Sunday, December 25, 2011

Everybody Doesn't Love Daisy

Skyler Billings loved many things.She loved rainbows and flowers. She loved puppies and kittens. She loved dolls and  stuffed animals. She loved her Mom and Dad and her older sister.

Most of all, Skyler loved Daisy Dewdrop. Daisy Dewdrop and the Flower Fairy Girls was her favorite TV show in the whole world. Skyler watched Daisy Dewdrop every day. She had Daisy Dewdrop dolls and Daisy Dewdrop toys and Daisy Dewdrop clothes. Skyler's older sister, Sara always said that if they came out with Daisy Dewdrop toliet paper, Skyler would want that too. Skyler didn't deny it. She considered it a goal to have every single Daisy Dewdrop item in the world. She loved that it seemed like they came out with a new Daisy Dewdrop item every day, but it made it so hard to keep up. Daisy Dewdrop was so wonderful. How could anybody not love her?

Well, not everybody did love Daisy Dewdrop. "If I hear another word about Daisy Dewdrop, I'll scream!" exclaimed Sara to their Mom as Sklyer sat in the living room listening to the opening theme song of the Daisy Dewdrop show.

Their Mom patted Sara on the back and smiled. "Don't worry." she said. "She'll outgrow it." Sara couldn't imagine that. She couldn't remember a time when Daisy Dewdrop wasn't a part of the their lives, and she was so tired of it. She grabbed her stuff and headed for her room.

At first Skyler's friends were into Daisy Dewdrop too. After a while though, they moved on to other things. "Don't you want to watch the Purple Puppy and Calico Kitty show? " asked her friend Amy one day. "It's new and it's such a great show."

Skyler shook her head. "I'd rather watch Daisy Dewdrop." she said.

Amy sighed. "I guess I'll see you around. " she said' "I've gotta go home." After a while, Amy stopped coming around. Soon so did Skyler's other friends.

One afternoon Mommy found Skyler sitting on the couch by herself looking sad. "What's the matter, baby?" she asked sitting down beside Skyler.

"Oh nothing." replied Skyler. She looked away because she didn't want Mommy to see how badly she really felt, but she just couldn't hold back the tears. 

Mommy scooped up Skyler on her lap. "My poor baby." she said. "You can tell Mommy."

"Nobody likes me anymore. Nobody wants to play with me anymore." Skyler burst into a fresh flood of tears.

"I'm sure that is not true." said Mommy. "Let's talk about it." Skyler told Mommy everything that had happened. "Hmm." said Mommy as Skyler finished talking. "I don't thing that it's you that they are sick of. I think it's Daisy Dewdrop." Skyler opened her mouth widely and began to protest. She didn't know how anyone could ever be tired of Daisy Dewdrop, but Mommy continued before she could say a word. "I know you love Daisy Dewdrop, but that doesn't mean everyone does." Skyler opened her mouth again to protest, but again Mommy interupted her. "Do you like those Disney Channel shows that Sara watches?" Skyler wrinkled her nose. She hated the shows that her sister watched, but what did that have to do with anything. "Well, you love your sister, don't you?" Skyler nodded usually she did.

"You love your sister and you don't love everything that she loves."

Skyler nodded again. "But Sara doesn't make me watch those Disney shows with her. We do other things together."

"Aha!" said Mommy.

"Oh!" said Skyler figuring it out suddenly. "Maybe my friends don't want to watch Daisy Dewdrop all the time either."

"Maybe, they don't."  agreed Mommy.

"But I love Daisy Dewdrop!" insisted Skyler almost beginning to cry again, but Mommy quickly hugged her tightly.

"You can still love Daisy Dewdrop." Mommy told her, "but that doesn't mean that everybody else is going to."

"I guess I could watch something else once in a while." said Skyler finally, "and I guess I could play with other toys and stuff. Do you think my friends would want to play with me again then? Do you think they would like me again?"

"I'm sure they would."

Skyler instantly brightened. "I'm going to go call Amy right now, and see if she wants to watch Purple Puppy and the Calico Kitty show with me." After all, Skyler could watch Daisy Dewdrop later on the DVR.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oriana the Only Child

For five whole years of life, Oriana Gray had been an only child. She didn't  have an older brother who teased her like her friend, Franny did. She didn't have a younger sister who took all her stuff like her friend, Lola did. She didn't have anyone to fight with over toys. She just had herself and Mommy and Daddy and their golden retriever, Skipper, and that was enough, and she was happy .

One day when Oriana was busy playing in her backyard with her dog,  her mother called to her. Oriana smiled and waved and went back to playing with Skipper. "Oriana!" her mother called again more insistently. "Come and sit down and talk to me." She sat down on the wicker couch outside their back door and motioned for Oriana to come sit beside her. Oriana reluctantly dragged herself over and sat down beside her mother. Skipper followed her and sat at her feet.

"I love you, Oriana." said Mommy kissing her.

"I love you too, mommy. "replied Oriana kissing her back and staring at her in a puzzling manner. Mommy didn't call her over just to tell Oriana she loved her, did she? Oriana knew her Mommy loved her.

 "You know I can love other people and still love you too, don't you?' asked Mommy. Oriana nodded. She was still puzzled. Mommy was sure acting strange.

"Wouldn't you like to be a big sister one day?" Mommy asked suddenly changing the subject and getting to what was really on her mind.

Oriana shook her head quickly and jumped out of her seat. "Oh no, Mommy." she said still shaking her head. "I love being an only child. I love having you and Daddy all to myself."

"But wouldn't you like to have a sister or brother one day." insisted Mommy.

"I have a sister. " said Oriana. Now, it was Mommy's turn to look puzzled. Oriana pointed to Skipper.

Mommy smiled. "Oh, but that's not the same." she said.

"It's good enough for me." replied Oriana.

"Would you like to have a brother or sister to play with?" Oriana shook her head. "Wouldn't you like to have a brother or sister to talk to?" Oriana shook her head again. "Wouldn't you like to have a brother or sister to keep you company?" Oriana shook her head again and went into the house crying. Her mother was crying too. She saw her father go outside to comfort her mother as she came in the house. She heard him tell her mother that everything would be okay, Oriana would get used to it. She would not get used to it! Oriana screamed silently. She loved her life with just herself and Mommy and Daddy. She didn't want to share it or them. Ever!

Of course, it was not really up to Oriana. Mommy and Daddy were going to have another baby. There was nothing Oriana could do about it. They couldn't make her like it though, and they couldn't make her happy about it.

She decided to pretend that the baby didn't exist and that she was not going to be a big sister. Every time,they talked about the baby, she left the room and when she couldn't do that she shut her ears. She wouldn't help them pick out clothes or toys. She wouldn't help paint the baby's room even though they painted it her favorite shade of yellow. Whenever anyone said "You are so lucky, you are going to be a big sister soon." or something like that she would say "No! I'm not." and quickly change the subject or leave the room.

Well, finally after nine months of ignoring the impending arrival of the baby, Oriana could ignore it no more. The baby was here. Grandma picked Oriana up at school to take her to the hospital to see Mommy and the baby. Daddy was already with them. Oriana tried to convince Grandma to take her anywhere but there. She told Grandma that she didn't really want to be a big sister and that nobody had asked her opinion.

Finally, Grandma had enough. "Oriana, " she said sternly. "Your Mommy loves you, and your Daddy loves you too and that will never change. Now, we are going to the hospital to see them, and you are going to smile and be good and behave yourself and not complain or give them a hard time. Do you hear me?" Oriana nodded. She knew better than to argue with Grandma when Grandma used that tone of voice.

They arrived at the hospital and went up to the maternity ward. When they entered Mommy's room Daddy scooped Oriana up in his arms. "Daddy!" she said excitedly. Daddy put her down on the bed beside Mommy. Mommy put the blanketed bundle she had been holding into Oriana's arms and put her arms around both of them.

"Oriana." she said cheerfully, "Meet your sister, Alyssa."

Oriana didn't want to look but she couldn't help herself. She peeked down at the tiny face inside the blanket on her lap. It was so cute and so helpless, and it seemed to be looking right up at her. Her heart melted, and for the first time she felt like just maybe this big sister sister stuff wouldn't be so bad after all. "Hi. Alyssa." she whispered "I'm your big sister, Oriana, and you might not care about that so much right now, but you'll get used to it. Just like I am."

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sierra Wants A Sister

Sierra Benson was a very lucky girl. She had a sweet and beautiful mother. She had a handsome and kind father. She had an older brother named Henry. She had everything she could possibly want in life everything except one thing. Sierra really wanted a sister.

Almost everyone Sierra knew had a sister. Her friend Maggie had a sister. Her friend Paige had a sister. Her friend Rosie had a sister. More than half of the kids in her class had sisters. Sierra felt that she ought to have a sister too. She decided to do something about it. She decided to tell Mommy and Daddy that she really wanted  and needed a baby sister. If she did that, she was sure it wouldn't be long before she had one too.

She eagerly approached the subject one day when she and Mommy were riding in the car. Mommy," she said "Can you get me a baby sister?"

Mommy smiled pleasantly. "And, where should I get one from?" she asked cheerfully.

Sierra chewed on her finger and thought about it for a moment. "At Babies R Us?" she asked hopefully.

Mommy laughed. "It's a little more complicated than that." she replied.

Sierra was disappointed.

Another day, Mommy and Sierra were at the YMCA for Sierra's swim lesson. "Mommy?" asked Sierra very seriously as they changed out of their wet bathing suits. "When is my sister going to be born?"

Mommy kissed Sierra and patted her own very flat tummy. "Maybe, some day, sweetie." she said gently.

Mommy's tummy was too flat to have a baby in it. All her friend's Mommies tummies were big and round before their sisters were born. Sierra was disappointed. She didn't want a sister some day. She wanted one now!

Shortly after that day, Mommy and Daddy announced that they were going to have another baby. When Mommy told people that Sierra knew about the baby even before she and Daddy did, Sierra just beamed happily. She couldn't wait for her baby sister to be born.

"I'm going to have a sister." she told everyone she saw excitedly. Whenever anyone bothered to point out that the baby could be a brother, Sierra glared at them. "It's a sister!" she would reply angrily. She was sure of it.

Henry was hoping the baby would be a boy. It did not seem to matter that he was already 10, and the baby could not possibly ever be much of a playmate for him. "It could be a boy you know, Sierra." he insisted.

Sierra shook her head. "It's a girl." she said nodding her head as if to show that she was right.

One day, that seemed to Sierra to be quite a long while after Mommy and Daddy had told her they were going to have another baby, Sierra woke up in the morning. There was no sign of Mommy and Daddy but Grandma was there. "Get dressed, Sierra, " Grandma told her. "We are going to go the hospital to see the new baby." Sierra didn't have to be told twice. She hurried into her favorite jeans and the red Big Sister sweatshirt Mommy and Daddy had gotten her when they told her she was going to be a big sister. She had been saving it for today.

At the hospital, Sierra was a bit scared. It seemed so big, and she felt so little. She had never been to the hospital before.

Grandma hurried Sierra and Henry into the building and up to the maternity floor. Daddy was waiting for them. He picked Sierra up and led them to Mommy's room. Mommy was sitting on her bed with the cutest little baby Sierra had ever seen wrapped up in a striped blanket in her arms. Sierra smiled. "Is that my sister?" she asked excitedly.

Mommy and Daddy smiled back and nodded. "This is your sister, Savannah Joy Benson." replied Mommy proudly.

Sierra turned to Henry and stuck her nose in the air snobbily. "You see, Henry," she said. "I told you, it was a sister. I told all of you." she pointed out.

Mommy nodded again. "Yes you did." she replied. "Come and meet your new sister." she added.

Daddy helped Sierra to wash her hands. Then, he lifted her on to the bed beside Mommy. Mommy put Savannah carefully into Sierra's arms. Savannah looked as though she were looking right at Sierra. Sierra smiled down at her. "Hello, little sister. " she said smiling. "I love you. I loved you even before you were born. We are going to be great friends and sisters." And they were, and they  had an extreme sisterly love-hate relationship ever after.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Daria Goes to the Dentist

"Daria!" called her mother from the bottom of the stairs. "Daria! Where are you?" Not a peep was heard from Daria. This was rather unusual. Daria was usually quite a chatterbox. "Daria, it's time to go!"

Daria's sister, Kate, came down the stairs with her heels clicking noisily on the floor. "Do you have to make all that racket?" asked their mother who by now was stressed out and angry. "Where is your sister? We are going to be late!"

Kate shrugged and slipped her arms into her blue jean jacket that was hanging over the railing of the stairs. Mommy sighed and rushed back up the stairs still calling for Daria. She hurried into Daria's room and looked around.  There was no sign of Daria. She was just about to leave the room when she spied a pair of pink fuzzy socks peeking out from behind the door. She swung the door open so quickly that Daria practically fell on the floor. "Daria!" exclaimed her mother angrily. "I have been calling you and calling you. Where have you been? It's time to go. Put your shoes on."

Daria sat down on her bed and stared at the floor. "I'm not going." she said calmly without looking at her mother.

"What do you mean, you're not going?" her mother replied trying to remain calm as well.

"My teeth are good. I don't need to go to the dentist." insisted Daria.

"I'm sure you're teeth are good. You still need to have them checked." replied her mother equally as insistently.

Daria looked up at her mother. She  looked scared. She looked as though she were about too cry. Her mother scooped her up in her arms and kissed her. "Don't worry. It's going to be fine." she promised. She helped Daria put her sneakers and on and carried her down the stairs where she helped her put her favorite purple jacket on. Daria was so nervous that she didn't even mind that her mother was carrying her around like a baby.

They  got in the car. Daria would usually be chattering away throughout the ride. Instead she was unusually quiet. "What's the matter with you, squirt?" asked Kate. Daria ignored her and stared out the window.

"Let it go, Kate." warned their mother. Kate shrugged, put her i-pod ear buds in, and began softly singing to the music in her ears.

Soon they arrived at the dentist. Daria shivered with fear. She gripped the door handle, but did  not open it. Mommy opened the door. Daria would not let go. Mommy gently pried her hands off the handle and helped her out of the car. She hurried a still frightened Daria into the waiting room of the dentist's office and led her to a chair. "Sit." she ordered. Daria  sat quickly and quietly even though what she really wanted to do was run out the door. She kept looking at the door and wishing she was anywhere but where she was at that moment.

All too quickly, the grey haired nurse, was calling Daria's name. Daria did not budge. She was too scared to move. Maybe, she had heard wrong she hoped and they weren't calling her at all.

"Daria Popov." repeated the nurse impatiently as though Daria was wasting her time which she pretty much was. Daria's mother pulled her out of her chair and led her into the other room after the nurse. The nurse pointed to a big blue leather dental chair. Daria didn't move, but her mother gently ushered her into the chair.

"I'll be right here with you." her mother promised slipping to the back of the room as the dentist entered.

The dentist was tall and had short brown hair and sparkly eyes. He reminded Daria of her Uncle Ben. Daria loved her Uncle Ben. He always brought her Mrs. Field's cookies and told the funniest jokes. Somebody who looked just like Uncle Ben couldn't be all bad, could they? Daria still didn't feel comforted though. After all, Uncle Ben never tried poking around in her mouth like the dentist was about to do.

"Hi, Daria." the dentist greeted her cheerfully. "I'm Dr. Dixon. I'm going to examine your teeth." His voice sounded warm and friendly, and made him remind her of her uncle even more, but still she was not sure. Dr. Dixon told her to open her mouth. Daria didn't really want to, but she figured the sooner she did what she was told the sooner she could get out of there so she opened. Dr. Dixon checked her teeth. So far it didn't hurt at all. Daria was relieved. "Was that all? Can I go home now?" she asked eagerly finally finding her voice.

Dr Dixon smiled and his eyes sparkled. "I just have to clean your teeth." he replied.

Daria's heart sank. This was  it she thought. This was where he got out the drills and the pain began. However much to her surprise all he got out was some kind of funny looking electric brush and some funny looking pasty stuff. The brush turned out to be a toothbrush and the paste turned out to be toothpaste. Dr. Dixon put some toothpaste on the brush and began brushing her teeth. It didn't hurt at all. In fact, it kind of tickled. She even liked the pepperminty tasty of the toothpaste.

Before she knew it, Daria's teeth were all cleaned and Dr. Dixon was ushering her out of the chair. "We'll see you in six months." he said handing her chart to the nurse. Daria and her mother followed the nurse back into the other room where the nurse put Daria's chart on the counter. The woman behind the counter took the chart. Then, she showed Daria a treasure chest and let her pick out a little toy. Daria selected an elephant finger puppet.

"Well, Daria that wasn't so bad. Was it? "asked her mother while they waited for Kate to finish her dental appointment.

"Can we go to the dentist every day?" asked Daria smiling while holding up her new finger puppet  and admiring it as she ran her tongue over her really fresh and clean feeling teeth. Her mother laughed and hugged  her.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Iggie's Imagination

 Today's Story is by Melia

 Iggie  was  a  little   two   year   old   girl.  She  had   a  wild   imagination.  One   minute  she was   a   firefighter,  the  next   a  princess.  One  morning   when  Iggie  came  downstairs  for  breakfast  mommy    asked, "Who   are   you    today?"

" Iggie.,"she    replied.   Normally  she    would  say   something    like   Barney, or   Big  bird     or  a  dog, but   today   she  just  glumly  replied   with  who  she  really   was.  And    mommy  got   very   worried, Iggie   had   never    sounded  so   unhappy   before.

"Iggie   are    you      feeling  okay?"mommy  asked    worriedly.

" Yes" replied   unhappy  Iggie.

'My   poor  baby ' thought  mommy.    Later    that    day, around    noon,  Iggie's    sister, June    came   in  the living   room   where   mommy    and   Iggie   were     reading   their   books.

"Mom,    who's     Iggie   being? I  need   to    say  hello." June    remarked.

"Iggie.,"  the  little    two   year    old replied.
Oh   hi  Iggie.,"   June    said  surprised,  feeling   the   little  one's   head  to  make   sure   she   was  alright.

At    dinner  when  daddy  came  home  from   work  he   said,"How's     my  little________?"

Normally    Iggie    would  jump  out    and   excitedly   shout    out   what  she    was  that   day.    today  she    walked    over   and   said ,  "Iggie."   Daddy    was  shocked.   Mommy    and   June   just  shrugged, the   two  of  them  had  sang  songs, and  told  jokes    all   day   to    try    and   cheer    up    Iggie,  but  unfortunately   nothing  worked.

That    night   when     Iggie    was  all   ready    for    bed,  in  her    Elmo    footy   pajamas,   mommy,  daddy   and  June   all    walked    her  to  her    room    and  sat  down    on   her    bed  beside   her."All   right  kid,   spill    your   guts.   What's   wrong?"  daddy   asked eager   to  solve   his   daughter's   problem.

"No   wong.  Day  I  tend   I   sad.," Iggie   said   in    her  sweet   little    voice.   Her  mother   hugged    her,  and  everyone   breathed  a  sigh  of   relief.   Iggie   started  laughing.   Soon  so  did    mommy,  daddy,  and  June.   They  all  kissed   her    goodnight   and    she    soon   fell    fast   asleep. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mommy's Birthday Surprise

"Do you know what tomorrow is?" asked Daddy one morning as Becky was eating her breakfast.

Becky shook her head and mumbled "No." as she swallowed a spoonful of eggs.

"Tomorrow Mommy is coming back from Grandma's and it is also Mommy's birthday. I thought we could do something nice for her." explained Daddy. Becky nodded and jumped out of her seat so excitedly that she almost knocked over her milk. Luckily, Daddy grabbed her glass just before it tipped over. "I thought we'd make her a nice dinner." continued Daddy.

"I want to get her present. Will you take me, Daddy?" asked Becky.

Daddy nodded. "As soon as we clean up."  Becky cleared the table and Daddy washed the dishes. Becky ran off to her bedroom to get her little pink purse, and they went to the store.

At the store, Becky quickly opened her purse and counted her money. She only had $2.00. She frowned and bit her lip disappointedly. What was she going to be able to buy with only $2.00? She and Daddy walked through the aisles of the store.

"How pretty!" exclaimed Becky picking up a pretty purple scarf. She turned it over and look at the price tag. It was $5.00. Becky frowned and put it back on the shelf.

They kept walking. Becky found a white leather purse and excitedly grabbed it off the shelf. "Mommy will love this!" She glanced at the price tag and her smile instantly turned to a frown. It was $10.00. She put it back on the shelf too and kept walking but not as happily as before.

Daddy hated to see Becky so sad. "I could give you some money." he offered.

Becky shook her head. "No, thank you, Daddy." she said. "Then, it wouldn't really be from me. I want to do something for Mommy myself."

"Are you sure, princess? Because I'd be glad to help." Daddy offered again. Becky shook her head and continued walking down the aisles.

They walked slowly through the store. Aisle after aisle she found beautiful bracelets, pretty pocketbooks, and fabulous frames. All of them were perfect for Mommy. All of them too much money. Becky sadly left the store without finding anything she could afford to get for Mommy for her birthday. Becky didn't know what she was going to do. She only knew she didn't have a lot of time. Mommy's birthday was tomorrow.

On the way, home Becky got an idea. It wasn't a great idea, but at least it was something. She could make Mommy a picture. As soon as they got home, she locked herself in her room with her paper and crayons. She worked all day. She only came out for lunch and dinner.

The next day was Mommy's birthday. Becky helped Daddy make Mommy's favorite dinner, spaghetti and meatballs. She helped him set the table with the good dishes and the cloth napkins, after all, it was a special occasion.

They heard the squeak of Mommy's car tires pulling up in the driveway just as they finished getting ready. Becky ran to the door. "Oh, baby. I've missed you." said Mommy gently kissing Becky's check as Becky hurried her into the kitchen.

"Is this all for me?" asked Mommy as she saw the beautifully set table with the delicious food spread out on it.

Becky nodded exitedly. "Happy Birthday, Mommy!" she called out.

Daddy handed Mommy a colorfully wrapped package. "Thanks it's beautiful." she said to Daddy as she unwrapped it and pulled out a pretty gold bracelet.  She kissed Daddy.

"Happy Birthday, babe." said Daddy kissing her back. He helped her put the bracelet around her wrist.

Becky ran up to her room. "Becky," Mommy called after her, "Where are you going? Aren't you going to share my birthday dinner."

"I'll be right back, Mommy." replied Becky. She ran to her room and got the picture she made for Mommy. She came back and handed it to Mommy. "Here." she said. "I wanted to get you something really special." she explained, "but, I didn't have enough money so I made you a picture. It's a picture of you and me and Daddy."

Mommy took the picture and looked at  it. She smiled her brightest smile of the night so far. "It's beautiful, but you're wrong about one thing."

Becky looked puzzled. "What's that?" she asked.

"It is special." said Mommy. "It's the most special present I ever got. Thank you." She gave Becky a big hug and a kiss. "I love you, sweetie."

"I love you too, Mommy." replied Becky.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Darcy Did It

Adrianna Bradford was  5 years old. All her life she'd had the same best friend. Her best friend was named Darcy. Adrianna and Darcy played together all the time. They did everything together. Darcy was with Adrianna all the time. She lived in Darcy's house. She was invisible.

The problem was Darcy was not always good. In fact, sometimes she could be downright bad. She was quite a troublemaker.

"Adrianna" said Mommy, "Why did you leave your coloring book and crayons on the floor?"

"Darcy did it, mommy." replied Adrianna.

"Adrianna!" called her father. "Did you take my mini flashlight?"

"No, Daddy." replied Adrianna innocently. "Darcy did it. I'll go find it for you." and off she went returning in less than two minutes as though she knew right where it was all the time.

"Adrianna!" screamed her older sister,  Allyson angrily when she found a mess of lipstick and nail polish in her room. "Have you been playing with my makeup  again! I told you to stay out of it!"

"It was Darcy." insisted Adrianna.

Adrianna never did anything wrong. It was always Darcy. Mommy and Daddy and Allyson were tired of everything always being Darcy's fault. How could it be possible be  that Darcy always did everything bad and Adrianna never did anything bad?

One day, Mommy found Adrianna's room a mess. Her toys were all over her bed. Her books were all over her floor. There was even a pile of dirty clothes sticking out from under her bed.

Adrianna hid in her closet. She expected mommy to yell at her. She opened her mouth and got all ready to say "Darcy did it." but mommy didn't say anything. She just walked away.

Adrianna found mommy in the kitchen baking cookies. They were chocolate chip cookies. They were Adrianna's favorite. They smelled delicious.  "Oh, mommy," she said excitedly. "Are you baking cookies for me?"

Mommy shook her head. "No, sweetie." she replied. "They're for Darcy."

"For Darcy?" asked Adrianna in surprise.

Mommy nodded her head. "To show her that I love her."

"You do?"

"Of course, I do. She may be a lot of trouble sometimes, but I'm sure she is sorry when she does something wrong, and she never lies about it."

Adriannal nervously bit her lip and stared at the ground. 

"Besides, I figured if Darcy is responsible for doing all the bad things around here, she must be responsible for some of the good things too." continued Mommy "I mean nobody is all bad. I haven't been very fair to her. From now on, I'm going to be making up for that. I'm going to bake cookies for Darcy and  read stories to Darcy and take Darcy to the playground"

"But, mommy, you used to do all those things with me!" exclaimed Adrianna practically in tears rushing into her mother's arms. "What about me? Don't you love me?"

Mommy hugged Adrianna and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Of course, I love you, sweetie." she said. "But I need to show Darcy that even when she does something wrong I still love her too. She is still a part of our family."

At that moment, Adrianna did not want Darcy to be a part of her family. She did not want mommy to bake cookies for Darcy. She did not want mommy to read stories to Darcy. She did not want mommy to take Darcy to the park. It was her mommy not Darcy's!

"It was me mommy!" she cried. "Darcy didn't do it. I did it. I made the mess in my room! And sometimes, I do other bad things like leave coloring books in the living room or playing with Allyson's makeup. Do you still love me?"

Mommy gave Adrianna a great big hug and smiled at her. "Of course I love you. I love you even more for telling the truth."

"Mommy," said Adrianna worriedly. "I try to be a good girl, and I try not to do bad things, but it's hard to be a good girl all the time."

Mommy smiled even brighter. "Just do your best," she said "and always tell the truth."

"I will mommy." Adrianna promised and she meant it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Graduation Day

It was bright and sunny the day of Sophy Ann's graduation from pre-k. She was the last of the Meadows to be graduating from Thompkin's School of Early Learning. First her sisters, Tina and Emmy went through the school and then her brother Ben did. Finally, it was Sophy Ann's turn to go to the school, and now she was almost done. She was ready to graduate.

Sophy Ann excitedly jumped out of bed. She put on her favorite pink and purple flowered dress. She put on her nice white socks and her shiny new white party shoes.  She brushed her own hair and Tina helped her to clip it back on the side with gold barettes. She looked at herself in the mirror. "I'm a big girl." she said. Then, suddenly it all seemed too fast for her. She took her clothes off, put her pajamas back on,  and got back into bed. She lay down under the covers.

"Sophy Ann! Come on!" called her mother.

"Sophy Ann! Let's go!" called her father.

"You don't want to be late for your graduation!" called her sister Emmy.

Sophy Ann did want to be late. In fact, she didn't want to go at all. She buried herself deeper under her covers. She didn't say a thing. 'Maybe, if I am really really quiet, they will all go away' she thought hopefully.

But, they didn't go away. "Sophy Ann! We need to go now!" called her mother more urgently.

"Sophy Ann!" said her father loudly and angrily. He did not like to be kept waiting.

Sophy Ann did not reply. She did not move out from under her covers.

A few minutes later, she heard footsteps on the stairs. She peeked out from under her covers just a bit. It was mommy. At the sight of her, Sophy Ann burst into tears.

Mommy scooped Sophy Ann out from under the covers and into her arms. "Sophy Ann, honey, " she said sweetly, "What's the matter?"

"Oh, mommy." sobbed Sophy Ann holding tightly to her mother. "I don't want to graduate. I don't want to go to another school.What if I don't like it? What if they don't like me? I like my school. I like my friends. I like my teachers. I don't want new ones!"

Mommy smiled  and hugged Sophy Ann.  "It can be sad when things come to an end," she said "and new beginnings can be scary. Remember how scared you were when you started school? Remember how you held my hand and didn't want to go in the classroom? Remember how you cried every time I dropped you off every day for a month? Every day, after 2 minutes in the classroom you would stop crying. You would be so busy having fun and learning that you forgot all about being sad and missing me until I picked you up at the end of the day."  Sophy Ann remembered. She smiled at mommy as the memories all came back to her.

"You didn't know anybody in school when you started and now you are friends with everybody in your class. I'm sure it will be the same in your new school." Mommy continued.

"Do you really think so?" asked Sophy Ann worriedly.

Her mother nodded. "I know so." she replied confidently.

"But I won't have Mrs.  Thompkin's, Mrs. Terry, and Mrs Wilson anymore."

"No. You won't but I'm sure you'll have teacher's you'll love just as much."

Sophy Ann hoped so but she still wasn't sure. She just sat on her bed and still didn't move.

"Come on. " said Mommy. "You don't want to be late. You don't want to miss graduation. All your friends will be there and your teachers. You don't want to be the only one not there"

Sophy Ann thought about all her friends and all her teachers, and she knew she did want to go. She did want to graduate. She had worked so hard to get to this moment and she didn't want to miss it. She quickly got dressed and hurried downstairs with her mother.

A few hours later after the graduation ceremony, Sophy Ann proudly joined her family clutching her diploma. They greeted her excitedly. "You did it!" said Ben.

"Congratulations!" said Tina and Emmy.

"Way to go, Princess!"  said her Dad.

Sophy Ann smiled proudly. Then, she looked at mommy. Mommy's eyes were full of tears "Why are you crying now, Mommy?" she asked.

Mommy smiled through her tears. "I am really proud of you, Sophy Ann." she declared. "I just feel a little bit sad because I don't have any more babies." she admitted. "My last baby is growing up." she said looking at Sophy Ann.

Sophy Ann threw her arms around her mother's neck and hugged her tightly. "I'm still your baby. " she said. "I will always be your baby."

Monday, April 18, 2011

Judith's Cat

Today's story is by Melia.

Judith  Ross   was  ten   years   old, she  had  a  sister  named  Justine  who  was  sixteen  years  old. Judith  wanted  a  kitten she  wanted  one  more  than  anything  in  the  whole  world.   Justine    had  a  thirteen  year  old  cat.

"Justine  gets  everything  she  wants.  I  get  nothing.   You  and  daddy  are  mean  to  me.  How  could  you  do  it.  How!" Judith  whined  to  mommy.

Mommy  rolled  her  eyes.  "Judith  quit  it!"shouted  mommy.

Judith  loved  to  draw  cats, she  glanced  at  her  cat  posters  hanging  on  the  wall.  She  knew  all  about  cats. She  would  always  say  "You  name  it  I   explain   it."

The  next   morning  Judith, Justine  and  mommy  went  to  the  mall.  Judith  led  the  way  into  a  pet   store.  "Look  at  that  kitten  it's   the  cutest  thing  I   ever  even  saw!" Judith  cooed.  Mommy  winked  at  Justine.  Then  Judith  found  out  she  couldn't   get  it.  Judith  was  heartbroken.

The  next  morning  Justine  called   Judith   to  the  breakfast  table.  Judith  was  still  mad  about  the  kitten  situation.  She  moped  around  for  a  while  then  came  to  breakfast.  When  she  got  there  a  furry  white  figure   was  crawling  around  the  table. " You  got  me  the  kitten!" screeched  Judith.  She  was  so   excited.   From  then  on  if  she   wanted  something   she  asked  nicely  instead  of  whining.  That's  the  only  way  it  works.

Gracie Gets a Roommate

 Gracie Daniels had a beautiful room. It was all in her favorite color purple. She had a purple desk and a purple dresser and a purple headboard. She had princess wallpaper with all her favorite princesses on it - Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. She had a big cozy purple bed with a nice warm  fluffy princess blanket and a soft pillow. She loved her room and her bed or so she said, but she hardly every wanted to spend time there especially not in her bed especially not at night. Every night, she would beg "Oh, please mommy, can't I sleep with you? Just for tonight." Mommy and Daddy usually felt bad and let her sleep in their room especially Daddy.

Mommy and Daddy tried everything to get Gracie to stay in her room. They let her choose the color. They let her choose the decorations. That's how she ended up with a purple princess room in the first place. They got her a night light. They let her sleep with as many stuffed animals as she wanted. Still Gracie would not stay in her room. She only wanted to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's room with them.

Mommy and Daddy loved Gracie. They loved her very much with all their hearts. Even though, they loved Gracie with all their hearts, they did not want her sleeping in their bed. "Gracie," said Mommy. "Your room looks great. You did such a nice job of picking the colors and decorations for it." Grace nodded proudly. "Don't you want to sleep in your beautiful room?" Gracie shook her head no.

"Gracie, " said Daddy. "Isn't it crowded in Mommy and Daddy's bed. Wouldn't you like to stretch out in your own big bed?"  Gracie shook her head no.

Maybe, it wasn't too crowded for Gracie, but it was too crowded for Mommy and Daddy. Gracie was always kicking them in the night. Besides, even though Mommy and Daddy loved Gracie, they needed some Mommy and Daddy time too without Gracie. "Please Gracie." begged Mommy." Would you please sleep in your own room so Mommy and Daddy can spend time together?"

Gracie's lower lip quivered and she began to cry "But mommy", she said "I thought you loved me."

Mommy gathered Gracie in her arms and hugged her tightly. "Of course, I love you, but I love Daddy too and sometimes I need to spend time with him. Don't you like special time with the people you love like when Grandma took you to the movies or when you and Daddy went fishing?"

Gracie nodded and stopped crying. She understood, but she didn't feel better. "But mommy, the night is a long time, and it's dark." she said worriedly. "And I'll be all alone."

"We'll be right in the next room." promised Mommy.

Gracie did not feel comforted. "It's not the same." she mumbled.

The next afternoon, Gracie heard Mommy calling to her.  Gracie was actually up in her bedroom sitting on her bed looking at a book. It was not so bad in the day time. It was only at night that she didn't want to be there.

"Gracie!" called Mommy again. "Come on downstairs! Someone wants to meet you!"

Gracie couldn't imagine who it was. She raced down the stairs and into the kitchen and looked around.Who could it be? She didn't see anyone. Was mommy teasing her?  Was mommy playing a joke? Because if she was, it wasn't funny. She opened her mouth to speak but closed it again in shock when she saw the brown and white furry bundle scampering around on the kitchen table. "Oh how cute!" she gushed hurrying over to the table. "What is this? Where did it come from? Can I pet it?" she asked excitedly.

Mommy laughed at Gracie's enthusiasm. "This is Mae. She is a guinea pig. Of course, you can
pet her. She belongs to you."

"She does?!" replied Gracie with surprise and excitement.

"Yes, she does, and she is going to sleep in your room."

"She is?!" replied Gracie even more excitedly.

"Yes. She is." said Mommy. "On one condition."

Gracie got a little worried. She chewed on the end of her finger nervously. "What is it?" she asked quietly.

Mommy laughed again and hugged Gracie. "It's nothing to get all worried about." she said. "It's just that Mae is a baby. She is only six weeks old and she gets a little bit scared sometimes especially at night. She needs someone to stay with her."

Gracie nodded. She knew how scary nights could be especially if you were alone. She never wanted Mae to feel that way. From that night on she slept in her own room, in her own bed, with Mae in her cage on the dresser right beside Gracie's bed. Mae never had to spend a scary night alone and neither did Gracie.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kayley's First Day of Kindergarten

It was here. That dreaded day. The day that Kayley had hoped would never come. Her first day of kindergarten.

The noisy alarm clock went off and Kayley buried her head deeper under her soft pink covers. Mommy came cheerfully into the room and threw open the shades. "Rise and shine!" she said with a smile throwing off Kayley's covers. "It's your first day of school!"

Mommy sure sounded more excited than Kayley felt. She sat up and frowned at her mother. "Are you happy to be getting rid of me?" she asked. "Aren't you going to miss me? I am going to miss you."

Mommy gave Kayley a great big kiss and hug. "Of course, I am going to miss you, but you'll be busy having fun and learning. The school day will go so fast before you know it you'll be home. You won't have time to miss me. "

Kayley didn't think so. Unhappily, she dragged herself out of bed. Slowly, she put on her new pink and purple striped shirt and her new purple pants and her new brown shoes that buckled on the sides. She went down the stairs as slow as a turtle and sat down at the kitchen table. She barely tasted the delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast that her mother had made her. Normally, that was Kayley's favorite. Today, however, she was so nervous that her stomach felt heavy like she'd swallowed a giant rock. She just couldn't eat anything. She just kept pushing the food around on her plate and looking at the clock. She hoped that time would pass slowly or that it would just freeze altogether, and she wouldn't have to go at all.

 Before, Kayley knew it, it was time to go. "Come on, Kayley." called Mommy excitedly hurrying her into her jacket and out the door. Kayley was glad they lived so close to the school and Mommy would be walking her to school. She was happy to be with Mommy for just a little longer.

Kayley tried  to walk slowly again, but her mother pulled her along quickly. Soon, they arrived at the big red brick school house. Kayley blinked and held tightly to her mother's hand. The school looked even bigger than she remembered it.

Suddenly, she stopped walking and looked around. She was trying to think of how she could get out of going to school. She didn't see a way that she could escape, but she did see another little girl. The girl wore her hair in two big brown ponytails and  had on a blue jacket and pink sneakers. The other little girl smiled at her. "Hi. I'm Emma," said the other little girl. "This is my first day of school. I am in Miss Smith's class, and I am a little bit scared. I am looking for a friend. Are you in Miss Smith's class? Will you be my friend?"

Kayley smiled back. She knew just how Emma felt. "My name is Kayley, and I am in Miss Smith's class too," she replied, "and I'd like to be your friend." She took Emma's hand and they walked in to the building together. Maybe, this school thing wasn't going to be so bad after all.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Betsy's Shadow

Betsy McEntire was 11. Her sister Briana was 6. It wasn't easy being the big sister. Everywhere that Betsy went her little sister was sure to follow. It was pretty annoying actually. Sometimes, Betsy felt like she couldn't move or think or even breathe or do anything  without Briana being there.

Betsy was in her room talking on the phone. Briana came in and planted herself at the end of Betsy's bed. "Do you mind?" asked Betsy angrily grabbing the phone and turning around to face away from her sister.

"Not at all," replied Briana calmly stretching out and making herself comfortable on her sister's bed. Betsy gave her a nasty look. Briana ignored her and just sat on the bed happily smiling at her sister."Briana," insisted Betsy "Just because Mom and Dad are out and I'm babysitting for you doesn't mean I have to spend every minute entertaining you."

"But I want to be with you, Betsy." pleaded her little sister.

"Isn't it your bed time or something?" asked Betsy hopefully glancing at the clock.

"No. My bed time is 8:00, and it's not 8:00 yet. " answered Briana. She wasn't old enough to tell time yet, but she knew her numbers. She knew that if the first number on the clock was only a 7, it was not past her bed time.

Sure enough. It was only 7:30. "Well, just go find something to do," Betsy told her sister.

Briana stayed put. "But I want to be with you." she insisted.

"Briana, please." begged Betsy. Still Briana didn't budge.  Betsy pulled Briana off the bed and pushed her toward the door. Briana looked at her sadly. Betsy felt guilty for about a minute, but then she felt angry. She was not Briana's entertainment comitteee. She was tired of Briana always wanting to be around her every single minute. She needed some space and some time to herself, and she deserved it. "Just go. She told her little sister. "Find something to do. I'm tired of having a shadow all the time." She pushed Briana out into the hall and locked the door and went back to the phone.

Betsy heard the clumping of Briana's loud feet hurrying down the stairs. She felt another twinge of guilt but pushed it out of her mind. She picked up the phone and called her best friend, Kate. Soon she was lost in conversation and forgot all about her little sister.

After about an hour, Betsy glanced at the clock. It was now almost 8:30 and well past Briana's bed time and almost Betsy's too. Briana really ought to be in bed. Where was the little troublemaker anyway? There was no way she would have put herself in bed. Betsy opened her door and called out to her sister. "Briana? Briana? Where are you?" She didn't specifically mention that it was bed time because Briana hated to go to bed so that surely wouldn't make her come.  There was no answer from Briana just a scary quietness. Betsy wandered out into the hall looking for her sister. She went in to Briana's room. Briana's toys were scattered all around but there was no sign of Briana.

Betsy wandered through the house looking for her sister and calling her name. With each step, she got more and more worried. Where was Briana? This wasn't funny anymore. She really didn't want to have to call Mom and Dad and tell them she lost Briana. If she did that, they would never trust her again. She was really getting worried though. Maybe, she should even call the police. "Briana!" she called out one more time desperately.

Suddenly, the garage door slammed open and in walked Briana. "Briana!" screamed Betsy overwhelmed with relief. "Where have you been?" She didn't know whether to kiss or kill her little sister for the worry she'd put her through.

"I went away because you wanted me to." replied Briana calmly. "You told me to go. You said you didn't want a shadow anymore. You wanted me to go so I went."

Besty hugged her little sister. Now, that Briana was found she felt much calmer. "Oh, you sweet silly girl." she said hugging her sister. "I love you. Just because I don't want you to follow me around every minute doesn't mean that I don't."

"You do?" asked Briana unsurely.

Betsy nodded and hugged Briana again and kissed her. "Yes. I do."

"I love you too." replied Briana hugging her back.

"Just don't ever scare me like that again. " said Betsy.

"I won't." promised Briana. She followed her sister upstairs to get ready for bed. Betsy smiled at her. Maybe, sometimes, it wasn't bad to have a shadow.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Olivia the Winner

Olivia liked to play games. Olivia liked to win at a games. To Olivia, rules were things that could easily be changed if it would help her to win at a game. Other people, however, had to play by the rules of the game or at least by Olivia's rules.

One afternoon, Olivia wanted to play a game.  She saw her brother, Joe. He was sitting on the living room couch with the TV on. "Joe, will you play a game with me?" she asked.

Joe shook his head. "Sorry, Livy." he said. "I've got homework." He quickly turned off the TV and  hurried out of the room. Olivia stared after him. What was with him? Joe was never in a rush to do homework.

She went into her sister's room. Her sister was lying on her bed staring dreamily at a poster of her favorite movie star. "Jenny, play a game with  me." begged Olivia.

Jenny sat up quickly. "Oh," she said. "I forgot I have to help, Mom." she raced out of the room.

Olivia shook her head. Everybody sure was acting strange today. First Joe wanted to do homework. Then, Jenny wanted to help Mom. Usually these were things they had to be forced to do. What in the world was going on? She wandered into the kitchen. Her Mom was sitting at the table paying bills. Olivia didn't see Jenny. She turned in a circle. She looked under the table.

"Olivia, what are you doing?" asked her mother looking confused.

"Looking for Jenny." she answered still under the table.

"She's not here."  replied her mother. "So you can come out from under that table." she added with a smile. She gave Olivia a hand and helped her slide out from under the table.  Olivia plopped into a chair. Suddenly, everything made sense to her, and it wasn't good. She frowned and puffed out her lower lip as though she were about to cry. "What's wrong?" asked her mother sitting down beside her.

"Jenny isn't helping you, and I bet Joe isn't doing his homework either. They just don't want to play a game with me. Nobody wants to play a game with me!"

"Well, I am sure that is not true." replied her mother trying to make her feel better.

"Yes, it is!" yelled Olivia. "In school nobody wants to play a game with me either. Not Angie or Nancy or Benny or anybody. I asked them all, and they all said 'No'. Nobody likes me! Nobody wants to play with me!" she tried to run out of the room, but her mother grabbed her and held her tight.

"I am sure that is not true either." said her mother gently easing Olivia on to her lap.  "Why do you think people might not want to play games with you?"

"I'm too good for them," replied Olivia proudly. "I always win."

Her mother nodded her head. "That's right." she agreed. "You always do win.Wouldn't it be nice if other people had a chance to win sometimes too?" 

 Olivia stared at her mother as if her mother was a creature from another planet. Why in the world would it be nice if other people won sometimes? It wouldn't be nice for Olivia. She was the game playing champion. She always won. "But I hate losing!" she insisted finally.

"Maybe other people don''t like losing either." suggested her mother. "If you lost all the time would you want to play?" Olivia shook her head. She had never thought about it that way. If she was always the winner that meant anyone she played a game with was always the loser. Nobody wanted to lose all the time. No wonder nobody wanted to play with her.

From that day on, Olivia still liked to play games. She still liked to win at games, but she didn't always win at games. She always played by the rules of the game and never made up her own rules. Win or lose, she always played fair and she always had plenty of people who wanted to play games with her.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just Like June

April Valentine was 5 years old. Her sister, June was 9. April adored her big sister. She wanted to be like her big sister in every way. She wanted to dress like June. She wanted to talk like June. She wanted to act like June. In fact, she copied her big sister so much that some people called her "little Junie".

One day, Daddy was working. Mommy, June and April went for a girls day out. First they went to the department store. Mommy was going to get each of them a new outfit. The first thing April saw was a pretty blue dress with flowers. June picked out a pair of jeans and a pink sweater. "Would you like that pretty dress?" Mommy asked April.

April shook her head. "No, thank you, mommy." she replied, "I want jeans and a sweater, please." but she didn't smile and she didn't look happy.

"Are you sure?" asked Mommy.

April nodded and picked out a pair of jeans and a pink sweater.  April frowned and bit her lip. She looked at the blue flowered dress again, but didn't say anything.

Next they went to get new shoes. April picked out a pair of Dora the Explorer sandals. June picked out a pair of plain white sandals. April put down the Dora sandals and picked up a pair of plain white sandals too. She knew June would never be caught dead in Dora sandals.  "Are you sure?" asked  Mommy. April nodded, but she still didn't look happy.

After they paid for their purchases, they went to McDonalds to get some lunch. McDonalds was April's favorite restaurant.  Chicken nuggets was her favorite food. "I don't like chicken nuggets anymore." announced June whose taste in food was always changing. "I want a chicken sandwich."

"And chicken nuggets for you, April?" asked Mommy.

April shook her head. "I'll have a chicken sandwich too." she replied even though she didn't like chicken on bread. When her lunch came, she barely picked at her sandwich. Afterward, her tummy was still so hungry that it hurt, but she didn't say anything.

At home later, April sat on her bed with her favorite stuffed bunny, Fluff. She was hungry and unhappy. Mommy came in and sat down beside her. "Come on sit on my lap. baby," she said. April climbed up on Mommy's lap and put her arms around Mommy's neck. She started to cry. "There, there, my sweetie pie." said Mommy gently patting her on the back. "Today was not such a good day for you, was it?" April lifted her tearstained face and shook her head. "You would have been happier with a pretty blue dress and Dora sandals." continued Mommy. April nodded miserably and a flood of fresh tears fell from her eyes. Mommy hugged her. "I'm glad you like your sister so much, but you don't need to be like her all the time" said Mommy "Be you. Do what makes you happy. Get what makes you happy. Eat what makes you happy. The world already has a June Valentine. So you be the best April Valentine that you can be."

April thought about it.  Maybe Mommy was right. After all, she really liked the blue dress and the Dora sandals. The clothes she had picked out to be like June were awful plain. Her tummy was still hurting too from not eating her lunch.

"We can exchange the sweater and jeans and  the white sandals for the blue dress and Dora sandals tomorrow if you'd like. " said Mommy as if she were reading April's mind.

April nodded and smiled. For the first time, that day she felt really happy. "Can I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?" she asked. "I'm really hungry." She knew June hated peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but she didn't care. From now on, she wanted to be just like herself and not like anybody else.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shoes for Isabella

Isabella woke up bright and early and bounced out of bed. "Today is the day!" she said excitedly, "Today is the day, I get my new shoes!" She hurried into her mother and father's room.

Mommy was still in bed when Isabella rushed into the room. "Mommy! Mommy! Wake up!" she cried  excitedly.

Mommy opened her eyes sleepily and yawned. "Isabella, my sweet," she said. "It's too early. The stores aren't even open yet. Don't worry." she added when she saw Isabella's disappointed face. "By the time we get dressed and get ready and eat our breakfast, it will be time to go."

Isabella dressed quickly. The rest of the morning dragged on slowly. She barely touched her breakfast because she was too excited. She just kept staring at the door and waiting for it to be time to go.

Finally, it was time. As soon as they arrived in the store, Isabella began hurrying through the racks of shoes looking for the perfect pair. "No." she said shaking her head and pointing to a  pair of brown shoes painted with flowers. No to a pair of pink and white striped shoes. No to a  pair of plain black shoes. No. No. No. Again and again no. Each pair of shoes she saw, she did not want.

"Isabella," said her mother."Aren't there any shoes here that you like?" Isabella shook her head sadly. She sat down on the floor and looked as though she would cry.

Just then a young sales woman approached. She smiled at Isabella. "Hi. I'm Jen. Can I help you?" she asked. Isabella didn't think so. She looked disappointedly at Jen. Jen just smiled back at her. "Don't worry." she said "I think I know the perfect shoes for you." Jen went into the store room and came back a moment later. She handed Isabella a box. "These just came in." she said "We haven't even had time to put them out yet."

Isabella slowly opened the box. She wasn't expecting much. However, as soon as the box was open her whole face lit up. She excitedly lifted up a sparkly red shoe. "These are perfect!" she said excitedly to her mother.

"Are you sure?" asked her mother.

Isabella nodded happily. "Yes!" she replied" These are the shoes I want for my first day of kindergarten!"