Sunday, July 16, 2017

When You're Older

Anastasia Washburn had two older sisters Camry and Gretel. Camry and Gretel were twelve year old twins. They were always getting to do cool things. Anastasia was only six and was too young to do anything. She didn't think it was fair that she never got to do anything cool.

"Let's go to the park." Mommy suggested one day. This was something the three girls could agree on. "We can't go to the park we usually go to. There is work being done. We will have to go to the next closest park." Mommy stated as the four of them climbed into the car.

When they got to the park the girls happily jumped out of the car. The park they went to had two sections. The big kid section and the little kid section. Camry and Gretel immediately ran over to the big kid part, and Anastasia ran after them. "Anastasia get back here." Mommy screamed running after Anastasia. "You're too young for the big kid part. You can play there when you're older."

Anastasia didn't think this was fair, but she knew there was no use arguing. She hung her head down and slowly walked to the other side of the park. When Camry and Gretel were done playing, they all got back in the car.

"Before we go home, we need to stop by the store to pick up a few things."" Mommy explained as she buckled her seat belt.

"Can we get these books?" Camry and Gretel asked holding up two chapter books that they had found at the store.

"Sure." Mommy replied looking for the stuff she needed to get.

"Can I get this book?" Anastasia inquired holding up a different chapter book then her sisters had picked out.

"No sweetie. You are too little for chapter books. You can read them when you are older. Why don't you get this book instead?" Mommy said holding up a picture book.

"No thank you." Anastasia answered in disgust.

When they got home, Daddy was in the backyard building the girls a tree house. "Camry, Gretel come help me. "

"Okay." The two yelled running over to Daddy.

"Can I help too?" Anastasia asked hopefully.

"I'm sorry princess you are too little you could get hurt. You can help me build things when you're older." Daddy replied as he continued building.

Anastasia went to her room. She sat on her bed and picked up her favorite stuffed animal. It was a bear named Teddy. "I'm too young to do anything." she said to the bear. "I can't do anything. When am I going to be as old as Camry and Gretel? It's not fair!" Anastasia continued. Anastasia left her room and went downstairs to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Mommy was making eggs for lunch. "Mommy can I help you make the eggs?" Anastasia inquired walking over to her.

"Sorry Anastasia, but you could burn yourself. You're to young to use the stove. You can use the stove when you're older."

"Another thing, I'm to young for." Anastasia thought to herself as she left the kitchen to go find something to do.

With the eggs, they were having toast. "I'll butter the toast." Anastasia offered.

"Honey you're too little to use a knife. You can use a knife when you're older." Daddy said as he started to butter the toast himself.

"Anastasia! Anastasia! Come here!" Mommy called later that day. Anastasia didn't come.

Anastasia was in her room playing with her toys. "She must be calling me by accident. She probably wants Camry or Gretel for something." Anastasia thought going back to playing.

"Anastasia!Anastasia!" Mommy called again. Anastasia still didn't come down. Mommy decided to go see what Anastasia was doing and why she wasn't coming downstairs. When she got to Anastasia's room, she saw her playing on the ground. "Why didn't you come down?" Mommy asked. "I was going to ask you if you wanted to go to this new water park."

Anastasia loved water parks, but she still didn't think Mommy really wanted her. "Are you sure you meant to ask me and not Camry or Gretel?"Anastasia asked.

"If I meant to ask Camry or Gretel, I would have. I asked you because I meant to ask you." Mommy assured her. "Plus at this water park you have to be four to ten. Which means they are too old anyway. So would you like to go?" Mommy asked again.

"Yes!" Anastasia said vigorously shacking her head. Maybe sometimes it was better to be little.

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