Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tukachinski The hamster

This story is not only for my daughter but by my daughter.

Tukachinski was a happy little hamster. He lived in a nice little cage. His owner was a sweet little girl named Luisa. Tukachinski was always with Luisa, but it wasn't always that way.

Tukachinski was born in a little pet store in Colorado. The store was called Pet-Mart. He lived there with his mom and his sixty five brothers and sisters. He was happy to live with his family. He loved them a lot. 

One day a man came up to Tukachinski's cage and took his mother. He then put her in another cage right next to Tukachinski's. Tukachinski trotted over and put his claws upon the bars of the cage trying to reach for his mother. That same day some people came to the store and when they left one of Tukachinski's brothers was gone too. Tukachnski wanted to go too. He wanted to know where they went and why they went. 

Every day, more and more of Tukachinski's family was taken away. First a brother; then a sister. Sometimes both. Sometimes two sisters orr two brothers but never Tukachinski. Tukachinski wondered why nobody wanted him. He missed having a family. He missed being loved and having somebody to love.

Everyday, Tukachinski would wake up and take a bite of food and a sip of water. Then, he would go to the side of his cage. It was as if he was saying hello to his mother. Then, he would spend the rest of the day sitting in the front hoping someone would see him and take him with them. 

One dark cold night, Tukachinski was woken up by the sound of more hamsters being put in his cage. Tukachinski didn't know these new hamsters. He hoped they would be as nice as his family was. Luckily they were. Tukachinski and the new hamsters hung out all day long. One of the new hamsters was one named Pip Squeak. Pip Squeak was a baby. He was a tiny runt and followed Tukachinski everywhere. Tukachinski didn't mind he loved Pip Squeak. Other than Tuckachinski and Pip Squeak, there were thirteen hamsters in that cage.

Once again, one by one the hamsters were adopted. All except Tukachinski and Pip squeak. who was still to young to be adopted. Tukachinski would not give up hope. He knew someday someone would come and take him with them.  

As the days went by, Tukachinski wanted a family more and more. Although he had Pip Squeak, it was not the same as having on owner and belonging to someone. He wanted to live somewhere where he could run around in a ball, somewhere where he could play outside of his cage once in a while. Sometimes, Tukachinski would feel like he was trapped in his cage not able to leave and no room to run around.

One bright August morning, just as Pet-Mart was opening Tukachinski was starting to wake up. As always people came and went, but nobody took Tukachinski.  The night was coming slowly, and Tukachiski was getting ready to go to sleep.

"Ten Minutes until closing! I repeat we are closing in ten minutes!" The loudspeaker announced.

"I'll be at the pet store another day." Tukachinski thought to himself as he drifted off to sleep. 

Just then, a little girl walked into the pet store. She was with her mom. She ran right up to Tukachinski's cage. "I want this one. I am going to call him Tukachinski." She declared happily as she pointed to Tukachinski.

Although Tukachinski was going to miss Pip Squeak, he was very excited to finally be getting his very own family. He knew someday Pip Squeak would get a family too. 

And, that is the story of how Tukachinski the Hamster got his name and met his family.

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