Sunday, April 17, 2016

Greta and the Annoying Ones

Greta Hardison was a fun loving free spirited girl. Her younger sisters, Angeline and Analiese were much more serious girls. Greta thought they were just annoying.  She always wanted to have a good time first. Angeline and Analiese always wanted to do their work first. They couldn't understand why Greta didn't want to as well.

When the three girls came home from school. Greta immediately flopped herself down on the living room couch. Angeline and Analiese went into the kitchen and sat down at the table. They took their pencils and their homework sheets out of their backpacks and immediately sat down to do their homework.

Greta laughed. "We just left school. " she said to her sisters. "Why do you want to do your homework right away? Don't you want to take a break from school stuff for a while?"

Angeline  looked up for a minute and shook her head no. "I'd rather get it over with." she replied. Then, she went back to her work. Analiese nodded in agreement without even taking her eyes off of the paper she was working on.

Greta came into the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator and looked around. "Hmm! What should I eat for a snack?" she contemplated loudly.

"Shh!" hissed Angeline trying to concentrate on her work.

"Sorry." replied Greta, but she really wasn't sorry at all and she didn't even attempt to be any quieter.

This time Analiese looked up and glared at Greta.

Greta just smiled. Her sisters were such geeks. There would be plenty of time to do homework later. Greta grabbed an apple out of the fridge, and then went in the other room to eat it in front of the TV.

The noise of the blasting TV annoyed Angeline and Analiese. "Can you please lower that?" begged Angeline.

"We're trying to study." added Analiese.

After Greta had allegedly lowered the TV three times. it was still blasting. Angeline sighed and grabbed her schoolwork and headed upstairs. Analiese followed.  When they passed Greta, they gave her angry looks.

Greta just shrugged off her sisters' anger. Not everyone was as fanatic about school work as Angeline and Analiese. There was still plenty of time to get homework done.

Greta finished her snack and then decided to have another one. All the while, she continued watching TV. When she finished eating. she decided to watch the rest of the episode of the TV show she was watching. She hated to leave an episode in the middle.

When the episode was over, one of her favorite episodes of one of her favorite shows went on. She decided to watch that one too. There would still be plenty of time to do homework.

When the next episode was over, Greta finally turned off the TV. She went upstairs to do her homework, but she got distracted by the teen magazine on her desk. She picked it up to look through it for a minute or two before getting into her homework, but she ended up reading the whole thing.

By the time, Greta  was finished looking at the magazine, it was dinner time. "Did you finish your homework?" Mommy asked Greta, Angeline and Analiese as they sat down at the dinner table.

"I did!" exclaimed Angeline proudly. She gave Greta a snobby look.

"I did too." added Analiese. She gave Greta a snobby look too.

Greta frowned back at her sisters, but said nothing. She was hoping the subject would be dropped, and she quickly stuffed her mouth with food so Mommy wouldn't expect her to talk.

Mommy was not so easily distracted. "What about you, Greta?" asked Mommy the minute Greta finished chewing.

"Not yet." Greta replied.She quickly went back to eating hoping the subject would be dropped.

However, she should have known better. When their Mom had something on her mind, she wouldn't let it go. "How much do you have left?" Mommy asked Greta pleasantly.

"All of it." replied Angeline before Greta could reply. Analiese nodded in confirmation. They gave Greta a very smug look. Greta glared back at them.

Now, it was Mommy's turn to give Angeline and Analiese angry looks. "I was talking to your sister." she declared. Then, she turned back to Greta. "How much of it do you have left?" she repeated.

"Well ..." Greta played with the food on her plate a little bit stalling. "I haven't actually done any of it yet." she admitted finally. "But I'm going to get to it after dinner." she promised quickly.

"Alright." replied Mommy as she went back to her own food.

"Alright?" repeated Greta. She couldn't believe Mommy had given in so quickly. There had to be a catch.

"Yes," replied Mommy. "When we are watching that new movie you wanted to see, you'll be doing your homework."

Greta angrily bit the inside of her mouth. She forgot that movie was on tonight. Well, no worries. She'd just quickly do her homework after dinner.

However, after dinner, she kept getting distracted, and her homework took longer than she thought it would. By the time, it was time for the movie. she still wasn't done. Still no worries. She would just sit in front of the TV and do her homework while she watched.

That was not okay with Mommy, however. "Take your homework up to your room to finish it." Mommy told Greta when the movie went on.

"I can finish it while I watch." insisted Greta.

"Greta." replied Mommy giving Greta a stern look. She didn't have to say anything else for Greta to know how serious she was. Greta sighed and grabbed her school work and headed upstairs. There was no doubt that Angeline and Analiese were annoying but just maybe they were right about work before play.

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