Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Petula the Puppy?

Bright and early one morning, Petula Sheehan's mother entered her room and opened her curtains. "Good morning, sweetie." she greeted her daughter cheerfully.

Petula sat up in bed looked right into her mother's eyes and said "Woof!"

Petula's mother laughed. "Nice puppy." she said. She patted Petula on the head. "Get dressed and come on down to breakfast." she commanded.

A little while later, when Petula came downstairs and sat down at the table, her mother asked what she wanted for breakfast. Petula said ""Woof!"

"Okay, very funny." replied her mother. "What do you really want for breakfast?"

"Woof." repeated Petula.

"Oh you're a puppy, huh?"

Petula nodded.

"Well, puppies don't eat at the table." replied her mother. Petula obediently slid out of her chair onto the floor and said. "Woof."

""Enough playing get back off the floor,  and eat your breakfast." declared Mommy. She gestured for Petula to get back in her seat.

Petula did get back in her seat, but didn't say a word.  Mommy scooped eggs onto Petula's  plate. Petula leaned really close to them and sniffed them. Then, she proceeded to eat them like a dog without using a fork or a spoon or even her hands.

"Petula!" exclaimed Mommy horrified when she noticed what Petula was doing. When Petula continued to eat like a dog, Mommy took her plate away, but by then Petula had enough and she just hurried away from the table.

Mommy sighed. She hoped Petula would tire of pretending to be a dog soon.

However, all afternoon Petula crawled around on her hands and knees and chased balls and bugs and barked.When Daddy came home, she greeted him with a bark.

"Did you meet our puppy, Petula?" asked Mommy. Daddy smiled but Mommy didn't smile back. She was tired of having a puppy, she wanted to have a little girl again.

Petula crawled over to Daddy and sniffed him. He playing along and patted her on the head. "Good puppy." he said.

Petula smiled and wagged her imaginary tail.

At dinner time, Petula quickly swallowed bites of her dinner when Mommy and Daddy weren't looking. At bath time, she splashed her arms around like she had paws until there was almost as much water on the floor as in the tub, and Mommy made her get out. Then, she shook herself out instead of toweling down.

"Petula!" exclaimed Mommy in anger as Petula got her all wet.

At bedtime, Petula insisted on having her tummy rubbed and being patted on the head. Then, she curled up like a puppy and went to sleep.

Then, next morning, when Petula's mother went into her room to wake her up, she seriously hoped that Petula was done playing dog.  "Petula?" she said quietly gently shaking Petula awake.

Petula opened he eyes and look right at her mother. "Meow." she said. Petula's mother sighed.