Sunday, May 8, 2016

It Followed Me Home

Baya Middlebrook loved animals. She loved them more than anything. She always wanted a pet of her own, but her mother would never let her get one. "Please, mommy, please!" she would beg, but her mother always said no.

"Maybe, when you're a little older." Mommy would say.

Baya  asked  and asked all the time, but her mother kept saying the same thing. She did not think she would ever be old enough for her mother's no to turn to a yes.

Still everywhere, she went Baya would find animals and want to take them home. When she was at the park, she went over to the pond.  She saw all the little tiny fish swimming around. Then, suddenly she saw a little green frog. She chased it around. She finally caught it just as she heard her mother calling her.

"Baya! It's time to go." called Mommy.

"Coming, Mommy!" answered Baya quickly.  She slipped the little frog into the pocket of her jacket and hurried over to her mother.

At home, Baya took off her coat, but she didn't hang it up. She just left it on the floor. It was still there when her mother send her to get washed up for dinner. As soon as she left the room. she heard her mother calling her again.

"Baya!" called Mommy in a not very happy voice. "Why is there a frog jumping around n my kitchen floor?" She frowned at Baya.

Baya looked at the frog. Then, she looked back at her mother. "It followed me home." she said.

"Oh, it did it?" replied her mother.

Baya nodded. "Yes it did, " she announced. "Can we keep it?" she asked eagerly.

Mommy shook her head. "I'm afraid not. We'll have to take it back to the park tomorrow."

Baya frowned disappointedly.

The next day after they took the frog back to the park, Baya was playing in her back yard. She heard a noise coming from under the deck. It sounded like crying. She crawled under to see what it was and found a little gray kitten meowing.

"Aw!" she gushed scooping the kitten up into her arms. "You're so cute!" She took the kitten into the house.

Mommy's raised her eyebrows when she saw, Baya walk in carrying the cat. "Why is there a cat in my house?" she inquired.

"It followed me home." replied Baya. "Can we keep it?"

Mommy frowned and shook her head no. "Take it back outside." she demanded. "You don't know where that cat's been. It could have a disease or something."

Baya sighed disappointedly and took the little kitten back outside. Afterwards, she sat down on the porch and thought about all the pets she wished she could have. Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard barking.  She ran over to to the sidewalk to see where it was coming from.

Suddenly, a big brown dog appeared. Baya happily petted the dog. "Aren't you sweet?" she gushed.
She hurried off when she heard her mother calling once again.  The dog trotted after her right up the steps and into the house.

"Where did that dog come from?" asked Mommy.

"It followed me home." replied Baya. "Really!" she added. "Can we keep it?"

"Isn't that the neighbor's dog?" asked Mommy.

"Oh yeah." replied Baya suddenly noticing that the dog had a collar.

Mommy went with Baya to take the dog home. Afterwards, Baya sat out on the front porch feeling sad and sorry for herself that she didn't have a pet. She was still sitting there by the time Daddy came home.

"Hi, Baya." Daddy greeted her stepping out of the car.  "I hear that animals keep following you home."

Baya shrugged. "It doesn't matter." she replied sadly. "Mommy won't let me keep any of them."

"Why don't you come and see what came home with me." Daddy suggested.

"What?" asked Baya wondering what Daddy was talking about. She followed him over to his car. Daddy reached into the car and took out a box and handed it to Baya. She peeked inside. Inside the box was a tiny hamster.  "Oh!" cried Baya. "It's so cute! Whose is it?"

"It's yours." Daddy told her just as Mommy came out of the house and joined them.

"Really?" exclaimed Baya excitedly.

"Really." he replied as Mommy nodded in agreement.

"Oh, thank you!" she said joyously.   She was so happy she finally had a pet of her own.

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