Saturday, March 19, 2016

Eek a Mouse!

It was a bright sunshiny day. Six year old twins, Olissa and Oliver Trent were sitting out on their front porch. Oliver was playing his Nintendo 3D. Olissa was reading a book.

Suddenly, Olissa thought she saw a little furry creature scurrying by. She sat up quickly and nervously dropped the book out her hands.  "What was that?" she exclaimed worriedly.

"I'm sure it was nothing." replied Oliver not even looking up from his game.

Olissa put her hand to her ear. She was sure she heard squeaking. "Did you hear that?" she asked grabbing her brother's arm. "I think it was a mouse."

"Hey!" exclaimed Oliver pulling out of his sister's grasp. "You're messing up my game."

"Didn't you hear it?" insisted Olissa.

"I didn't hear anything." replied Oliver. "Besides, even if it was a mouse, who cares? It's just a little mouse. "

"It's just a little mouse?" replied Olissa indignantly. "Mice have teeth. you know. They can bite."

"They are  little." stated Oliver. "I'm sure they have little teeth."

"Bites from little teeth can hurt too." pointed out Olissa.

"I think you are being ridiculous." replied Oliver. "You haven't even seen a mouse."

Just then their mother called them in to dinner. All through dinner, Olissa kept thinking about the mouse. She was so worried about it that she could hardly eat. She just kept pushing her food around on her plate.

"Are you feeling okay?" their mother asked Olissa.

Olissa nodded. "I'm just not very hungry." she explained.

"She's too busy worrying about mice." Oliver teased. Olissa shut him an angry look.

"Well, there aren't any mice in here." their father assured them both.

"I wasn't the one who was worried about it, Olissa was." Oliver pointed out. Olissa shot him an even angrier look.

"That's enough talk about mice at the dinner table. " reprimanded their mother. "Just eat your dinners."

There was no further talk about mice but that didn't stop Olissa from thinking about them. In fact, she couldn't stop thinking about them at all. That night she lay in bed thinking of nothing but them. She kept thinking she saw them scurrying out of dark corners of her room or that she saw them crawling out from under her bed. She thought she heard them too. She kept thinking she was hearing  little squeaking noises. She worriedly pulled the covers all the way up and ducked her head under them trying to hide from any mice that might  possibly be there.  She could not sleep at all. After a long long while, when she was finally able to drift off to sleep, she dreamed about mice:  lots and lots of mice, armies of giant mice with lots of heads like the mouse in The Nutcracker.

The next day was another beautiful day. "Can we do our homework out on the porch?" Oliver asked their mother when they got home from school. Their mother readily agreed because she thought it would be good for them to get some fresh air while they were doing their homework.

Olissa shuddered. "I'm not sure I want to." she replied worriedly.

Oliver laughed. "Are you still worried about that mouse?" he asked. Olissa just glared at him. "Don't worry," he assured her in a teasing manner. "I'll protect you."

"Cut it out, Oliver." Olissa demanded.

They settled down on the porch with their homework and started working on it.

Then, suddenly something furry ran by Oliver. He screamed and jumped back.   Olissa put her hands in front of her face and peeked through her fingers. Then, she quickly took her fingers away from her face. "Oh," she said looking at the little brown mouse that she saw in front of her. "It's so cute. It's just a tiny little thing."

"Don't touch it." cried Oliver pulling her back. "It might bite you."

Olissa laughed. "Now who is afraid of a little mouse?"

"I'm not afraid." replied Oliver. "I'm just protecting you." Olissa could see that he was shaking a little though and his voice had slight tremor when he spoke.

"Okay." said Olissa. "If that's what you want to believe."

Oliver gave her an angry look. "You are the one who kept talking about mouse bites." he reminded her.

Olissa smiled. "I know." she admitted. "That was before I knew how cute it was." she tiptoed over near the mouse  and knelt down. "Hello, little mouse." she said softy to it.

"Be careful. It might have rabies or something! " Oliver exclaimed worriedly pulling her back as the frightened mouse scurried away.

 "Hey!" exclaimed Olissa falling over as Oliver pulled her back. "You scared it away." she said disappointedly getting up and looking for it.

"I'm was just protecting you." insisted Oliver.

"Okay." replied Olissa. "If that's what you want to believe." She couldn't help smiling.  She knew he was afraid of the mouse, and she wasn't. For the first time, in her life she had been braver than her brother, and she was so proud of herself.

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