Sunday, December 25, 2011

Everybody Doesn't Love Daisy

Skyler Billings loved many things.She loved rainbows and flowers. She loved puppies and kittens. She loved dolls and  stuffed animals. She loved her Mom and Dad and her older sister.

Most of all, Skyler loved Daisy Dewdrop. Daisy Dewdrop and the Flower Fairy Girls was her favorite TV show in the whole world. Skyler watched Daisy Dewdrop every day. She had Daisy Dewdrop dolls and Daisy Dewdrop toys and Daisy Dewdrop clothes. Skyler's older sister, Sara always said that if they came out with Daisy Dewdrop toliet paper, Skyler would want that too. Skyler didn't deny it. She considered it a goal to have every single Daisy Dewdrop item in the world. She loved that it seemed like they came out with a new Daisy Dewdrop item every day, but it made it so hard to keep up. Daisy Dewdrop was so wonderful. How could anybody not love her?

Well, not everybody did love Daisy Dewdrop. "If I hear another word about Daisy Dewdrop, I'll scream!" exclaimed Sara to their Mom as Sklyer sat in the living room listening to the opening theme song of the Daisy Dewdrop show.

Their Mom patted Sara on the back and smiled. "Don't worry." she said. "She'll outgrow it." Sara couldn't imagine that. She couldn't remember a time when Daisy Dewdrop wasn't a part of the their lives, and she was so tired of it. She grabbed her stuff and headed for her room.

At first Skyler's friends were into Daisy Dewdrop too. After a while though, they moved on to other things. "Don't you want to watch the Purple Puppy and Calico Kitty show? " asked her friend Amy one day. "It's new and it's such a great show."

Skyler shook her head. "I'd rather watch Daisy Dewdrop." she said.

Amy sighed. "I guess I'll see you around. " she said' "I've gotta go home." After a while, Amy stopped coming around. Soon so did Skyler's other friends.

One afternoon Mommy found Skyler sitting on the couch by herself looking sad. "What's the matter, baby?" she asked sitting down beside Skyler.

"Oh nothing." replied Skyler. She looked away because she didn't want Mommy to see how badly she really felt, but she just couldn't hold back the tears. 

Mommy scooped up Skyler on her lap. "My poor baby." she said. "You can tell Mommy."

"Nobody likes me anymore. Nobody wants to play with me anymore." Skyler burst into a fresh flood of tears.

"I'm sure that is not true." said Mommy. "Let's talk about it." Skyler told Mommy everything that had happened. "Hmm." said Mommy as Skyler finished talking. "I don't thing that it's you that they are sick of. I think it's Daisy Dewdrop." Skyler opened her mouth widely and began to protest. She didn't know how anyone could ever be tired of Daisy Dewdrop, but Mommy continued before she could say a word. "I know you love Daisy Dewdrop, but that doesn't mean everyone does." Skyler opened her mouth again to protest, but again Mommy interupted her. "Do you like those Disney Channel shows that Sara watches?" Skyler wrinkled her nose. She hated the shows that her sister watched, but what did that have to do with anything. "Well, you love your sister, don't you?" Skyler nodded usually she did.

"You love your sister and you don't love everything that she loves."

Skyler nodded again. "But Sara doesn't make me watch those Disney shows with her. We do other things together."

"Aha!" said Mommy.

"Oh!" said Skyler figuring it out suddenly. "Maybe my friends don't want to watch Daisy Dewdrop all the time either."

"Maybe, they don't."  agreed Mommy.

"But I love Daisy Dewdrop!" insisted Skyler almost beginning to cry again, but Mommy quickly hugged her tightly.

"You can still love Daisy Dewdrop." Mommy told her, "but that doesn't mean that everybody else is going to."

"I guess I could watch something else once in a while." said Skyler finally, "and I guess I could play with other toys and stuff. Do you think my friends would want to play with me again then? Do you think they would like me again?"

"I'm sure they would."

Skyler instantly brightened. "I'm going to go call Amy right now, and see if she wants to watch Purple Puppy and the Calico Kitty show with me." After all, Skyler could watch Daisy Dewdrop later on the DVR.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oriana the Only Child

For five whole years of life, Oriana Gray had been an only child. She didn't  have an older brother who teased her like her friend, Franny did. She didn't have a younger sister who took all her stuff like her friend, Lola did. She didn't have anyone to fight with over toys. She just had herself and Mommy and Daddy and their golden retriever, Skipper, and that was enough, and she was happy .

One day when Oriana was busy playing in her backyard with her dog,  her mother called to her. Oriana smiled and waved and went back to playing with Skipper. "Oriana!" her mother called again more insistently. "Come and sit down and talk to me." She sat down on the wicker couch outside their back door and motioned for Oriana to come sit beside her. Oriana reluctantly dragged herself over and sat down beside her mother. Skipper followed her and sat at her feet.

"I love you, Oriana." said Mommy kissing her.

"I love you too, mommy. "replied Oriana kissing her back and staring at her in a puzzling manner. Mommy didn't call her over just to tell Oriana she loved her, did she? Oriana knew her Mommy loved her.

 "You know I can love other people and still love you too, don't you?' asked Mommy. Oriana nodded. She was still puzzled. Mommy was sure acting strange.

"Wouldn't you like to be a big sister one day?" Mommy asked suddenly changing the subject and getting to what was really on her mind.

Oriana shook her head quickly and jumped out of her seat. "Oh no, Mommy." she said still shaking her head. "I love being an only child. I love having you and Daddy all to myself."

"But wouldn't you like to have a sister or brother one day." insisted Mommy.

"I have a sister. " said Oriana. Now, it was Mommy's turn to look puzzled. Oriana pointed to Skipper.

Mommy smiled. "Oh, but that's not the same." she said.

"It's good enough for me." replied Oriana.

"Would you like to have a brother or sister to play with?" Oriana shook her head. "Wouldn't you like to have a brother or sister to talk to?" Oriana shook her head again. "Wouldn't you like to have a brother or sister to keep you company?" Oriana shook her head again and went into the house crying. Her mother was crying too. She saw her father go outside to comfort her mother as she came in the house. She heard him tell her mother that everything would be okay, Oriana would get used to it. She would not get used to it! Oriana screamed silently. She loved her life with just herself and Mommy and Daddy. She didn't want to share it or them. Ever!

Of course, it was not really up to Oriana. Mommy and Daddy were going to have another baby. There was nothing Oriana could do about it. They couldn't make her like it though, and they couldn't make her happy about it.

She decided to pretend that the baby didn't exist and that she was not going to be a big sister. Every time,they talked about the baby, she left the room and when she couldn't do that she shut her ears. She wouldn't help them pick out clothes or toys. She wouldn't help paint the baby's room even though they painted it her favorite shade of yellow. Whenever anyone said "You are so lucky, you are going to be a big sister soon." or something like that she would say "No! I'm not." and quickly change the subject or leave the room.

Well, finally after nine months of ignoring the impending arrival of the baby, Oriana could ignore it no more. The baby was here. Grandma picked Oriana up at school to take her to the hospital to see Mommy and the baby. Daddy was already with them. Oriana tried to convince Grandma to take her anywhere but there. She told Grandma that she didn't really want to be a big sister and that nobody had asked her opinion.

Finally, Grandma had enough. "Oriana, " she said sternly. "Your Mommy loves you, and your Daddy loves you too and that will never change. Now, we are going to the hospital to see them, and you are going to smile and be good and behave yourself and not complain or give them a hard time. Do you hear me?" Oriana nodded. She knew better than to argue with Grandma when Grandma used that tone of voice.

They arrived at the hospital and went up to the maternity ward. When they entered Mommy's room Daddy scooped Oriana up in his arms. "Daddy!" she said excitedly. Daddy put her down on the bed beside Mommy. Mommy put the blanketed bundle she had been holding into Oriana's arms and put her arms around both of them.

"Oriana." she said cheerfully, "Meet your sister, Alyssa."

Oriana didn't want to look but she couldn't help herself. She peeked down at the tiny face inside the blanket on her lap. It was so cute and so helpless, and it seemed to be looking right up at her. Her heart melted, and for the first time she felt like just maybe this big sister sister stuff wouldn't be so bad after all. "Hi. Alyssa." she whispered "I'm your big sister, Oriana, and you might not care about that so much right now, but you'll get used to it. Just like I am."

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sierra Wants A Sister

Sierra Benson was a very lucky girl. She had a sweet and beautiful mother. She had a handsome and kind father. She had an older brother named Henry. She had everything she could possibly want in life everything except one thing. Sierra really wanted a sister.

Almost everyone Sierra knew had a sister. Her friend Maggie had a sister. Her friend Paige had a sister. Her friend Rosie had a sister. More than half of the kids in her class had sisters. Sierra felt that she ought to have a sister too. She decided to do something about it. She decided to tell Mommy and Daddy that she really wanted  and needed a baby sister. If she did that, she was sure it wouldn't be long before she had one too.

She eagerly approached the subject one day when she and Mommy were riding in the car. Mommy," she said "Can you get me a baby sister?"

Mommy smiled pleasantly. "And, where should I get one from?" she asked cheerfully.

Sierra chewed on her finger and thought about it for a moment. "At Babies R Us?" she asked hopefully.

Mommy laughed. "It's a little more complicated than that." she replied.

Sierra was disappointed.

Another day, Mommy and Sierra were at the YMCA for Sierra's swim lesson. "Mommy?" asked Sierra very seriously as they changed out of their wet bathing suits. "When is my sister going to be born?"

Mommy kissed Sierra and patted her own very flat tummy. "Maybe, some day, sweetie." she said gently.

Mommy's tummy was too flat to have a baby in it. All her friend's Mommies tummies were big and round before their sisters were born. Sierra was disappointed. She didn't want a sister some day. She wanted one now!

Shortly after that day, Mommy and Daddy announced that they were going to have another baby. When Mommy told people that Sierra knew about the baby even before she and Daddy did, Sierra just beamed happily. She couldn't wait for her baby sister to be born.

"I'm going to have a sister." she told everyone she saw excitedly. Whenever anyone bothered to point out that the baby could be a brother, Sierra glared at them. "It's a sister!" she would reply angrily. She was sure of it.

Henry was hoping the baby would be a boy. It did not seem to matter that he was already 10, and the baby could not possibly ever be much of a playmate for him. "It could be a boy you know, Sierra." he insisted.

Sierra shook her head. "It's a girl." she said nodding her head as if to show that she was right.

One day, that seemed to Sierra to be quite a long while after Mommy and Daddy had told her they were going to have another baby, Sierra woke up in the morning. There was no sign of Mommy and Daddy but Grandma was there. "Get dressed, Sierra, " Grandma told her. "We are going to go the hospital to see the new baby." Sierra didn't have to be told twice. She hurried into her favorite jeans and the red Big Sister sweatshirt Mommy and Daddy had gotten her when they told her she was going to be a big sister. She had been saving it for today.

At the hospital, Sierra was a bit scared. It seemed so big, and she felt so little. She had never been to the hospital before.

Grandma hurried Sierra and Henry into the building and up to the maternity floor. Daddy was waiting for them. He picked Sierra up and led them to Mommy's room. Mommy was sitting on her bed with the cutest little baby Sierra had ever seen wrapped up in a striped blanket in her arms. Sierra smiled. "Is that my sister?" she asked excitedly.

Mommy and Daddy smiled back and nodded. "This is your sister, Savannah Joy Benson." replied Mommy proudly.

Sierra turned to Henry and stuck her nose in the air snobbily. "You see, Henry," she said. "I told you, it was a sister. I told all of you." she pointed out.

Mommy nodded again. "Yes you did." she replied. "Come and meet your new sister." she added.

Daddy helped Sierra to wash her hands. Then, he lifted her on to the bed beside Mommy. Mommy put Savannah carefully into Sierra's arms. Savannah looked as though she were looking right at Sierra. Sierra smiled down at her. "Hello, little sister. " she said smiling. "I love you. I loved you even before you were born. We are going to be great friends and sisters." And they were, and they  had an extreme sisterly love-hate relationship ever after.