Friday, March 11, 2016


Quinby Radko was sitting at the table eating dinner. "Do I have to eat my peas?" she asked as she pushed them to edge of her plate with her fork.

"Vegetables are good for you." replied Mommy.

Quinby shrugged, but made no move to eat her peas. She hated vegetables. Why did things that were good for you always have to taste so bad?

"Eat your food." insisted Mommy. "Good food helps you grow."

Quinby thought about that for a minute. "Will I be bigger than Ulianna?" she asked hopefully. Ulianna was Quinby's older sister.

"Maybe, someday." replied Mommy.

That was all Quinby needed to hear. Her eyes lit up. She quickly wolfed down all her dreaded peas.

After dinner, Quinby went over and stood next to Ulianna and measured herself. "You're still taller than me." she declared disappointedly.

Ulianna shook her head. "Why wouldn't I be?" she replied.

"But I ate all my peas." whined Quinby. "Why didn't I grow?"

Ulianna laughed at little sister. "It doesn't happen that fast." she said.

Qunby sighed impatiently. She didn't want to wait. She wanted to grow now.

For a whole week, Quinby ate all her vegetables without complaining. Every day, after dinner she stood next to Ulianna and measured herself. Every day, she was still not taller than Ulianna. Ever day, she was still the same size. "Why aren't I growing?" she complained to Mommy. "I've been eating my vegetables every day."

Mommy smiled. "Growing doesn't happen that quickly." she informed Quinby. "Don't worry it will happen. Just be patient."

Quinby didn't want to be patient. She wanted to be taller. "Is there anything else I can do?" she asked hopefully.

"Get plenty of rest." replied Mommy. "Sleep helps you grow as a matter of fact growing happens when you sleep."

Quinby eye's lit up. That was it! That was the answer! She just wasn't getting enough sleep. If she got the right amount of sleep she would be taller than Ulianna in no time.  "Can I go to sleep now?" she asked excitedly.

Mommy laughed at Quinby's eagerness. "It's not even dinner time yet." she replied.

Quinby frowned disappointedly. She decided to figure out excitedly how much sleep she was going to need to be taller than Ulianna.

Ulianna was lying on the couch watching TV. "Can you stand up for a minute?" asked Quinby. Ulianna stood up. Quinby measured herself next to Ulianna. It looked like Ulianna was about two inches taller than her. "Two more nights sleep, and I'll be as tall as you." Quinby happily informed her big sister.

Ulianna just shook her head. Her little sister sure was strange. Ulianna went back to watching TV.

For the next two nights, Quinby happily went to bed without protest the minute she was told it was time. Once she was in bed, she didn't get out of bed once. She just went right to sleep.

On the third day, Quinby woke up and excitedly sprang out of bed. She hurried to find Ulianna. Ulianna was still in bed. "When are you getting up?" demanded Quinby. Ulianna just rolled over and went back to sleep. Quinby sighed impatiently. She stood by Ulianna's bed watching and waiting for Ulianna to get up.

Ulianna felt Quinby staring at her and opened her eyes but did not get out of bed. "Don't you have something better to do?" she asked angrily.

Quinby shook her head no.

Ulianna reluctantly dragged herself out of bed. Maybe, if she got up, Quinby would go away.

Quinby's eyes lit up when Ulianna got out of bed. Now, she could see if all that sleep had paid off. She hurried over to Ulianna and measured herself. Then, she frowned. Ulianna was still taller than her.

As Ulianna went into the bathroom to brush her teeth, Quinby went off to find their mother.

Mommy was in the kitchen about to make breakfast. "Can you get me the blue flowered bowl to make pancake batter in?" she asked Quinby as Quinby entered the room.

Quinby reached into the cabinet and got the requested bowl."Mommy when am I gonna grow?" she asked as she handed it to her mother. "I eat all my vegetables. I get lots of sleep, and I'm still not taller than Ulianna. When am I going to get bigger? When I am going to grow?"

Mommy smiled. "But you're growing already." she replied.

"I am?" asked Quinby in surprise. "but I am not taller than Ulianna."

"No, you're not." agreed Mommy. "and you might not never be, but you're taller than you used to be. When you handed me that bowl just now you didn't have to stand up on your tiptoes to reach the cabinet like you used to."

Quinby smiled. Mommy was right. She did used to have to stand on her tippy toes to reach the cabinet. She was growing! She might not be as tall as Ulianna yet, but at least it was a start.

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