Monday, May 28, 2012

Talia's Monster

 Today's Story is  by Melia

"Mommy I can't sleep in my bed tonight. So I'll sleep with you." Talia explained to Mommy.

"And why is that?" Mommy asked.

Talia grabbed a cookie from the cookie jar. Gave her mother a pleading look and begged, "Please, mommy! Please! Let me sleep in your bed with you tonight. There's a monster in my closet."

Mommy covered her mouth to stifle a giggle. "Oh honey, there's no such thing as monsters. It's probably just because it's dark, and you see shadows of the things in your room." Mommy giggled again.

Kirsti, Talia's big sister, laughed and teased, "There's no monster in your closet. There's only a monster in your bed!"

Talia look up with big eyes at Mommy. Now, she was even more scared at the the thought of a monster actually in her bed. What if it would try to cut her toes off while she was sleeping? Or what if the monster wanted to eat her head off while she was just sitting there quietly thinking on the edge of her bed? "The monster must be living under my bed." she decided.

This must have scared her baby sister, Lizzy too because she started crying. Mommy lifted her up and said, "Now, I don't want to hear any more about this monster nonsense because it's scaring Lizzy, but if you really believe there is a monster under your bed, you can go talk to Daddy about it."

Talia ran upstairs to find  Daddy. Kirsti followed her to find out what would happen next. When Talia found Daddy, she commanded, "There's a monster under my bed. Go kill it." Daddy chuckled and strolled into Talia's room.

Daddy inspected the room. Last he came to under the bed. "Nope. No monsters in here, my sweetie pie. Now it's time for bed."

Even though, Talia trusted her Daddy. She still was afraid there was a monster in her bed. So that night, after staying awake for about two hours on guard watching for a monster, she strolled to Mommy and Daddy's room. After finding their door locked so they could have some Mommy and Daddy time, she scurried into Kirsti's room. When she found Kirsti fast asleep, she crawled in bed with her and curled up to go to sleep.

This went on for the next few weeks until one day before Talia woke up, Kirsti marched downstairs. Eyes slanted, hands on hips, hair flying all over the place, crossly she yelled, "I'm fed up with having to share my bed with my little sister! It's bad enough having to share my house with her, but my bed too! You need to get her out of my room before she thinks she is going to be in there for the rest of her life!"

A few moments later, Talia waltzed into the room wearing pink fuzzy pajamas and furry bunny slippers. "Talia," Daddy said. "Would you like to make a deal?"

Talia raised her eyebrows and curiously replied. "That depends what the deal is."

Daddy stood up and said in a businesslike manner. "If I sleep in your bed tonight, and you sleep in my bed with Mommy, then if by tomorrow morning I wake up and I'm fine will you start sleeping in your bed and stop believing in monsters?"

Talia hesitated for a moment. Then, she shook hands with Daddy and said "Yes."

The next morning, Daddy woke up.  Talia saw him and realized he was fine. She knew that there was no such thing as monsters, and if there were they weren't in her room.

Twenty years later, when Talia's kids told her that they were afraid there were monsters in their room, she smiled, put them on her lap and told them this story.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Heather Opens Her Heart

Heather Mays loved the Polly the Princess show. It was her favorite show in the whole world. It was her favorite thing in the whole world. She had Polly dolls, and Polly toys and every Polly DVD ever made. Invisible Polly was her best friend in the world, and she didn't think she needed anything or anyone else.

It drove her family crazy. Mom and Dad were always trying to get her to try new things. "The Calico Kitty show looks really good." said Mommy one day when she and Heather were snuggling on the couch watching TV. Heather just  ignored her and kept on watching the Polly the Princess show.

"Wouldn't you like to get this Curious George book?" asked Daddy one day at the book store "Or how about this Fancy Nancy one?" Heather shook her head and picked out another Polly the Princess book. "Don't you have enough Polly the Princess books?"asked Daddy.

Heather shook her head again. "I can never have too many Polly The Princess books. " she insisted. "I want to have every Polly the Princess thing in the whole world." Now, it was Daddy's turn to shake his head. He looked at Heather sadly. She was missing out on so many things. Heather didn't think so.

Still, for Heather's sake Mommy and Daddy put up with Polly the Princess.  Her older sister, Nikki was a different story. Nikki was so tired of Polly The Princess. She had never really liked her that much in the first place, and she only grew to dislike her more and more the more Heather grew to love her. "I'm so sick of Polly the Princess!" she screamed storming out of the room every time she came upon Heather watching the Polly the Princess show.

Like it or not, Polly the Princess was a part of their lives and it looked like she was there to stay. Only Mommy didn't think so. "She'll grow out of it." Mommy assured Daddy and Nikki confidentally. Daddy couldn't imagine his little Heather without her Polly the Princess. Nikki would have loved for Heather to give up Polly the Princess, but couldn't imagine she ever would.

Then, it happened. Nikki came home from a friend's to find Heather sitting on the couch watching TV. Not wanting to watch yet another episode of The Polly Princess show, a show she hated anyway, she got ready to rush out of the room, but happened to glance at the TV on her way out.  'This doesn't look like the Polly the Princess show' thought Nikki. Could that be possible? "Heather," she asked finally. "What are you watching?"

"The Zany Zoo." replied Heather. "It's about this little girl who helps her father take care of all these zoo animals."  she explained. "It's my new favorite show!" she added excitedly.

Nikki's mouth dropped open in surprise. She couldn't believe that Heather finally had a new favorite show. She didn't know whether to be happy that at long last Heather finally seemed to be getting over Polly the Princess or worried that now Heather's world was going to be all about The Zany Zoo.

Things turned out to be much better than Nikki or anyone would have thought. Heather loved The Zany Zoo and watched it every chance she got, but she watched other shows too; The Calico Cat, Doc McStuffins, Dora the Explorer and other shows. Sometimes, she even watched Polly the Princess, but not as much as before. She read lots of books; books about The Zany Zoo, books about Curious George, books about Fancy Nancy and other books too. Sometimes, she even read Polly the Princess books although not as much as before. She had many friends, both real friends and imaginary friends, but she wasn't as friendly with invisible Polly the Princess.

"Do you know what?" asked Heather one afternoon when she and Mommy were walking home from school.

"What?" asked Mommy.

"Since I stopped liking Polly The Princess so much, I opened my heart to a lot of other things."

Mommy nodded and smiled. "I'm really proud of you, baby." she said giving Heather a big hug.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Beyond Bedtime

 Alexa Bradley was five years old. She loved rainbows and flowers and ice cream cones. Most of all, she loved her Mom and Dad and her baby sister, Ally. She hated spinach and rainy days and scary movies. Most of all she hated to go to bed.

Every night, she would come up with a million excuses to avoid going to bed. Her tummy hurt. Her head hurt. She was hungry. She was thirsty. She was hot. She was cold. She needed another glass of water. She needed another story. She needed another kiss. She wasn't tucked in just right. It was always something.

"Alexa, honey," sighed her mother tiredly while putting her to bed one night. "Why can't you go to sleep? It's not as if Daddy and I are up having parties after you go to sleep."

But all Alexa heard was parties. 'Aha!' she thought. 'I knew they have parties when I am in bed. I knew it!'

After that she wanted to go to sleep even less than before. After Mommy and Daddy put her to bed, she would scramble out of bed and try to listen to what was going on in Mommy and Daddy's room. Sometimes, it was really quiet, but sometimes she heard loud voices and laughter.  She knew they were having a party without her! She felt left out. She didn't know why Mommy and Daddy would want to have parties without her anyway. She was a fun girl.

Sometimes, when Alexa was good her mother would give her a special treat. Usually, she got to pick out a book or watch an extra TV show or something. One day, Alexa was especially good. Not only did she help Mommy with Ally, but she even cleaned up her room without being asked. "I was good today, mommy. Wasn't I?" she asked.

Her mother nodded. "Yes. I'm proud of you." replied her mother.

"I think I deserve a special treat,"

"Okay." agreed her mother. "Would you like to get a book at the bookstore?" Alexa shook her head no. "Would you like to watch an extra hour of TV?" Alexa shook her head no. "Would you like an ice cream from the ice cream man?" Once again, Alexa shook her head no. "Then, what would you like?" asked Mommy.

"I want to stay up after my bedtime!" stated Alexa excitedly.

"Oh." replied Mommy quietly. "Are you sure that is what you want? I think you will be disappointed."

Alexa didn't think so. "Yes! Yes! I'm sure." she said jumping up and down eagerly. She was finally going to get to one of Mommy and Daddy's bedtime parties. She could hardly wait.

The day dragged by slowly. Finally, it was night time. Alexa helped Mommy put Ally to bed. Then, she followed Mommy and Daddy into their bedroom and sat down on the bed. Daddy turned on the TV. It was one of those boring mystery shows that Alexa hated but Mommy and Daddy liked. When was the party? Where were the guests? Where was the food? Where was the fun?' They must be waiting for the guests to come' thought Alexa.  She waited and waited, but no guests came and there wasn't any food or fun. Alexa almost fell asleep, but she didn't. "Mommy," she said finally forcing her eyes to say open. "When is the party?"

"When is what party?" asked her mother.

"The after my bedtime party." replied Alexa.

Mommy smiled. "Oh, Alexa," she said. "Is that why you wanted to stay up because you thought we have parties when you to go to bed?"

Alexa nodded. "I always hear voices, and it sounds like fun."

"That is the TV." replied Mommy pointing to it. Alexa had to admit it was pretty loud and now the mystery show was over and some comedy was on. There was a lot of laughter coming from the screen. It did sound like a party.  Alexa sighed with disappointment.

Mommy kissed her on the forehead. "My sweet silly girl." she said. "By the time Dad has worked all day, and I have taken care of you and your sister and the house, and we have eaten dinner and given you and Ally baths and put you to bed, we are too tired to have a party. We usually just relax and watch TV."

Alexa frowned and got up off of Mommy and Daddy's bed and headed for the door.

"Where are you going?" asked Mommy.

"Back to my room."

"Why? Isn't this what you wanted? Aren't you having fun staying up after bedtime?"

"No! I'm not having fun. You and Daddy are boring. I'm going back to my room. " Mommy and Daddy laughed as Alexa hurried back to her own room. She never wanted to stay up after bedtime again at least not in Mommy and Daddy's room.