Saturday, March 5, 2016

On A Cold Cold Night

It was a cold cold winter's night. The temperature was below freezing. It was the kind of night that makes you dream of moving to a warm tropical climate where the sun shines all year long. Nina Urman lay shivering under a pile of  fluffy blankets.  She still couldn't warm up though no matter, how many blankets she piled on top of her.

Nina could hear the icy wind rustling through the trees outside her window. That just made her feel even colder. She wished she had someone to snuggled up against and keep her warm. She thought about crawling in with her little sister, Nola. Nola's bed was way too small for both of them. If she got in bed, with Nola she'd probably just end up on the floor which would be even colder. Besides, sometimes, Nola kicked.

Mom and Dad were so lucky they had each other to snuggled up with and get warm. They also had a heater in their room. They wouldn't let Nina and Nola get heaters in their rooms because they were afraid of the heaters being knocked over and something bad happening like a fire starting.

Nina thought about Mom and Dad all warm and snug in their bed down the hall. She was filled with jealousy. She wished she was a little kid again and could crawl up into bed with them. Even then, they never let her stay long. As soon as they noticed she was in their bed, Dad would scoop her up in his arms and carry her back to her  own room. However, even just a few minutes in Mom's and Dad's bed always made Nina happy. She wished she could have that now just a few minutes in their bed to warm up. It was too bad she was too old to crawl into their bed in the night anymore.

Finally, Nina could stand it no longer. She didn't care if she was too old to climb into her Mom and Dad's bed. She was going to do it anyway. It would only be for a few minutes; just until she warmed up.

Nina quietly slipped out of her bed and scurried down the hall to Mom and Dad's room. She climbed up in the bed next to them trying to make herself as small and invisible as possible. 'Just for a few minutes.' she thought to herself. 'Until I warm up. Then, I'll go back to my own bed.' Mom and Dad's bed was so soft. She felt the warmth of  heater and the warmth of her parents body heat as well. She finally started to feel a little warm herself. Nina sighed contently and quickly drifted into a deep sleep.

Nina's little sister, Nola was awakened by the sound of Nina's footsteps hurrying by her room. She wondered what was up and quickly sat up in her bed. She worried that something was wrong. There was no way she was going back to sleep now not until she was sure everything was okay.  She waited for the sound of Nina's footsteps to come back down the hall.

Five minutes went by. Then, ten minutes went by. Still Nina did not come back down the hall to her room. It was dreadfully quiet. Nola's imagination was running wild with the horrible possibilities of what might be wrong.  She was terrified. She was sure something awful must have happened.  She could no longer just lie in her bed and wait to find out what it was. She quickly hopped out of bed and ran down the hall to their parents room.

When Nola got to her parents room, Mommy, Daddy and Nina were all lying snug and cozy in Mommy and Daddy's bed. Nola's face turned red with anger. Here they all were cuddling together in bed while she, Nola was lying alone in her bed worrying that something terrible had happened and freezing. Well, she wasn't going to stand for that.  She quickly slipped into the bed next to Mommy. 'Ah' she softly sighed contently as she was suddenly filled with warmth. Within minutes, she was fast asleep and dreaming.

Maribelle, their cat had been curled up lying under the bed when Nina came in. When Nina had crawled into the bed, Maribelle crawled out from under it. She meowed softly and went and sat in the corner of the room. When Nola showed up, Maribelle jumped up by the window. She could feel the cold air blasts through the window. Maribelle jumped back. She did not like cold one bit. She wanted to be warm and cozy too just like the rest of the family, Maribelle flung herself  down from the window ledge onto the bed. She curled up in her favorite spot between Nina's legs, closed her eyes and went back to sleep purring happily.

The final member of the family, Bernie the big St. Bernard padded into the room. He saw the whole family even Maribelle, the cat all lying snug and cozy in bed without him. Bernie whimpered sadly. He wanted to snuggle up with the family too. He jumped onto the bed. Because of Bernie's large size they bed gave a huge jolt when Bernie jumped on. Maribelle went flyng off the bed. Bernie moved around trying to get comfortable,  Nina and Nola both went flying out of the bed too. Bernie still couldn't get comfortable. He moved around even more the covers flew off the bed and Mommy and Daddy went crashing to the floor with them. Bernie lay down across the middle of the bed and closed his eyes. At last he was comfortable.

However, nobody else in the house was comfortable. "Bernie!" they all exclaimed angrily jumping to their feet. Bernie opened his eyes when he heard his name. He saw the family all standing around him. He was with his family. He was happy. He closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

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