Saturday, October 20, 2012

Amy Knows All

Amy O'Brien was five years old, and she knew everything. At least she thought she did. Whenever anybody asked a question Amy had the answer even if it was the wrong answer. "Why does it rain?" asked her little sister Alecia.

"Because people in heaven are crying." replied Amy.

"Why is Mickey Mouse's dog named Pluto? asked her best friend, Cara when they were sitting on the couch one day watching The Mickey Mouse Club together.

"Because he's from another planet." replied Amy.

Sometimes, Amy had the answers even if people didn't even ask the questions. "Baby horses are called horsies." she explained to her little sister at the zoo one day.

"George Washington was the first president of America and Abraham Lincoln was the second." she told her friend Cara.

Before anybody could ever open their mouth and say anything, Amy always had the answer. "Amy," suggested her mother, "Maybe, other people know things too."

Amy would smile and say. "Sure they do, but not as much as me."

"Amy," said her father. "Did you ever think that maybe there are some subjects that other people know more about than you?"

Amy shook her head no. Really, the thought had never crossed her mind.

One day, Amy's mother told her that the show School House Rock was going to be performed. Amy really wanted to go see it. Her mother had given her a School House Rock DVD, and she really loved watching it. "Can we go see it, mommy?" she asked eagerly. Mommy nodded. Amy jumped up and down excitedly.

Soon the day of the play arrived. Mommy and Amy got in the car. Alecia was staying with Daddy. She was not a big girl like Amy.

After a few minutes, Amy looked out the window and frowned. "Mommy, you're going the wrong way." she said worriedly.

"No, I'm not, sweetie." her mother gently assured her.

That did not make Amy feel one bit better. "Of course, you're going the wrong way, Mommy." Amy insisted. "The school is the other way."

Mommy tried to explain to Amy that the show was not at the school, it was at the community theater. Amy didn't want to hear it. "It's at the school, Mommy. It's School House Rock. It isn't commununity theater rock."

When Amy's mother tried to explain it to her again, Amy begin to cry. "Please Mommy. Please turn the car around." She kept crying and carrying on until her mother couldn't stand it any more, and she turned the car around.

Amy wiped her eyes. "Thank you, Mommy. Thank you." she said gratefully. She leaned forward eagerly in her seat. She couldn't wait to see the show.

The school parking lot was empty. Amy couldn't understand why. Mommy was going to drive right by the school, but Amy insisted they stop and look around. They went around the whole school twice, but there was nobody there.

"I don't understand it." said Amy disappointedly.

"I've been trying to explain to you, " said her mother. "The show is at the community theater. Just because it's called School House Rock doesn't mean it's going on at the school."

"Oh." said Amy quietly. "I guess I don't know everything after all."

Mommy smiled and kissed her. "I guess you don't." she agreed. "But, don't worry. Nobody knows everything." she added.

"Yes." agreed Amy, "but I know most things."

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