Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dumb Dolly and Smart Sabrina

Today's Story is by Melia

Sabrina Speller was a nine year old girl.  She was so smart that she was in a world record book. She had tons of friends. Every girl or boy she knew had asked her for help sometime or another. Dolly Dover was also a nine year old girl. She wore dark blue glasses. She was not very smart. She never got anything higher than a D,  in school. She only had one friend. That friend was Sabrina. Actually they were best friends. They had known each other since they're mothers met in the hospital when their daughters were born.

"Sabrina time for school." called Mommy.

"Coming." answered Sabrina.

Ding dong! "I'll get it!" shouted Sabrina. She raced down the rough, beige staircase.

"Hey.What's up?" questioned Dolly.

"Hello." replied Sabrina. Then they walked to the bus stop together. That day in school there was a big test called the NJ ASK.  Sabrina's desk was right next to Dolly's. Dolly hated huge tests. She knew she hadn't done good in school and she would repeat the year if she did bad.

'Sabrina's the smartest person I've ever met in all nine years of my life. If I just  copy her test I'll ace it and pass. No that's wrong. But then again, I can't fail this test. Sabrina won't know. Besides she wants to be in my class. So I can't fall behind.' Dolly thought.

Meanwhile, Sabrina was focusing on her test making sure she did good. Everyone envied her smartness, but she wasn't perfect. She  struggled sometimes just like everyone else. She just thought carefully about every possibility. And she studied an hour every day. Sabrina knew that Dolly was going to do super on her test. But Dolly didn't. Dolly failed. While Sabrina was working on a story for the test, Dolly was looking at Sabrina's paper! She had gone through with cheating. But Dolly wasn't wearing her glasses. When she tried to see she could only make out some of the words. When Mrs. Alzheimer was looking over her students shoulder's at their papers she noticed Dolly's story didn't make sense. But the words seemed like Sabrina's. "Sabrina, Dolly please come out in the  hall with me for a minute." Mrs. Alzheimer whispered just loud enough for the two of them to hear.

"Yes Mrs Alzheimer." asked Sabrina.

Dolly was very nervous. "I noticed your stories were very similar.  Anything to confess girls."

Sabrina shot Dolly a confused expression. Dolly blushed.  "Fine you know I hate to do this, but if know one's going to talk I'm throwing away both your tests and you'll both get zeroes!" Mrs. Alzheimer whisper yelled.

Sabrina had never been in trouble before in her life, and Mrs. Alzheimer was so nice. Well, Dolly was torn she couldn't repeat the year, but she couldn't stand to see her best friend so upset. Sabrina had gotten A+'s her whole life. "I cheated so I wouldn't have to repeat the year." Dolly blurted. She blushed even harder.

Sabrina looked shocked and angry. "I should have known. Sabrina I'm sorry I ever doubted you. Go back to your test,  ten extra minutes." Mrs. Alzheimer exclaimed. I hope your happy because now your immediately repeating the year and staying after school to do the test over."

After that Sabrina aced the test and went into fourth grade. While Dolly did over third grade. The two never spoke again.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Scaredy Cat Sue

Sue Phillips was afraid of almost everything. She was afraid of high places. She was afraid of low places. She was afraid of small places. She was afraid of big places. She was afraid of many different animals and creatures, dogs, cats, and spiders to name just a few. More than anything she was afraid of other people except her family. She didn't talk to any of the kids in her school. They all thought she was weird. They called her  "Scaredy Cat Sue."

Shayna Phillips was Sue's little sister. She was not afraid of anything. She liked high places. She liked low places. She liked big places. She liked small places. She loved all kinds of animals and creatures even spiders. Most of all, she loved other people. She talked to everyone and anyone. She was friends with everybody in her class.

"You shouldn't be  so scared, Sue." Shayna encouraged  Sue when she saw her sitting alone on the playground. "Make friends. Have fun."

"You should be more careful." Sue told Shayna in return when she saw her crawling across the top of the monkey bars. "If you keep doing things like that. You're going to get hurt."

Shayna just laughed. "Oh don't be so fuddy duddy." she said. "At least I know how to have a good time and have fun. At least I'm not afraid of everything and everybody." She hurried off with her friends.

Sue buried herself back in her book. After a while, Sue looked up and Shayna was missing. Sue went looking for her. She looked all over the playground she saw a lot of Shayna friend's but she didn't see Shayna.

Finally, she looked in the parking lot. Shayna couldn't be there, could she? She knew better than to go in the street, didn't she? Yet,  there was Shayna kneeling on the street in the parking lot a few feet away from the curb with a little gray puppy in her arms.

"Oh, Suzie." said Shayna looking up for a minute and seeing her sister. "I think this poor little guy is lost I found him in the parking lot." She snuggled the puppy to her chest.

Sue took a step back. "Do you ever think, Shayna?" she asked angrily. "You don't know anything about that dog. You don't know if he has an owner who is looking for him. You don't know if he's a stray. For all you know, he could have rabies or something. And your sitting there in the ground in the middle of a parking lot, for heaven's sake. You could get hurt!" She shook her head  in disgust at her sister.

Shayna frowned at Sue. She wasn't worried at all. It was just Sue being Scaredy Cat Sue and worrying about everything as usual. Shayna looked  away from her sister and looked back down at the puppy in her arms. "He's such a sweet little thing." she said. "I'm sure he's not sick."

"You should get out of the street." Sue told her.

Before Shayna had a chance to react a car came screeching through the parking lot. It was a group of rowdy teenagers. They were goofing around and listening to loud music and didn't even notice Shayna sitting in the road.The car was headed right for her.

"Shayna!" screamed Sue. The puppy leaped out of Shayna's arms startled at the loud noise and scurried away. At the same moment, Sue reached into the road and pulled Shayna with all of her might out of the road and up onto the curb.

Shayna lay in the grass with her eyes closed for a few moments. Suzie worriedly stood over her. Finally, Shayna opened her eyes and sat up carefully. "Sue." she said gratefully. "You saved my life. You weren't scared at all. You were brave."

"I guess. I was brave." Sue admitted. She hadn't thought about being scared at all. She had just done what she needed to do.

"Now you don't have to be afraid anymore." Shayna said excitedly. "You can climb up to the top of the monkey bars. You go crawl underneath the front porch. You can pet a dog. You can do anything. They won't be able to call you Scaredy Cat Sue anymore.They'll have to call your Brave Sue!"

"Whoa, hold on." Sue  said worriedly flicking a crawling spider off her arm. "Let's just take this one thing at a time." she said. She had to admit though she liked the idea of not being called Scaredy Cat Sue anymore. Brave Sue had a nice ring to it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gabriella Goes to Grandmas

"Is today the day? Is today the day?" every day Gabriella Velarde would ask her mother excitedly.

Every day, the answer would be the same. "No, not yet." Mommy would reply. "Let's go and cross another day off the calender." They would put another red X on the calender on the wall. Gabriella knew that when they got to the day that was circled  in blue marker her special weekend would be there, and she would be going to visit her grandmother. However, the days passed slowly and the circled day didn't seem to get any closer at least it didn't feel like it was to Gabriella.

Finally, one morning, Gabriella lay in bed not wanting to look at the calender and be disappointed again. Mommy poked her head in the doorway and smiled. "Go and look at the calender, sweetie." she urged. At first Gabriella didn't move, but then she got up and dragged herself out of her room and to the calender in the kitchen.

"Mommy!" she cried excitedly. "Today is the day! Today is the day I go to Grandma's!  I have to pack!" Mommy laughed and went into her own room to get dressed.

After a few minutes, Gabriella called frantically. "Mommy! Mommy! Come help! I can't get my suitcase off the bed."

Mommy entered the room and calmly tried to lift the suitcase off the bed. "What do you have in here rocks?" she teased. She opened the suitcase and found it full of toys, almost all of the toys from Gabriella's toy box. In fact, that is all there was in it at all  just toys. There was not one article of clothing or toothbrush or a brush or anything but toys.

"Gabriella," Mommy laughed. "Are you going to wear your toys?"

"Of course, not mommy." replied Gabriella seriously.

"Well, there isn't any room for any clothes in this suitcase. Do you have to take all your toys? You are only going to be gone for two nights."

Gabriella frowned all her toys were her favorites, and she hated to be parted with any of them. However, she reluctantly allowed Mommy to talk her down to only taking her three special favorite toys, her stuffed unicorn, her best baby doll, and her zebra, Zeke.  Then, Mommy helped her pack her clothes, and her toothbrush and her brush and everything else she needed aside from her toys.

When they were finished, then went downstairs to wait for Grandma. Gabriella sat out on the old wicker rocking chair on the front porch with her suitcase by her side. "Wouldn't you like to wait inside?" asked Mommy.

"No, thank you." Gabriella replied politely.

Mommy smiled, but Gabriella thought she could see a tear in the corner of mommy's eye. "Oh, Gabriella. You're are getting to be so big." Mommy said with a mixture of sadness and happiness. "I am going to miss you this weekend."

"I will miss you too, mommy, " replied Gabriella, "but you know I am coming back."

"Yes. I know." said Mommy hugging Gabriella tightly, "but I will still miss you."

Just then, Grandma's big old black car pulled up in the driveway, and she honked the horn in greeting.

Gabriella practically ran off the porch lugging her suitcase with her. Mommy started to come off the porch to help her. "No, mommy." she said. "I'm a big girl. I can do it, myself."

"Yes, you are a big girl, aren't you?" replied Mommy a little bit sadly. She sat in the porch chair looking as if she was going to jump out of her chair at any minute.

Gabriella went to Grandma's car. Grandma helped her put the suitcase in the trunk. Gabriella got in the back seat of the car and buckled her seat belt. "Goodbye, mommy!" she called waving frantically.

"Bye sweetie." called her mother waving back. "You be good!"

"I will. You be good too!" relied Gabriella. This time Gabriella was sure she could see a tear in her mother's eye as she and Grandma pulled away in Grandma's car. Mother's sure could be silly crying even on happy occasions. Gabriella quickly put that thought out of her mind and looked forward to the weekend ahead.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cute Corrie and Jealous Joanna

Corrie Grayson was so cute! Everyone said so. Joanna Grayson was her sister. She was tired of hearing about how cute Corrie was. Corrie was 5. Joanna was 9.

Even Joanna's friends loved her sister. "Oh, Joanna. Your sister is so cute!" They said  Joanna hated that.  Lots of times they wanted to let Corrie hang around with Joanna and  them. Joanna hated that even more.

To Joanna, Corrie was not so cute. To Joanna, Corrie was a big pain. She took Corrie's stuff and left her own stuff all over Joanna's room. She followed Joanna around and copied what she did and said. Joanna hated it.

"I wish I had a cute little sister like you." gushed Joanna's friends.

'I wish you had a little sister too.' Joanna thought. Instead of herself she meant.

Joanna hated when her Mom told her. "Corrie copies you because she loves you so much and wants to be like you. Someday, she won't care what you do and she won't want to copy you, and then you'll miss it."

Joanna couldn't imagine that. She couldn't wait for the day when Corrie would stop following her around and coping her. However, the thing that bothered her the most about Corrie was that she was so cute. Joanna felt like when Corrie was around nobody noticed her. She was not important she was just cute Corrie's big sister.

Sometimes, Joanna got jealous of Corrie. Sometimes, she felt so jealous it was though as if  the jealousy were burning a whole inside her. She felt bad about it, but she couldn't stop it. Sometimes, she would get so mad and jealous that she would take it out on Corrie. "Why don't you go away? I wish I was an only child!" she would shout. Corrie would usually go away crying. Joanna felt bad afterwards but she just couldn't stop herself from yelling at Corrie until it was too late.

One day, Grandma Flossie came to visit. "Where is my beautiful grandaughter?" she asked looking around.

Joanna sighed. "Corrie is outside, Grandma." she said.

Grandma laughed and gave Joanna a big hug. "I was talking about you, dear." she said.

"Me?" replied Joanna in surprise.

"Yes. You dear."

"But Corrie is the cute one. Everyone says so." replied Joanna sadly.

"Of course, Corrie is cute, but that doesn't mean you are not pretty. I can have two beautiful granddaughters and two smart granddaughters and two granddaughters whom I love very much. " insisted Grandma hugging Joanna again.

"I love you, Grandma." replied Joanna hugging her back.

The next day, Joanna's friend, Judy came over. Corrie was hanging around, but Judy didn't seem to notice. "Don't you want to meet my cute little sister?" asked Joanna.

"Why should I?" asked Judy without really seeming to care.

"Don't you want to ask me if my cute little sister can hang around with us?" asked Joanna.

Judy looked confused. "I thought you wanted to play with me." she said, "but, if you would rather play with your sister I can leave." She started to get up and head toward the door.

"No!" screamed Joanna. "I mean please stay. I mean I want to play with you."

Judy smiled. "Good because I want to play with you too."

Joanna smiled back. It was so nice to have a friend that did not care about Corrie.

That night, Joanna overheard Corrie talking to their mother, "Joanna is so smart." she said. "I can never be as smart as Joanna. Nobody cares about me when Joanna is around." she complained.

Joanna was stunned. Corrie was jealous of her too? She didn't want Corrie to have to feel that way. She knew how jealousy could make you feel. She knew how it could burn a whole in your stomach. She didn't want Corrie to feel that way.

"Don't worry, Corrie." she said hurrying to her sister's room. "You are smart too." she said."And the older you get the smarter you will get."

"I will?" said Corrie hopefully.

"Sure." replied Joanna with a smile. "Smart runs in the family." she said.

"Will people ever like me like they like you?" asked Corrie.

"They love you already. You are sweet and adorable." replied Joanna.

"I am?" asked Corrie in surprise.

Joanna nodded. Even, she had to admit that sometimes Corrie was sweet and adorable. Just sometimes.

"Do you love me? asked Corrie.

Joanna nodded. "Yes, I do." she replied certainly and even though Corrie could be a pain at times and even though being Corrie's big sister could be a pain at times, she really meant it. She really loved her little sister.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Felicity Goes Fishing

Felicity Anders was awoken to the sound of her little sister, Florrie squealing in her ear. "Is it time, yet, Is it time?"

Felicity stirred and opened her eyes tiredly. The fact that the room was still pitched dark wasn't helping her wake up."Time for what?" she asked. It was way too early to be awake as far as she was concerned.

"Time to go to the park with Uncle Jake."

'Oh yeah' Felicity thought to herself. This was the day Uncle Jake, Dad's fun younger brother was taking them out. She was looking forward to it, Uncle Jake was going to teach her how to fish. It was much to early to think about that now. At least it felt that way.

She forced her eyes open wide and starred at the clock. "Not for a few hours. Go back to bed." Florrie wandered off back to her own room disappointedly.

It seemed like only a few minutes later that the alarm clock went off, but it was actually a few hours. Felicity and Florrie got dressed and soon Uncle Jake was there. They loaded up the car quickly and drove to the park.  The drive was filled with Florrie's excited chatter.

At the park, Uncle Jake set up the fishing poles by the lake. Felicity sat on the shore beside him while Florrie sat in the grass nearby playing. She still kept chattering away half to herself or some invisible friend and half to her sister and her uncle.

After an hour of not even getting a bite, Felicity was  frustrated. "Shut up, Florrie!" she said angrily. "No wonder the fish aren't biting. You are scaring them away! Can't you ever be quiet?"

Florrie instantly got quiet.  She looked at her sister with a mixture of sadness and anger. She moved a little bit away from her sister.

No sooner had Florrie moved away when Felicity felt a tugging on her line. "Uncle Jake!" she called excitedly. "I think I've got something!"

"Let me see there, Felicity." said Uncle Jake. "Whoa, there. It looks like a big one." He helped Felicity reel in the fish.

It turned out to not be such a big fish after all. Still, Felicity was really excited to actually have caught any fish. "Florrie! Florrie!, Look what I caught." she said.

Florrie glared at her sister. She still wasn't ready to forgive her sister for yelling at her. She moved further away.

After a few hours, Felicity and Uncle Jake caught a few more small fish. Florrie was getting bored. She forgot about being angry and wandered closer again. "Why can't I go fishing?" she whined to Uncle Jake.

"You're too little." Felicity told her.

"No, I am not. Am I, Uncle Jake?"

Uncle Jake smiled at Florrie. "Don't worry, Kitten." he told her. "I'll take you fishing too when you're Felicity's age."

That did it for Florrie. She hated to be told she could not do things until she was Felicity's age. She was never going to be Felicity's age. Felicity was always going to be older and able to do more things.

This time instead of wandering away Florrie came closer. "I can fish now too! I can!" she declared. She pushed past Felicity and grabbed Felicity's fishing pole.

Felicity worriedly looked at her little sister leaning over the lake. "Careful, Florrie." she warned. "Your going to- "

It was too late. Before, Felicity could even get the words out, Florrie landed with a splash in the middle of the lake. It wasn't really that deep where they were, but it was deep for Florrie.As soon as she hit the water, she opened her mouth in surprise and swallowed a mouthful of lake water.  She started coughing and couldn't stop.

"Florrie!" Felicity screamed in terror. Before Uncle Jake could even react, she had kicked off her shoes and jumped in the lake. She swam over to Florrie and scooped her up in her arms. "Are you all right?" she asked worriedly.

Florrie nodded. She looked a little pale, but she had finally managed to catch her breath. "I'm okay." she said hugging Felicity tightly around the neck as she was still in Felicity's arms. "I love you." she said smiling at her sister.

"I love you too." replied Felicity smiling back with relief that Florrie was okay.

Uncle Jake smiled at both his nieces. "Well, Felicity," he said. "It looks like you made the biggest catch of the day."

Felicity looked at her sister in her arms and her smile got even brighter. "I guess I did." she replied.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tessa Likes To Talk

Tessa Dilmont loved to talk. Her father said she was born talking. Her mother didn't know about that, but she did remember when Tessa was about six months old, and her brother, Jackson was leaving for school. "Say Goodbye to Jackson," she said to Tessa.

"Bye, Jackson." said Tessa.

"Did you just say -?" asked her mother in amazement. It couldn't be. Tessa couldn't have really said what her mother thought she heard, could she? She was only six months old. It was not possible. Her mother quickly convinced herself that it wasn't true and that she was just imagining she heard what she thought she heard. It wasn't until years later that she realized she had in fact heard exactly what she thought she'd heard. Tessa had clearly said goodbye to her brother at a mere six months of age. Those were Tessa's official first words, and she'd been talking ever since.

At two and three everything was why this and why that. At four and five she thought she had all the answers herself, and she was more than willing to share them with anybody whether they wanted to hear them or not. By six and seven she not only had all the answers but she knew all the questions too, and she would tell everybody what she thought they needed to know.

"You should wear your red sweater, Mom." Tessa would say to her Mom when her Mom walked into her room, "It would look great with those Lucky jeans and your red shoes. And you -"

"Tessa," her mother cut in. "I only came in here to find out what you want for dinner."

"Well, I would like a burger and you can make it with those yummy cheese fries and lemonade. Do we have any lemonade?  I think Jackson finished it. He is always doing that. It is so not fair and -"

"Tessa! I have to go make dinner." But Tessa didn't stop she just followed her mother out of the room and kept right on talking and that was a typical day with Tessa.

Tessa's grandfather even called her Talkie Tessie. "How am I supposed to find things out if I don't ask?" Tessa defended herself.

"How are you going to hear the answers to your questions if you don't shut up?" Jackson would tease her.  Tessa never thought that was very funny. She would give him a nasty look and keep right on talking.

One afternoon, Tessa was lying on the couch by herself. Her Dad was working. Jackson was at basketball practice. Her Mom was on the phone with her grandmother. Tessa hated to be by herself. She didn't like to not have anyone to talk to. Sometimes, she would even settle for talking to the dog or the cat, but neither of them were around either.

Just when Tessa thought she was about to die of boredom, her best friend Carrie showed up at the door. "Carrie," said Tessa happily. "I'm so glad to see you I -"

"There's no time for that now, Tessa." said Carrie. "I have big news. Chad Browning is filming a video at the park."

"Chad Browning?" asked Tessa practically fainting right there. Chad Browning right there in their own town? She couldn't believe it. Chad Browning was only her favorite singer of all time.It only took her about a minute to regain her composure and her voice, "Chad Browning," she said. "I can't believe it! Why would he pick our boring old town?" she followed Carrie out of the house and towards the park talking all the way.

The park was really crowded. Word must have spread that Chad Browning was in town. "Come on , Carrie. Let's go." said Tessa in disappointment. She didn't think they would be able to get anywhere near Chad. Besides, she didn't think she could be quiet for so long while they filmed the video.

"Carrie," said Tessa. She looked around but suddenly Carrie was nowhere to be found. "Carrie!" she screamed. "Carrie, where are you?"

A big burly security guard appeared. "Quiet little girl." he said as he attempted to usher her away from  the set.

"Let her go." said a sweetly familiar voice. Tessa looked up. Suddenly, she was staring right into the face of Chad Browning. She couldn't believe it. It was a dream come true. She wanted to tell him what a big fan she was. She wanted to tell him how much she loved his music. She wanted to tell him so many things, but she couldn't. She couldn't say a word.For the first time in her life, Tessa Dilmont found herself truly speechless, and from that moment on all anyone had to do to get Tessa to stop talking was mention Chad Browning. Things were sure a lot quieter in the Dilmont house.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Quiet Katie

Katie McGee was quiet. She was really quiet. She didn't speak to anybody except her Mom, her Dad, her little sister, Kristy and her best friend, Jessica Larsen. Even when she spoke to them, it was usually in a whisper.

Luckily, Katie and Jessica had always been in the same class. Whenever, Katie had to talk in class, she would whisper to Jessica and Jessica would repeat it to the class. None of the other kids ever heard Katie's voice. Most of the time, they didn't even notice that she was there, and Katie liked it that way.

Jessica was always trying to get Katie to talk more. "Katie," she said, "You would have a lot more fun at school if you talked to other kids besides me." Katie shook her head no. She was content with just Jessica.
Jessica, however, was not content with just Katie. She loved Katie and Katie was her best friend, but sometimes she played with some of the other kids too. Those times Katie sat alone with a book or something.

Katie's Mom and Dad worried about her. They tried to get Katie to talk more to. "Katie, " suggested her Mom. "Why don't you have a playdate this weekend?" Katie's face lit up at the suggestion.
"Great!," said her mother, "You can invite a few girls from school over on Saturday for lunch." Katie's smile immediately turned to a frown. She shook her head and whispered to Kristy.

"She only wants to invite Jessica." explained Kristy as Katie nodded vigorously.

Now, it was Mommy's turn to frown. "Don't you want to make some other friends, Katie?" she asked worriedly. "What if Jessica is busy or what if she is not in your class every year?" Katie shook her head, and then shook it again and again and again. No! No! No! No! She didn't care about any of that. She only wanted to be friends with Jessica.

So things went on like they were and Katie only talked to her family and Jessica. She was happy with that. Her parents continued to worry and so did Jessica, but that didn't matter to Katie.

One day after school, Katie was at the park with Kristy. The park was crowded and a lot of kids from school were there, but not Jessica. Jessica was away visiting her  grandparents. Katie sat on the bench quietly reading a book while Kristy played on the swings.

Katie picked her head up when she heard hear the ringing of the ice cream truck. The other kids must have heard it too because they all  started running toward the sound of the bells. Katie looked for Kristy in the crowd, but didn't see her. She looked worriedly back towards the swings. There was Kristy lying in a crumpled heap on the ground.

"Kristy!" screamed Katie at the top of her lungs as she ran toward her sister. Everyone looked to see who had screamed, and they couldn't believe it when they saw it was Katie. They were so shocked to hear Katie's voice that they didn't even notice Kristy lying on the ground.

Kristy sat up as Katie reached her. "Katie, " she said, "You talked Katie. Katie you talked right out loud. You talked in front of everyone."

"Forget about that now." said Katie. "Are you okay? What happened?" asked Katie worriedly.

Kristy nodded. "I fell off the swing." she explained. "It hurts some, but I'm okay." Katie helped her sister stand up. She appeared to be okay except for a few scrapes and bruises, but Katie was no doctor. "We better get you home and get you checked out." She helped her sister toward home.

By now, the other kids had noticed what was happening. "Is everything okay?" they asked. "Do you need any help?" they asked.

Katie shook her head no. "Thank you." she said quietly although not as quietly as she used to talk,  loud enough for people near her to hear.

"Why Katie McGee," she heard a voice next to her say. "You have a very pretty voice. You should let people hear it more often."

Katie looked up to see the face of  her teacher, Miss Andrews. Katie smiled, but before she even had a chance to reply another person approached her. It was a girl from her class, Lucy Johnson. "I think you have a pretty voice too." said Lucy. "I also think you are nice, and I'd like to be your friend. Do you want to play with my on the playground tomorrow?"

 Katie nodded and smiled. I"d like that." she said. Sometimes, it was nice to be noticed after all.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Penelope Jo Says So

Lila Caufield and Penelope Jo  Martin were best friends. They were the same age, but  Penelope Jo was older by six months. That made all the difference. It made Penelope Jo just a little bit smarter than Lila. It made Penelope Jo a little more stylish than Lila. At least, Penelope Jo said so, and Lila believed her. Lila followed her around. Lila did everything she did. Lila practically worshiped the ground Penelope Jo walked on.

"Why are you throwing out your new sneakers?" asked Daddy finding Lila about to dump them into the garbage can one day.

"Red is ugly." declared Lila. Her father frowned at her. To him, it was just tossing money away to throw out brand-new shoes. Lila smiled at him. "Penelope Jo says so," she explained as if that made it all right. It didn't. Daddy rescued the sneakers and took them into the house.

"What do you mean you don't want any carrots?" asked Mommy one night at dinner. "You love carrots."

"Not any more." replied Lila making a face and pushing all the carrots off her plate. "Carrots are yucky! Penelope Jo says so." Mommy just shook her head sadly.

"Lila," said her sister Liz another day. "How can you listen to this terrible music? I thought you hated Justin Bieber." 

"I love Justin Bieber!" replied Lila. "He's dreamy!"

Liz looked at Lila as though she were crazy. "Aren't you the one who said he was a terrible singer, and he looks like a girl?"

 Lila shrugged. She couldn't remember if she said it or not, but it wasn't that way now. "That's not true." she protested, "He is a good singer, and he is really cute. Penelope Jo says so."

This time Liz looked at Lila with disgust. "Would you jump off a bridge if Penelope Jo told you too?" she asked. Lila opened her mouth to answer, but Liz stopped her. "Don't even answer that," said she said before Lila could even say a word. "You know you would."

One day, Mommy found  Lila sitting on the front steps rubbing her feet. "What's the matter?" she asked. Lila said nothing. Mommy lifted Lila's foot up. Her ankle was covered with big red angry blisters. "Have you been wearing your shoes without socks?" asked Mommy knowingly.

Lila nodded weakly. "Socks are out," she said quietly. "Penelope Jo says so." Mommy frowned.

The next day, Daddy found Lila rubbing her elbow. "What happened to you?" he asked.

"I fell jumping off a swing." replied Lila.

"Jumping off a swing?" repeated Daddy as though no smart person would ever think of doing such as thing.

"It's fun." insisted Lila sounding as though she was trying to convince herself as much as Daddy. "Penelope Jo says so."

Daddy shook his head. "It doesn't look like it's fun." replied Daddy looking at Lila's sore black and blue  elbow.

 Later, Liz found Lila sprawled out on the couch holding her head. "Are you okay?" she asked.

Lila shook her head. "I have a headache." she said, "Penelope Jo and I were having a screaming contest."

"A screaming contest?" asked Liz in disbelief.

"Anybody can have a quiet contest. A screaming contest is way cooler. Penelope Jo says so." replied Lila but she didn't sound very sure about it .

That night Mommy found Lila in her room crying. "My feet hurt, Mommy." she said. "My elbow hurts, and my head hurts too."

"I know Penelope Jo is your friend, but maybe you shouldn't always listen to her." suggested Mommy gently. "Maybe, you should  think for yourself sometimes."

"But I love Penelope Jo. She is my best friend. She is so cool."

"You're a pretty cool person too." said Mommy.

"I am?"

"Sure, you are." insisted Mommy, "and you know what's really cool? It's cool to think for yourself."

Lila chewed on her finger.She had never thought about that. She had been doing and saying whatever Penelope Jo did and said for so long. It never even occurred to her to think for herself.

The next day, Mommy, Daddy and Liz found Lila sitting on the front steps wearing her red sneakers with white ankle socks. She was munching on a carrot.

"I thought red was ugly." said Daddy.

"Penelope Jo says so, but Lila says no." said Lila.

"I thought socks were out." said Mommy.

"Penelope Jo says so, but Lila says no. " replied Lila a little louder and a little more confidentally.

"I thought you hated carrots." said Liz.

"Penelope Jo says so, but Lila says no. I love carrots!" Lila declared full of confidence, "And I hate Justin Bieber." she added wrinkling her nose in disgust at just the thought of him.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pajamas for Tootsie

Today's Story is by Melia

 Tootsie  Lawrence was 5 years old. She lived with her mother, father, sister Candy, and her other sister Lolly. Lolly, and Candy were twins. "Tootsie come on! We don't want to be late!" shouted Mother. 

 Tootsie came glumly moping down the staircase. "Yes we do!" Tootsie yelled back.

They were going, as a family of five, to get new pajamas for Tootsie, Lolly, and Candy. Tootsie simply didn't want to go. She had grown very attached to her pink teddy P.J's. She'd had them since she was  born, and had just grown out of  them two days ago. As father parked Tootsie started crying. 

 "It's okay baby. I know it hurts, but you can keep the old ones." Father soothed. They walked into the clothing store. Candy chose a green nightgown. Lolly chose a polka-dot nightgown. The twins loved nightgowns.  

 "Why don't you get the candy-cane nightgown?" suggested Candy, 

 "How about the bunny nightgown? suggested Lolly. 

 The girls started chatting about nightgowns, and ran off giggling. Tootsie hated nightgowns. She wanted her two piece teddies. Then she spotted, out of the corner of her eye, two piece purple pajamas with unicorns all over them. 

 "Mother I want these!" Tootsie demanded.

So Tootsie got the new pajamas. She was happy. Until she had to get new pajamas, and came moping down the stairs once again.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday America!

Kelly Jones woke up bright and early. The sun was shining brightly in the sky. 'What a beautiful day!" she thought happily as she stretched her arms out. She remembered it was a special day, but she couldn't remember why. 'Maybe it's my birthday.' she thought. That couldn't be it. Her birthday was in the winter. She knew it was the summer because it was really warm and sunny and her fan was whirring away as it spun around on her ceiling. In the winter, her fan wouldn't be running; the heat would be on.

Kelly got out of bed and got dressed. She couldn't wait for the special day to start. If only she could remember what was special about it. She bit her lip and thought really hard. She knew it wasn't the first day of school. She knew it wasn't the winter holidays. Neither of those things happened in the summer. What could it be?

Maybe, it was Kyra's birthday. Kyra was her older sister. That must be what it was. She ran into her sister's room excitedly shouting. "Happy Birthday, Kyra!"

Kyra was still sleeping. She groggily pulled her head off of her pillow. Her eyes were only half open and her hair was wild and frizzy. She looked at Kelly with a mixture of anger and confusion. "It's not my birthday, pest!" she barked angrily at Kelly throwing a pillow at her. "Now get out of here so I can go back to sleep."

Kelly hurried out of her sister's room and shut the door. If it wasn't Kyra's birthday then what was it?  She went into her parents room. Daddy was getting dressed, but he wasn't wearing his work clothes. He was putting on a pair of blue shorts and a striped t-shirt. Kelly was puzzled. It wasn't the weekend because she remembered Daddy being home for the past two days. Maybe he was sick she thought worriedly. With relief, she quickly realized that couldn't be true. Daddy never got out of bed when he was sick let alone got dressed.

Maybe, it was Daddy's birthday. Yes that must be it. That was why he was home. "Happy Birthday!" she  cried with excitement throwing herself into Daddy's arms.

Daddy laughed and hugged her. "That is quite a morning greeting, sweetheart,." he said cheerfully. "but it is not my birthday for another month."

"Oh." replied Kelly disappointedly. She rushed out of the room and down the stairs to find her Mom. If it wasn't Daddy's birthday, maybe it was Mommy's. Besides, there was a delicious smell coming from the kitchen, and she couldn't wait to see what mommy was making for breakfast.

"Mommy!" she called as she entered the kitchen. "You shouldn't be cooking breakfast on your birthday. Let me or Daddy or Kyra do it."

Mommy looked up with a puzzled expression on her face. "My birthday?" she said. "It's not my birthday. My birthday is in the winter like yours."

"Oh yeah." replied Kelly disappointedly. She slumped down into the chair and put her head on the table. She gave up. She just couldn't remember what was so special about this day.

"What's the matter?" asked Mommy. "I thought you were looking forward to the 4th of July. I'm making my special red, white and blue pancakes."

Kelly sat up quickly. "The 4th of July!" she exclaimed. She loved Mommy's special pancakes. Later there would be a parade and fireworks. Kelly couldn't wait. She loved all of it. So it was a birthday after all only it wasn't hers or Kyra's or Daddy's or Mommy's or any person at all. It was America's birthday. 'Happy Birthday, America.' thought Kelly happily as a huge smiled spread across her face.