Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sabina Goes to School

When Sabina was 3, she started preschool. Her mother dropped her off at the school and she had the most terrified look on her face. Mommy smiled and gave her a reassuring hug. "Don't worry." she said. "You're going to be fine!" Sabina didn't think so. She didn't smile back.

Every day of that year, Sabina didn't look at her mother and didn't say goodbye. She just hurried into her classroom and didn't say a word. If Mommy even dared to say a word to Sabina, Sabina would burst into tears and cling to her.

It wasn't that Sabina didn't enjoy school. As soon as Mommy left, she was fine. She had fun there making art projects and playing on the playground. Although she was very quiet and never spoke to anyone, she had a lot of friends because the other kids liked her. It was just that she  had that little bit of separation anxiety which lingered the whole year.

The next year, when Sabina was 4. It got a little easier. She made two really good friends, and she talked to them and only them. Every day, she hugged and kissed Mommy at the door, and Mommy was the one who looked a little bit sad. "Don't worry, Mommy." she said. "I'm going to come home."

When Sabina was in Pre-K, she went into school without saying goodbye again. She wasn't sad anymore and she wasn't afraid. She was just so eager to get to school that she as soon as they got into the school she hurried into her classroom without bothering to say goodbye to Mommy.

Every day, after school if they had time, they would be allowed to play on the playground for a while. Sabina had so much fun every day, she and her best friend. Emmy would be the last kids left on the playground. They were so busy having fun that they would literally have to be dragged off when it was time to go home.

In Kindergarten, Sabina went to a new school. Everyone in her classroom was nice, and she made a lot of friends. Mommy volunteered at school and got to come in every Friday to help out in Sabina's classroom. "I love when you come to school with me." Sabina  told her happily.

"I love it too." Mommy replied.

At the end of the year, Sabina was sad. "I don't want to go to a new school." she told Mommy practically in tears.

"Don't worry." Mommy assured her. "You'll be fine."

And she was. Her teacher was young. It was her first year teaching so it was like she and the class were starting together. Sabina loved her. The girls in the class were nice, but some of the boys were a little wild.

The school year was fun. They got to do fun projects. They went to visit a farm. Mom still got to volunteer in the classroom but only once a month or so and only for an hour.

In second grade, they had Immigration day. Sabina got to pretend to be a Russian immigrant like one of her ancestors. They made butter for Thanksgiving. Mommy got to come in and help with that. They even got to to do a play right in their classroom. Sabina played a bird.

In third grade, Sabina met her best friend, Maryann. The two of them were inseparable. Their teacher was young and fun, and they got to do a lot of cool things. They had Wild West Day, and they went to visit the zoo. Mommy came in and helped out with Wild West Day.

"Maryann is going to be in my class again next year!" Sabina excitedly told Mommy just before the next school year.

Mommy smiled. "I'm happy for you, baby." she replied.

That year, they went to the Aquarium. They got to have kindergarten buddies. It was the first year Mommy never had a chance to volunteer in the classroom.

Time passed quickly and before they knew it, Sabina was in 5th grade. Her last year in her elementary school. The next year she would be in middle school.

In 5th grade, she and Maryann were together again for the third year in a row. They mostly stuck to themselves. Girls were starting to form tight buddieships now.

That year in school, Sabina helped out in one of the younger classrooms every morning. She had a first grade buddy who turned out to be the same girl who was her kindergarten buddy the year before. They went to the beach on a class trip, and Sabina even got selected for a special trip to a sculpture park.

The year went by quickly. Before, they knew it, it was the end of the year. They didn't really graduate but they moved on. Sabina was excited for another summer. She never really liked going to school even though sometimes they did fun things there, and she loved being with Maryann everyday. There was no guarantee she and Maryann would be together or even see each other the next year in a big new school. Sabina was a little anxious about the next year but she was happy.

Mommy was a little bit sad though. Her baby was growing up so quickly. It seemed like just yesterday, Sabina was clinging to her at the door of the preschool, and now Sabina would be going into middle school. Now, she was the one who didn't want to let go of Sabina. She hugged Sabina tightly as if doing so would make her stay a little girl just a little big longer.  "I love you, baby." she said.

"I love you too, Mom." replied Sabina.

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