Monday, July 24, 2017

Adorable Adela

Octavia Wyatt had a new baby sister, and she wasn't happy about it. Nobody had asked her before the baby was born if she would mind having a younger sibling - she did, in fact, mind.  She minded very much.

Before the baby came, Octavia was the cute little one. She was the one everyone came to see and fussed over. Now, it was Adela, her baby sister. 

"Oh, she's so adorable." gushed the latest visitor to arrive at their house and peek into the sleeping baby Adela's crib. 

Octavia put her finger in her mouth as if she were about to gag. Adorable? What was so adorable about a tiny baby who could hardly do anything but sleep and go to the bathroom. Meanwhile, she, Octavia could do all sorts of exciting things like count and spell and do both a front and a back somersault.

"Do you want to hear me count to ten?" she asked her mother. 

"Later." Mommy said with a smile. "I have to feed Adela."

"Do you want to hear me spell my name?" she asked her father.

"I can't right now." he replied. "I have to go to the store to  get Adela more diapers. Do you want to come?"

Octavia frowned and shook her head no. She didn't want to do anything for that stupid sister of hers. 

Grandma arrived and Octavia immediately brightened. Surely, Grandma would want to spend time with Octavia. She and Grandma had always been close. "Hi Grandma." she greeted her grandmother warmly. "Do you want to see me do a front or a back somersault?"

Grandma smiled. "I have to see baby Adela first."  she replied.  She hurried off into Adela's room, 

Octavia slumped to the ground dejectedly. She closed her eyes for a minute and opened them to see a figure looming over her. It was her older cousin, Marie. "Hi." said Marie sitting down beside her.

"Aren't you looking for Adela's room?" asked Octavia pointing towards it. 

Marie shook her head no.

"Don't you want to see adorable Adela?" asked Octavia wrinkling up her nose at the mere mention of her baby sister's name.

Marie shook her head no again. "I came to see you." she replied. "I wanted to tell you I know how you feel."

Octavia didn't think so. She just rolled her eyes at her cousin.

"I really do." replied Marie sincerely. "You see I'm an older sister too. Only in my case, it was adorable Essie. It was Essie everyone came to see and Essie everyone fussed over. I felt really left out."

Octavia nodded vigorously. She knew just how Marie felt, lonely and sad and like she didn't matter. "What did you do?" she asked eagerly. 

"Nothing." replied Marie. "What could I do? I was just a kid."

Octavia frowned again. She thought Marie's advice was going to be helpful but she guessed not. She started to turn away from her cousin.

However, Marie continued talking. "Do you know what happened?" she asked. "Essie got older." she continued after Octavia shook her head no. "After a while, she wasn't so adorable and so new anymore. She was just another kid like me. After all, you can't be a new baby forever."

Octavia smiled. It was her first genuine smile in a long time. She thanked her cousin and went off to see her baby sister.

"Can I see the baby?" she asked entering her Mom's room. 

Grandma was about to say no because the baby was sleeping in her bassinet but Mom was so happy that Octavia finally wanted to see her baby sister that she practically had tears in eyes. "Sure, you can see your baby sister. " she replied. "Just be really quiet though. Adela's sleeping." 

Octavia quietly tiptoed over to the baby's bassinet and peeked in. Then, when Mommy and Grandma looked away for a minute. She leaned in and whispered. "Don't get used to it. You're not going to be adorable forever. You know."