Sunday, June 5, 2016

Animal Crackers Everywhere

Kenley Sawyer  sat in the back seat of the car with her little sister, Dahlia. "Cookies! Cookies!" demanded Dahlia reaching out her little hands toward the front seat.

"We'll have cookies when we get home." promised Mommy trying to concentrate on driving.

"Cookies now!" exclaimed Dahlia.

"We don't have any cookies here." explained Mommy.

That didn't help at all. "Cookies, cookies." repeated Dahlia as tears started flowing down her face, and she headed into full meltdown mode.

Mommy sighed wearily. "Kenley, can you please try and amuse your sister." she begged.

Kenley was able to distract her sister for a few minutes. Then, Dahlia went back to sorrowfully demanding cookies. Finally, she had a crying fit,exhausted herself, and fell asleep.

Mommy sighed again but this time in relief. At least, it would be peaceful for a little while.

"Are we going to be home soon?" asked Kenley hopefully.

"Yes," replied Mommy. She wanted to be home just as badly as Kenley.

When they arrived home a a little while later, Dahlia immediately woke up. "Cookies!" she cried excitedly not missing a beat. Mommy sighed yet again. She was hoping Dahlia would have forgotten by the time she woke up from her nap. Mommy quickly ushered them into the house.

In the house, Mommy went to the cupboard and took out two small boxes of animal crackers and handed one to Kenley and one to Dahlia. "Thank you, Mommy." replied Kenley gratefully. She went in the den to sit in front of the TV and eat her cookies. Dahlia grabbed hers and toddled off.

A few minutes later, Dahlia showed up in the den and stood right in front of the TV where Kenley was watching. "Hey!" said Kenley angrily getting up to move her little sister. Then, she noticed Dahlia looked as though she were about to burst into tears again. "What's the matter?" Kenley asked worriedly. Her little sister could be a pain, but Kenley loved her.

"No cookies." announced Dahlia sadly pouting and hanging her head down.

"No cookies?" repeated Kenley with surprise. "You ate all your cookies already?" She couldn't believe that Dahlia was the slowest eater in the world. She saw that the animal cracker box was still tightly clutched in Dahlia's hands. Dahlia was holding it upside down. Kenley pried  the box out of her sister's hands and look inside. Sure enough the box was empty. That just couldn't be. Kenley looked again sure enough the box was still empty. Kenley suddenly wondered how long Dahlia had been holding the box upside down. Maybe, some of the cookies had dropped out.  "Come on, Dahlia." she said to her little sister. "Let's go look." There was no way Dahlia could have eaten all those cookies.

Dahlia happily trudged after her sister. "More cookies?" she said hopefully.

They headed up the stairs to Dahlia's room. On the stairs, Kenley found cookies on just about every other step. Kenley shook her head and picked them up and put them in the empty cookie box. When they got upstairs there were cookies scattered in the hall. Kenley scooped them up and put them back in the cookie box too.  In Dahlia's room, there were cookies everywhere: cookies in the bed, cookies under the bed, cookies by the door, cookies behind the door.  There was no way Kenley was going to clean all that. "Mom!" she called loudly.

Mom came running worriedly. "What is it?" she asked with concern. Before Kenley could even reply Mommy looked around and saw the mess and shook her head. Kenley quickly helped Mommy clean up.

"Cookies!" exclaimed Dahlia excitedly when all the cookies were back in the box.

"No, sweetie." replied Mommy. "You can't eat those they're dirty."

Dahlia instantly burst into tears. "Cookies! Cookies!" she cried sadly through her tears.

Mommy quickly scooped her up and carried her down the stairs.  Kenley followed closely behind. Mommy brought Dahlia into the kitchen and sat her down at the table. Then, she gave Dahlia another box of animal crackers.

"Cookies!" exclaimed Dahlia immediately reaching into the box for a cookie. She started to scramble out of her chair and run off with her cookies.

"Oh no!" declared Mommy. "You sit right there and eat your cookies."

Kenley smiled. She got ready to head back into the den to finish her own box of cookies.

"Can you please eat in here with your sister so she doesn't get up again and leave a trail of cookies around the house?" begged Mommy.

"Okay, mommy." agreed Kenley but not very happily. Sometimes, it stunk being the big sister.

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