Sunday, July 31, 2016

Let Me Do It!

"Who wants to help bake a cake?" called  Mommy from the kitchen.

Linnea Vessey and her older brother and sister, Louie and Lara were all sitting in the den watching TV.  All three of their heads immediately turned toward the sound of their mother's voice as soon as they heard the word "cake."

 "I do!" exclaimed Louie.

"No, I do!" cried Lara.

"No, me! Me!" shouted Linnea. "Let me do it."

They all went running into the kitchen pushing and shoving each other along the way.

"You can all help." declared Mommy. "Now, who wants to go and find the cake mix in the pantry?"

"I'll get it." said Louie.

"No, I'll will !" insisted  Lara.

"Let me do it!" cried Linnea.

They all ran out to the pantry. Louie was the tallest so he reached up to the shelf where the cake mixes should be. "There isn't any cake mix." he announced.

"Are you sure?" asked Mommy. "I could have sworn there was at least one box left."

Louie looked again. "There isn't." he replied.

Lara  stood up on her tiptoes and looked too. "No, there isn't." she confirmed.

"Let me see! Let me see!" shouted Linnea jumping up and down to try and see onto the shelf that was way over head.

All three children disappointedly trekked back into the kitchen.  "Are we still going to make a cake?" asked Lara hopefully.

Mommy nodded. "We'll just go to the store and get another box of cake mix." she declared.

"Oh yay!" exclaimed Linnea jumping up and down excitedly as Louie and Lara's frowns immediately turned to smiles.

Mommy loaded them all up in the car, and they hurried to the supermarket. At the supermarket, they quickly found the cake aisle. "Let's get this." stated Louie pointing to a box of banana cake.

"No, let's get this." demanded Lara pointing to a box of carrot cake.

"I want this!" stated Linnea pointing to a box of chocolate cake.

The three of them argued until Mom abruptly stopped them by announcing. "We are going to get this." She held up a box of vanilla cake. They picked up some icing - miraculously they all agreed on chocolate fudge, Then, they went to pay for their purchases.

At home, Mom looked at the recipe on the back of the box. "Who wants to get the eggs?" she asked.

"Me! Me! Let me do it." shouted Linnea before the others could say a word.

"Let Louie do it." replied Mom. "He's older." "Don't worry," she added upon seeing the frown that instantly spread across Linnea's face. "You can get the butter."

"What about me?" Lara pouted as Linnea quickly followed Louie to the refrigerator.

"You can get the beaters for the mixer." Mommy assured Lara. Lara hurried to get them out of the drawer.

Mommy let Louie crack an egg and Lara crack an egg and Linnea added the butter. They all took turns mixing. Soon the cake was ready to bake. Mommy had barely put it in the oven and closed the oven door when all three children quickly disappeared. "Who wants to help clean up?" called Mommy into the other room. There was no answer from Louie. There was no answer from Lara. There was no answer from Linnea.

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