Sunday, July 17, 2016

Generous Geneva

    "That's mine!" shrieked Geneva Withers grabbing a toy out of her little sister, Mya's hands.

Mya began to cry.  Mommy scooped her up in her arms. She gave Geneva an angry look. "Why can't you share with your sister?" she asked. "She wasn't hurting the toy."

"But it's mine." replied Geneva as if that were explaination enough.

Mommy frowned. "Geneva," she replied in a voice that was filled with disappointment. "It's nice to share. It's nice to be generous." She shook her head sadly at Geneva.

Geneva looked at the ground. "I'm sorry." she said and she really was, well not so much that she had taken the toy away from Mya, but that Mommy was disappointed in her.  She hated to disappoint Mommy. She wanted to make Mommy proud.  "Okay, Mommy."declared Geneva. "I'll share. I'll be generous."

That night at dinner. Geneva dumped her peas onto Mya's plate.

"Geneva?" inquired Daddy. "Why are you putting food your on your sister's plate?"

Geneva smiled brightly. "I'm sharing." she replied proudly. "I'm being generous."

"You need to eat your own food. Giving your little sister the food you don't like is not being generous." said Mommy.

"But, she likes them see." replied Geneva pointing to Mya who was happily scooping up fistfuls of peas.

"She has her own food, Geneva." declared Mommy. "You eat yours."

Daddy nodded in agreement. "You need to take back your peas back and eat them yourself." he advised sternly.

Geneva sighed. She took her spoon and scooped her peas off Mya's plate and back onto her own.

The next day, Geneva went through her toys. She gathered up all the broken ones that she didn't want anymore and carried them to Mya's room. "Here, these are for you." she told her little sister. Mya smiled happily and grabbed on to a stuffed lamb with hardly any stuffing left in it.

Geneva proudly went back to her own room pleased with how generous she was. That is until, she heard Mommy's angry voice shouting "Geneva!"

Geneva slowly went back to Mya's room. Mommy sounded really angry, and Geneva wasn't anxious to face her. Geneva didn't understand why she was so angry when Geneva was just trying to be generous like Mommy wanted.

Mommy frowned as Geneva entered the room. She looked even angrier than Geneva expected. "Why is Mya playing with a bunch of broken toys?" asked Mommy.

Geneva didn't understand why Mommy was so unhappy with her.  Maybe, when Geneva explained Mommy would understand and her anger would go away."I gave Mya all my old toys." she explained smiling  proudly at Mommy.

However, Mommy didn't seem any less angry. She just shook her head, at Geneva and asked. "Is it nice to give somebody broken toys? Would you want broken toys?"

Geneva frowned and shook her head no. "I was just trying to be generous like you wanted me to."she explained.

Mommy frowned back and sadly shook her head again. "Giving somebody your old broken toys is not being generous." she stated.

Geneva shook her head and sighed. She had disappointed Mommy again. She felt as if she was going to cry. She sure wasn't good at this being generous stuff.

"Being generous is not about giving others things you don't want. Being generous is about giving other people things they would want." Mommy explained in a much softer tone. She knew that Geneva wasn't purposely trying to be mean to her sister.

Geneva nodded thoughtfully.

The next day, Geneva was sitting at the table eating a box of cookies and watching TV when Mya wandered over to her. Mya pointed to the cookie  Geneva was eating and tried to grab for it. Geneva reached into the box and handed one to her sister. Mya took it eagerly and happily put it into her mouth.

Just then, Geneva saw Mommy watching her from the doorway, and she instantly froze. Was she doing something wrong again? She quickly glanced up at Mommy and noticed that this time Mommy was smiling.

"I'm proud of you, Geneva. I know that animal crackers are your favorite, and you still shared with your sister."

"Now, am I being generous?" asked Geneva hopefully.

"Yes," replied Mommy smiling at Geneva. "Now, you're being generous."

Geneva smiled. She loved when Mommy was proud of her.

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