Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Prince's Girl Clothes

There once was a land far away. In this land, there lived a young prince. This prince needed an outfit for the Royal Ball. He was a growing boy and none of the party clothes he already had fit him anymore. The King and Queen hired the finest tailors in the land to make the prince some new clothes for the Ball.

The tailors showed the Prince the best materials they could find. "Just pick out whatever you like, and we will make you the finest outfit in the land. " they told him.

"I would like a dress." replied the young prince.

The Tailors looked at the King and Queen who both had their mouths open in shock. "Your just teasing us, aren't you son?" asked the King. The Prince shook his head. "That isn't funny." said the King.

The Queen stared deep into her son's eyes and saw that this was what the Prince really wanted. "Let it be so." she declared. "If the Prince wants a dress. Then, he shall have a dress."

"What color dress would like then, your royal highness?" asked the tailors. "We have some fine blues, and blacks and browns."

"I should like a pink dress."  replied the Prince.

"Pink!" exclaimed the King rising out of his seat in horror. "It has to be pink?"

The Queen looked once more into her son's eyes and she could tell that this is what the Prince really wanted. "Let it be so." she declared. "If the Prince wants a pink dress. Then, he shall have a pink dress."

"As you wish, your Royal Highness." replied the tailors.

They brought in the royal cobblers to make the prince a pair of shoes to go with his new clothes.
"What kind of shoes can we make you, your highness?" asked the cobblers. "We have some fine leathers. We can make you a pair of sturdy Oxfords or a nice pair of loafers."

"I would like a pair of high heels." answered the Prince.

"High heels!" exclaimed the King jumping out of his seat once more. "Heels?" he repeated shaking his head and putting his face in his heads.

"Heels?" echoed the Queen but in a much softer tone. When her son nodded his head she replied. "Let it be so. If the Prince wants a pair of heel, he shall have a pair of heels."

So the tailors and the cobblers set about making the Prince's new clothes. All day and all night they worked. When they were finished, the King ordered them to bring the new clothes to the palace for the Prince to view and try on. He was secretly hoping that when the Prince saw the new clothes he would realize how foolish and silly looking they were for a young prince, and he wouldn't want them after all. The King would be happy to have the tailors and cobblers make the prince a whole new royal wardrobe just so long as the prince came to his senses and got rid of the pink dress and heels.

However, when they brought the new clothes to the Prince and he tried them on, the prince smiled happily. "This is just what I wanted!" he exclaimed.

"I'm glad your happy my darling." replied the Queen.

The King's face turned bright red and he looked as though he might explode, but he said nothing. He still didn't think that the Prince was really going to wear the dress to the Royal Ball. "Are you sure that's what you want?" he asked when he finally regained his composure.

"Oh yes!" exclaimed the Prince excitedly. "Definitely."

The King shook his head sadly and sighed. The Queen gave him a warning look.

The day of the Royal Ball arrived. Prior to the ball, it was traditional for the royal family to lead a procession to the palace. The Royal family got ready for the procession. The King and Queen got dressed in their finest clothes. The Prince put on his dress. They sat in the royal carriage and prepared to lead the procession to the palace.

The route to the palace was lined with peasants just waiting for a glimpse at the royal family. They were so excited to see the King and Queen and the Prince. They couldn't wait to see what they were all wearing.

When the royal carriage went by, the crowd peeked in. When they saw the King and Queen's fine clothes, they oohed and aahed. When they saw the prince's dress and high heels, there was a hush, and they opened their mouths in shock.

Then, the whispering began. "The Prince is wearing girl clothes." they said. The whisper worked it's way through the whole crowd until everyone was loudly whispering "The Prince is wearing girl clothes!"

Then, one brave little girl stood up and said. "I think the Prince looks good in his new clothes and if they are comfortable and make him happy, isn't that good enough?"  Nobody in the crowd responded so the little girl turned to her mother and said. "Mommy, isn't it a shame that girl's can wear pretty much whatever they want, but boys can't wear girl clothes."

The mother smiled at her very smart little girl who just happened to be wearing a fine suit. "Yes, it is a shame." she agreed.

The Prince overheard the little girl as the carriage passed by, and he smiled at her. He invited the little girl and her mother to sit inside the royal carriage and come to the ball with him. They happily accepted. The little girl happily danced every dance with the Prince, and they had a wonderful time.

Years later when she grew up, the two of them were married. He continued to wear the dresses in the family and she continued to wear the pants, and both of them were happy as can be for many years to come.

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