Friday, January 30, 2015

The Princess Who Wanted A Frog

Once there was beautiful princess. She had kissed a frog that became a Prince. Now, she lived in a great big castle. Her husband was a rich and handsome prince. So of course, she lived happily ever after, didn't she? Well, not exactly.

Living with the Prince was not easy. He was a spoiled Prince. He was used to having other people do things for him. "I'm hungry." he would say.

"If you're hungry why don't you get yourself something to eat." suggested the Princess.

However, the Prince wouldn't do that, he sent people to get it for him.

He was a lazy prince. "Let's go out and see our subjects." said the Princess.

"Let the people come to us instead."  said the Prince.

The Prince was boring. He never wanted to do anything. He just wanted to sit on his throne and watch TV.

The Princess was so tired of living with the Prince. She was better of with the frog. She missed the frog. She wanted the frog back. She went in search of someone who could help her.  Anyone she saw that she thought could help her she stopped and asked "Can you help me turn my Prince into a frog?"

She met a Wizard. The Wizard said "Sure I can turn a frog into a Prince."

"No! No!" exclaimed the Princess. "I have a Prince I want a frog."

"That's not how it works!" cried the Wizard. "That's not how any of this works." He went off mumbling to himself.

"I didn't mean to upset him." said the Princess.

Next, she found a Magician. "Can you turn my Prince into a frog?" she asked hopefully.

"No." replied the Magician, "but I can pull a rabbit out of a hat."

The Princess sighed unhappily and continued her journey. She had never realized it was going to be so hard to turn a Prince into a frog. She thought that was the easy part. She thought turning a frog into a Prince was the hard part. After all, after you kiss a few frogs and they don't turn into Princes who wants to keep it up. Well, if they knew what they were in for, they would never start kissing frogs in the first place. They would just let things be.

The Princess walked and walked for miles and miles. She couldn't find anybody who could help her. Her body was sore and her feet were aching. Princesses are not used to walking that much and their shoes are not made for it.

Finally, she sat down on a log to rest a little bit before heading home. She figured she was going to be stuck with the Prince. She supposed there could be worse things. She could have been turned into a frog herself. Just because she wanted the Prince turned back into a frog did not mean that she wanted to be one herself.

Suddenly a voice startled the Princess. "Who goes there?" it asked loudly.

"I am the Princess." replied the Princess. She looked around to see where the voice was coming from.  She could just make out a shadowy figure in the distance.

"What are you doing on my land?" said the voice. As the figure came closer, the Princess could see that it was an ugly old witch. The Witch had a pointy nose and crooked teeth.

The Princess was happy to see the Witch. She was sure the Witch could help her. "Hello."  she greeted the Witch warmly.

The Witch was used to people being afraid of her. She did not understand why the Princess was not. The Witch gave the Princess her best evil smile.

The Princess ignored it. She said "I need your help."

The Witch was stunned. She took a step back. "Witches don't help Princesses." she croaked in her best evil voice.

The Princess ignored that too. She just went on talking. "I need you to turn my Prince into a frog."

"I don't turn frogs into Princes." stated the Witch. "Wait a minute!" she cried after realizing what the Princess had said. "Did you say you want to turn the Prince into a frog?"

The Princess nodded her head in agreement.

"Sure, I can do that!" exclaimed the Witch. That would not be against her Witches code because that sounded evil. The Witch mixed the Princess a potion. It looked scary and green and it was full of all kinds of weird stuff. "Just put it in his dinner, and he won't see it or taste it." she promised.

The Princess went home and made dinner. "Come my darling. I've made your dinner." she called sweetly to the Prince.

"I thought we'd go out to dinner." replied the Prince.

"Seriously," exclaimed the Princess. "Now, you want to go out?"

"Not really." said the Prince changing his mind. The Princess laid his dinner  out in front of him. "Aren't you eating too, my sweet?" he asked.

The Princess shook her head. "I had a big lunch." she explained although she really hadn't had any lunch she'd been to excited to eat.

The Prince shrugged and took a mouthful of food. "This taste's funny." he complained.

"But the Wi..." the Princess started to say but she caught herself just before she mentioned the Witch. Instead she said, "Your just not used to it, dear, because you've never had it before."

The Prince nodded thoughtfully thinking that made perfect sense. He continued to eat. Just as he finished eating, there was a big puff of green smoke and he disappeared. In his place, appeared a little green frog.

"Yes!" cried the Princess happily.  She was so happy that she picked up the little frog and kissed it. There was another puff of smoke but this time it was purple smoke. The frog disappeared and the Prince reappeared. Of course, he was much to big to fit in the Princess' hand so he fell on the floor.

The Prince was not sure what had happened or why he was suddenly on the floor.  "I had the strangest daydream." he said.

The Princess put her head in her hands and sighed.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Alysha's Obssesion

 Today's post is not only for my daughter but by my daughter

Alysha Hamilton was obssesed with Air Bud and Buddy movies.  She thought that all there was to life was watching them. All she ever wanted to do was watch them. She had seen every one over 100 times.  When her Mom and Dad were watching on the TV, she would watch on her portable DVD player. She even named her dog, Rosebud after the dog in the Buddy movies except she never paid attention to her real dog because she was too busy watching the movies.

"Honey, lunch time!" called Mommy one afternoon.

"Hold on, Mommy!" Alysha called back. "I am almost done watching Super Buddies."

When Alysha finally came down, Mommy was mad. "Alysha, you should have come when I called you." she declared angrily. "Now, your lunch is cold!"

"But I was finishing my movie." protested Alysha.

"I don't get how you can watch the same movies over and over again when they are so many good movies out there." wondered Mommy.

"But they're the best movies ever!" insisted Alysha.

Mommy decided to try to get Alysha to see that there were other things in life. While, Alysha was sleeping that night, she hid the movies.

The next day, Alysha woke up and decided she wanted to watch one of the Buddy movies. She went to her closet where she kept them. She couldn't find them. She looked all around and still couldn't find them. She checked all over the rest of the house even places she knew they would never be like the refrigerator and freezer.

"MOMMY! MOMMY" she screamed.

Mommy came running. She was worried that Alysha was hurt. "Are you okay? What happened?" asked  Mommy worriedly.

"Someone stole my movies!" explained Alysha.

"Are you sure you didn't misplace them?" Mommy asked.

"I'm sure." replied Alysha. "I looked everywhere."

"I'm sure they'll turn up." answered Mommy. "In the meanttime, maybe you can do something else."

Alysha did not know what else to do. She was so used to spending time watching her movies. For a while, she lay on her bed being bored.

Then, Rosebud barked and climbed onto Alysha's lap. Alysha wasn't sure what to do. She wasn't use to interacting with her real dog. She was usually too busy watching dogs on the TV screen. Rosebud started licking Alysha's face. Alysha pet her. For the first time, Alysha started to really bond with Rosebud.

Alysha got up. She thought Rosebud would leave, but Rosebud started following her around. "Mommy," she said happily running into Mommy's room with Rosebud not far behind her.

"Yes, sweetie?" asked Mommy. "I was just about to make dinner."

"Can I help?" asked Alysha.

"Sure." answered Mommy. "but first can you feed Rosebud?"

"Sure." replied Alysha.

After feeding, Rosebud, Alysha helped Mommy make cheesedogs, potatos, and mixed vegetables for dinner. It was delicious. Even Rosebud who was eating the scraps off the floor thought so.

After dinner, Mommy, Daddy, and Alysha played a game of Trivial Pursuit. Rosebud kept trying to eat the pieces. Alysha kept taking them away from her because she didn't want her dog to choke.

After that, she felt like she had bonded more with her parents more than ever before. "That was fun." she said happily. "Can we do it again tomorrow?"

"Well, maybe not tomorrow, but one day soon." promised Mommy.

"Okay."  replied Alysha.

Soon after that, it was time for Alysha to get ready for bed. She got ready quickly and got into bed.

Later that night, when Alysha was fast asleep, Mommy came in and put the DVDs on her desk.

The next morning when Alysha woke up. She ran into her Mom and Dad's room excitedly yelling."Look what I found! Look what I found!" waving the DVDs around.

"Oh good for you said ." Mommy pretending not to know anything about it. "Are you going to watch one now?"

"No." replied Alysha. "Maybe, later. I am going to play with Rosebud now."

Mommy was really proud of Alysha. She had finally learned there was more to life than the Air Bud and Buddy movies.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Wolfie and Little Red

Renata Hood wished that people would actually call her by her name. She loved the name Renata. She liked the way the sound of it just rolled off her tongue. The only problem was nobody ever called her by her name. The only thing people ever called her was Little Red. They called her that because of the flaming red hair  that she had inherited from her mother. Only her mother was lucky enough not to get stuck with the nickname Big Red or anything like that. They just called her Red. "Why do I have to be Little Red?" insisted Renata. "I'm getting too old for that."

Mom smiled at Renata and  answered. "You know why, sugar. They were already calling me Red  when you were born so they called you Little Red."

"Well, why can't they call you Big Red and me just Red." protested Renata.

Mom laughed and pointed to herself. "Now, do I look like a Big Red."

Renata looked at her tiny barely 5 foot tall mother. She had to admit that her mother was right. It would just be crazy to call her Big anything.  Renata sighed. Well, if her mother didn't care if people called her mother Red that was fine, but Renata just wished people would stop calling her Little Red.

"Listen, sugar." said Renata's mother. "I need you to take a basket of food I made over to Grandma's house. She's not feeling well." Grandma lived down the block and around the corner.

Renata nodded.  She took the basket and got ready to go. Just before she went out the door, Mom called her."Wait a minute!" Mom stopped her. "It's cold out there, put on a sweater."

Renata went to the closet and took out her favorite comfy warm brown sweater and started to put it on.

"Why don't you put on that cute little red hooded sweater that Grandma knitted you?" suggested Mom.

Renata made a face of utter disgust. She hated that sweater. Grandma had  been knitting sweaters for her like that since she was born.  No matter how many times Renata told her that red heads didn't really look good in red, Grandma continued to make her red sweaters. Every time, Renata grew out of one she made her another. "Do I have to, Mom?" she asked hoping that for once the answer would actually be no.

"Oh sugar," Mom replied sweetly. "You look so cute in that red hooded sweater, and Grandma is always so happy to see you in something she made for you."

Renata frowned deeply and took off the brown sweater and put on the red hooded one. She hoped she didn't see anyone she knew on the way.

"Now, you be careful." insisted Mom. "Just go to Grandma's and come right back. Don't waste time and don't talk to anybody along the way."

Renata sighed again. The last thing she wanted to do was stop and talk to anybody. All she wanted to do was go and come back before anyone saw her in that stupid red hooded sweater.

Renata took the basket,  left the house, and started on her way. She had only gone a few steps when she heard footsteps behind her.

"Hi, Little Red" called a slightly familiar voice.,

Renata was pretty sure she knew who it was, but she didn't turn around. She just started walking faster

"What's in the basket, Little Red?" asked the voice.

Now, Renata was sure she knew that voice. "Go away Wolfie!" she called out behind her. Wolfie Black was a boy in her neighborhood, and he was also in her class.  She just couldn't seem to get away from him.

Wolfie's real name was Walter but nobody ever called him that. They just called him Wolfie. Allegedly, they called him that because he had big ears and a big nose and little eyes like a wolf. Renata wasn't sure though. All she knew was that, he was really annoying, and she despised him. He liked her though, and he was always trying to talk to her. Renata started running.

Wolfie ran after her. He had much longer legs than Renata and quickly caught up to her.  He put his hand on her shoulder, and she turned around and sighed. "You've got really long legs, Wolfie." she noted unhappy that he was able to reach her so quickly.

"The better to catch you with you my dear." replied Wolfie as he stepped right in her way and stopped. walking.

Renata gave him an angry stare. "You really do have big ears." she observed.

"The better to hear your lovely voice with my dear." replied Wolfie.

Renata glared at him even more. "And you have a big nose too." she added.

"The better to smell your lovely scent with." replied Wolfie.

"Okay!" exclaimed Renata. "Now, you're just being weird. Can you please stop following me?"

"I can't let you walk by yourself." declared Wolfie. "What kind of gentlemen would I be if I did that?"

Renata shook her head. Things could not possibly get worse. First, she was forced to wear the stupid red sweater and now this. She walked around Wolfie and continued on her way to Grandma's hoping that he didn't really intend to walk her all the way there. Apparently, he did, however, because he kept following her.

Finally. they arrived at Grandma's house. With Wolfie following her, the walk had seemed much longer than it usually did.

At Grandma's door, Renata turned to Wolfie, and she was about to tell him that he could go now. However, the door suddenly swung open. "Why my sweet Little Red!" exclaimed Grandma excitedly upon seeing her granddaughter.

"Grandma, I thought you were sick." replied Renata surprised to see her Grandmother up and about.

"I'm feeling a lot better now, dear." replied Grandma. She took the basket from Renata and peeked in. "Did your mother send all of this?" Grandma asked Renata. "How nice of her." she added gratefully when Renata nodded yes. "I couldn't possible eat all this though. Why don't you stay and eat with me and you're friend is welcome to stay too."

Renata turned and frowned to see that Wolfie was still there. She tried to give him a look that said tell her that you don't really want to stay. Wolfie did no such thing. Instead, he put out his hand and said. "Hello. My name is Walter Black, ma'm. I would love to stay. Thanks for inviting me."

Renata  frowned even deeper. It was bad enough when Wolfie followed her all the way to Grandma's. Now, she had to sit down and eat with him. It was going to be a long afternoon.

It turned out that Renata was wrong.  When she actually sat down and talked to Wolfie, he wasn't really that bad at all. He was still a little weird, but he was nice.

"So we're friends now, Renata?" asked Wolfie on the walk home.

"I guess we are, Walter." she replied. After all, how could she not be friends with the only person she knew who had agreed to called her Renata instead of Little Red like she was always begging people to do. In exchange, she agreed to call him Walter instead of Wolfie.

"I'm glad we're friends now." stated Walter happily.

"I'm glad too." replied Renata surprised to find out how much she really meant it.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Barbie and the Big Box

Barbie Kenyon stood on her tiptoes staring up into the top of her Mom's closet.

"What are you doing?" inquired her big sister, Liz.

"Look!" said Barbie pointing up in the closet.

Liz looked up where Barbie was pointing. She didn't see anything. She looked all around the closet. She still didn't see anything. "What am I looking at?" she asked finally.

"Don't you see the big box?" exclaimed Barbie excitedly pointing to it again.

Liz shrugged.  Of course, she had seen the big white box. It was too big to miss. It didn't seem like anything important though. She didn't see what could make it so fascinating to Barbie. "It's just a box." stated Liz matter-of-factly. "So what?"

"It' s not just a box. I think it's my birthday present." Barbie confided in a loud whisper.

Liz stared at her little sister as if she'd suddenly starting speaking a foreign language. "Are you crazy?" she asked finally. "Your birthday isn't for six months."

Barbie nodded. "Uh huh." she agreed. "That's what makes it such a good surprise."

Liz left the room shaking her head.

Barbie remained staring at the closet trying to think of way to reach the big white box and see what was in it.  She tried jumping up, but she didn't jump high enough. She tried jumping up again, but she still couldn't jump high enough She tried jumping off the bed, but she didn't get anywhere near the closet. She just landed with a splat on the floor.

The loud noise Barbie made when she landed on the floor brought Mommy running up the stairs. "What are you doing in my room?" she asked Barbie accusingly.

"Nothing, mommy." replied Barbie quickly.

"Then what was that noise?"

"I fell off the bed." Barbie admitted.

"Are you okay?" asked Mommy suddenly full of concern. She hurried over and started checking Barbie for signs of broken bones.

Barbie made an annoyed face and backed away. "I'm fine." she assured her mother.

"Then, just please be more careful." insisted Mommy.

"I will." promised Barbie.

Mommy turned to leave the room. "Mommy?" called Barbie just as her mother reached the door.

Mommy turned back and looked at Barbie.  "Yes, my sweet?" she asked.

"What's in the big box in your closet?"

Mommy looked confused or was it just that she was trying to act like she was confused. Barbie was sure Mommy was just trying to put on an act. Of course, she knew what box Barbie was talking about. "The big white box in the closet." declared Barbie as a great big smile spread across her face.

"Oh that box." replied Mommy as she realized what box Barbie was talking about. "Oh that's not for you. Don't worry about it" She quickly left the room to finish what she had been in the middle of when Barbie's loud crash interrupted her.

Barbie's smile got even bigger as Mommy left the room. Now she was certain that whatever was in the big box was her birthday present. She tried to imagine what it could be. Maybe, it was a dollhouse. She had been wanting one of those for a while. Maybe, it was a baby doll or two. Barbie just loved baby dolls, and in her opinion you could never have too many. Maybe, it was an art kit. Barbie loved to draw and paint.

Barbie sat down on the bed disappointedly for a while. Then, she got an idea. She hurried out of the room and went to her bedroom and got her desk chair. She dragged it over to the closet, stood on it, and reached up. She still  couldn't reach the top of the closet. She frowned and thought some more.

Then, she got an idea. She went into the bathroom and got the step stool and put it on top of the chair. She reached up into the top of the closet again. This time her fingers just barely touched the box. She carefully reached as far as she could and pulled the box closer to her.As she tried to pull it even closer, her fingers slipped and the box clattered to the floor with a crash. The contents which consisted of a bunch of papers scattered all over the floor. Barbie was filled with disappointment. She got down and sat on the floor with her face in her hands frowning.

This time the crash brought both Mommy and Liz running. Liz's eyes opened wide in surprise. "What happened?" she asked.

Mommy's face was more angry then curious. "What is going on?" she demanded. She frowned and gave Barbie a hard stare with one hand on her chin as she shooed Liz out of the room with the other.

"I wanted to see what you got me for my birthday." admitted Barbie.

"Your birthday?" Mommy said with surprise. "Your birthday is not for six months."

"I know but I thought maybe you were going to surprise me."

"First of all, if I tell you that something is not for you, you need to leave it alone. Second of all, I would not hide your birthday present in my closet. Third of all, your birthday is not for six months. I haven't even started to think about it yet."

"Okay, Mommy. I'm sorry."

"I appreciate that." said Mommy sternly. "but you went in my closet without permission and you made a big mess. There is going to have be some consequence.  You go in your room and we'll talk about it when I finish cleaning up this mess."

"I'll help, Mommy." Barbie offered.

Mommy shook her head. "No, you've done quite enough." she declared. "Go to your room." 

A few minutes later, Liz found Barbie in the hall closet. "What are you doing?" she asked her little sister. "Your going to get in trouble. Aren't you supposed to be in your room?"

"Look!" said Barbie excitedly pointing to the back of the closet. "Do you see it?"

Liz looked but she didn't see anything important. "No." she replied.

"The big bag!" explained Barbie pointing to a big blue bag all the way in the back of the closet. "I think it's my birthday present."

"Didn't Mommy tell you she didn't even start thinking about your birthday yet? " pointed out Liz.

"That's what she said but I think she just said that to fool me." replied Barbie.

Liz put her head in her hands and sighed hopelessly.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Give Me Your Voice

Aria Mermel was not happy. She was not happy to have moved to a a new town. She was not happy to be going to a whole new school. She was especially not happy to be having to make all new friends. "Just make yourself a part of their world." suggested  her mother, but that was a lot easier said than done.

The only thing that made, Aria feel better was singing. She sat in her room for hours and listened to music and sang along. Finally, her mother made her go outside and get some fresh air. Aria took her iPod and sat on the swing in her yard swinging and singing.

Suddenly, she heard someone yell "Hey!"

Aria was startled. She looked up and saw a girl standing in front of her. It was Ursi Wyche. Ursi lived next door, and she was one of the most popular girls at school. "Oh, I'm sorry." apologized Aria. "Was I singing out loud?"

"Yes, you were." replied Ursi. "Your voice is beautiful."

"Thanks." said Aria blushing.

"Say you just moved here, didn't you, Ariel?"

"Yes, but it's Aria."

"Well I'm going to do something for you Aria." declared Ursi. "I'm going to take you under my wing and help you meet people and make friends."

Aria's smile lit up her whole face. "You would do that for me? " she asked.

"Sure." replied Ursi, "but if I do that for you,  you are going to have to do something for me."

"Okay." replied Aria a little warily. She couldn't imagine what Ursi could want her to do. Ursi didn't even know her that well.

"I want you to give me your voice." declared Ursi.

What?!" exclaimed Aria jumping back in horror.

Ursi laughed. "Oh don't worry." she said. "I don't intend to hurt you. I know this is real life. We can't really trade voices or anything like that but I want to be in the school musical. You can help me with that."

"Okay agreed." Aria although she still wasn't sure if it was a good idea.

Ursi's plan was to record Aria's voice. Then, she'd play it at the audition and lip sync to it. "Tomorrow, I'll introduce you too everyone." Ursi promised on her way out of Aria's house. "Just remember though if you tell anyone about our deal, I'll make them all hate you."

"I won't tell." Aria promised. She could hardly wait for the next day. She really wanted to be a part of the popular world like Ursi and not just an unnoticeable new girl any more.

The next day, Aria stayed after school for the musical auditions. "Are you trying out?" asked the drama teacher, Mrs. Sebastian.

"Oh no." replied Aria shaking her head. "I'm just waiting for Ursi."  Ursi had promised to introduce Aria to her friends after the auditions.

Aria worked on her homework while she listened to the other kids auditioning for the musical.

"Hey!" shouted a familiar voice right in Aria's face.

Aria looked up. "Oh hi, Ursi." she greeted Ursi cheerfully. "Did you audition already?" Aria didn't remember seeing Ursi audition or hearing her own voice, but maybe she had missed it when she was busy with her homework.

"No." said Ursi unhappily. "Your voice accidentally got recorded over. Now, we have a new plan." She dragged Aria out of the auditorium and around backstage with her.  "You stay here and sing." she demanded in a whisper. "My turn is next."

"Okay." agreed Aria. She wasn't happy about it though. She didn't see how this was going to work.

Mrs. Sebastian called Ursi's name. Ursi went on stage and opened her mouth. Aria couldn't see her so she didn't start singing.  After a few minutes, Mrs. Sebastian asked "When are you going to start singing, Miss Wyche?"

Ursi turned around and gave a quick angry peak behind the curtain. Then, she turned back to face front and smiled. "I'm ready now." she declared.

Behind the curtain, Aria began to sing. Her voice was beautiful. It was so beautiful that everyone stopped what they were doing to listen to it.

Mrs. Sebastian actually had tears in her eyes. Never in all her years of teaching had she heard such a beautiful voice. She was about to ask Ursi where she had been hiding that beautiful voice all this time when she realized that the mouth and the sound coming out of it were not exactly matching up. She signaled for one of the other kids to open the stage curtains.

Ursi stopped singing the minute the curtains starting opening. Aria, however, was so wrapped up in her song that she didn't even notice the curtains were opening. She kept right on singing.

Suddenly, there was dead silence in the auditorium. Aria noticed the unusual quiet. She finally stopped singing.

"Why, Aria Mermel!" exclaimed Mrs. Sebastian. "You really must try-out for the school musical."

"But I ..." protested Aria. She looked over at Ursi who was glaring at her. Then, she looked out into the audience. Everyone else was smiling in an encouraging way. Maybe, she didn't need Ursi to help her make friends anyway. Maybe, she could make her own friends after all. "Okay." she declared. "I'd love to try out for the school musical."

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fur Baby

Snowy, the soft white cat, brushed against Naylei Robinson's legs. Naylei reached down and pet her.  The Robinson family had Snowy since before Naylei was born. In fact, Mommy had Snowy even before she met Daddy. "Tell me again the story of how you got Snowy." Naylei begged Mommy.  She climbed up on Mommy's lap.

Mommy smiled at Naylei. "Aren't you tired of that story? You've heard it so many times before." she replied.

"Tell me again!  Tell me again!" pleaded Naylei.

Mommy laughed. "Okay." she agreed.

When Mommy got out of college and she moved out of Grandma and Grandpa's house, she moved into an apartment. It was kind of lonely. Grandpa offered to get Mommy a kitten.

They went to the shelter. There were lots and lots of kittens. Mommy didn't know which one to choose. She walked up to the cages. Most of the kittens ignored her. A little white one came right up to the front of the cage and chewed on Mommy's finger. It didn't hurt though. "I'll take this one." she declared.

"Are you sure?" asked Grandpa.

Mommy nodded.

Somebody opened the cage and took the little kitten out and deposited it into Mommy's arms while Grandpa filled out the necessary paperwork for Mommy to adopt her. The kitten was frightened and shaking. Mommy pet her and tried to relax  her. "Don't worry little one." she whispered softly to the kitten.

"What are you going to call her?" inquired Grandpa.

Mommy carefully looked the little cat over and thought about it. "Snowy." she announced after a few minutes. "I'm going to call her Snowy."

"Hello Snowy." Grandpa said to the little white cat.

In the car, Snowy was even more frightened. As they drove along, she made sad little mewing sounds. Mommy felt so bad for her. "Don't worry little one." she promised. "It's going to be okay."

They stopped to get cat supplies. Then, they went to Mommy's apartment. Mommy took Snowy to her room and let her out of the box. Snowy started running around and around all over the place. She was so happy to be out a cage and out of a box.  Mommy and Grandpa laughed at the crazy little kitten racing all over the floor. Finally, Snowy tired herself out. She came over to Mommy and lay down in her lap and went to sleep. After that, she and Mommy were bonded. She was Mommy's fur baby for life.

Naylei smiled as Mommy finished the story. "Tell me the story about Snowy and the shower." she begged.

Mommy laughed at Naylei's excitement. "Okay." she said.

When Mommy first got Snowy, Snowy followed her everywhere. Every time, Mommy went out of the room and Snowy didn't see her, she started mewing sadly. One day, Mommy was taking a shower when she heard Snowy crying in the hall. Mommy grabbed a towel and went out into the hall. She scooped up Snowy in her arms and brought her into the bathroom. Snowy stopped crying and jumped up on the toilet lid and sat down. Mommy got back in the shower. Snowy sat peacefully for a couple of minutes. Then, she started crying again. Mommy poked her head out of the shower just to show Snowy that she was still there. Snowy excitedly came over to the edge of the tub. She leaned forward and jumped in.

When Snowy felt the water touch her fur, she jumped back in terror. She quickly skidded across the tub floor and jumped out the other side. Mommy laughed at her silly little kitten,

"Now, tell me the story about when you brought Nina home." demanded Naylei.

"Haven't you heard enough stories for today?" teased Mommy.

"No! No! Tell me more!" begged Naylei.

For the first couple of years, Mommy and Snowy lived alone, and they were very close. When Mommy sat on the couch Snowy sat behind her on the arm of the couch. When Mommy lay on the couch, Snowy lay on her stomach. When Mommy sat at the table in the kitchen and ate a meal, Snowy sat in the extra chair next to her. When Mommy slept, Snowy curled up on the extra pillow next to her. When Mommy went out and then came back, Snowy greeted her at the door, meowing so happy to see her again.

A few years later, Daddy came along. He and Snowy weren't especially close, but she didn't
mind him.   She tolerated his being there, but she certainly wasn't as close to him as she was to Mommy.

Then, Mommy became pregnant with Naylei's big sister, Nina. Snowy was okay with Mommy being pregnant. Of course, she didn't really understand it anyway. It was when Nina was actually born that was the problem.

When Mommy and Daddy brought Nina home from the hospital, Mommy held Nina in her arms wrapped in a blanket. By that time, they lived in a townhouse and Snowy was sitting on the top of the steps. She looked at Mommy and Daddy and the bundle in Mommy's arms and glared at them all. What in the world had they brought into her house? Whatever, it was she was not happy about it.

Snowy was so angry at Mommy that she barely went near her for several months. Luckily, Snowy didn't try to harm Nina though. In fact, she barely went near the baby either. She didn't mind being near Daddy though, and became close to Daddy for the first time.

Finally, after several months, Snowy decided to forgive Mommy. Things went back to the way they were before except Snowy stayed close to Daddy although not as close as she was to Mommy.

"What about when I was born?" asked Naylei.

"When you were born, Snowy didn't mind so much. She only stayed away from me for a little bit. I guess once she had gotten used to one baby, the second one was easier." explained Mommy.

Naylei smiled.  "Snowy loves me." she said happily.

"Yes. She does." agreed Mommy. "She loves all of us."

"And we love her." added Naylei.

"Yes we do." agreed Mommy.

"Because she's our fur baby." declared Naylei.

"Yes she is." agreed Mommy.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Sugar Baby

It was Sugar Baby's bath time. Of course, that wasn't really her name but everybody called her that because she was so sweet. She wasn't really a baby either. She was a toddler. She was already 4, but everyone still thought of her as a baby because she was the youngest child in the family. She had one older sister and one older brother

The only time Sugar Baby wasn't sweet was bath time. She hated taking a bath. "Come on Sugar Baby." said Mommy sweetly. "It's time for your bath." Mommy picked up Sugar Baby and got ready to undress her. Just then Sugar Baby wriggled out of her grasp and ran out the door. Mommy reached for her, but she couldn't get Sugar Baby. Sugar Baby was too fast.

Sugar Baby turned smiled and laughed and kept running right out the bathroom door.  Ha!  Ha ! Hee! Hee!  Mommy couldn't catch the Sugar Baby. Sugar quickly ran down the stairs and into the kitchen with Mommy following behind her.

Daddy was sitting at the table reading the paper. He saw Sugar Baby run past. "It must be bath time." he said with a smile. He reached out and tried to scoop her up into his arms and take her back upstairs. She slid just out of his grasp and gave him a huge smile. "Ha Ha Ha! Hee! Hee! Hee! Mommy and Daddy couldn't catch the Sugar Baby.  Mommy and Daddy both followed Sugar Baby out of the room. 

She ran into the living room where her big sister was sitting watching TV. Big sister looked up as Sugar Baby ran into the room. "Bath time, already Sugar Baby?" she asked cheerfully. She tried to reach for Sugar Baby, but Sugar Baby got down on her hands and knees and crawled away. "Ha Ha Ha Ha! Hee! Hee! Hee Hee!! Mommy, Daddy and sister couldn't catch the Sugar Baby. Mommy, Daddy and sister all followed Sugar Baby out of the room.

Sugar Baby ran  out the back door. Her older brother was in the yard throwing a baseball  into the air and catching it. He laughed as he saw his little sister come out of the house. "It's not bath time already, Sugar Baby, is it?" He tried to pick up Sugar Baby in his arms but she quickly slipped away from him. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Hee! Hee! Hee! Hee! Hee! Mommy, Daddy, sister and brother couldn't catch the Sugar Baby.  Mommy, Daddy, sister and brother all followed Sugar Baby around to the front yard.

Sugar Baby turned around and saw  Mommy and Daddy and sister and brother all chasing her. She laughed at  them all following her unable to catch her. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Hee! Hee! Hee! Hee! Hee! Wait! What was happening? All at once, Sugar was being picked up off her feet and lifted into the air. How could that be if Mommy, Daddy, big brother and big sister were all behind her? Sugar Baby looked up into the face of the woman who had picked her up. It was Grandma who had arrived for a visit at just the right time.

"Come on inside and take your bath, Sugar Baby." said Grandma giving her granddaughter a kiss,  and hugging Sugar Baby tightly to her so that Sugar Baby couldn't escape. Grandma began carrying Sugar Baby into the house.

"Aw nuts!" said Sugar Baby.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Gladiola's garden

Gladiola Stravinski loved flowers. She loved Lillies. She was passionate about Pansies. She was crazy about Chrysanthemums. She was zany for Zinnias. She was daffy for Daffodils. She was in love with Irises. She just couldn't get enough of Jasmine.She was moonstruck for Marigolds. She got excited about Geraniums. Maybe, she loved flowers because she was named after one, but whatever it was she was just crazy about them. Her fondest wish was to have a flower garden of her own.

Every couple of months, Gladiola would beg her mother, "Please can I have a  flower garden?"

Mommy would shake her head. "Tending to a garden is a lot of responsibility." she would say. "Maybe, when you're a little older."

"But I am older. " Gladiola would insist hopefully. "Please mommy!" she would beg.

The reply was always the same. "Not yet."

Gladiola would be filled with disappointment and get ready to wait another few months before asking again.

Gladiola's siblings couldn't even understand why she would  want to have garden. "Too messy." declared her sister, Jullietta. "Why would you want to voluntarily work in the dirt?"

"Too much trouble." stated her brother, Gabriel. He barely wanted to be bothered feeding the dog.

Gladiola didn't mind the mess or the work. She just wanted a flower garden of her own. She couldn't wait for the day when she would be old enough to have one.

After what seemed like forever to Gladiola, one day Mommy finally announced. "Okay. I think you are old enough to have a little flower garden now."

"Thank you, Mommy! Thank you, Mommy!" gushed Gladiola throwing her arms around her mother and kissing her.

They went down to the Garden Center. Gladiola picked out purple Pansies, yellow Zinnia's, pink Chrysanthemums, blue Geraniums, orange Marigolds and red and white Gladiolus. She could hardly wait for Mommy to pay for them so she could go home and started planting her garden.

Once, they got home, Gladiola picked up out just the right spot on the lawn for her garden. She wanted a spot that would get just enough rain and sun, but not too much. She prepared her patch and planted her flowers. She put a tiny little white picket fence around it. The fence was so small, it wasn't even as big as Gladiola.

Right from the beginning, the fence was a problem. It was so small that people could not see it and kept walking right into Gladiola's  garden. Somehow, though the little flower garden continued to thrive and grow.

Then, one day, Julietta and Gabriel were playing soccer on the lawn. "Please get away from my garden!" begged Gladiola as they got awfully close to it. Julietta and Gabriel couldn't hear her and they didn't see the little fence and they both tumbled into the garden smashing all of Gladiola's flowers as they went down.  All of the flowers were completely destroyed.

"I'm so sorry!" they both exclaimed jumping up and brushing themselves off.

Their words didn't make Gladiola feel one tiny little bit better. She was devestated. She burst into tears and ran from the room.

Julietta and Gabriel felt horrible. "What can we do to make it up to her?" Julietta asked Gabriel. He shrugged.  They thought about it for a while.

Finally, Gabriel got an idea. "Let's replant her garden." he suggested.

"That's a great idea." agreed Julietta.

When Mommy took Gladiola out for ice cream to make her feel better, Daddy took Julietta and Gabriel to the  Garden Store to get more flowers. They got home and went outside and prepared the garden just in time.

Mommy and Gladiola came in the front door just as Julietta and Gabriel came in from the back. "I didn't really think that was going to help." they heard Gladiola say. She sounded as sad as when she left.

"Gladiola!" cried Julietta excitedly grabbing her arm. "Let's go outside." She tried to steer Gladiola in the direction of the backyard.

Gladiola yanked her arm away and moved out of her sister's grasp. "No!" she replied firmly. "I am never going out there again."

"Oh, come on." pleaded Julietta.

Gladiola shook her head again. Gabriel lifted Gladiola into his arms and carried her toward the door. "Gabriel!" she screamed. She kicked him and beat him with her fists, but he wouldn't put her down. He carried her outside and over to where her garden used to be. She closed her eyes but then opened them again quickly as she thought she saw a flash of color. "My garden." she said wriggling out of her brothers arms and going over to it. It was her garden as good as ever and still with the little white fence around it, but this time there was a big wooden sign next to it  that said "Gladiola's Garden" in rainbow letters making it clear that her garden was there. Nobody accidentally walked into it or fell into it again.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I Want a Bear!

Today's Story is not only for my daughter but by my daughter

Brigitta Williams was a little girl with a cat, Cupcake and a dog, Lilly. She loved them, but her favorite thing was Paddington Bear. She loved anything Paddington; books,movies,and TV shows. "I want a bear! Can I get a bear?" She asked her mom one sunny afternoon.

"No, Brigitta, you can not have a bear. Aren't Lilly and Cupcake enough?" answered mommy.

"NO! Lilly and Cupcake are not enough. I want a bear!" Brigitta said shouting and running away. She ran to her room and slammed the door.

Mommy went after Brigitta. "Honey why do you want a bear anyway?"

"PADDINGTON!!!!!!" Brigitta exclaimed loud,annoyed,and angry.

"The most we can do is go to the zoo." explained  mommy calmly

"Can we mommy please???!!! asked Brigitta.

Mommy agreed to go to  the zoo. The next morning, Brigitta woke up at 12:00 AM. She was so excited she had set her alarm ."MOMMY! MOMMY!  MOMMY !  MOMMY! said Brigitta loudly.

"What's the matter? Are  you okay?" mommy asked  worriedly

"Yes, mommy, I'm fine." Brigitta replied happily.

"Well than,why did you wake me up so early?" asked mommy angrily.

"You said that today we would go to the zoo. Well, it's today!" Brigitta answered

"I did not mean 12:00 AM.  I meant around 8:30 or 9:00 or maybe even 9:30. Go back to bed. Wake up at 9:00 AM." said mommy angrily

"Okay." said Brigitta sadly walking back to bed. She got to her room set her alarm for 9:00 AM like mommy told her to, and then went to sleep.

At 9:00 AM, her alarm clock started to go off.  She jumped out of her bed.  "It's time!" she screamed excitedly.

Mommy came running in worriedly. "Are you okay, sweetie?"

"It's time, mommy! It's time!" Brigitta was already dressed. She was so excited she had gotten dressed when she woke up the  first time.

A half an hour later, they got to the zoo. They looked for a long time at different animals, but they couldn't find the bears. Finally, Brigitta saw a sign. "This way!" she shouted pointing to the right. She ran over to the bear's cage, leaned as far as she could get, and tipped her hat and said "Hello." just like Paddington always did. The bear roared in response. Brigitta ran as far and as fast as she could.  Mommy ran after her.

After that, Brigitta was ready to go home. When they got home, Briggita told mommy "Real bears are mean!  I don't like them anymore. I'll stick to Paddington."

"I think that's a good plan." replied mommy.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Whose Shoe Is It Anyway?

The Geller house was unusually quiet. With a household that consisted of three girls under ten, 8 year old Lindy, 5 year old Cindy, and 2 year old Bindy, peace and quiet was very rare.It also wasn't necessarily a good thing. In fact, it usually mean that somebody was up to something. Mommy decided to go look and see what her girls were up to. She peaked her head into the playroom and opened her eyes with horror.

There was no sign of Lindy, Cindy, or Bindy. What there was was a big enormous mess. Barbie dolls and their clothing and accessories were scattered all over the floor. Stuffed animals were piled up in the chairs around the little table. The table itself was covered with open games and games pieces littered the table. In the center of it all was one white sneaker.

"Lindy!" called Mommy angrily. When Lindy didn't come, Mommy shouted her name again a little louder and a little angrier.

This time Lindy immediately came running. "What's the matter?" she asked.

"Did you make this mess?" asked Mommy.

Lindy looked around and surveyed the big mess. Her eyes opened wide at the site of it as she shook her head no. "I didn't do this." she told her mother. "I've been in my room reading all day." She showed Mommy the book she'd been reading which she'd carried into the playroom with her when Mommy called her.

Mommy noticed that the sneaker lying in the middle of the room was too small too be Lindy's anyway. Besides, it wasn't like Lindy to make such a big mess.

"Can I go now?" asked Lindy. Mom nodded and Lindy went back to her room.

Mommy didn't see how Bindy could make a mess like this all by herself. Besides, Bindy was allegedly in her room taking a nap. Mommy hoped that Bindy hadn't started crawling out of her crib all by herself. If so, they would have to transfer her to a bed. Bindy was the last baby, and Mommy wanted her to stay little as long as possible.

Mommy needn't have worried. When she got to Bindy's room. Bindy was fast asleep in her crib. Mommy breathed a sigh of relief for more than one reason. She realized the white sneaker left in the playroom was too big to fit Bindy's tiny foot anyway.

"Cindy!" shouted Mommy as she went back to the playroom. "Cindy!" she shouted again when Cindy didn't come.

"Sorry, Mommy." Cindy  said as she came running into the playroom out of breathe. "I was watching TV. I didn't hear you calling me."

"Cindy," said Mommy accusingly.  "Did you make this mess?"

Cindy started to say no because she didn't want to get in trouble. However, she suddenly got distracted when she saw the white sneaker in the middle of the floor. "My shoe!" she exclaimed. "I wondered where I left this my foot is freezing." She hurried over and picked it up and put it on. It perfectly matched the other white sneaker she already had on.

"Why were you only wearing one shoe?" asked Mommy. " and why did you make such a big mess and not clean it up?"

Cindy scrunched up her face and thought about it for a minute. "I don't know." she said finally.

"I don't know either." replied Mommy, "but I do know this. You are going to clean this mess right now."

"Okay, Mommy." sighed Cindy less than happily. Making a mess was fun, cleaning it up not so much.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Boat Trip

"Xia! Xia! Guess what!" shouted 8 year old Xanny Grogan to her twin sister. "Uncle Will invited us out on his boat."

"Oh." replied Xia neither looking nor feeling as excited as Xanny.

"Aren't you excited?" asked Xanny failing to see why Xia wasn't nearly as excited as she was.

"I don't want to go. " said Xia worriedly. "Boats rock. I'm going to get seasick."

Xanny laughed at her sister's fears. "Don't worry." she assured Xia. "I'm sure it will be fine, and it will be fun. I'll help you get through it."

Xanny excitedly counted down the days to their boat trip. Xia not so much. Every time, Xanny crossed off another day on the calender, she called out "Six more days!"; "Five more days!" or whatever. Every time, Xia heard that she cringed and her stomach began to hurt as if she were already on the boat getting seasick.

Finally, the day arrived. Xanny and Xia both got dressed in the cute little white and blue sailor dresses that Mom got them. Xanny hated hers. "Do I have to wear this?" she asked. She would rather wear a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Xia didn't care so much about the dress. She actually thought it was kind of cute. She just would rather wear it to go look at boats instead of going for a ride in one.

Uncle Will was waiting for them at the dock. "Here she is!" he said proudly pointing to a beautiful red boat. The name on the side said The Rosebud." Even Xia had to admit that the boat was beautiful . She would love to stay on the dock and admire it, staying on the dock being the important thing, of course.

That, however, was not going to happen. Uncle Will helped the girls onto the boat. They quickly put on life jackets. Xanny stood and looked out over the water as they set sail. Xia sat down and clutched tightly to the back of her seat as though if she let go she would be instantly swept out to sea.

After a few minutes, Xia relaxed a little bit. She realized that the sea breeze actually felt kind of nice and cooling on her face. She realized that she didn't feel sick at all. In fact, she actually started to enjoy herself. Xia let go of  her seat and stood up and looked out over the water. The view really was beautiful.

"Oh, Xanny!" Xia gushed excitedly to her sister. "You were right! I'm so glad Uncle Will invited us out on his boat. It's so much fun." There was no reply from Xanny. "Xanny?" said Xia  a little worriedly. There was still no reply from Xanny. "Xanny?" repeated Xia a little more worriedly. She looked around for her sister.

She finally found Xanny lying in a heap on the floor of the boat looking green.  Xanny looked up miserably at her sister. "Is it over yet?" she asked hopefully. When Xia shook her head no, Xanny turned even greener. "When is this stupid boat going to stop rocking?" she moaned unhappily.

Xia couldn't help smiling at the turn of events. She instantly felt badly though and quickly wipe the smiled off her face. "Poor, poor Xanny." she said sitting down beside her sister and taking her hand. "Don't worry." Xia assured Xanny "I'll help you get through it."

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Prettiest Girl in the World

Eliza Quince was the prettiest girl in the world. She knew she was. Her mirror told her so. Every day, she stared into it and said "Who is the prettiest girl in the world?"

"Why I am!" she answered her own question. She would toss around her lovely red curls. She would flutter her bright green eyes. She was sure she was the prettiest girl in the world and she would always be the prettiest girl in the world.

One day, a new girl moved to town. Her name was Whitley Snowden. She was really beautiful.  She had long straight jet black hair. She had sparkly bright blue eyes. Eliza couldn't stop staring at her worriedly.  She liked being the prettiest girl in the world or at least thinking she was the prettiest girl in the world.

After she saw Whitley for the first time, Eliza went right up to her room. She stood in front of her mirror. "Who is the prettiest girl in the world?"

"Whitley Snowden." replied a little voice in Eliza's head.

Eliza was sure she couldn't really have thought that. She closed her eyes, took a deep breathe, and tried to clear her mind. Then, she stood in front of her mirror again and asked "Who is the prettiest girl in the world?"

"Whitley Snowden." repeated the voice in her head. Eliza screamed. She grabbed the brush that was sitting on her night table and threw it at the mirror. It just hit the frame and didn't break the mirror.

The next day when Eliza went to school, it turned out Whitley was in her class. Whitley tried to make friends with her. "Hi, I'm Whitley Snowden." she said putting out her hand to Eliza. "I just moved here from Forest Glen."

Eliza's green eyes flashed angrily at Whitley. "I know who you are." she replied coldly. She walked away and left Whitley standing there with her hand out.

After that Eliza totally ignored Whitley. That wasn't enough either. She got all the other kids to ignore Whitley too. Eliza was very popular. It wasn't really so much because she was nice, but more partly because she was pretty and partly because the other kids were afraid of her. All the cool kids followed Eliza's lead and refused to be friends with Whitley.

The only kids who would be friends with Whitley were the not so cool kids. There were seven of them. Eliza never bothered with those kids except to give them mean nicknames. There was treetop, the tall kid. There was shorty, the short kid. There was stubby, the fat kid. There was brainy, the smart kid. There was dummy, the not so smart kid. There was smelly, the kid who always smelled. There was drippy, the kid who always had a runny nose. Whitley was always with them and she seemed happy to be with them. It bothered Eliza that it didn't seem to matter that she was only friends with the not so cool kids.

One day, when Whitley was alone in the hallway, Eliza approached her. "Whitley," she said but she said it as if she were giving Whitley an order. Whitley looked up her eyes and mouth opened wide in surprise that Eliza was actually talking to her. Eliza smiled at her, but it wasn't really a friendly smile.Whitley still didn't say anything. "Don't look so worried." Eliza assured Whitley. "I don't bite." However, the way she smiled at Whitley as she said it made Whitley think that maybe she did. "Here." said Eliza handing Whitley an apple. "A peace offering." she said. Whitely wasn't sure what to do. "Take it." insisted Eliza. "Don't you want to be my friend?"

Whitley figured it was better to have Eliza for a friend than an enemy. She took the apple. "Thanks." she said but she didn't really sound grateful, and she wasn't. She started to put the apple in her backpack, but Eliza stopped her.

"Aren't you going to take a bite now?" asked Eliza. "You haven't really accepted my peace offering if you don't take a bite."

Whitley reluctantly took a bite of the apple. Then, she fell to the floor.

Eliza was shocked. She had given Whitley the apple because she thought it had a worm in it, but she didn't really want to cause Whitley physical harm. Eliza ran screaming for the school nurse. It turned out the apple had gotten specks of peanut butter in it from being in Eliza's kitchen when her mother was making her a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. Whitley was allergic to peanut butter. The nurse gave her a shot, and she was okay, but she had to go home for the rest of the day.

When Whitley came back to school, Eliza hurried over to her. Whitley immediately jumped back. "I'm really sorry." said Eliza and this time she really meant it. "I didn't know there was any peanut butter on that apple and that you were allergic to peanut butter. Let's start over. I really want to be friends."

Whitley could tell by Eliza's tone of voice that this time it was different, but she was still a little bit wary. "Okay." she said cautiously. Eliza put out her hand. Whitley carefully took it and shook it. "You and I are the prettiest girls, and we're going to rule the school." Eliza told her.

"Okay." replied Whitley, but she wasn't really sure if that was good or bad.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Selita Can Spell

Selita Watts couldn't wait until she learned how to spell. Her sister, Katherine was the third grade spelling champion in her school. Selita idolized her big sister, and she wanted to be a spelling champion too. Every day, she would arbitarily put strings of letters together trying to make words. "What does Q-G-M-I-Z spell, mommy?" she asked.

Mommy would just shake her head sadly. "It doesn't spell anything." she informed a disappointed Selita. Selita stared at the floor sadly. Mommy patted her on the head. "Don't worry, honey." she said. "You'll learn to spell soon." But soon wasn't good enough for Selita. She wanted to learn now.

Selita loved to sneak into Katherine's room and look at the blue ribbon Katherine had earned for winning the spelling bee. She picked it up and held it in her hand even though she wasn't supposed to be touching it. "What are you doing?" demanded Katherine coming into the room suddenly to  get something. Selita was so startled that the ribbon fell out of her hands and fluttered to the floor. "That's mine!" exclaimed Katherine angrily grabbing it off the floor. "You have no right to touch it! Get out of my room!"

"I'm going to win my own spelling bee ribbon!" insisted Selita.

Katherine laughed. "You?" she said. "You can't even spell."

Selita frowned and angrily stuck out her lower lip. "I can too spell." she said, "and you are  a D-O-T-H-K"

Katherine laughed even harder. "That doesn't spell anything." she said as Selita angrily stormed out of the room.

'Of course, I can spell.' thought Selita to herself  'If that dumb Katherine can spell anybody can spell.' Selita knew that her sister wasn't really dumb, but she always thought of her sister that was way when she was mad at her.

Selita thought maybe she wasn't trying hard enough. If she really concentrated she would learn how to spell. She looked around her room and saw her closet. "Closet." she said. She repeated it several times. "Closet, closet, closet." Then, she closed her eyes.

After a few minutes, she opened them and smiled. She ran out of her room and went to find her mother. Mommy was in her bedroom watching TV. "Mommy!" exclaimed Selita. "I can spell! I can spell closet. K-L-S-I-T." She flashed Mommy a smile that lit up her whole face.

Mommy smiled back at Selita. "You're getting there sweetie." she said encouragingly, "But I'm afraid that doesn't spell closet. It doesn't spell anything."

The smile instantly disappeared from Selita's face. She was so disappointed. She really thought she had it this time. Maybe, she was the one who was dumb and she was never going to learn to spell. She sadly shuffled back to her room.

In her room, she found a paper that had fallen on the floor. She picked it up and saw that there was writing on it. She looked at the first word on the paper. "S-E-L-I-T-A. " she read. 'I have an S sound in my name.' she thought.  She looked at the paper again. 'I have an L sound in my name too.' she thought. She looked at the paper a third time. 'I have a T sound in my name.'  She looked at the paper one more time. 'I have an A sound in my name. This word must be my  name. '

She pointed to each letter and said them aloud. "S-E-L-I-T-A. Selita. That's me! I can spell my name!" She ran off excitedly in search of her sister.

"What do you want now?" asked Katherine annoyed at being bothered again.

"I  want to spell for you. " stated Selita. "I can really spell now." she added exitedly.

Katherine frowned and rolled her eyes. She highly doubted that.  "Okay, whatever. Just go ahead and spell then." She just wanted to get it over with and get her little sister out of her room.

"S-E-L-I-T-A, spells Selita." said Selita proudly.

"That's right, it does." said Katherine full of shock and surprise. If she'd been sitting she would have fallen out her chair.  "Mom! Mom! Come quick! Selita can spell! Really!"

Mommy came rushing in from the other room. She hadn't heard anything but come quick, and she was worried that something was wrong. "Is everything okay?" she asked worriedly looking from one daughter to the next.

Both girls nodded. "I can spell, mommy." said Selita proudly.

"She really can." added Katherine.

"Oh?" said Mommy with a mixture of pride in Selita and anger at Katherine for frightening her and making her think something was wrong.

"S-E-L-I-T-A. Selita." said Selita beaming with pride.

"That's right!" exclaimed Mommy hugging her.

"K-T-R-N. Katherine." said Selita.

Katherine laughed. "Uh, not exactly." Mommy gave her a look, and she quickly stopped.

"One step at a time." Mommy said to Selita. "The dictionary wasn't written in a day and you don't need to learn to spell all the words it it in a day either. I'm really proud of you." She smiled at Selita.

Selita smiled back. She was really proud of herself too, but she knew it was only the first step. Some day, she was going to win a spelling championship like Katherine. She was determined to.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Paisley the Princess

It was a beautiful sunshiny day and Paisley Vogel woke up bright and early and jumped out of bed. "I  think I'll be a princess today." she said. She ran to her closet and pulled out her pink sparkly princess dress and quickly put it on. She followed that with her pink jeweled dress up princess shoes. She topped it all off with her shiny silver princess tiara. Then, she click clacked down to the kitchen in her plastic heels.

The kitchen smelled like pancakes as Mommy was already there making breakfast. "Good morning, sugar." she greeted  Paisley warmly. Paisley frowned. "What's wrong, honey?" asked Mommy with a voice full of concern.

"I am not sugar. I am not honey. I am a princess." announced Paisley with a deep curtsy.

Mommy smiled. "Oh excuse me, your highness." replied Mommy. "Please have a seat and your breakfast will be served shortly."

Paisley smiled and slid into her  chair and adjusted her crown. "I think I'll have eggs today." she said.

"I'm sorry. " replied Mommy. "We're having pancakes today."

"A princess gets to eat what she wants."

"Not in this kitchen." replied Mommy. "I already made pancakes. You can  have eggs tomorrow. "

Paisley made a pouty face. "Princesses like eggs." she insisted.

"They like nice fluffy golden pancakes too," replied Mommy.

"Oh, yes." agreed Paisley "Princesses love things that are golden. I think I will have pancakes." Her mother filled her plate with pancakes. Paisley loaded them up with butter and syrup and ate heartily. When she finished, she quickly got up from the table.

"Where are you going?" asked Mommy. She pointed to Paisley's empty plate and pointed to the sink indicating that she wanted Paisley to put her dishes in the sink.

"Princesses do not carry their own plates." insisted Paisley wrinkling her nose and shaking her head.

"They do in this house. " replied Mommy in a stern voice. Paisley knew better than to argue when Mommy talked in that tone of voice. She sighed and went back to the table and brought her dishes to the sink.

Just as Paisley was about to leave the kitchen again the phone rang. "Paisley, can you get that please?" asked Mommy who was in the middle of washing dishes. Paisley stood in the doorway but didn't move. "Paisley!" said Mommy as the phone rang again. "Please, Princess Paisley." said Mommy.

Paisley went over and answered the phone. It was Daddy. "Hello, my sweet Paisley." he said upon hearing her voice.

"I am not sweet Paisley. I am Princess Paisley." she informed him.

"Well, excuse me, Princess." said Daddy.

By this time. Mommy had wiped her hands on a dish towel and came over took the phone from Paisley.

Paisley click clacked on her plastic heels out of the kitchen. She went up to her room and spend the rest of the morning playing Princess tea party with her dolls and stuffed animals.

At noon, Mommy called. "Paisley! Come have lunch." Paisley ignored her mother and continued to play. "Paisley!" repeated. her mother a little bit louder. Paisley still kept playing. "Princess Paisley, your lunch is served." called Mommy finally.

"I'll be right down." answered Paisley. She click clacked in her plastic heels back into the kitchen and sat down at the table."What's on the royal menu for today?" she asked eagerly.

"Well, today. we're serving, Princess Peanut and Butter Jelly Sandwiches and Royal Milk."

"Why, thank you." said Paisley excitedly. She eagerly bit into her sandwich. She finished it quickly and then had another one.

After lunch, Paisley spent the afternoon watching Princess movies. Before, she knew it was almost dinnertime and Daddy was home. He scooped Paisley up in his arms. "Hello, my Princess." he said giving her a kiss on the check.

Paisley wrinkled her nose and frowned. "Princesses do not like to be picked up!" Daddy laughed and put her down.

"Princesses and others who want to eat dinner better sit down in the kitchen, now." called Mommy.

Paisley and Daddy went into the kitchen and sat down. Paisley stared down at her plate and frowned. "We are serving Royal Ham and Golden Apple Juice tonight." said Mommy. Paisley instantly brightened up and began eating her food.

After dinner, she spent the rest of the day doing princessy things. Then, she took a royal bath and got into a her fluffy pink princess pajamas. "Goodnight, sweet princess." said Mommy and Daddy as they tucked her into bed at night.

Paisley smiled as she closed her eyes. "Goodnight." she answered dreamily.

The next morning, Paisley was still in bed when Mommy came into the room to collect her laundry to wash. Paisley sat up and opened her eyes. "Good morning Princess Paisley."  Mommy greeted her cheerfully.

Paisley just stared at her mother for a minute. "Who is Princess Paisley?" she asked. "I'm a cowgirl, today."

Friday, January 2, 2015

Too little, too big

Trista Qualley was too little. She was too little too stay up late. She was too little to hang out with her friends at the mall. She was too little to watch her baby sister, Tobi while Mommy cooked dinner.

"Please can I watch her for you?" Trista begged. "I'll take good care of her." she promised.

Mommy smiled at Trista. "I know you love your sister, but your just too little. Go and find Tanya".  Trista bit her lip and frowned Tanya was Trista's older sister. She was not too  little for anything.

Trista Qualley was too big. She was too big to stay home all day with Mommy instead of going to school. She was too big to be picked up and carried. She was too big to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed when she had a bad dream at night. "But Tobi gets to sleep with you." she pouted.

"Tobi is a baby." pointed out Mommy. "You're a big girl."

"A big girl maybe but not big enough. " She was always too big and too small. She was never the right size.

"When am I going to get bigger?" Trista asked. "When am I going to get older?" That wasn't really the answer she realized because Tanya was always going to be older than her and get to do things she couldn't.  She was never going to be smaller or younger than Tobi either because she couldn't grow backwards.

Trista sat on her bed feeling sorry for herself. After a while, Mommy came looking for her. "What's the matter?" Mommy asked when she saw Trista's pouty face.

"I'm never going to be big enough." whined Trista.

"Big enough for what?" asked Mommy.

"Big enough for anything!"

"Of course. You will. You'll grow." promised Mommy.

"But it won't matter because Tanya is always going to be bigger than me."

"Yes, but that doesn't mean that you're not special too." replied Mommy.

Trista rolled her eyes at Mom. "Of course, you have to say that your my Mommy."

Mommy smiled and hugged Trista. "I love you." she said, "Your my baby."

"I'm not your baby. " shouted Trista. "Tobi is your baby. She is little and cute. I'm not little, and I am not every going to be little again. I am not little. I am not big. I am not anything. " She buried her face in her pillow and cried. Nothing Mommy could do or say would comfort her.

"Mom!" Tanya called from downstairs. "The spaghetti is boiling over."

"I have to go sweetie." Mommy said to Trista, "but this conversation is not over."

Mommy got busy making dinner, and she didn't come back. Finally. Trista had enough of feeling sorry for herself for a while, and she went downstairs to see what was going on.

When she got downstairs Tobi was in her high chair. Mommy and Tanya were crawling around on the floor. "What's going on?" asked Trista. "Are you playing baby or something?"

Tanya looked up and glared at Trista. "Of course, not." she said angrily. "We're looking for Mom's wedding ring. She can't  find it."

"Can I help look?" asked Trista.

"Your too little." said Tanya.

Now, it was Mommy's turn to give Tanya a look. Then, Mommy smiled at Trista thankfully. "I would appreciate your help."  she said. Trista got down on the floor and started crawling around too.

After a few minutes, Tanya shouted. "I see something shiny behind the cabinet." They all went over to the cabinet and looked. Sure enough, it was Mommy's wedding ring. Mommy reached for it, but her hand was too big. "I'll get it, Mom." said Tanya.  She reached for it but her hand was too big too.

"I'll get it, Mommy." said Trista. Her hand was just the right size. She reached behind the cabinet, pulled out the ring and handed it to Mommy.

"Thank you, sweetie." Mommy said happily  as she quickly slipped the ring back on her finger.  She kissed Trista gratefully.

Trista smiled. Maybe, she wasn't always too big or too small after all. Maybe, sometimes, she was just right.