Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Overextended Emery

Emery Overton was a nice girl. The problem was she was too nice. She especially loved to be helpful to others. Whenever anybody asked her to do anything Emery always agreed.

One Saturday morning, when Emery woke up and was sitting in her bed, her father poked his head in on his way downstairs. "Good morning." he greeted her cheerfully. "I'm going to visit Grandma today. Do you want to come?"

"Sure." replied Emery enthusiastically. Emery adored her grandmother. They were very close. Her grandmother had recently been moved into a nursing home.

When Dad went downstairs, Emery got out of bed, and went to her closet to pick out something to wear. Her older sister, Iris burst into her room and started talking as if they'd already been having a conversation. "I thought we'd start with the mall and then go to some of the smaller stores after if necessary.'" she announced.

"Huh?" said Emery in confusion.

"Aren't you coming with me to pick out a prom dress?" asked Iris.

"Oh yeah." replied Emery excitedly. She just loved fancy dresses. Besides, she appreciated any time her older sister actually wanted to spend time with her which wasn't often.

"I'm going to go take a shower. I'll let you know when we are ready to go, okay?" declared Iris.

Emery nodded. She turned back to her closet. Just after she had picked out an outfit and gotten dressed, her mother stepped into her room. "Don't forget we are going to bake those cupcakes for the bake sale today." she reminded Emery.

"Okay." replied Emery. She had forgotten she had volunteered her mother to bake cupcakes for the fundraiser they were having at school. Her mouth watered just think of the delicious cupcakes they would make. Her mother was a great baker. Hopefully, she would let them make a few extra for home as well.

Emery brushed her teeth. Just as she finished, she heard the doorbell ring loudly from downstairs. 'I wonder who that can be?' she thought.

"Emery! Arden is here!" called Mom from downstairs answering Emery's question. Arden Best was Emery's best friend. They had been inseparable since they were babies.

"Hi, Arden." Emery greeted her friend warmly as she came down the stairs.

"Hi, Em." replied Arden. "I'm so grateful to you for doing this," she gushed as she hurried into the house and dropped her math text book on the table and opened it up. "My Mom and Dad will make me quit cheerleading if I don't get my math grade up."

"Sure. No problem." replied Emery suddenly remembering she had promised to tutor Arden. Emery had always been good at math. It came easy to her. Unfortunately, not so much for Arden, who always struggled with the subject.

Emery sat down at the table next to Arden. Just as they were about to get started her father entered the room. "Are you ready to go to Grandma's? " he asked.

Before Emery could reply, Iris burst into the room." "Let's get going!" she insisted impatiently However, before Emery could move or reply their mother entered the room.

"I am going to preset the oven so we can get started on those cupcakes." Mom told Emery.

"I thought you were going with me to visit Grandma." said Dad in confusion.

"I thought you were going shopping with me." hissed Iris angrily.

"I thought we were going to bake the cupcakes today." declared Mom. "When you volunteered me you promised you would help."

"You promised you would help me with my math today!" whined Arden.

"Oops." replied Emery as a great big blush of embarrassment spread across her face. She had to learn to stop saying yes to everything.

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