Sunday, July 10, 2016

Almost Ready

Juliette Yarrow never came right away when anyone called her.  At first, she wouldn't even say anything at all. She would just stay where she was and finish what she was doing. That really made Mommy and Daddy mad so she learned to say "I'm coming!" as soon as she was called, but she really wasn't. She was never ready when they called her. She was almost ready, and she wouldn't go until she was ready.

Juliette was reading a book in her room when her mother called her. She sighed unhappily. Her book was so good, and she was right in the middle of a chapter. "I'm coming!" she called quickly, but she continued to read her book. She was almost ready. She would go down when she finished her chapter.

After about ten minutes, Juliette went downstairs. "What's going on?" she casually asked her mom.

Mom frowned at her. "Look who decided to show up." she replied sarcastically.

"I was in the middle of something." Juliette explained.

Mom just shook her head. It was always the same with Juliette. She could not be bothered to come when anyone called.  "Well, it's too late now." replied Mom. "Grandma was here and she took Jessa for ice cream." Jessa was Juliette's little sister.

"She did?!" exclaimed Juliette indignantly. "Why didn't she take me?"

"I called you, but you didn't come."

Juliette frowned "Are they going to bring me ice cream?" she asked. Her mother didn't know the answer to that question.

A little later, Grandma and Jessa arrived home. Jessa's face was covered with chocolate and cookie crumbs.

"It looks like you had a good time." Mommy said with a smile.

Jessa smiled back. "I did." she said happily bobbing her head up and down. "I had cookies and cream and chocolate ice cream. It was delicious."

"Did you bring me any?" asked Juliette jealously.

Jessa shook her head.

"I'm sorry." replied Grandma. "I didn't know you were home."

Juliette glared at Jessa and then at Mommy. They both knew she was home.

Mommy just shook her head. "You didn't come when I called." she replied.

Juliette sighed as Grandma kissed her and Jessa and left.

Juliette still had not learned her lesson. A few days later, Mom called both Juliette and Jessa from downstairs. Jessa noisily hurried down the stairs. Juliette was lying on Mommy's bed watching one of her favorite TV shows. She was right in the middle of an episode and did not want to leave before it was over. "I'm coming." she called back. She was almost ready, and she would go soon.

A little while later, she went downstairs. Jessa was handing Mommy a bowl and a spoon. "What are you doing?" asked Juliette.

"I helped Mommy make a cake for the bake sale, and she let me lick the bowl." replied Jessa proudly.

"Did you save me any?" asked Juliette.

Jessa shook her head no.  "You weren't here." she replied as Mommy nodded in agreement.

Juliette frowned.

The next day, Uncle Barney came by. When Mommy called, Juliette she was in the middle of drawing a picture. By the time, she finished and went downstairs. Uncle Barney was gone.  Jessa was still there though with a five dollar bill clutched in her hand. "Look what, Uncle Barney gave me!" she bragged excitedly.

Juliette frowned with a mixture of jealousy and sadness. She was so tired of missing out on everything.

The next time, Mommy called her Juliette came right away. She came so quickly she arrived almost before Mommy finished calling her name. This time Mommy wanted someone to go with Daddy to the supermarket. "I'll go." Juliette volunteered. Jessa was nowhere around anyway.

When Daddy and Juliette came back from the supermarket. Her mouth was full.

"What are you chewing?" Jessa demanded to know.

"Daddy got me a pack of gum at the supermarket." replied Juliette.

"Did he get me any?" asked Jessa.

Juliette shook her head no. "You weren't there." she replied.

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