Sunday, May 22, 2016

Brenna Wants A Baby

Brenna Wyman adored babies. She always wanted  to be around them. She liked their soft baby skin. She loved their sweet baby faces. She marveled at how tiny and fragile they were. She was just crazy for everything to do with babies.

When Brenna was five, a lot of her friends mother's started having babies. Brenna was jealous of all her friend's little siblings. "I think that you should have a baby." she announced to her mother one day.

Mommy looked up from the desk where she'd been sitting and doing paperwork and laughed.

Brenna glared angrily at her.

"Oh." replied Mommy. "You're serious."

"I need a brother or sister." insisted Brenna nodding her head to emphasize her point.

"Oh you do, do you?" replied Mommy. "What about Jeremy?"

Brenna wrinkled her nose in disgust. Jeremy was her older brother. He was a big slob. All he and his friends ever seemed to do was sit around in his messy room playing video games. "That doesn't count he's older. I want a baby brother or sister." she explained.

"Even if you had a baby brother or sister they'd get older you know." pointed out Mommy.

Brenna nodded. "Yes." she replied, "but they would always be younger than me."

"That's true." Mommy agreed. She didn't say anything else. She thought the discussion was closed.

However, it wasn't to Brenna. "Then, we agree?" asked Brenna.

"Agree on what?" asked Mommy warily.

"That you and Daddy are going to have another baby."

Mommy quickly shook her head. "Oh no." she replied forcefully. "This baby factory is closed. You and you're brother are enough for this family."

Brenna frowned.

Mommy smiled at her. "Don't worry. Someday, you'll grow up and have your own children."

Brenna instantly brightened up. Having her own children would be even better than having a little sibling. She couldn't wait to grow up.

From that day on, Brenna couldn't stop talking about the children she was going to have when she grew up. "When I have my baby .." she would announce as though it were something that was going to occur in a matter of days rather than a matter of years. She would even walk up to strangers in the store and announce "I'm going to have a baby."

Other people would always think that it was Mommy who was going to have a baby. "Oh that's nice, dear." they would say smiling at Mommy. Mommy would quickly usher Brenna away while the people would marvel at how thin Mommy looked for someone who was going to have a baby.

One day, Mommy and Brenna were shopping at the store. Mommy reached up and lifted a heavy package off the top shelf. An elderly woman quickly approached them or at least as quickly as her tired old legs could carry her. "Should you really be doing that in your condition?" she asked Mommy harshly.

"What?" asked Mommy starring at the woman in confusion.

"Shouldn't you be more concerned about the safety of your unborn child?" pointed out the woman.

"My what?" replied Mommy still confused. Then, as she realized what was going on, she frowned at Brenna. "I'm not pregnant." she declared turning back to the woman.

"Oh but  I thought..." sputtered the baffled woman. "You're little girl said..."

Mommy just shook her head at Brenna.

"Mommy's not having a baby." announced Brenna. "I'm having a baby."

"What?" exclaimed the woman even more confused than ever.

"After I graduate from kindergarten, and go to first grade and then get married." explained Brenna as though it were going to happen precisely in that order without anything else in between.

The elderly woman looked at Mommy apologetically as she realized her mistake. Then, she smiled at Brenna. "Well, good luck with your future babies then." she said.

Brenna smiled back. "Thank you." she said.

As the woman turned and walked slowly away, Mommy turned to Brenna and declared. "Let's just keep our future babies to ourselves from now on. We don't have to share them with everyone."

"Okay, Mommy." replied Brenna.

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