Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Hot Hot Day

It was a steamy hot day and Dakota Yule had been outside playing. She came in the house to cool off. It didn't seem cooler at all. In fact, it felt hotter than ever. Sweat was dripping down her face. "Mommy," she said accusingly as if the heat were Mommy's fault. "It's hot in here!"

Her mother went over and put her hand over the vent. "There's isn't any cold air coming out." she said. "We'll have to call the repairman." Mommy quickly called the repairman and made an appointment.

"When's it going to be fixed?" Dakota asked eagerly as soon as Mommy got off the phone. She felt hotter than ever. She felt as if she were melting.

"He won't be able to get here for a few days." explained Mommy. "It's been really hot and a lot of people have broken air conditioners. We'll have to wait our turn."

Dakota stuck her lower lip out and pouted. She didn't want to wait her turn. She wanted their air conditioning fixed now.

Mommy found a couple of old fans in the basement, and they set them up in the living room. The fans were really old and small though. After a while, it felt like they were just blowing hot air around.

"Let's try to keep our mind off the heat." suggested Mommy. Dakota didn't know how that was possible. "Why don't we play a game." said Mommy. They went to Dakota's room and found a game to play, but it was too hot to pay attention and after a while they gave up.

They tried watching TV, but they could concentrate on that either. Just as they turned off the TV the phone rang, Mommy went to get it. She was gone for a while. While she was gone, Dakota just sat there thinking about how hot she was.

"That was Aunt Beverly." explained Mommy. "She wanted to talk about the wedding." Dakota smiled. Aunt Beverly was her mother's sister. She would be getting married in a month, and all she ever wanted to talk about was the wedding. Dakota was going to be a flower girl. She had a really pretty fancy new dress, and she couldn't wait to wear it. Aunt Beverly lived in California. Dakota and her parents lived in the Northeast. Dakota loved to visit Aunt Beverly. "The next time we go to visit Aunt Beverly can we go to Disneyland?" she asked.

"We won't see Aunt Beverly until the wedding." explained Mommy "and after the wedding she won't be living there anymore."

"She won't?" asked Dakota disappointedly.

"No, she'll be living with Roger in New York, but we'll get to see her more then." Mommy reminded Dakota cheerfully.

"Roger?" asked Dakota.

"Her fiancee." Mommy reminded Dakota. Dakota kept forgetting his name. "Husband's and wives live together, you know. " Mommy added.

Dakota instantly brightened. A smile spread across her face. Mommy thought it was the prospect of seeing more of Aunt Beverly that had made her so happy but it wasn't that at all. "Mommy!" Dakota exclaimed excitedly. "I need to get married."

Mommy smiled at Dakota's eagerness. "Don't worry." she assured her daughter. "Someday, you will."

"No!"replied Dakota desperately. "I need to get married now!"

"What's your hurry?" asked Mommy. "You're only a kid. You've got plenty of time."

"No, I don't." replied Dakota. "My house is hot. I need to move out now!"

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