Monday, March 31, 2014

Cutie Pie Callie

Today's Story is not only for my daughter but by my daughter

Cutie Pie Callie

Callie was a three year old little girl. Everybody thought she was so cute and hilarious. Her sister, Pippi, always wanted to be with her to hear the funny things she said. For example, one night her Dad was lying down with her when she was trying to sleep. He said to her, “Close those little eyes.”

Close those big eyes.” answered Callie.

One day, Callie asked if they could go to the park. “We can bring Princess Marie to get exercise.” Princess Marie was their dog.

Okay.” said Mom.

Yeah!” said Callie and Pippi.

When we go to the park, can you push me on the swing?” asked Callie.

Sure I will.” said Pippi.

When they got to the park, Callie ran straight to the swings. Pippi came over and lifted Callie into the swing. As she pushed Callie in the swing, she tried to teach her little sister about opposites.' “Everything has an opposite.” said Pippi. “In is the opposite of out. Up is the opposite of down.”

What is the opposite of tree?” asked Callie.

Never mind, Callie. Let's just go on the slide.”

They went over to the slide. “Fun!” said Callie. “We should get our own playground.”

Where would we put it? Our backyard is not big enough.” said Pippi.

In our park, of course.”

What park? We don't have a park.”

Callie didn't answer. She was already thinking of other things. “Let's play Tag.” she said excitedly.

Okay.” said her sister.

They ran over by the trees to play. “You know,” announced Callie. “I wasn't born I fell out of a tree.”

Pippi just shook her head.

Then, they played for a while. It started getting dark. “Shall we go home?” asked Mom.

My name is not shall we.” replied Callie.

They went home ate dinner and Callie went to bed.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Tiffany's Toys

Tiffany Lunford was watching TV when she saw a commercial for a brand-new Sparkly Princess Puppy toy. Tiffany really really wanted it. She knew if she asked her mother to buy it for her, her mother would say "Tiffany," in that sort of disappointed voice that said Tiffany should have known better than to ask in the first place, "You already have enough toys, and you never want to get rid of any." It was true Tiffany was very attached to her toys, and she never did want to get rid of any. Mom always told her "If you don't get rid of any toys, you won't have any room to get more."

Tiffany really wanted that Sparkly Princess Puppy. She had to think of a way that she could get it. Then, she had a great idea. If she got rid of an old toy, she could get the puppy. Then, she had an even better idea, if she got rid of all her toys, she could get all new toys. She excitedly started dividing her toys into piles and making lists.

She worked all morning and then finally she was ready. She grabbed her Barbie bag and went into her older sister, Tiana's room. Tiana was lying on her bed with a book in her lap studying. Tiana was always studying. She was very smart and got really good grades and was proud of them. "What do you want?" she asked Tiffany rudely. She did not like to be interrupted when she was studying.

Tiffany smiled brightly and ignored her sister's rudeness. "These are for you." she said handing Tiana the Barbie bag. "And so are these." she added handing her sister a piece of paper with Tiana's name at the top and a list of toys underneath.

"What do I need dolls for?" asked Tiana. "I'm in high school. I don't need any of these other things either." She tried to hand the list back to her sister but Tiffany wouldn't take it. She left the list and the Barbie bag and slipped out of the room.

She went back to her room and got some games and another list. She went into her brother Tommy's room. Tommy was playing his DS. "Here Tommy," said Tiffany cheerfully. "These are for you." She dumped the games on his bed and handed him the list.

Tommy was confused by his sister's strange behavior. "Are you moving out or dying or something?" he asked.

Tiffany shook her head no. "I just want you to have these things." she said.

Tommy shrugged and looked at the games. "What am I going to do with Monopoly Jr. and Pretty Pretty Princess?" he asked. All of the games were either games Tommy thought he was too old for or games he considered girl games or both. "Tiffany!" he called after his sister as she had already left the room, but she didn't answer and she didn't come back.

Tiffany went into her little sister's room with a bunch of stuffed animals and a third list. "Here Tasha." she said to her little sister who was playing on the floor with her own toys. "These are for you." she said handing Tasha the stuffed animals and the list.

"Oh boy!" exclaimed Tasha excitedly. She had always loved Tiffany's toys, and she had always wanted them for herself. She grabbed a purple giraffe to her and hugged it. "Can you read me the list?" she asked eagerly.

"Later." replied Tiffany. Now that she had given away her toys, she wanted to go make a list of the toys she wanted to get to replace them. She went into her room and took out a fresh piece of paper and a pencil.

Just then, Mommy poked her head in the room. "Hi babe," she said sweetly. "Can we talk?"

"Sure, Mommy."

"What's this about you giving away all your toys? Are you going to be leaving us?"

"No, Mommy." replied Tiffany. "I'm just doing what you said." she replied proudly.

"What I said?" asked Mommy in confusion.

"Yes." replied Tiffany nodding her head. "If I don't get rid of toys, I won't have room for any new toys so I am getting rid of all my toys and that way I will have lots of rooms for lots of new toys." She smiled brightly at her mother very pleased with herself.

"Oh, honey." replied her mother sadly. "That's not the way it works. We can't replace all of your toys at once. That would cost too much money. Besides, if you got all new toys at once, you wouldn't have time to play with them all."

Tiffany instantly frowned and all her happy went away. She went in Tiana's room and took back her Barbie's and grabbed the list and crumbled it on the floor. Tiana looked up and glared at her when she heard the sound of the paper crumbling. Tiffany went into Tommy's room and took back her games and crumbled his list too. Tommy just shook his head. He would never understand girls. She went into Tasha's room and took back her stuffed animals and crumbled her list. Tasha looked as if she were going to cry. She had really wanted Tiffany's toys. Tiffany felt a little bad. "Okay," she sighed. "You can keep this." she handed Tasha back the purple giraffe.

Tasha smiled again and hugged it to her. "Thank you, Tiffany." she said hugging her sister.

Just as Tiffany had finished putting away the last of her stuff in her own room, her Mom appeared in the doorway again. "I heard what you did for your sister." she said. "I'm proud of you. I know you really loved that giraffe." Tiffany nodded.  "I think we can find room for one new toy." said Mommy. "After all, you did give your giraffe away."

"Oh thank you, Mommy!" exclaimed Tiffany.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Little Tabby's Outdoor Adventure

Tabby was a little gray and white kitten. She belonged to the Culver Family. There were four members of the Culver family. There was Mom. There was Dad. There was 8 year old Megan, and  there was 5 year old Sari. All of the Culvers loved their little Tabby. Tabby loved them too, but that didn't stop her from being a curious little kitten and getting into all sorts of a trouble.

Tabby was always discovering new places. She might  be found on top of the refrigerator one day. The next day she would be under the tool chest in the garage. Then, the day after that day she would be found behind Megan's bed or on the shelf in Sari's closet. She was always finding new places to explore, and get lost and make trouble. Megan and Sari never worried though because they always found her somewhere in the house. Until one day, they didn't.

It was a crazy busy day. It was supposed to be a school day, but it had snowed overnight so school was cancelled. Megan and Sari decided to play  outside in the snow. Mommy and Daddy were going to take them up to the big hill to go sledding.  They bundled up in their warm coats, woolen hats, gloves and scarves. They grabbed their sleds and headed out the door. They were so excited and in such as rush to go sledding that nobody noticed that Tabby had slipped out of the house with them.

Tabby had never been outside before except in her carrier to go to the vet. She was so excited to be out that she didn't know what to do.  She just ran around the porch for a while. Then, she scrambled down the front steps. She look around for her family, but they had disappeared down the street on their way to the sledding hill. Tabby tried to walk in the snow, but she was too little and she kept getting her paws stuck in the snow.  She didn't really like the cold, and she didn't like the snow on her paws. She finally managed to drag herself back to the porch and up the stairs.

She hid under the porch bench. She tried to sleep there but it was still too cold. There was a big old empty planter right by the front door. There had once been pretty purple fake flowers in it, but they had blown away in a hurricane last year and never been replaced so now the planter was empty. Tabby crawled in and curled up and went to sleep.

A while later, the family came home, they were all cold and tired and couldn't wait to go in the house and warm up. Tabby awoke as soon as she heard them. By the time, she scrambled out of the planter they had gone in the house. Tabby leaned up against the door and meowed.

The family was all sitting around the table drinking hot chocolate. "Did you hear something?" asked Mommy.

"Yes." replied Daddy.

"I heard it too." said Megan.

"It sounds like Tabby." added Sari.

"Did somebody lock Tabby in the garage?" asked Daddy.

Megan flung open the garage door and called Tabby's name. There was nothing but silence. She turned on the light and looked in the garage, but she didn't see anything. Just as she closed the door, the meowing started again and it definitely wasn't coming from the garage.

"Try the basement." suggested Mommy.

Sari quickly opened the basement door and ran down the steps. She ran back up just as quickly a few minutes later. "She's not there." said Sari sadly beginning to cry.

Megan put her arm around her little sister. "Don't worry." she insisted. "We'll find her." Mommy and Daddy nodded in agreement.  

The meowing started again. It sounded so sad. Sari started crying even harder. Megan hugged her even tighter.

Daddy put his ear to the door. "It sounds like the meowing is coming from outside."  he said. He opened the front door and looked out, but didn't see anything. Megan and Sari both looked out the window next to the door, and they didn't see anything either.

Just as Daddy was about to close the front door and come back in, they heard  a meow again. "It's coming from the planter!" exclaimed Megan.  She let go of her sister, hurried out of the door without even worrying about how cold it was and reached into the planter and pulled out her shivering little kitten.

"Tabby!" exclaimed Sari in relief as her sister carried the cat into the house.

"Oh you poor thing." said Mommy. "Let's warm you up." She had Daddy light a fire in the fireplace and they all sat around the fireplace with Tabby. After Tabby warmed up, she took turns sleeping in all their laps.  She was happy to be home with her family. Still that didn't stop her from trying to run out the door again, but she always came back.

Friday, March 7, 2014

A Quiet Place for Quiana

Quiana Henry came home from a trip to the library with a big stack of books. She couldn't wait to dive in and begin reading them. She loved to read books. There was nothing she loved more. She spread the books out on the table and sat down. She opened one and began reading.

Just then the phone on the wall rang loudly. It rang several times but nobody answered it. Just then, Quiana's mother walked in the front door carrying an armload of packages on one side and Quiana's baby sister,  Suki on the other. "Could you get that please?" she asked as though Quiana should have known to get it in the first place. Quiana slowly got up from the table, wandered over to the phone and picked it up.

It was Grandma. Quiana's mother carefully set the packages down. She asked Quiana to talk to Grandma for a few minutes while she went upstairs and put the baby down for a nap. Quiana didn't really want to talk to Grandma right now. She wanted to read, but she did as she was told. Finally, Quiana's mother came back and took the phone. Quiana went back to her book.

After a minute or two, Quiana looked up again. Her mother wasn't talking that much but she could hear Grandma's loud voice right through the phone. Grandma's voice was so loud that Quiana couldn't concentrate on her book. She didn't think the conversation would be winding down any time soon either. Grandma loved to talk. You could tell her your house was on fire, and you had to leave immediately or you would be burned up, and she would probably keep right on talking to you and not let you off the phone. Quiana sighed scooped her books up off the table and wandered into the living room.

She threw her books down onto the couch, flopped down next to them and put her feet up. 'Ah this is more like it' she thought happily opening her book again.

She had only read a page or too when her older sister, Meira wandered in. She totally ignored Quiana. She sat down on the loveseat and grabbed the remote control and put on the TV. At the same time, she took out her cell phone and starting dialing. Quiana didn't know how she could possibly hear anyone speaking on the other end of the phone with the TV blasting so loudly.

"Do you mind?" asked Meira angrily when she noticed her sister staring at her. "This is a private conversation."

"Do you!?" asked Quiana equally as angrily. After all, she had been here first. It wasn't even worth arguing over though because Meira would never admit she had been the one who had been wrong. Quiana scooped up her books once again and went upstairs.

She went in her room and settled down on her bed and once again opened her book. Her own room, that was the best place to read. She should have thought of that in the first place. She had only read a few pages when she heard noises. She looked up to see what it was and finally realized it was her baby sister, Suki babbling to herself in her crib in the room next door. "Be quiet, Suki. Go to sleep." called Quiana through the wall. However, Suki only seemed encouraged by that and began babbling even more. Quiana sighed picked up her books and once again began looking for a quiet place.

She went outside and sat down on the front lawn. That wasn't a good place because the neighborhood kids were running around playing loudly on their own lawns. She went into the backyard and sat on the patio, but the birds in the trees were chirping loudly. She went back in the house and went into the basement. The basement was divided into three rooms, a bathroom, a big playroom, and a laundry room. Nobody wanted to play in the playroom, however, because it was a big mess and nobody wanted to clean it. Quiana sat in the playroom for a while and tried to read but it was uncomfortable because of all the toys on the floor. She went into the laundry room and sat down on the piles of clothes and opened her book once more. Nobody bothered her. She lay there for hours reading. She had finally found her quiet place at least until laundry day.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jemma Just Won't Go to Bed

It had been a Saturday full of sunshine and laughter and playing at the park. Audry Witherspoon was exhausted. She couldn't wait to go to sleep. As soon as her head hit her soft fluffy white pillow, she started drifting off to Dreamland.

Just as Audry was about to sleep, she was jarred awake by something tugging at her arm. She blinked hard and opened her eyes to groggily to see her little sister, Jemma standing next to her bed pulling on her arm. "Audry, are you awake?" whispered Jemma loudly.

"I am now." replied Audry not very happily. She really wished she was asleep. "What's the matter?" she asked hoping what ever it was could be taken care of quickly, and she could go to sleep.

Jemma didn't seem to notice her sister's unhappiness.  "I had fun at the park with you today." Jemma said smiling brightly at her big sister.

"I had fun with you too." replied Audry. She smiled back weakly. She was too tired to make more of an effort. "Now go back to bed."

"Goodnight, Audry."

"Goodnight, Jemma."

Jemma obediently padded back to her own bed on the other side of the room. Audry sighed and rolled over in her bed. Just as  she was getting comfortable and ready to close her eyes again, Jemma called out again. "Audry!"

Audry frowned. 'Why won't Jemma let me sleep she thought miserably?' Out loud she said "What Jemma?"

"Do you think we can go to the park again tomorrow?"

"I don't know it depends on the weather."

"I hope we can. I want to go on the swings and climb to the top of the monkey bars and we can run around and spin and jump." Jemma excitedly chattered on about all the things she wanted to do in the park.

Finally, Audry stopped her. She had had enough. It had been a fun day but a long one. She really really just wanted to sleep. "Go to bed, Jemma." she insisted firmly. "We can talk more about this tomorrow."

Jemma stopped talking right in the middle of a sentence. "Okay." she agreed unhappily. She loved talking about the park and all the things she wanted to do there almost as much as she liked going there. She kissed Audry on the cheek. "Goodnight." she said before scampering back over to her own bed once again.

Audry was too tired too reply. Once again, she started drifting off to sleep. This time just as she was about to sleep, she heard loud crying. She sat up and looked over at Jemma's bed.  Jemma was huddled up in a little ball on her bed with tears streaming down her face. Audry dragged herself out of her bed and went over to Jemma's. "What's the matter?" she asked worriedly.

"You're mad at me." sobbed Jemma.

Audry shook her head. "No, I'm not." she said although she was a little bit.

"You don't love me!" accused Jemma.

"Of course, I do." replied Audry. At least that was still true.

"Then, why didn't you say goodnight to me just now?"

In fact, Audry had said goodnight to her sister several times.  She was tired of saying goodnight. She was tired of saying anything. She just wanted to sleep. However, all that wasn't worth pointing out and wasn't going to bring back the sleep she had already lost so she just said. "Goodnight, Jemma."

"Goodnight, Audry." replied Jemma happily reaching up and hugging her sister. Jemma lay down on her pillow. Audry dragged herself back over to her own bed and climbed under the covers.

Audry lay in bed for a few minutes with her eyes open waiting for something to happen.  She was sure any minute Jemma would wander over to Audry's bed again or start talking loudly or something. She was sure Jemma wasn't really going to bed. After a minute or two of silence, Audry looked at her sister's bed. Jemma was lying down under her flowered blanket with her head on her fluffy pillow. Her eyes were closed.

Audry sighed happily. 'Finally!" she thought. Once again, she started drifting off to sleep.

Suddenly, she was jolted awake by a loud noise. It was like a buzzsaw. She sat up looked around to find out what it was. Then, she finally realized what it was. It was Jemma snoring. Audry sighed again, but this time unhappily. It was going to be a long night.