Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bethany and the Big Girl Bed

Bethany Price was 3 years old, and she was getting too big for her crib. Mommy and Daddy surprised her with a big bed. "Bethany," they said to her cheerfully. "This is your new bed."

Bethany looked at the new bed. It had flowered sheets and a big purple blanket. Bethany loved flowers and she loved purple, but she didn't love the big girl bed. She stared at it angrily for a few minutes wondering what had happened to her old bed. Then, she looked back at her Mommy and Daddy and shook her head. "No." she said "NOT MY BED!" She looked all over for her crib but Daddy had  already taken it down. She pointed to the space where the crib belonged and started to cry.

"Don't you like your new bed?" asked Mommy.

Bethany didn't answer. She pointed to the big bed and said "Not my bed!" and continued to cry.

"You are big girl now, Bethany, and you are so lucky." said Daddy.

"Yes." agreed Mommy. "You are lucky to have such a nice new big girl bed to sleep in".

Bethany shook her head no and pointed to the new bed. "NOT MY BED!" she repeated.She began crying again. She cried and carried on so much that finally Daddy had to put the crib back together.

Bethany instantly relaxed once the crib was assembled again in her room. "My bed." she said happily pointing to it.  She even went over and hugged it.

For  a week, Mommy and Daddy tried to transition her to the new bed. The put her to bed at night in the big girl bed. After Mommy and Daddy left, Bethany would get the step stool from the bathroom, Every morning, when Mommy and Daddy woke up, she would be back in the crib.

Finally,  Daddy brought Bethany home a new Dora doll. Dora was Bethany's favorite show.

"Dora!" exclaimed Bethany excitedly grabbing for the doll.

"Dora wants to sleep with you." said Daddy.

"Would you like to sleep with Dora?" asked Mommy.

Bethany's head bobbed up and down happily. "I sleep with Dora." she said.

"Dora is a big girl. " explained Daddy.

"So if you want to sleep with Dora you have to sleep in a big girl bed." added Mommy.

Bethany nodded. She hugged the Dora doll to her. That night for the first time, she went right to bed in her new bed without a fuss.

The next morning, when Mommy and Daddy woke up, Bethany was still in the bed, but Dora was in the crib. Mommy and Daddy were surprised. "Why is Dora in the crib?" they asked.

"Dora's a baby. Bethany's a big girl." replied Bethany proudly.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Curious Calla

Calla Worthington was a very curious girl. She wanted to know everything about everything. Sometimes she asked questions. However, when she felt she needed to she took matters into her own hands. That was what got her into trouble.

Mommy woke up one morning bright and early or so she thought  it was bright and early. She walked into Calla's room to wake her up. Calla, however, had already been up for hours. She sat on her bed on top of her flowered  comforter completely surrounded by the white fluffy stuffing from her formerly stuffed and now stuff less animals. "Calla!" exclaimed Mommy surveying the mess.

"Hi, Mommy." said Calla bright and cheerfully. "I wanted to see what was inside my animals and if it was all the same."

Mommy just shook her head. She and Calla set about cleaning up the mess and  then went down for breakfast. "Calla, " said Mommy. "You go in the other room and watch TV while I make breakfast." Calla nodded and trotted into the den to watch TV. "And don't take the insides out of anything!" her mother called after her.

It was quiet for a few minutes except for the sounds of the morning cartoons coming from the TV. Mommy sighed in relief and started to make breakfast. Suddenly, a loud crash came from the direction of the den. Mommy quickly moved the eggs to an unlit burner on the stove so they wouldn't get overdone and hurried to see what happened. "Calla, are you alright?" she asked worriedly.

Calla sat in the middle of the room surrounded by books. "I'm fine, Mommy." she replied. "I just wanted to see how many books it would take to reach the ceiling."

Mommy frowned. "I'm glad your okay, but please put the books away now and come have breakfast."

By the time, Calla finished it was time to eat so for the moment she couldn't get into any more trouble.

After breakfast, Mommy thought it would be best if Calla went outside for a while. "Why don't you go play in the backyard?" she suggested.

"Okay." agreed Calla. She stepped out the backdoor into the fenced in yard.

"And don't take the insides ouf anything or stack anything up!" Mommy called after her.

It was peaceful for a while. Mommy decided to start a stew for dinner. She looked everywhere for her favorite big pot, but she couldn't find it. Finally, she opened the backdoor and called out to Calla. "Have you seen my big pot?" she asked.

Calla said nothing but stared at the ground. Mommy came outside and went over to Calla. She looked down and saw her big pot entirely filled with dirt. "Calla!" she angrily.

"I'm sorry Mommy, but I wanted to see how much dirt would fill it."

Mommy shook her head in disappointment in Calla. "I know you are curious about things, but you musn't touch things that don't belong to you."

"Okay, Mommy." said Calla genuinely sorry. She didn't mean to cause so much trouble but she just needed to know things.

Mommy brought Calla into the house and cleaned her up. By then, it was lunch time. She brought Calla into the den and sat her on the couch and gave her some picture books. "Sit here for while and look at these while I make lunch. Don't take the insides out of anything. Don't stack anything. Don't fill anything. In fact, don't get off the couch."

"Okay, Mommy." agreed Calla.

Mommy went in the other room and started to make lunch when she heard Calla frantically calling her.

"Mommy, mommy!" called Calla sounding as if she were going to burst into tears at any minute.

Mommy ran into the other room as quickly as she could. "What is it baby?" she asked worriedly.

"Mommy!" cried Calla. "There is a button up my nose."

Mommy was afraid to ask but she did anyway. "Calla, how did a button get up your nose?"

"I took it off my shirt, and I put it there because I wanted to see what would happen, but now I can't get it out." admitted Calla in a panic.

This time, Mommy was too worried to think about being angry. "Don't worry , baby." she said. "We'll take care of that." She hurried Calla into the car and took her to the emergency room where they carefully removed the button.  As they were leaving, the nurse tried to hand the button back to Mommy, but Mommy shook her head no. She never wanted to see that button again.

In the car on the way home, Calla asked, "Do you hate me, mommy?"

"Good heavens! No! Of course, I don't hate you. What would make your think that?" asked Mommy.

"I'm a  lot of trouble." replied Calla.

"Well, yes." admitted Mommy. "Sometimes, you are but that doesn't mean I don't love you. I know you are curious about things, but you have to learn to ask before you do things."

"Okay, Mommy." Calla agreed happily in relief that after all the trouble she caused her Mommy still loved her. And after that sometimes, she did ask before she did things, but not always.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Maisy and Daddy and the Big Mess

It was  a rainy day and Maisy Delano was bored. She was tired of playing alone. She went looking for something to do and found Daddy sitting on the big brown couch watching car shows. "Daddy, play with me." she begged.

"Not now, sweetie." said Daddy never taking his eyes off of the TV.

"Daddy, play with me!" said Maisy a little bit louder this time.

However, this time Daddy was so busy watching TV that he didn't even say anything.

Clearly being bossy wasn't going to work. She was going to have to try something different. She climbed up on his lap, tilted her head on his shoulder, looked up at him with her big brown eyes and said sweetly. "Please daddy."

Daddy melted. "Okay." he said. "Maybe for a little while just until Mommy gets back from the store."

He followed Maisy up to her room. Maisy took out her Candyland game. "Let's play Daddy." she said. They played 2 games of Candy Land in a row. Maisy won both.

In the middle of the third game. Masy got tired of the game. She left the board and all the pieces on her floor and went to her closet "Let's color," she said starting to take out her coloring books and crayons.

"Shouldn't we put away the Candy Land game away first?" suggested Daddy.

Maisy shook her head. "Color." she said handing Daddy a green crayon and pointing to a page in her coloring book. Daddy colored. Maisy colored too.

After about ten minutes, Maisy was bored again. "What should we do now?" she asked.

"Why don't we clean up the crayons and coloring books and the Candyland game." suggested Daddy.

"No that's boring." said Maisy. "Let's play Teddy Bear tea party." She got about ten stuffed animals out of  her closet and gave half to Daddy. They set all the animals up at her little table and set out toy dishes to serve them on.

By the time they finished setting up, Maisy was bored of that too.  "Let's read books." she decided. She started to pull a stack of books off  of her red wooden book shelves.

"Here is something to do." suggested Daddy. "Let's clean up the Teddy bears, and the dishes, and the coloring book, and the crayons and the game. That will be really fun."

Maisy looked at him as if he had suddenly grown two heads. "Daddy, " she said finally, "that wouldn't be fun at all.  She proceeded to take books off her bookshelf . After she had pulled about ten books off of the shelf. She sat down on Daddy's lap and put the pile on the floor next to them. "Read!" she commanded.

After Daddy had read about half the books, they heard the noise of Mommy's car pulling up in the driveway. The front door opened. Then, they heard Mommy's footsteps on the stairs. Mommy popped her head in Maisy's room looking for them. "Oh my!" she exclaimed when she saw the toys and the books and coloring books and crayons and the game scattered all around Maisy's room.

Maisy frowned and pointed her finger accusingly at Daddy. "Daddy made a  mess in my room!" she said.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Zani Wants to Go to the Zoo

Zani Walters loved animals. She loved animals of every kind. More than anything she wanted to go to the zoo. She begged and begged but somehow Mommy and Daddy never found time to take her to the zoo.

One morning, Zani sat at the breakfast table. One minute, she was sitting there quietly eating her pancakes. The next minute, she started roaring like a lion.

"Zani!" exclaimed her mother. "Why on earth are you making that racket? What's gotten into you?"

"I'm a lion." explained Zani. "If I can't see a lion, I have to be a lion."

"Well, please don't be one at the kitchen table." replied Mommy.

After breakfast, Zani went into the living room. Instead of turning on the TV or playing with one of her toys, she started jumping around the room and making monkey noises.

"Zani!" said Mommy poking her head into the room.

"I'm a monkey, mommy." Zani told her as she continued jumping around.

"Why are you a a monkey?"

"Because if I can't see a monkey. I have to be a monkey."

"Well, please don't be a monkey in the living room." said Mommy.

Zani gave her a mother an unhappy look and went up to her room. For about a 1/2 hour it was quiet and then, there was a loud crash. Mommy rushed  up the stairs and hurried into Zani's room. "Are you okay?" she asked worriedly. Zani nodded. She was sitting on her bed, and she did look perfectly fine.

Just then, Mommy saw the big blue ceramic pieces of  broken lamp on the floor. She frowned at Zani. "How did that happen?" she asked.

"I broke it with my elephant trunk."

"So now you're an elephant?"

Zani nodded. "If I can't see an elephant I have to be an elephant."

"Well, please try to be more careful with your trunk." said Mommy.

At lunch, Zani repeated everything Mommy said.

"What can of sandwich would you like?" asked Mommy.

"What kind of sandwich would you like?" repeated Zani.

"Zani!"" said Mommy.

"Zani!" repeated Zani.

"Stop it now, Zani." said Mommy in her angry voice.

Zani knew better than to keep repeating things. "But mommy."  she replied. "I'm a parrot. If ..."

"Yes, I know." cut in Mommy before Zani could finish."If you can't see a parrot you have to be a parrot."

Zani nodded.

At dinner time, before Zani could become another animal, Mommy had surprise for her. "Tomorrow, Daddy and I are going to take you to the zoo." she promised. 

"Oh Mommy!" cried Zani excitedly. "How did you ever know that is where I most wanted to go?".

"A little bird told me" replied Mommy "and an elephant and a monkey and a lion."