Sunday, July 31, 2016

Let Me Do It!

"Who wants to help bake a cake?" called  Mommy from the kitchen.

Linnea Vessey and her older brother and sister, Louie and Lara were all sitting in the den watching TV.  All three of their heads immediately turned toward the sound of their mother's voice as soon as they heard the word "cake."

 "I do!" exclaimed Louie.

"No, I do!" cried Lara.

"No, me! Me!" shouted Linnea. "Let me do it."

They all went running into the kitchen pushing and shoving each other along the way.

"You can all help." declared Mommy. "Now, who wants to go and find the cake mix in the pantry?"

"I'll get it." said Louie.

"No, I'll will !" insisted  Lara.

"Let me do it!" cried Linnea.

They all ran out to the pantry. Louie was the tallest so he reached up to the shelf where the cake mixes should be. "There isn't any cake mix." he announced.

"Are you sure?" asked Mommy. "I could have sworn there was at least one box left."

Louie looked again. "There isn't." he replied.

Lara  stood up on her tiptoes and looked too. "No, there isn't." she confirmed.

"Let me see! Let me see!" shouted Linnea jumping up and down to try and see onto the shelf that was way over head.

All three children disappointedly trekked back into the kitchen.  "Are we still going to make a cake?" asked Lara hopefully.

Mommy nodded. "We'll just go to the store and get another box of cake mix." she declared.

"Oh yay!" exclaimed Linnea jumping up and down excitedly as Louie and Lara's frowns immediately turned to smiles.

Mommy loaded them all up in the car, and they hurried to the supermarket. At the supermarket, they quickly found the cake aisle. "Let's get this." stated Louie pointing to a box of banana cake.

"No, let's get this." demanded Lara pointing to a box of carrot cake.

"I want this!" stated Linnea pointing to a box of chocolate cake.

The three of them argued until Mom abruptly stopped them by announcing. "We are going to get this." She held up a box of vanilla cake. They picked up some icing - miraculously they all agreed on chocolate fudge, Then, they went to pay for their purchases.

At home, Mom looked at the recipe on the back of the box. "Who wants to get the eggs?" she asked.

"Me! Me! Let me do it." shouted Linnea before the others could say a word.

"Let Louie do it." replied Mom. "He's older." "Don't worry," she added upon seeing the frown that instantly spread across Linnea's face. "You can get the butter."

"What about me?" Lara pouted as Linnea quickly followed Louie to the refrigerator.

"You can get the beaters for the mixer." Mommy assured Lara. Lara hurried to get them out of the drawer.

Mommy let Louie crack an egg and Lara crack an egg and Linnea added the butter. They all took turns mixing. Soon the cake was ready to bake. Mommy had barely put it in the oven and closed the oven door when all three children quickly disappeared. "Who wants to help clean up?" called Mommy into the other room. There was no answer from Louie. There was no answer from Lara. There was no answer from Linnea.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Search For Ice Cream

A hint of a sweet melody filled the air, and Isla Vickery hurried to the window to see what it was. When she saw the familiar white truck, she was filled with excitement. "Mommy!" she exclaimed excitedly "Can I get ice cream?"

Mommy briefly looked up from the phone where she'd been chatting with Isla's Aunt May for the past hour. Aunt May was a dear but boy did she like to talk. Daddy always said if  you told Aunt May that your house was on fire and you had to get out immediately, she would keep right on talking. "What?" asked Mommy uncertain what Isla had asked. She'd been half daydreaming half listening to Aunt May.

"Can I get ice cream?" repeated Isla twice as eagerly.

"Can we talk about this when I get off the phone?"  asked Mommy.

Isla  knew it wasn't really a question. She sighed and flopped down on Mommy's bed  and impatiently waited for Mommy to get off the phone.

After about fifteen or twenty minutes and at least three or four times when the conversation seemed to be ending but didn't, Mommy finally got off the phone. Isla eagerly bounced off the bed. "Now can I get ice cream." She inquired hopefully.

Mommy glanced at the clock on her bedside table, and shook her  head. "It's too close to dinner."she

"Please, Mommy?" begged Isla pleadingly looking into her mother's eyes. "I'll put it in the freezer and save it for after dinner." she promised.

"Okay." agreed Mommy seeing the disappointed look on Isla's face. She send Isla to fetch her pocketbook, and they hurried downstairs.

When they got outside, it was eerily quiet. There was no sign of the ice cream truck anywhere. Isla quickly looked up and down the street a few times as if that would make the truck reappear.

"Come on, Isla." urged Mommy seeing Isla's disappointed face. Mommy locked the house and they got in the car and drove around the neighborhood  looking for the ice cream truck. Despite several false alarms when they spotted similar looking white trucks, there was no sign of the ice cream truck.

When they got home, Isla wearily followed her mother into the house. Disappointment filled Isla with exhaustion. 

"Don"t worry, Isla." stated her mother cheerfully upon seeing Isla's sad face. "I think we may have some ice cream left  in the freezer from when I went shopping last week."

Isla smiled half- heartedly. It wouldn't be as good or as special as ice cream from the ice cream truck but at least it would be something. 

That night, Isla could barely get through dinner even though Mommy had cooked spaghetti, one of her favorite meals. All she could think about was the taste of sweet creamy delicious ice cream . Her mouth watered for it.

When dinner was finally over, Isla practically jumped out of her chair and ran to the freezer. She looked around but didn't see any ice cream. She looked around a few more times and even stood up on her tiptoes to make sure  she didn't miss anything, but there was still no sign of any ice cream. Mommy and Daddy looked too, but they didn't see any either.

Just as they were finishing looking, Isla'a older brother, Artie came in. He'd been at a friend's house where he'd had dinner. "What  are you looking for?" He inquired curiously seeing everyone staring in the freezer.

"I thought we had some ice cream left from when I went shopping last week." explained Mommy.

"Oh that. " replied Artie, " The guys and I ate it after baseball practice the other day. We were starving"

Isla glared at her brother. He shrugged and went upstairs to do his homework.

Isla sighed and hung her head sadly. She was so disappointed. She had so been looking forward to the delicious taste of sweet creamy ice cream. She couldn't get it out of her head. 

"How about we go out for ice cream?" suggested Daddy.

Isla's smile lit up her whole face. Ice cream at the ice cream shoppe was even better than ice cream from the ice cream truck. She nodded happily in agreement. "Thanks, Daddy." she said.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Generous Geneva

    "That's mine!" shrieked Geneva Withers grabbing a toy out of her little sister, Mya's hands.

Mya began to cry.  Mommy scooped her up in her arms. She gave Geneva an angry look. "Why can't you share with your sister?" she asked. "She wasn't hurting the toy."

"But it's mine." replied Geneva as if that were explaination enough.

Mommy frowned. "Geneva," she replied in a voice that was filled with disappointment. "It's nice to share. It's nice to be generous." She shook her head sadly at Geneva.

Geneva looked at the ground. "I'm sorry." she said and she really was, well not so much that she had taken the toy away from Mya, but that Mommy was disappointed in her.  She hated to disappoint Mommy. She wanted to make Mommy proud.  "Okay, Mommy."declared Geneva. "I'll share. I'll be generous."

That night at dinner. Geneva dumped her peas onto Mya's plate.

"Geneva?" inquired Daddy. "Why are you putting food your on your sister's plate?"

Geneva smiled brightly. "I'm sharing." she replied proudly. "I'm being generous."

"You need to eat your own food. Giving your little sister the food you don't like is not being generous." said Mommy.

"But, she likes them see." replied Geneva pointing to Mya who was happily scooping up fistfuls of peas.

"She has her own food, Geneva." declared Mommy. "You eat yours."

Daddy nodded in agreement. "You need to take back your peas back and eat them yourself." he advised sternly.

Geneva sighed. She took her spoon and scooped her peas off Mya's plate and back onto her own.

The next day, Geneva went through her toys. She gathered up all the broken ones that she didn't want anymore and carried them to Mya's room. "Here, these are for you." she told her little sister. Mya smiled happily and grabbed on to a stuffed lamb with hardly any stuffing left in it.

Geneva proudly went back to her own room pleased with how generous she was. That is until, she heard Mommy's angry voice shouting "Geneva!"

Geneva slowly went back to Mya's room. Mommy sounded really angry, and Geneva wasn't anxious to face her. Geneva didn't understand why she was so angry when Geneva was just trying to be generous like Mommy wanted.

Mommy frowned as Geneva entered the room. She looked even angrier than Geneva expected. "Why is Mya playing with a bunch of broken toys?" asked Mommy.

Geneva didn't understand why Mommy was so unhappy with her.  Maybe, when Geneva explained Mommy would understand and her anger would go away."I gave Mya all my old toys." she explained smiling  proudly at Mommy.

However, Mommy didn't seem any less angry. She just shook her head, at Geneva and asked. "Is it nice to give somebody broken toys? Would you want broken toys?"

Geneva frowned and shook her head no. "I was just trying to be generous like you wanted me to."she explained.

Mommy frowned back and sadly shook her head again. "Giving somebody your old broken toys is not being generous." she stated.

Geneva shook her head and sighed. She had disappointed Mommy again. She felt as if she was going to cry. She sure wasn't good at this being generous stuff.

"Being generous is not about giving others things you don't want. Being generous is about giving other people things they would want." Mommy explained in a much softer tone. She knew that Geneva wasn't purposely trying to be mean to her sister.

Geneva nodded thoughtfully.

The next day, Geneva was sitting at the table eating a box of cookies and watching TV when Mya wandered over to her. Mya pointed to the cookie  Geneva was eating and tried to grab for it. Geneva reached into the box and handed one to her sister. Mya took it eagerly and happily put it into her mouth.

Just then, Geneva saw Mommy watching her from the doorway, and she instantly froze. Was she doing something wrong again? She quickly glanced up at Mommy and noticed that this time Mommy was smiling.

"I'm proud of you, Geneva. I know that animal crackers are your favorite, and you still shared with your sister."

"Now, am I being generous?" asked Geneva hopefully.

"Yes," replied Mommy smiling at Geneva. "Now, you're being generous."

Geneva smiled. She loved when Mommy was proud of her.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Almost Ready

Juliette Yarrow never came right away when anyone called her.  At first, she wouldn't even say anything at all. She would just stay where she was and finish what she was doing. That really made Mommy and Daddy mad so she learned to say "I'm coming!" as soon as she was called, but she really wasn't. She was never ready when they called her. She was almost ready, and she wouldn't go until she was ready.

Juliette was reading a book in her room when her mother called her. She sighed unhappily. Her book was so good, and she was right in the middle of a chapter. "I'm coming!" she called quickly, but she continued to read her book. She was almost ready. She would go down when she finished her chapter.

After about ten minutes, Juliette went downstairs. "What's going on?" she casually asked her mom.

Mom frowned at her. "Look who decided to show up." she replied sarcastically.

"I was in the middle of something." Juliette explained.

Mom just shook her head. It was always the same with Juliette. She could not be bothered to come when anyone called.  "Well, it's too late now." replied Mom. "Grandma was here and she took Jessa for ice cream." Jessa was Juliette's little sister.

"She did?!" exclaimed Juliette indignantly. "Why didn't she take me?"

"I called you, but you didn't come."

Juliette frowned "Are they going to bring me ice cream?" she asked. Her mother didn't know the answer to that question.

A little later, Grandma and Jessa arrived home. Jessa's face was covered with chocolate and cookie crumbs.

"It looks like you had a good time." Mommy said with a smile.

Jessa smiled back. "I did." she said happily bobbing her head up and down. "I had cookies and cream and chocolate ice cream. It was delicious."

"Did you bring me any?" asked Juliette jealously.

Jessa shook her head.

"I'm sorry." replied Grandma. "I didn't know you were home."

Juliette glared at Jessa and then at Mommy. They both knew she was home.

Mommy just shook her head. "You didn't come when I called." she replied.

Juliette sighed as Grandma kissed her and Jessa and left.

Juliette still had not learned her lesson. A few days later, Mom called both Juliette and Jessa from downstairs. Jessa noisily hurried down the stairs. Juliette was lying on Mommy's bed watching one of her favorite TV shows. She was right in the middle of an episode and did not want to leave before it was over. "I'm coming." she called back. She was almost ready, and she would go soon.

A little while later, she went downstairs. Jessa was handing Mommy a bowl and a spoon. "What are you doing?" asked Juliette.

"I helped Mommy make a cake for the bake sale, and she let me lick the bowl." replied Jessa proudly.

"Did you save me any?" asked Juliette.

Jessa shook her head no.  "You weren't here." she replied as Mommy nodded in agreement.

Juliette frowned.

The next day, Uncle Barney came by. When Mommy called, Juliette she was in the middle of drawing a picture. By the time, she finished and went downstairs. Uncle Barney was gone.  Jessa was still there though with a five dollar bill clutched in her hand. "Look what, Uncle Barney gave me!" she bragged excitedly.

Juliette frowned with a mixture of jealousy and sadness. She was so tired of missing out on everything.

The next time, Mommy called her Juliette came right away. She came so quickly she arrived almost before Mommy finished calling her name. This time Mommy wanted someone to go with Daddy to the supermarket. "I'll go." Juliette volunteered. Jessa was nowhere around anyway.

When Daddy and Juliette came back from the supermarket. Her mouth was full.

"What are you chewing?" Jessa demanded to know.

"Daddy got me a pack of gum at the supermarket." replied Juliette.

"Did he get me any?" asked Jessa.

Juliette shook her head no. "You weren't there." she replied.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Blossom and the Babysitter

Blossom Everly was 8 years old, and she did not want a babysitter. "Do you have to go?" she asked her mother for about the tenth time.

Her mother nodded and smiled at her. "Yes." she replied. "You know Daddy and I have to go to a dinner with Daddy's boss and his wife."

"Can't I go with you?" suggested Blossom eagerly as if that were the perfect solution and just nobody had thought of it yet.

Mommy shook her head. "I'm afraid not. It's just for grownups." Blossom sadly looked at the ground. "Don't worry." Mommy added seeing Blossom's sad face. "By the time you wake up in the morning, we'll be home." she declared.

Just then Daddy arrived home with an unfamiliar teenage girl. Blossom frowned at the girl, but the girl smiled back at her.

"Hi." said the girl happily. "I'm Geena Grasso. You must be Blossom." Blossom didn't reply. She just looked away.

Mommy and Daddy kissed Blossom on their way out the door. "Be good." said Mommy.

"Have fun." said Daddy.

After Mommy and Daddy left, Geena asked Blossom. "So what would you like to do?"

Blossom ignored her. She just sat down on the living room couch and started trying to braid her hair,

"You have really pretty hair." Geena told her. Blossom still ignored her.

"You should put your hair in a French braid." suggested Geena.

"I don't know how to do a French braid." replied Blossom unhappily.

"I could do it for you." offered Geena. She sat down on the couch next to Blossom and began braiding Blossom's hair. Blossom still didn't want to like Geena, but she really wanted her hair to be French braided so she just said quietly and let Geena braid her hair.

Geena quickly finished braiding. "There." she announced when she was done. "Here, let me take a picture so you can see it." She quickly snapped a picture on her cellphone and showed it to Blossom.

Blossom smiled. She had to admit it looked really pretty. "Thanks." she said happily. She was starting to warm up to Geena just a little bit.

Geena started talking about a character on a TV show that had a braid like Blossom's.

"That's one of my favorite shows!" exclaimed Blossom.

"Mine too." replied Geena.

They began talking about the show. Then they began talking about other shows. Then books,and before she knew it, Blossom had had a whole conversation with Geena. It turned out Geena liked a lot of the same things when she was a little girl that Blossom liked now. They talked so much that Blossom's throat got dry. "I'm thirsty." she declared, "And I'm hungry too." she added.

"Then, let's have a snack." said Geena.  Blossom was reluctant. Mommy usually didn't let her snack so late. "Don't worry." Geena assured her. "It will be our little secret." Blossom smiled. She liked having a secret with Geena.

They went into the kitchen and found some cheese and crackers and juice and brought them into the living room and ate in front of the TV. Afterwards, they cleaned up. Then, Geena played games with Blossom for an hour.

Before, they knew it. It was Blossom's bedtime. Geena let her stay up an extra hour and read her stories. Finally, it was time for Blossom to go to bed. Geena tucked her in bed and turned out the light. "I'm really glad you came to babysit me tonight." Blossom told her.

"I'm really glad too." replied Geena.

The next morning when Blossom woke up, Mommy and Daddy were back. "I guess you survived having a babysitter." Daddy teased her.

"We were back by the time you woke up just like we promised." declared Mommy.

"Can you go away again tonight, and can Geena babysit me again?" asked Blossom eagerly.