Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Search For Ice Cream

A hint of a sweet melody filled the air, and Isla Vickery hurried to the window to see what it was. When she saw the familiar white truck, she was filled with excitement. "Mommy!" she exclaimed excitedly "Can I get ice cream?"

Mommy briefly looked up from the phone where she'd been chatting with Isla's Aunt May for the past hour. Aunt May was a dear but boy did she like to talk. Daddy always said if  you told Aunt May that your house was on fire and you had to get out immediately, she would keep right on talking. "What?" asked Mommy uncertain what Isla had asked. She'd been half daydreaming half listening to Aunt May.

"Can I get ice cream?" repeated Isla twice as eagerly.

"Can we talk about this when I get off the phone?"  asked Mommy.

Isla  knew it wasn't really a question. She sighed and flopped down on Mommy's bed  and impatiently waited for Mommy to get off the phone.

After about fifteen or twenty minutes and at least three or four times when the conversation seemed to be ending but didn't, Mommy finally got off the phone. Isla eagerly bounced off the bed. "Now can I get ice cream." She inquired hopefully.

Mommy glanced at the clock on her bedside table, and shook her  head. "It's too close to dinner."she

"Please, Mommy?" begged Isla pleadingly looking into her mother's eyes. "I'll put it in the freezer and save it for after dinner." she promised.

"Okay." agreed Mommy seeing the disappointed look on Isla's face. She send Isla to fetch her pocketbook, and they hurried downstairs.

When they got outside, it was eerily quiet. There was no sign of the ice cream truck anywhere. Isla quickly looked up and down the street a few times as if that would make the truck reappear.

"Come on, Isla." urged Mommy seeing Isla's disappointed face. Mommy locked the house and they got in the car and drove around the neighborhood  looking for the ice cream truck. Despite several false alarms when they spotted similar looking white trucks, there was no sign of the ice cream truck.

When they got home, Isla wearily followed her mother into the house. Disappointment filled Isla with exhaustion. 

"Don"t worry, Isla." stated her mother cheerfully upon seeing Isla's sad face. "I think we may have some ice cream left  in the freezer from when I went shopping last week."

Isla smiled half- heartedly. It wouldn't be as good or as special as ice cream from the ice cream truck but at least it would be something. 

That night, Isla could barely get through dinner even though Mommy had cooked spaghetti, one of her favorite meals. All she could think about was the taste of sweet creamy delicious ice cream . Her mouth watered for it.

When dinner was finally over, Isla practically jumped out of her chair and ran to the freezer. She looked around but didn't see any ice cream. She looked around a few more times and even stood up on her tiptoes to make sure  she didn't miss anything, but there was still no sign of any ice cream. Mommy and Daddy looked too, but they didn't see any either.

Just as they were finishing looking, Isla'a older brother, Artie came in. He'd been at a friend's house where he'd had dinner. "What  are you looking for?" He inquired curiously seeing everyone staring in the freezer.

"I thought we had some ice cream left from when I went shopping last week." explained Mommy.

"Oh that. " replied Artie, " The guys and I ate it after baseball practice the other day. We were starving"

Isla glared at her brother. He shrugged and went upstairs to do his homework.

Isla sighed and hung her head sadly. She was so disappointed. She had so been looking forward to the delicious taste of sweet creamy ice cream. She couldn't get it out of her head. 

"How about we go out for ice cream?" suggested Daddy.

Isla's smile lit up her whole face. Ice cream at the ice cream shoppe was even better than ice cream from the ice cream truck. She nodded happily in agreement. "Thanks, Daddy." she said.

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