Thursday, March 3, 2016

Selfish Sally

Sally Stevens was a seven year old girl. She had seven friends, counting her aunts . Alex, Jo, Sam, Teddy, and Max. They were all girls. She had an Aunt Charlie and an Aunt Delilah Al Morine Doxen Voile. Aunt Al, for short. Sally lived with her aunts. Sally was selfish. "Sally,  can I borrow Spy Kids 4? I didn't get a chance to see it in the movie theater." asked Alex.

"No it's mine, that's your own fault. I won't share!" replied Sally selfishly.

"You are so selfish. I don't want to be your friend anymore. I'm leaving." shouted Alex.

Now, Sally only had six friends. "Do you want to play Barbie?" asked Jo.

"Okay." agreed Sally happily.

Jo brought all her Barbies over. Sally got all her Barbies out. They spread all the dolls out on the floor. "Let's pick dolls." suggested Jo. Sally agreed. Jo picked out a doll.

"Oh no." said Sally. "You can't use that one." Jo picked out another one. "Oh, definitely not that one." declared Sally.

Jo gave Sally a very angry look. "Can I use any of them?" she asked.

"Well not mine." replied Sally. "Why don't you use your own?"

Jo gave Sally an even angrier look. "I don't think I want to be your friend anymore." she shouted and then, she stormed  off.

Now, Sally only had five friends. Sally was very sad. To cheer her up, Aunt Charlie and Aunt Al took her to the movies. They invited Sam to go along. "At least you're my real friend." Sally told Sam when they got to the movies and found their seats.

Aunt Charlie and Aunt Al bought popcorn and soda. Sam's eyes lit up when she saw the popcorn, "That looks so good." she declared hungrily reaching for some.

Half of the popcorn spilled as Sally quickly snatched it away. "Why didn't you ask your mother to give you money for popcorn?" she  remarked angrily.

Sam quickly stood up and glared at Sally. "I'd like to go home." she told Aunt Charlie and Aunt Al.

"We'll take you home after the movie, honey." replied Aunt Charlie sweetly.

"I want to go home now!" insisted Sam.

"Okay," said Aunt Charlie. She told Aunt Al and Sally to stay and that she would pick them up later.

"You are no longer my friend." Sam hissed in Sally's ear just before she and Aunt Charlie headed up the aisle to leave the movie theater.

Now, Sally only had four friends 'Well at least I still have Teddy and Max.' thought Sally happily. 'They are my true friends.'

The next day Sally saw Teddy and Max at the playground. She ran over to them excitedly. "What do you want to play?" she asked eagerly.

"We don't want to play anything with you." announced Teddy.

"We heard how you treated Alex and Jo and Sam." added Max.

The two girls hurried off to play on the swings without Sally. Sally sat down on the park bench feeling very sad. Now, she only had two friends and having only two friends that were your Aunts was like not having any friends at all.

Aunt Charlie and Aunt Al saw Sally sitting all alone on the bench, and they came over to her.

"What's the matter?" they asked full of concern.

"I don't have any friends." replied Sally miserably.

"Why not?" asked Aunt Charlie.

"Because they weren't very good friends." declared Sally madly.

"Are you sure that they were not very good friends or was it you who wasn't a very good friend?" asked Aunt Al.

Sally carefully thought about everything that had happened. "I guess it was me that wasn't a very good friend." she admitted. "But I don't like to share." she insisted.

"Just because it's the right thing to do doesn't make it easy." stated Aunt Charlie.

"Would you rather have your things to yourself or have friends?" asked Aunt Al.

"I would rather have my friends." declared Sally with a smile. She knew just how to win her friends back.

The next day, she invited all her friends over. They didn't really want to come but reluctantly they did. "Let's play Barbie." she said when they showed up.

"We didn't bring any Barbies." replied Alex.

"Besides," added Jo. "We don't know if we want to play Barbies with you anyway."

"Just give me a chance." begged Sally. "It doesn't matter if you didn't bring any Barbies." She handed all her Barbies out to her friends.

"You didn't leave any for yourself." pointed out Sam.

"That doesn't matter." said Sally.

"Yes, it does." insisted Teddy.

"We want you to play too."  declared Max.

"You do?" asked Sally happily."Are we friends again?" she asked hopefully. All the girls nodded in agreement. "I'm glad." declared Sally.

"We are too." replied her friends.

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