it. It really was beautiful, all purple and frilly just the way she liked things. She was going to need a whole new outfit to go with her pretty new purse.  "I'm going to need some shoes to go with this purse," she declared, "and a hat and a pretty dress."

Mommy and Daddy laughed. "You better keep working hard and keep saving." they said."You're going to need a lot of money for all that."

Sunday, April 3, 2016

On the Way

Zaria Moore was sitting on her mother's bed watching TV. "Zaria, honey?" asked her mother sweetly. "Can you go and get me my glasses? I think I left them in the living room." Zaria gave her mother a very unhappy look and didn't  get up. "Please, Zaria? " asked her mother.

"Okay." replied Zaria miserably. She reluctantly got out of the bed and headed out of the room to look for Mommy's glasses.

On the way to the stairs, she passed by her sister, Zan's room. She peeked in. Her sister, Zan was painting her nails bright purple. "Oh! How pretty!" exclaimed Zaria hurrying in to get a closer look. "Can you do my nails too?" she asked eagerly.

Zan ignored her and kept polishing her nails. "Rats!" she loudly exclaimed as she accidentally smudged a finger. She looked around for the nail polish remover but couldn't find it. "Zaria?" she asked in an overly sweet voice. "Can you go get me the nail polish remover, please?"

Now, it was Zaria's turn to ignore her sister. She remained silent.

"Please, Zaria." repeared Zan. "I'll do your nails."

"Okay." agreed Zaria happily. "Where is it?"

"It's on the dining room table." replied Zan.

Zaria hurried off downstairs to get the nail polish remover.

On the way to the dining room, she passed the front door. She saw her father working with a bunch of tools. "What are you doing, Daddy?" she asked curiously.

"I'm putting in a new doorbell." replied her father.

"What's the matter with the old one?" asked Zaria.

"It's too quiet." answered her father.

That was true. Lots of times when somebody rang the bell nobody in the house could ever hear it.

"Can I help?" asked Zaria eagerly.

"I don't think so, pumpkin." replied her father.

Zaria frowned disappointedly.

Her father reached for a screwdriver. "This isn't the right one." he said. He hunted through his toolbox but couldn't seem to find the tool he was looking for. "Zaria, can you get me my small flathead screwdriver?" he asked.

"Would I be helping?" asked Zaria hopefully.

"Very much." replied Daddy.

"Okay, Daddy." agreed Zaria happily. "Where is it?"

"It's in the garage on my workbench."

On the way to the garage, Zaria saw her brother Zeke in the family room eating a snack. She hurried over to him. "What are you eating?" she asked curiously.

"Cheesy popcorn." replied Zeke as he shoved another handful into his mouth.

"Oh." replied Zaria jealously as her mouth began to water. The popcorn looked and smelled delicious. Zaria really loved cheesy popcorn. "Can I have some?" she asked.

Zeke ignored her and continued eating. Then, suddenly he choked a little and coughed. "Zaria?" he asked when he recovered. "Can you get me my water bottle?"

Now, it was Zaria's turn to ignore her brother. She said nothing.

"Please, Zaria." begged Zeke. "I'll let you have some of my popcorn."

Zaria's eyes lit up. "Okay." she agreed eagerly. "Where is it?"

"It's in the bathroom." replied Zeke. "I forgot it in there after I filled it."

On the way to the bathroom, Zaria heard a noise. It sounded like it was coming from the backyard. She hurried to the sliding glass door that led to the yard to see what it was. It was just a  noisy bird sitting in the big oak tree. It looked like a really pretty red bird. Zaria opened the door and went outside to get a closer look. The bird flew way. Zaria was disappointed but it was such a nice day out that Zaria didn't want to waste it. She went over to her swingset and sat down and started swinging away happily.

Zaria loved swinging. She liked to pretend she was flying.It worked much better if she closed her eyes though so she quickly closed them. When she opened her eyes again, she was surrounded by a sea of angry faces. They were the unhappy faces of her family.

"Where's my glasses?" asked Mommy.

"Where's my nail polish remover?" asked Zan.

"Where's my screwdriver?" asked Daddy.

"Where's my water bottle?" asked Zeke.

"Oh." replied Zaria sheepishly. "I forgot."

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Beverly Wants A Bunny

Beverly Delancey couldn't wait for Easter. She loved bunnies and she was hoping to get a bunny of her own. "When is my Easter bunny coming?" she asked her mother.

"Why on Easter, of course, Beverly." Mommy replied with a big smile.

Easter could not come fast enough for Beverly. About a week before Easter, Mommy took Beverly to the mall. They waited in a long line for what seemed like hours. Mommy wouldn't tell  Beverly what was going on. She wanted it to be a surprise.

Finally, they reached the front of the line. "Do you want to sit on the Easter bunny's lap?" asked Mommy expecting Beverly to respond yes excitedy

"No." replied Beverly boredly. She started walking away.

"What?" asked Mommy in surprise. " I thought you wanted to see the Easter bunny."

"I want an Easter bunny of my own." replied Beverly.

A couple days later, Mommy told Beverly that Daddy was coming home with a surprise for her. "It is something you really wanted." Mommy told her. "It is a few days early but we knew how much you wanted it, and we just couldn't resist."

Beverly knew she was getting a bunny of her own. She was so excited she started jumping up and down and squealing. She immediately started to think of names for her bunny.

When Daddy came home, Beverly ran over to him. "Where is my surprise?" she asked eagerly.

"Don't I get a hello?" asked Daddy disappointedly.

"Hello, Daddy." replied Beverly. "Where is my surprise?"

Mommy and Daddy laughed at Beverly's eagerness.

Daddy handed Beverly a wrapped package. Beverly was confused. Why would a live animal be wrapped up? She quickly opened up the package. It was a chocolate bunny. "Oh." she said quietly. "Thanks." she added not very enthusiastically.

"I thought you wanted a bunny." replied Mommy in confusion.

"I want a real bunny." stated Beverly. She disappointedly left the room without her chocolate bunny leaving Mommy and Daddy starring after her.

When Easter arrived, Beverly wasn't excited about it all. When Mommy and Daddy told her to come downstairs because they had a surprise for her, she wasn't at all eager to go. What could they possibly have for her now a stuffed animal?

However, when Beverly got downstairs, she found a cage with a little white bunny in it. Beverly excitedly knelt down by the cage. "Is it for me?" she asked happily.

"Yes, she's all yours." they replied.

"I'm going to call her Lily, How did you ever know that I wanted a real life Easter bunny of my own?"

"Oh we just knew." they replied.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Bossy Barbara

Barbara Turner was a girl who liked to have things her way. In fact, she was very bossy. She  tried to boss her friends around, but they didn't always let her. More than anything, she bossed her little sister, Brielle around. After all, Brielle was only 6, and Barbara was 8.

Barbara was in her room reading  her book when Brielle burst in without even knocking. "Do you want to play?" Brielle asked Barbara eagerly.

Barbara shook her head. "Not now. Go away." she demanded.   Brielle  frowned. She just stood by the foot of of Barbara's bed and made no attempt  to leave the room. "I said get out!" insisted Barbara. "I'm reading!" Brielle sighed and reluctantly left her sister's room.

A little while later, Barbara went to find her sister.  Brielle was in her own room playing with some of her toys. "I finished my book. Let's play now." Barbara said bossily.

"But, I'm already playing with my toys." protested Brielle.

"You don't want to do that." Barbara told her insistently. "You want to play with me. Come on." She led her little sister to their playroom. "Now go and get the Barbies." demanded Barbara as soon as they entered the playroom.

"But I don't want to play Barbies." replied Brielle. "I want to play a game."

"We're playing Barbies." Barbara informed her. "Now, go and get them."

"Barbara!" called Mommy from her room. "Can you please bring me my glasses? I left them in the kitchen!"

"Okay, Mommy!" Barbara answered back.  She knew better than to ignore Mommy. However, she had no desire to go all the way down to the kitchen for Mommy's glasses and then come all the way back up again. "Brielle," Barbara ordered "Go and get Mommy's glasses."

"But, she asked you." pointed out Brielle.

"Just go get them." Barbara told her.

"But .."

"Go!" ordered Barbara. Brielle  gave Barbara  an angry exasperated look, but she went to go get  Mommy's glasses and bring them to her like Barbara told her to.

Barbara waited in the playroom.  She heard Brielle's loud footsteps clumping down the stairs. A little while later, she heard Brielle's loudly footsteps clumping back up the stairs, and then down the hall to Mommy's room.  She expected Brielle to return to playroom any minute, but she waited and waited and Brielle didn't come back.

Finally, Barbara went looking for her little sister. Brielle was still in their Mom's room. Mommy smiled when Barbara entered the room. "Oh Barbara." she said cheerfully. "I'm glad your here too. I was just telling Brielle that we are going to be having a visitor."

"Oh?" said Barbara full of curiosity.

"Cousin, Sydney is coming." announced Brielle before Mommy could get in another word.

"Yes." replied Mommy. "Your cousin, Sydney is coming to visit, and I expect you two to be nice to her." she added.

Brielle nodded. She was looking forward to playing with her cousin.

Barbara frowned. Sydney was only 4. Barbara didn't mind playing with her sister when she felt like it, but she didn't want to play with two annoying little kids. She decided she would keep herself busy when her cousin arrived and stay away from both Brielle and Sydney.

A little while later, Sydney arrived. After Mommy forced Barbara to come and say  hello to Sydney, Barbara hurried up to her room.

"You come play." Brielle told Sydney bossily. Sydney happily followed Brielle into the playroom.

In her own room, Barbara picked out a new book to read and sat down on her bed to read it. However, she couldn't concentrate because Brielle and Sydney were being so loud down the hall. It was mostly Brielle who was yelling at Sydney.

"We're going to play Candy Land." insisted Brielle loudly.

"But I want to play dolls." protested Sydney unhappily.

"We're playing Candy Land. Now go and get it. It's over there!" demanded Brielle bossily.

Sydney started to cry. She didn't want to play Candy Land. She wanted to play dolls.

As soon as Barbara heard her cousin crying, she hurried into the room. "Why are you being so bossy, Brielle ?" she asked her little sister. "Maybe, Sydney doesn't want to play Candy Land. Maybe, she wants to do something else."

"We're not doing something else." insisted Brielle stamping her foot angrily. "We're playing Candy Land."

"Why do you have to be so bossy?" Barbara asked her.

"Because I'm in charge." Brielle told her

"Well, why do you have to be in charge?" asked Barbara.

"Because I want to be like you." Brielle declared proudly pointing to her sister. "I want to be just like you."

"Oh." said Barbara quietly. She didn't feel proud of herself at all. She felt ashamed. For a few minutes, she didn't say anything. Then, finally she said "You shouldn't tell Sydney what to do. You made her cry."

"You tell me what to do." pointed out Brielle although she didn't say it like she was complaining. She said it like she just thought  that was the way it was supposed to be.

Barbara felt even more ashamed. "Well, I'm going to try not to do that anymore, okay? " she said to her little sister. "And you're going to be nicer to Sydney. We're both going  to try to be not so bossy, okay?"

"Okay." agreed Brielle.

"Now, let's find something that we all want to do." suggested Barbara, but she didn't demand it.

"Okay." agreed Brielle and Sydney happily.