Monday, July 10, 2017

Bree's Brilliant Plan

Bree Jubert was so sick of school. She couldn't stand another day of it. Winter and Spring break had both already passed, and she couldn't wait for summer. Bree racked her brains trying to think of way she could get out of going to school. Then, she sighed unhappily. The only way her mother was going to let her get out of going to school was if she was sick.

"That's it!" Bree exclaimed excitedly.  All she had to do was convince her mother she was sick, and then her mother would let her stay home. It was a brilliant plan.

Bree quickly took off her shoes. She got into bed. She pulled the covers up around her. "Mommy!"
she called out loudly. Then, she realized she sounded much too healthy so she called out again a little more quietly trying to sound weak. "Mommy!"

"What's the matter?" asked Mommy entering the room full of concern.

"Mommy, I don't feel so good."replied Bree half in a whisper.

Mommy touched Bree's forehead and then she kissed it. It didn't feel warm. She took Bree's temperature. Bree wasn't running a fever.

"My head hurts and my tummy hurts, and I feel just awful." complained Bree. She began moaning and groaning. Then, she pretended she had to throw up. She hurried to the bathroom and made gagging noises, and then flushed the toilet. Afterwards, she rushed back into bed and hurried under her covers."I feel awful, mommy."she moaned in her saddest voice.

"Oh, my poor baby." stated Mommy. "You just stay in bed and take it easy today."

"Okay, Mommy." Bree said quietly pretending to be weak with pain.

"Do you need anything, Baby?" asked Mommy worriedly.

"Just a glass of water." replied Bree making her voice sound as scratchy as she could."My throat is really sore."

"Okay." replied Mommy. "I'll get it for you." She turned and left the room.

The minute she was gone, Bree jumped out of bed and started silently cheering. She couldn't believe her plan had gone so well, and she had gotten out of school. She was really a great actress!

Bree heard Mommy's footsteps down the hall. She quickly got back into bed and started moaning and groaning again.

"My poor baby." stated Mommy sympathetically. "I'm so sorry you're not feeling good, and you are going to miss the picnic."

"What?!" asked Bree in surprise forgetting to pretend to be sick.

"Daddy's company's picnic. Don't you remember the one they have every year?"

Of course, Bree remembered. She looked forward to it every year. They got to swim and eats lots of fun food and have all kinds of crazy races.

"I'm sure. I'll feel better by then." Bree assured her mother pretending to weakly lying back down on her pillow again. "I would really hate to make you and Daddy miss the picnic." She didn't really care so much if they missed it she just didn't want to miss it herself.

"That's okay." Now it was Mommy's turn to assure Bree. "We'll just have to skip it this year."

"But I am sure I'll feel better by then." Bree repeated.

"But honey," Mommy reminded her. "Today is Saturday. The picnic is today. We'll just have to skip it this year. I'm sure we'll get there again next year. Now, you just lie down and rest. I'll be back to check on you again later."

As soon as her mother left the room, Bree sat up in bed. She put her face in her heads and shook her head. She couldn't believe she had forgotten today was Saturday.

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