Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Lost Mittens

Kitty, Katya, and Tabbi Feliciano were sisters.They were each ten minutes apart in age. Kitty was the oldest, Katya was in the middle and Tabbi was the youngest. They were typical sisters. Sometimes, they got along well; sometimes they fought. Over all, they loved each other, and they loved to play together. More than anything they loved to play in the snow.

One fine snowy day, Grandma came to visit. Kitty, Katya and Tabbi were getting ready to go play in the snow. They were all bundled up in their snow gear. Kitty was dressed all in red. Katya was dressed all in pink. Tabbi was dressed all in purple. "Where are you going with those ratty mittens?" asked Grandma. She held up Kitty's hand. There was a big hole in the mitten right where the thumb was supposed to be. Katya's was torn at the thumb and at the top. Tabbi's had a big hole right in the middle.

"Oh, Grandma," replied Kitty sadly. "We don't have any other mittens. Katya and Tabbi nodded in agreement.

"Yes, you do." Grandma informed them.

"We do?" chorused all three girls in surprise. They had no idea what Grandma was talking about.

Grandma reached for her giant black pocketbook which was sitting on the table in front of her. Kitty, Katya and Tabbi all huddled around her excitedly. One never knew what goodies Grandma was going to take out of her big black bag. It was as exciting as Mary Poppins carpet bag.

Grandma reached into the bag and pulled out three pairs of  homemade mittens. "These are for you." she told Kitty handing her a pair with red hearts. "These are for you." she told Katya handing her pair with pink stars. "These are for you." she told Tabbi handing her a pair with purple diamonds.

They were they most beautiful mittens the girls had ever seen. "Oh, thank you, Grandma!" they exclaimed excitedly hugging their Grandma.

The girls took off their old mittens and threw them away. They happily put on their new mittens and went out to play in the snow.

A few hours later, they had enough of the snow. They were freezing and wanted to go inside to warm up. As they hurried inside and quickly took off their wet clothes and left them in a heap by the door, they noticed a delicious smell wafting in from the kitchen.

"What's that?" asked Kitty eagerly.

"It smells like cherry pie!" exclaimed Katya.

"Yum!" exclaimed  Tabbi.

Mommy and Grandma came in from the kitchen. "Hi girls." Grandma greeted them warmly. "Did you have fun in the snow?" The girls nodded happily. "While you were outside, your Mom and I baked a cherry pie. Why don't you come in the kitchen and have some?"

Kitty and Katya and Tabbi all loved cherry pie. Practically before Grandma finished talking, they had started heading toward the kitchen eager to taste the delicious smelling pie.

"Just a minute!" their mother exclaimed. By the tone of her voice, they could tell she was not happy with them. They stopped in their tracks.

"We took off our wet clothes." Kitty assured her.

"Yes." agreed Mommy, "but do they belong in a heap by the front door?"

"Oh." said Katya quietly.

Tabbi just shook her head no.

The three girls picked up their wet coats and hats and scarfs and handed them to Mommy. She put them in the dryer. "Where are your mittens?" asked Mommy.

Kitty and Katya and Tabbi got down on the ground. They looked all around. They could not find their mittens.

Mommy looked at them with disappointment. "Those were new mittens," she declared "and Grandma made me them especially for you."

"We're sorry." replied Kitty sincerely.

"Really, really sorry." added Katya.

"Can we have pie now?" asked Tabbi.

Mommy gave them a very angry look. "No mittens no pie." she declared. She went back into the kitchen.

Kitty frowned deeply. Katya sighed sadly. Tabbi began to cry. They really wanted a piece of that pie. They were sorry they had lost their brand new mittens.

They decided to look for their lost mittens one more time. They were going to go back out in the snow to look. Kitty was about to put her boots on when she saw something red at the bottom of one boot, She pulled it out. It was her mittens. She smiled happily.

Katya suddenly remembered that she had put her mittens in her coat pocket. She turned off the dryer and opened it up. She took her coat out of it and removed the mittens from the pocket. She sighed with relief.

That only left Tabbi. She had no idea where her mittens were. She began to cry harder.

"Please don't cry." begged Kitty."We'll help you look."

Katya nodded in agreement.

Tabbi smiled gratefully.

The girls search all over the floor by the door again. There was no sign of Tabbi's mittens.

"Maybe they're in your boots like mine." suggested Kitty. They took each of Tabbi's boots one a time and turned it upside down. No mittens.

"Did you leave them in your coat pocket like me?" asked Katya. Tabbi shrugged. They turned off the drier again and took out Tabbi's coat. They checked every pocket but there was still no sign of Tabbi's mittens. They were about to give up and put the coat back in the dryer when they noticed something stuck in one of the sleeves of the jacket. They pulled it out. It was Tabbi's mittens.

They happily hurried off to the kitchen to show their mother they had found their mittens. "Go put those in the dryer with the other wet clothes and then you can come and have some pie." Mommy told them.

The girls quickly did as they were told. They couldn't wait to taste that cherry pie!

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