Sunday, June 19, 2016

Analeigh Always Wants Attention

Analeigh Vaccaro and her older sister, Isabel sat at the kitchen table doing their homework. Analeigh kept looking over at her sister, but Isabel just kept staring at  the paper she was working on. Analeigh was bored and wanted attention. She just loved to be the center of attention, and she couldn't stand to be in a room where anyone in it was not paying attention to her

"Guess what happened to me at school today!" Analeigh announced excitedly to Isabel.

Isabel continued starring at the homework sheet in front of her and ignored Analeigh.

"Isabel?" said Analeigh trying to get her sister's attention. When there was no reaction, she repeated "Isabel?" Isabel still did not look up or acknowledge that she had been spoken to. "Isabel!" shouted Analeigh loudly in her sister's ear. "I'm talking to you!"

Isabel backed away and rubbed her now sore ear. "You don't have to yell." she hissed angrily. "I'm trying to do my homework." she declared gritting her teeth.

"But don't you want to hear what happened to me in school today?" asked Analeigh.

Isabel shook her head. "No." she replied and went back to her homework.

Analeigh was bursting at the seams and she was sure that Isabel would really want to know so she decided to tell Isabel anyway. "I was walking to my classroom .." she began

"I said no!" replied Isabel angrily turning away from her sister..

Analeigh walked over to Isabel and peered at Isabel's homework page over her shoulder. "Oh that  looks easy." she declared. "I bet I can do that. I am really good at math. I get the best grades in the class on all my math tests."

Isabel  sighed, shook her head, and stared icily at her sister.  "I think I am going to go do my homework in my room." she announced grabbing her stuff and heading for the stairs.

Now, it was Analeigh's turn to sigh. She would just have to find someone else to talk to.  She went into the living room and found her  other older sister, Emalia. Emalia was on the phone as usual. That didn't bother Analeigh. She went right up to Emaila and started talking. "Guess what I did in school today!" she exclaimed.

Emaila gave her sister a red angry glare. "Do you mind?! I'm on the phone." She turned away from Analeigh and went back to the phone. Analeigh did not leave the room. She stayed around and listened to Emalia's side of the conversation. Emaila and her friend were talking about a popular series of movies.

"I love those movies." exclaimed Analeigh excitedly butting in. "My favorite is the one where  ..."

"Analeigh!" screamed Emaila cutting her sister off abruptly. "I'm not talking to you!  I'm talking on the phone.  You're not part of this conversation."

"Why not?" replied Analeigh indignantly. "I love those movies. I've seen every one at least 5 times. When I grow up I'm going to.,."

"Don't you have something to do?" cut in Emaila glaring at Analeigh.

Analeigh frowned at her sister and shook her head no. Of course, she had homework, but she didn't feel like doing that.

Emaila sighed in frustration and frowned.  "Then, I'll go." she announced hotly. She gave Analeigh another red angry look, grabbed her cellphone and headed for the stairs.

Analeigh just shook her head sure that it was all Emaila, and that she, Analeigh, had done absolutely nothing wrong. Teenagers were so moody. Analeigh was in no rush to be one herself.

Left alone with no one to talk to again, Analeigh got bored. She went upstairs to her Mom's room. Mom was sitting at her desk with Isabel. "What are you doing?" asked Analeigh.

"Mom's helping me with my math homework." replied Isabel.

"I could help you with that." replied Analeigh. "I'm really good at math. My teacher said ..."

"Analeigh." interjected her mother. "We know you're  a good student, but now I am helping your sister."

Analeigh quieted down for a minute. She looked at the math book over her mother's shoulder. "Oh that's really easy. I could ..." she stopped mid sentence when her mother gave her a not very happy look.

Analeigh sat down on her mother's bed and was quiet for a few minutes. Then, she was overwhelmed with boredom. She really didn't like when nobody was paying attention to her. She got up and walked back over to her mother and Isabel at her mother's desk "Guess what happened to me today!" she proclaimed brightly.

"Analeigh!" declared her mother angrily. "I'm helping your sister with her homework." Analeigh's whole face froze, and she looked as though she were about to cry. "Just wait a few minutes." Mommy added in a softer tone. "And then I'll be with you."

Analeigh smiled. "Okay, Mommy." she replied.. She sat down on her mother's bed and waited silently and patiently. After about five minutes, she jumped up excitedly. "Is it time yet?" she asked.

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