Friday, October 26, 2012

Patricia's Pretty Pink Party Dress

Patricia Underwood was going to be 7 years old in a week. She was having a princess party. She couldn't wait to put up her special party decorations. She couldn't wait to taste her delicious chocolatey cake with the creamy pink frosting. Most of all, she couldn't wait to wear her brand-new pretty pink party dress.

Every day, she would go to her closet and stare at her dress. "Can I just try it on for a minute, mommy?" she begged.

Her mother smiled at her eagerness. "Patience my darling." she said. "Your birthday will be here soon enough." Patricia frowned disappointedly. She didn't think so.

A few days before her birthday, Patricia stood in front of her closet again staring at her dress. She was going to ask Mommy again if she could try on her beautiful party dress. She opened her mouth to call out to her mother, but then quickly closed it again. What could it hurt if she just tried the dress on for a minute she thought. Mommy wouldn't have to know. She quickly looked out out of her bedroom door. Nobody was around. She locked the door. She gently lifted the dress out of the closet and slipped it off the hanger. She put it on. It felt so satiny and smooth next to her skin. Now, she really felt like a  beautiful princess. She wanted to see if she looked as pretty as she felt.

Patricia tiptoed to her door. She put her ear to it and listened. She heard the sound of Mommy's voice loudly talking to Grandma on the phone downstairs. She quickly opened her bedroom door and scurried into Mom's room across the hall. She went over to the full length mirror on Mommy's closet door and gazed in. "Oh!" she said happily staring at her reflection. Finally, she pulled herself away from the mirror. She realized she better hurry and put her dress away before Mommy got off the phone.

As Patricia hurried out of the room, she accidentally knocked into Mommy's make-up table.Several bottles of perfume fell off the table and spilled all over her dress. It smelled awful. It smelled like a perfume factory.  "Oh no!" she cried bursting into tears. "My dress is ruined." She went back to her room, and quickly peeled off her dress and threw it on the bottom of her closet. Then, she lay down on her bed just as she heard Mommy coming up the stairs.

"Grandma is going to pick up the cake on her way to your party." said Mommy. Patricia nodded, but she didn't smile. Mommy knew it wasn't like her to not be more excited about something having to do with her upcoming birthday party. "What's the matter?" she asked sitting down on the bed beside Patricia.

"Nothing." said Patricia quietly, but she didn't smile.

Mommy looked around the room. She spied a flash of pink under the closet door. She went to the closet and opened the door. She saw Patricia's party dress lying in a crumbled heap on the floor. She  pulled it out of the closet. She looked at Patricia and frowned. Then, suddenly, she smelled a terrible odor. She sniffed and realized it was coming from the  dress. She looked at Patricia. "What happened?" she asked.

Patricia didn't say anything. She just started to cry.

"It's okay." said Mommy trying to remain calm. "Just tell me."

"I'm sorry Mommy." said Patricia through her tears. "I know you told me not to try-on my dress before my party, but it was just so beautiful. I just couldn't help myself. Now it's ruined, and I have no party dress! I might as well not have a party at all!" She buried her head in her pillow and started crying even louder.

Mommy sat down beside her and gently lifted her face off her pillow. "Don't worry, baby." she said sweetly. "I can wash it  and the smell should come out, but it could have been much worse. Maybe, next time you'll listen. Sometimes, mommies know what they're talking about. They don't just say things to be mean."

Patricia nodded and smiled. "I love you, mommy." she said.

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