Friday, July 14, 2017

What's That Smell?

Felice McGill was sitting in her living room watching her favorite cartoon when she noticed a horrible smell. "What is that awful smell?" she asked holding her nose. She looked around but didn't notice anything that could be giving off such a horrible smell.

Just then her baby sister, Faye crawled by. 'Of course' thought Felice. 'It must be dirty diaper I'm smelling!' Out loud to her sister, she said. "No offense, Faye but you stink!" Faye just smiled back at her big sister. She was just happy to have some attention. Felice quickly scooped up the baby and holding her at arms length went looking for their mother. "Mom! Mom!" she shouted at the top of her lungs.

"What is all the screaming about?" asked Mom in an annoyed voice entering the room after about five minutes of Felice's yelling. "I was in the middle of sorting the laundry."

"She needs a change." insisted Felice quickly depositing the baby in Mom's arms.

Mom took the baby and sniffed her bottom. "Are you sure?" she asked Felice doubtingly. "She doesn't smell like she needs change."

"Are you kidding?" asked Felice in disbelief. "She stinks."

Mom took out a changing mat from the diaper bag that was lying on the table. She spread it out on the floor and put the baby on it and began changing her diaper. As soon as she had the baby's diaper off, she looked up and gave Felice an angry look. "Her diaper's not even wet." she said in a very annoyed voice. Mom quickly put the baby's diaper back on and left the room taking the baby with her.

Felice sniffed. It still smelled terrible. If it wasn't baby Faye, what could it be? Just then she noticed her older brother, Dan sitting at the kitchen table devouring a piece of cake.

'Aha!' thought Felice.  'That must be what the awful smell is. It must be Dan.' She stormed into the kitchen. "You stink!" she said pointing to her brother accusingly.

"What?!" he exclaimed jumping up startled. He'd been busy daydreaming about his latest hot crush, and he hadn't heard Felice come in.

"Did you have football practice today" asked Felice.

"Yeah, what about it?" he asked with annoyance. What business was it of hers anyway? He didn't appreciate his little sister giving him the third degree.

"Did you ever hear of showering?" asked Felice as if she were introducing a foreign concept.

"For your information, I did shower." he replied angrily and went back to eating his cake.

Felice leaned in real close and sniffed her brother. He did smell clean. The stink definitely wasn't coming from him.

Dan pushed her away. "Get away from me, you little freak." he said angrily.

Just then the sound of another angry voice filled the air. This time it was Mom's, and it was coming from the living room. "Get in here right now, Felice." she called insistently.

Felice quickly hurried to the sound of her mother's voice. "What's the matter, Mom?" she asked calmly entering the living room.

"What this?" asked Mom accusingly shoving an empty cartoon of milk under Felice's nose.

That was it! That was were that awful smell was coming from.

"Didn't I tell you to throw this out yesterday?" asked Mom

Felice nodded suddenly remembering she had been on her way to throw out the empty container of milk when she heard the sound of her favorite singer's voice  coming from the living room TV, and she forgot all about it. The mystery of the awful smell was solved. Felice smiled with satisfaction.

Mom, on the other hand, was still not so please. "Throw it out now!" she demanded handing Felice the empty container.

"Okay, okay." said Felice heading for the garbage can in the garage.

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