Thursday, July 20, 2017

Silly Saturday

Every Saturday Layna's family had what they called Silly Saturday. Where they would have a lot of fun and be silly all day. Her family included her Mom. Her dad. Her little sister Crystal who was seven years old, and was five years younger than Layna. Lastly Layna had a two year old sister named Morgan , who was ten years younger than her. All of them loved Silly Saturdays and waited each week for the day to finally arrive, but this week was different. Layna's best friend Ellen was coming over for a sleepover on Saturday. Ellen was surely going to think that Layna was strange if she saw what Silly Saturdays were like. Layna decided to ask her mom if they could skip Silly Saturday this week. She went to her parents room, but her mom wasn't there. Then she went to Morgan's room. Her mom was in there. She was lying in Morgan's bed with her. It was time for Morgan's nap. She was reading Morgan a story to help her fall a sleep. "Mom since Ellen is coming to sleepover on Saturday can we maybe skip Silly Saturday this week?" Layna asked hopefully. 

When hearing the words skip Silly Saturday Morgan burst into tears. She loved Silly Saturdays and since she was only two they always made her really happy.

"Sorry Honey, but your it makes your little sisters very happy, and without it they will be really sad. "

"But if Ellen sees Silly Saturdays she will think I'm crazy. She will never want to be my friend then." Layna wined.

"If she is  really your friend she will like you for who you are not for what you do on Saturdays." Mommy replied going back to reading Morgan a story.

Layna could tell Mommy was done with that conversation. Even though she didn't believe what mommy had just sad she left the room. She went back to her room. "Mom doesn't even care how I feel about Silly Saturdays, she only cares what Crystal and Morgan think." Layna thought angrily to herself. After a lot thinking Lanya decided to look passed Silly Saturday and just look forward to Ellen coming for a sleepover. Once Layna decided to look passed Silly Saturdays she couldn't wait for the day to arrive.

Finally after a lot of waiting Saturday arrived. Usually everybody had matching wacky clothes for Silly Saturday, but today there was no way Layna was going to dress wacky. Layna picked out her pretty white dress with little sunflowers on it. The family also usually did wacky hair styles for Silly Saturday, well all except Daddy who didn't have enough hair to style. Although today Lanya carefully parted her hair and put it into two perfect braids. Unfortunately for Lanya the rest of the family was still dressed in there Silly Saturday outfits. Mommy and Daddy were sitting on the couch with Crystal, and Mommy had Morgan in her lap. They were playing the first game of Silly Saturday. It was the Funny Face game. In the game they took turns making funny faces. Just then the doorbell rang. "I'll get it!" Layna called out as she ran for the door.

"Hey Laney."  Ellen said as she looked at Lanya who had just opened the door.

"Hey Ellen, come on in." Lanya welcomed as she lead Ellen into the house. Ellen had been to Layna's house before just not for a sleepover and not on a Saturday. Ellen walked straight to the living room to see the Funny Face game. Layna quickly pulled Ellen out of the room and dragged her away. "Let's go in my room." Layna suggested walking towards the stairs. Ellen agreed and the two went upstairs to Layna's room. While they were in Layna's room they did all kinds of things. Such as playing games although normal games not Silly Saturday games.

"Layna, Ellen. It's time for lunch." Mommy called from down stairs. The two girls raced down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"I won the race." Layna announced as her and Ellen reached the kitchen. They both started to laugh. For lunch they were having spaghettios. Morgan scooped her bowl of spaghettios in her hands and dumped it on top of her head. On most days Mommy would have scolded Morgan, but since it was Silly Saturday she just laughed. After a minute of it sinking in Morgan started to cry because the spaghettios were burning her head and face. When Morgan started to cry Mommy immediately picked Morgan up in her arms.

"I'm going to take Morgan to have a bath, so she cool off." Mommy explained as she carried Morgan off. The whole time Layna had her head in her hands. She was so embarrassed. After that the day did not get much better for Layna. It seamed like every minute Layna's family would find another way to embarrass her.

Finally it was time for Layna and Ellen to go to bed. The two of them lay down on the two couches in the Living room. "I am so sorry about my family. Every Saturday is what they call "Silly Saturday" where the act silly all day. I understand if you think I am weird and don't want to be my best friend anymore. Or if you don't even want to be my friend at all." Layna said sadly

"There's no need to apologize. Your family is really cool and funny. My parents never spend anytime with me and I don't even have any siblings. Of course I still want to be your best friend." Ellen assured Layna.

"Really." Layna asked.

"Really." Ellen replied. From then on Layna always enjoyed Silly Saturdays as she had before, and  Layna was never afraid to be herself. Or at least she tried not to be.

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