Sunday, April 24, 2016

Life Of a Little Black Puppy

Today' story is not only for my daughter but by my daughter.

I am a little black puppy I live with a happy family. My family is not too small but not too big ether. There are 4 kids, a mommy and a daddy. The kids are  1 boy and 3 girls, a little girl, a middle girl and a big older girl. The boy is the oldest of all.  My family first got me back when I was just about a week old and could not open my eyes.

That's some of what my life as a little black puppy is like.

My family is always telling me how easy my life is because I'm just a little puppy, but the truth is they never spent a day as me. My life is harder than it looks. When I first wake up in the morning I have to run outside and get the newspaper for my family. Then, before the little girl wakes up, I have to go lie in her bed with her so she will think I slept with her. If I don't, she will be sad and cry.

That's not the end of my story.

Later, when the kids get home from school, they pick me up and swing me in their arms. I  hate when they do that. For one thing, I don't like being held. For another thing, it gets me very dizzy.

Later in the day, at dinner, I get up to the table for my food, and I get sprayed with a little bottle of water until I leave the plate in front of me, which is clearly mine.

I go to sleep really hungry so I have to sneak out and get a snack while everyone else sleeps.

Then, the kids wake up and get ready for school. They each brush my teeth not knowing the other did. Then, they throw balls at me and tell me to get them. Some humans are so bossy! I mean, if they want it they should stop throwing it.

My life is also very good, I love my family. I have a nice place to live. I love when the little girls watch dog movies.

I don't like when the kids aunt makes me sweaters. I hate them! They are so annoying! I wish she would stop making them.

Every week the family has a family meeting where they talk and fix problems. Rudely, they never ask me what I think about the topic. Well, the kids do but they never give me enough time to answer the question about the topic for the family meeting. Sometimes, that makes me really extremely mad!

There's just not enough hours in a 24 hour day. Maybe, a day should be 64 hours and not 24 hours that would help me with a lot of my biggest problems.

So. I guess what I am trying to say is that a little puppy can have a hard life.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Greta and the Annoying Ones

Greta Hardison was a fun loving free spirited girl. Her younger sisters, Angeline and Analiese were much more serious girls. Greta thought they were just annoying.  She always wanted to have a good time first. Angeline and Analiese always wanted to do their work first. They couldn't understand why Greta didn't want to as well.

When the three girls came home from school. Greta immediately flopped herself down on the living room couch. Angeline and Analiese went into the kitchen and sat down at the table. They took their pencils and their homework sheets out of their backpacks and immediately sat down to do their homework.

Greta laughed. "We just left school. " she said to her sisters. "Why do you want to do your homework right away? Don't you want to take a break from school stuff for a while?"

Angeline  looked up for a minute and shook her head no. "I'd rather get it over with." she replied. Then, she went back to her work. Analiese nodded in agreement without even taking her eyes off of the paper she was working on.

Greta came into the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator and looked around. "Hmm! What should I eat for a snack?" she contemplated loudly.

"Shh!" hissed Angeline trying to concentrate on her work.

"Sorry." replied Greta, but she really wasn't sorry at all and she didn't even attempt to be any quieter.

This time Analiese looked up and glared at Greta.

Greta just smiled. Her sisters were such geeks. There would be plenty of time to do homework later. Greta grabbed an apple out of the fridge, and then went in the other room to eat it in front of the TV.

The noise of the blasting TV annoyed Angeline and Analiese. "Can you please lower that?" begged Angeline.

"We're trying to study." added Analiese.

After Greta had allegedly lowered the TV three times. it was still blasting. Angeline sighed and grabbed her schoolwork and headed upstairs. Analiese followed.  When they passed Greta, they gave her angry looks.

Greta just shrugged off her sisters' anger. Not everyone was as fanatic about school work as Angeline and Analiese. There was still plenty of time to get homework done.

Greta finished her snack and then decided to have another one. All the while, she continued watching TV. When she finished eating. she decided to watch the rest of the episode of the TV show she was watching. She hated to leave an episode in the middle.

When the episode was over, one of her favorite episodes of one of her favorite shows went on. She decided to watch that one too. There would still be plenty of time to do homework.

When the next episode was over, Greta finally turned off the TV. She went upstairs to do her homework, but she got distracted by the teen magazine on her desk. She picked it up to look through it for a minute or two before getting into her homework, but she ended up reading the whole thing.

By the time, Greta  was finished looking at the magazine, it was dinner time. "Did you finish your homework?" Mommy asked Greta, Angeline and Analiese as they sat down at the dinner table.

"I did!" exclaimed Angeline proudly. She gave Greta a snobby look.

"I did too." added Analiese. She gave Greta a snobby look too.

Greta frowned back at her sisters, but said nothing. She was hoping the subject would be dropped, and she quickly stuffed her mouth with food so Mommy wouldn't expect her to talk.

Mommy was not so easily distracted. "What about you, Greta?" asked Mommy the minute Greta finished chewing.

"Not yet." Greta replied.She quickly went back to eating hoping the subject would be dropped.

However, she should have known better. When their Mom had something on her mind, she wouldn't let it go. "How much do you have left?" Mommy asked Greta pleasantly.

"All of it." replied Angeline before Greta could reply. Analiese nodded in confirmation. They gave Greta a very smug look. Greta glared back at them.

Now, it was Mommy's turn to give Angeline and Analiese angry looks. "I was talking to your sister." she declared. Then, she turned back to Greta. "How much of it do you have left?" she repeated.

"Well ..." Greta played with the food on her plate a little bit stalling. "I haven't actually done any of it yet." she admitted finally. "But I'm going to get to it after dinner." she promised quickly.

"Alright." replied Mommy as she went back to her own food.

"Alright?" repeated Greta. She couldn't believe Mommy had given in so quickly. There had to be a catch.

"Yes," replied Mommy. "When we are watching that new movie you wanted to see, you'll be doing your homework."

Greta angrily bit the inside of her mouth. She forgot that movie was on tonight. Well, no worries. She'd just quickly do her homework after dinner.

However, after dinner, she kept getting distracted, and her homework took longer than she thought it would. By the time, it was time for the movie. she still wasn't done. Still no worries. She would just sit in front of the TV and do her homework while she watched.

That was not okay with Mommy, however. "Take your homework up to your room to finish it." Mommy told Greta when the movie went on.

"I can finish it while I watch." insisted Greta.

"Greta." replied Mommy giving Greta a stern look. She didn't have to say anything else for Greta to know how serious she was. Greta sighed and grabbed her school work and headed upstairs. There was no doubt that Angeline and Analiese were annoying but just maybe they were right about work before play.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Pretty Purple Purse

Yaleena Skouras was a girly girl. She loved fancy frilly things. Her favorite color was pink. When she saw the flowery purple purse in the window of the department store she couldn't resist it. "Ooh, Mommy." she begged tugging on her mother's arm. "Can I have that?"

"Not today, sweetie." replied Mommy gently removing Yaleena's hand from her arm.

"Can we at at at least go inside and look it at?" asked Yaleena hopefully. She had a little money saved up maybe she could buy it for herself. Mommy nodded, and Yaleena happily rushed into the store.  She ran over and found the section where they had purses like the one she had seen. There were only a handful of them. She picked up one and looked at the price. It was $9.99. Yaleena wasn't sure how much she had. She would have to go home and count her money.

As soon as they got home from shopping, Yaleena hurried up to her room. She found her white ceramic piggy bank, opened it up, and turned it upside down over her bed. An avalanche of coins and dollars spilled out onto her blanket. Yaleena quickly counted it. She had exactly $3.37. Yaleena frowned and counted it again. It still came out to $3.37. Yaleena frowned and then suddenly, she was filled with determination. She was going to find a way to get rest of the money and buy that purse.

She went to find her mother. "Mommy?" she asked "Do you have some extra chores I can do so I can earn some extra money?"

Her mother shook her head but when she saw the disappointed look on Yaleena's face, she thought about it for a moment. "You can bring the down the laundry to the laundry room and sort it for me." she replied.

"Okay." agreed Yaleena excitedly. She hurried off to gather and sort the laundry.

Mommy couldn't help laughing. She had never seen Yaleena so excited to do chores.

Yaleena quickly finished and Mommy paid her 50 cents. Yaleena put it in her piggy bank. She counted her money again and frowned. There was so much more to go.

The rest of the day, Mommy found a few more odd jobs around the house for Yaleena, and she made  $1.50 more. She was over halfway to her goal, but she felt like she still had so much more to go.
"Do you have anything else for me to do, Mommy?" inquired Yaleena eagerly, but Mommy shook her head no.

When Daddy came home, Yaleena asked him. "Do you have any chores for me to do?" He shook his head. Yaleena frowned disappointedly.

"Yaleena's saving her money to buy herself a pretty purse." explained Mommy.

"Oh." replied Daddy thoughtfully. He did not understand about purses and pretty things. However, he did understand about saving and hard work. He appreciated that Yaleena was making an effort to earn her own money for something she wanted. "You can help me clean out the garage on Saturday." he replied. "I'll pay you five dollars."

"Thank you, Daddy." gushed Yaleena excitedly. "But can't we do it today?"

Mommy and Daddy laughed at Yaleena's eagerness. "Tonight is a school night. It will take a long time to clean out the garage. It's really messy. We don't have enough time today." explained Daddy.

Yaleena frowned, but then she smiled because she knew she would soon have that pretty purse.

The next day after school Aunt Mila came over. Yaleena and Mommy and Aunt Mila went to the mall. As usual, Aunt Mila secretly snuck Yaleena a couple of dollars. "Here," she whispered in Yaleena's ear as she handed her the money. "Buy something fun for yourself."

Yaleena smiled brightly. Now, after she had helped Daddy clean out the garage she would not only have enough to pay for the purse, but she would have enough to cover the tax too. "Thank you, Aunt Mila." she whispered back gratefully.

In the mall, Yaleena asked Mommy if they could stop so she could show Aunt Mila the purse she was going to buy, When they got to the store, the purse wasn't in the window anymore. Yaleena frowned worriedly. She hurried in to the store. She quickly went over to the rack where the purses had been. It was still there, but there were only two left. She couldn't wait for Saturday to come so she could earn the rest of the money and come buy the pretty purse before they were all gone.

The rest of the week went by slowly but finally it was Saturday. Yaleena spend the day helping Daddy with the garage. After they finished and she took a shower, she put all her money together and counted it. Then, she counted it again just to be sure. She smiled happily. She had just enough to get the purse.

Just as she finished counting her money, her mother and father came into the room. Mommy sat down on the bed beside Yaleena. Daddy stood in the doorway. "We have good news and bad news for you." they told her.

"Oh?" replied Yaleena worriedly. She bit her lip nervously.

"First the bad news." replied Mommy very seriously. "I went to the mall today and they are all sold out of of those pretty purple purses you wanted."

Yaleena's mouth flew open but no sound came out. She blinked really hard to keep from crying. No! No! Not now! They couldn't all be gone  after she'd  worked so hard to  earn the money to buy one for herself!

"Now here's the good news." replied Daddy. He took out his hands from behind his back where he'd been holding them. In his arms was the pretty purple purse that Yaleena wanted. He put it down on the bed in front of Yaleena.

Yaleena's eyes lit up with excitement. "But, I thought you said they were all sold out?" she asked in confusion.

"We bought the last one for you because we are so proud of how hard you worked, and we didn't want them to run out before you had a chance to buy it." explained Daddy as Mommy nodded in agreement.

"Oh, thank you, Mommy. Oh thank you, Daddy." gushed Yaleena. She hugged them both tightly. "Do you want me to pay you back?" she asked starting to gather up the money she'd saved to give it them.

"Not this time." they told her. "Consider it a gift because we are so proud of you."

Yaleena thanked them again and put away her money. Then, she picked up the purse from her bed. She looked at and admired it. It really was beautiful, all purple and frilly just the way she liked things. She was going to need a whole new outfit to go with her pretty new purse.  "I'm going to need some shoes to go with this purse," she declared, "and a hat and a pretty dress."

Mommy and Daddy laughed. "You better keep working hard and keep saving." they said."You're going to need a lot of money for all that."

Sunday, April 3, 2016

On the Way

Zaria Moore was sitting on her mother's bed watching TV. "Zaria, honey?" asked her mother sweetly. "Can you go and get me my glasses? I think I left them in the living room." Zaria gave her mother a very unhappy look and didn't  get up. "Please, Zaria? " asked her mother.

"Okay." replied Zaria miserably. She reluctantly got out of the bed and headed out of the room to look for Mommy's glasses.

On the way to the stairs, she passed by her sister, Zan's room. She peeked in. Her sister, Zan was painting her nails bright purple. "Oh! How pretty!" exclaimed Zaria hurrying in to get a closer look. "Can you do my nails too?" she asked eagerly.

Zan ignored her and kept polishing her nails. "Rats!" she loudly exclaimed as she accidentally smudged a finger. She looked around for the nail polish remover but couldn't find it. "Zaria?" she asked in an overly sweet voice. "Can you go get me the nail polish remover, please?"

Now, it was Zaria's turn to ignore her sister. She remained silent.

"Please, Zaria." repeared Zan. "I'll do your nails."

"Okay." agreed Zaria happily. "Where is it?"

"It's on the dining room table." replied Zan.

Zaria hurried off downstairs to get the nail polish remover.

On the way to the dining room, she passed the front door. She saw her father working with a bunch of tools. "What are you doing, Daddy?" she asked curiously.

"I'm putting in a new doorbell." replied her father.

"What's the matter with the old one?" asked Zaria.

"It's too quiet." answered her father.

That was true. Lots of times when somebody rang the bell nobody in the house could ever hear it.

"Can I help?" asked Zaria eagerly.

"I don't think so, pumpkin." replied her father.

Zaria frowned disappointedly.

Her father reached for a screwdriver. "This isn't the right one." he said. He hunted through his toolbox but couldn't seem to find the tool he was looking for. "Zaria, can you get me my small flathead screwdriver?" he asked.

"Would I be helping?" asked Zaria hopefully.

"Very much." replied Daddy.

"Okay, Daddy." agreed Zaria happily. "Where is it?"

"It's in the garage on my workbench."

On the way to the garage, Zaria saw her brother Zeke in the family room eating a snack. She hurried over to him. "What are you eating?" she asked curiously.

"Cheesy popcorn." replied Zeke as he shoved another handful into his mouth.

"Oh." replied Zaria jealously as her mouth began to water. The popcorn looked and smelled delicious. Zaria really loved cheesy popcorn. "Can I have some?" she asked.

Zeke ignored her and continued eating. Then, suddenly he choked a little and coughed. "Zaria?" he asked when he recovered. "Can you get me my water bottle?"

Now, it was Zaria's turn to ignore her brother. She said nothing.

"Please, Zaria." begged Zeke. "I'll let you have some of my popcorn."

Zaria's eyes lit up. "Okay." she agreed eagerly. "Where is it?"

"It's in the bathroom." replied Zeke. "I forgot it in there after I filled it."

On the way to the bathroom, Zaria heard a noise. It sounded like it was coming from the backyard. She hurried to the sliding glass door that led to the yard to see what it was. It was just a  noisy bird sitting in the big oak tree. It looked like a really pretty red bird. Zaria opened the door and went outside to get a closer look. The bird flew way. Zaria was disappointed but it was such a nice day out that Zaria didn't want to waste it. She went over to her swingset and sat down and started swinging away happily.

Zaria loved swinging. She liked to pretend she was flying.It worked much better if she closed her eyes though so she quickly closed them. When she opened her eyes again, she was surrounded by a sea of angry faces. They were the unhappy faces of her family.

"Where's my glasses?" asked Mommy.

"Where's my nail polish remover?" asked Zan.

"Where's my screwdriver?" asked Daddy.

"Where's my water bottle?" asked Zeke.

"Oh." replied Zaria sheepishly. "I forgot."