Sunday, April 24, 2016

Life Of a Little Black Puppy

Today' story is not only for my daughter but by my daughter.

I am a little black puppy I live with a happy family. My family is not too small but not too big ether. There are 4 kids, a mommy and a daddy. The kids are  1 boy and 3 girls, a little girl, a middle girl and a big older girl. The boy is the oldest of all.  My family first got me back when I was just about a week old and could not open my eyes.

That's some of what my life as a little black puppy is like.

My family is always telling me how easy my life is because I'm just a little puppy, but the truth is they never spent a day as me. My life is harder than it looks. When I first wake up in the morning I have to run outside and get the newspaper for my family. Then, before the little girl wakes up, I have to go lie in her bed with her so she will think I slept with her. If I don't, she will be sad and cry.

That's not the end of my story.

Later, when the kids get home from school, they pick me up and swing me in their arms. I  hate when they do that. For one thing, I don't like being held. For another thing, it gets me very dizzy.

Later in the day, at dinner, I get up to the table for my food, and I get sprayed with a little bottle of water until I leave the plate in front of me, which is clearly mine.

I go to sleep really hungry so I have to sneak out and get a snack while everyone else sleeps.

Then, the kids wake up and get ready for school. They each brush my teeth not knowing the other did. Then, they throw balls at me and tell me to get them. Some humans are so bossy! I mean, if they want it they should stop throwing it.

My life is also very good, I love my family. I have a nice place to live. I love when the little girls watch dog movies.

I don't like when the kids aunt makes me sweaters. I hate them! They are so annoying! I wish she would stop making them.

Every week the family has a family meeting where they talk and fix problems. Rudely, they never ask me what I think about the topic. Well, the kids do but they never give me enough time to answer the question about the topic for the family meeting. Sometimes, that makes me really extremely mad!

There's just not enough hours in a 24 hour day. Maybe, a day should be 64 hours and not 24 hours that would help me with a lot of my biggest problems.

So. I guess what I am trying to say is that a little puppy can have a hard life.

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