Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Only Children

Colbie Unger had an annoying little sister named Cherisse. Cherisse thought that Colbie was the annnoying one. The two girls were constantly fighting.

"You took the last lemonade!" exclaimed Cherisse angrily one afternoon.

"I did not." replied Colbie just as angrily.

Then, suddenly they were off screaming and yelling until Mom had to come and quiet them down

Other times. it was Colbie who started up with Cherisse.  Often she would accuse Cherisse of getting into her stuff.  A typical fight would go something like this.

"You were in my stuff again, weren't you?" Colbie would declare accusingly pointing her finger in Cherisse's face.

"I did not! What would I want with your stupid stuff?" Cherisse would reply defensively. "And get your finger out of my face." she would add pushing Colbie's finger out of her face.

"Don't touch me!" Colbie would shriek.

"You touched me first." Cherisse would reply defensively.

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

Then, they would be off screaming and yelling again.

However, Colbie and Cherisse didn't always fight. Sometimes, they actually played together peacefully. To, Mom, it seemed like those times were rare while the fighting, yelling and screaming happened quite a lot.

One afternoon, Colbie and Cherisse had a particularly loud argument. There were yelling and screaming for over ten minutes. It went so long and got so loud that Mommy was pretty sure that they had no idea what they'd been arguing about in the first place. She knew she didn't. All she knew was that she'd had enough.  "Okay!" she proclaimed loudly over the two girls yelling. "That's quite enough yelling. "

"She started it!" cried Colbie.

"No!, she did!" replied Cherisse.

"I think you both need some time in your rooms." replied Mommy calmly pointing them in that direction.

"Now, you got me in trouble," Colbie declared angrily. "I wish I never had a sister!"

"You got me in trouble." replied Cherisse equally as angrily. "I wish I never had a sister too."

"Well, that's it then."  stated Mommy. "If you can't learn to get along and stop fighting all the time just stay away from each other. Pretend that you never had a sister. You can be two only children."

Colbie and Cherisse were confused for a minute. They couldn't understand how that was going to work. However, then they were filled with joy. They didn't care how it was going to work. They were just so happy not to have to deal with each other anymore. It was going to be so great to be an only child even if it was only pretend.

Mom still send them to their rooms. It would be easier to stay away from each other if they were in their own rooms. For about an hour, they each played happily in their rooms. Colbie was so happy not to have Cherisse in her things. Cherisse was happy not to have Colbie bossing her around.

After a while, it got boring, Colbie started reading a joke book. There were a lot of funny jokes in it that she wanted to share with somebody. She started to go toward Cherisse's room, but then she remembered she was supposed to be acting like she didn't have a sister, and she went back in her own room. She sat back down on her bed disappointed that she didn't have anyone to share the funny jokes with.

Cherisse was bored too. She wanted somebody to play with. She rushed out of her room without even thinking about it and headed straight for Colbie's room.

"Where are you going?" inquired Mommy.

"I'm going to play with Colbie." replied Cherisse.

"Colbie?" asked Mommy as if she had never heard the name.

"My sister." reminded Cherisse looking at her mother as though she were crazy.

"But you don't have a sister." pointed out Mommy. "Remember?"

"Oh yeah." Cherisse replied quietly stopping in her tracks. For a minute, she stood there silently. "But I want to have a sister." she insisted finally.

"I want to have a sister too!" exclaimed Colbie hurrying out of her room.

Mommy smiled. She knew they would not be able to stay away from each other for that long. She just wanted a more peaceful house. "Well, then." she replied. "You two are going to have to try to get along better and not yell and scream so much."

"We'll try." promised Colbie and Cherisse.

Mommy nodded. That was all she could hope for. They were still siblings living in the same house, and there was always going to be some fighting.

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