Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Quiet Night

It was the middle of the night. Xadria Kogan suddenly woke up and sat up in bed.She tried to go back to sleep but she just couldn't. She was too wide-wake. She didn't like the silence in her room. It was too quiet. She didn't like the quietness. It was kind of scary. Xadria decided to go to her sister's room. Surely, her sister would be up texting and talking to her friends when she was supposed to be sleeping.

Xadria hurried out of her room and tiptoed down the hall to her sister's Xoella's room. She barged into the room getting ready to bust her sister for being up in the middle of the night. However, the room was silent.  Xoella was lying asleep in her bed. Xadria crawled into bed with her sister. She lay there for a while, but she still couldn't sleep. She got up and picked up her sister's phone. She turned it on. It started beeping loudly to indicate that Xoella had numerous text messages.

The loud noise woke Xoella. Xoella sat up groggily and looked around her room. When she spied Xadria sitting with her phone, she gave her sister a very angry look. "What are you doing with my phone!" she exclaimed in a sleep fogged voice. Before, Xadria could even reply, she stumbled out of bed and snatched the phone out of Xadria's hands.

"Now that you're awake, can I play on your phone?" asked Xadria cheerfully.

Xoella's eyes burned like fire. "Get out!" she screamed pointing to the door.

Xadria frowned. "You sure aren't pleasant in the morning." she replied disappointedly.

"The morning?" shrieked Xoella. "It's the middle of the night. Now get out." She threw a pillow at Xadria's head, but Xadria just managed to leave the room before it hit her.

Xadria decided to go into her brother, Xander's room instead. Xander never went to sleep. Surely, he would be awake playing video games. She hurried down the hall  to her brother's room. When she got there, she couldn't see any light under the door. That was unusual. She went into the room. Her brother was lying on his bed. He was fully clothed and he was not under the covers, but he was fast asleep. Xadria lay on her brother's floor for a while. It was too uncomfortable, and too quiet. She still couldn't sleep.

Xadria got up and went over to her brother's computer. She saw a new game he had gotten lying open on his desk. It looked like fun. Xadria wanted to play it. She quietly went over to the computer and turned it on. It started up loudly.

Xander's eyes opened at the sound, and he woke up. He was surprised to see his little sister in his room, but he wasn't as angry as Xoella had been. "What are you doing here?" he asked curiously.

Xadria smiled at him. "Let's play a video game, Xander." she suggested.

Xander looked at the clock. "Not tonight." he replied. "I have to work tomorrow."

Xadria frowned. She forgot her brother had just started at a part-time job working at the gas station. "Then, can I play?" she asked hopefully.

Now, it was Xander's turn to frown. "It's late." he replied. "Do you think Mom and Dad would like you up playing video games at this hour?"

Xadria started to nod her head yes but when Xander gave her a look she shook her head no.

"Come on." said Xander. "I'll take you back to your room." Before, she could utter a word of protest, he'd scooped his little sister up into his arms and carried her down the hall. He deposited her back in her room onto her own bed. "Goodnight." he said as he turned and headed back for his own room.

"Goodnight." Xadria called after him disappointedly.

As soon as the sound of Xander's footsteps going down the hall faded away, Xadria got out of bed again. She went back into the hall. She went into her parents room. They were both fast asleep too. It was really quiet in their room. Neither one of them was even snoring which was unusual.

Xadria quickly went over to the TV and turned it on. She sat on the floor and listened to it quietly for a few minutes. Then, a loud commercial went on and Mom and Dad both woke up.

"Xadria!" they exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"

Xadria smiled at them. "It's too quiet. I couldn't sleep so I came in here to watch TV." she explained.

Mommy frowned. "It's much too late to watch TV." she replied.

Daddy nodded in agreement. "Come on." he said. "I'll take you back to bed." He scooped Xadria up in his arms, and for the second time that night she was carried back to her room.

Daddy put Xadria into her bed. "Goodnight." he said kissing her. "I'll see you later."

"How much later?" asked Xadria.

"Not before 8:00." replied Daddy.

When Daddy left the room, Xadria listened to the sound of Daddy's footsteps retreating down the hall.

The house was still quiet, but Xoella and Xander lay awake in their beds. Mommy and Daddy lay awake in their bed too. None of them could get back to sleep after Xadria had woken them up.
Xadria yawned. She was kind of tired from all that wandering around. She closed her eyes and fell right to sleep.

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