Sunday, June 26, 2016

Uncle Donald's Farm

Frankie Zucker was so excited to be going to her Uncle Donald's farm. She had never been to the farm, and she just loved animals. "We are going to see horses, and cows and sheep and pigs." she gushed to her baby sister. Flora on the car ride over. Flora didn't reply but smiled warmly at her sister happy to have Frankie's attention.

When the arrived at the farm, Frankie happily rushed out of the car. Mommy and Daddy laughed at her eagerness. They carefully took Flora out of her car seat and hurried after Frankie.

"What are we going to see first?" Frankie eagerly asked her Uncle.

Uncle Donald smiled at Frankie's enthusiasm."I thought we'd visit the horses first." he declared. He led them to the back paddock where the horses were running around. There was a big white horse and a smaller black one.

"Oh they're so pretty!" cried Frankie.

"Flora, what does a horse say?" asked Mommy.

"Moo!" shouted Flora.

Mommy, Daddy, Frankie and Uncle Donald all laughed. "Horses say neigh." Frankie told her little sister.

Next they visited, the pigs there was a mommy pig and a bunch of little baby pigs. The little pigs were all feeding from their mother. "They're so cute!" exclaimed Frankie. "Can I have a pig?" she asked giving her mother a pleading look.

"No." replied her mother sternly. "Cute little pigs grow into great big pigs. Our house isn't big enough for a pig. Sometimes, it's barely big enough for you, Daddy, Flora and I.

Frankie frowned. Sometimes. she would rather have a pig than her sister,  but not always.

"Flora, what does a pig say?" asked Daddy.

"Moo!" cried Flora.

Mommy, Daddy, Frankie and Uncle Donald all laughed. "Pigs say oink." Frankie informed Flora.

Next the saw, the sheep. It's wool was really thick.  "That would make a nice sweater." replied Mommy.

"It will soon enough." Uncle Donald told her.

Frankie liked the wool better on the sheep. Wool sweaters were always so itchy to her. "Flora, what does a sheep say?" she asked her little sister changing the subject and trying to get the thought of uncomfortable sweaters out of her mind.

"Moo!" exclaimed Flora.

Mommy, Daddy, Frankie and Uncle Donald laughed. "Sheep say baa." said Frankie.

Last they went to visit the big brown cow. She was lying in the barn. "She's beautiful!" gushed Frankie.

"Maybe, later you can help milk her." Uncle Donald told Frankie.

Frankie's eyes lit up excitedly. "That would be really fun!" she declared eagerly.

"Well, kiddo," Uncle Donald said to Flora, "This is your chance to be right. What does a cow say?"

"Meow!" shouted Flora excitedly.

Mommy, Daddy, Frankie and Uncle Donald all laughed.

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