Monday, March 7, 2016

Penina and the Pink Magic Marker

Penina Foley loved books. She also loved drawing. Her favorite book was Harold and the Purple crayon. She loved how Harold could create so many great things with just his crayon. Penina wanted to draw amazing things too.

Penina looked for her crayons. They weren't in her art kit. They were't in her toy box. They weren't in her closet. Finally. she found them under the bed.  They were all out of the box and most of them were broken. The only ones that weren't broken were brown and green. Penina really didn't like those colors. She threw all the crayons back down on the ground.

Penina went back to her art box. She had some water color paints. She tossed them aside No, that wasn't what she needed at all. Next, she found some glue and some glitter. Those weren't what she was looking for either. She tossed them aside too. Finally. she found her markers. She opened up the box. She looked at each one in turn and threw it to the ground: red, blue, black, brown, green, and orange. No! No! No! No! No! No! Then, finally she found just what she was looking for, something special to write with, a pink marker. Penina loved pink. Pink was her favorite color. She could make really special drawings with a pink marker.

Penina draw a castle with her pink marker. Then, she drew a King and Queen. "Hello, your highnesses." she said bowing to the King and Queen. "Why, yes, thank you I'd love to go to the ball." Penina drew herself a pretty dress and a nice pair of shoes.. Then, she draw a ballroom.

All that dancing made her tired so she made herself a bench to sit down on. Then, she made a pretty flower garden to look at. The flowers looked a little wilted. Penina made rain to make her flowers grow. Then, suddenly there was a little too much rain so Penina drew herself an umbrella. She imagined that the umbrella was lifting her high up in the air so she drew clouds and birds. Then, she drew an airplane and she imagined climbing inside it. She was hungry after all that flying so she drew some food and pretended to eat it.

After she ate, she was bored with flying. She drew herself a parachute and parachuted down to the ground. She draw herself a nice bed of grass to land on. Then, she draw herself some fun shaped clouds to look at.  There was an angel and a bunny and a puppy dog. Penina got so cozy staring up at the pink clouds she had drawn that she soon drifted off to sleep.

Penina began to dream that she actually lived in a world where you could draw things and they would come to life. She walked along a white markered sidewalk looking at the green and blue and red markered cars driving  along in the black markered street.

The people driving the cars looked like papers dolls. They were completely flat. They were all made of pretty colors like pink and purple and yellow and red. They looked just like the people Penina always made in her drawings had come to life. In fact, they were the people Penina always made in her drawings. "Thank you for bringing us to life, Penina." they told her gratefully. Penina just smiled and waved.

The people wanted to make Penina their queen. "Oh no, thank you." said Penina modestly.  "I just couldn't accept." However, the people insisted. They wanted her to sit on a gold markered throne and wear a silver markered crown on her head.

Just as they were putting the crown on Penina's head. She heard a loud noise, and it jolted her awake. There were loud footsteps in the hall outside her room, and they were quickly approaching her door. Then, she heard Mom's voice. "Penina!" she called. "Penina, I've been calling and calling you it's dinner time!"

Penina quickly sat up bu before she could answer, her bedroom door opened, and her mother rushed into her room. Mommy opened her mouth to say something, but before she could get a word out she saw Penina's room, and she froze. When she finally recovered she said in an angry voice "Penina why is your room a mess and why is there pink marker all over your walls?"

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