Monday, March 21, 2016

Briony's Bows

Briony Arthur's prized possessions were her hair  bows. She had eight of them. There was a purple one and a pink one. There was a red one and a blue one. There was a gold one and a silver one. There was a striped one and one that was all the colors of the rainbow. She loved each one of them and each one was special to her. When she wasn't wearing them she kept them clipped to the top of her mirror where even Briony could only reach by standing on her chair and climbing onto her desk. She kept them there to keep them away from her little sisters.

Briony had three little sister. Shannon and Shosie were twins. Vivica was the baby. All of her little sister's were fascinated by  Briony's bows. All of them wanted to touch one of Briony's bows. All of them wanted to wear one of Briony's bows. Even baby, Vivica would reach up her chubby fingers whenever she got close enough to one and try to grab it and take it for herself. Briony would never let her little sisters near any of her bows.

One afternoon, Briony was playing with her brush and her bows. She had just put her gold bow and her silver bow in her hair when she heard her mother calling her from downstairs. "Ill be right there!" replied Briony. She was going to put her bows away before going to see what her mother wanted.

"Briony!" her mother called again in a voice that said Briony had better not keep her waiting.

Briony knew she had better go right away when her mother spoke in that tone of voice. She just left her bows. She would have to put them away later.

When Briony got back, from helping her mother, she couldn't find her bows. They were not where she had left them. She looked on the floor. No bows. She looked on the table. No bows. She looked everywhere but still no bows. Briony wanted to cry. She couldn't imagine where they could be.

Just then, Shannon and Shosie entered the room followed by baby Vivica. Shannon was wearing a pink bow and a purple bow. Shosie was wearing a red bow and a blue bow.  Baby, Vivica was wearing a striped bow and a bow that was all the colors of the rainbow.

"You give me back my bows!" demanded Briony.

"You gave me back my bows!" repeated Shannon and Shosie, but they did not remove the bows from their hair or make any attempt to return them to Briony.

Baby Vivica just touched the bows in her hair and smiled. "Pretty, pretty." she said.

"You give me back my bows!" declared Briony getting angrier and pointing her finger at her sisters.

Shannon and Shosie laughed and pointed their fingers back at Briony. Baby Vivica pointed her finger at Briony and smiled. None of them took the bows out of their hair.

By now, Briony was steaming mad. Her face was turning red with rage. She continued pointing at her sisters, and she stamped her foot at them too. "You give me back my bows!" she cried angrily.

Shannon and Shosie just kept laughing at her. They pointed their fingers and stamped their feet just like Briony but they did not give Briony back her bows. Baby Vivica pointed her finger and stamped her feet too and she smiled happily. To her, it was all a fun game.

Briony sighed and angrily pulled the gold and silver bows out of her hair and threw them on the ground. Shannon and Shosie took the bows out of their own hair and threw them on to the ground. Baby Vivica took the bows out  of her hair and threw them on to the ground too. Briony smiled in relief and gathered up all her bows and hugged them to her. She was so glad to have them back.  It made her incredibly happy.

Briony was about to take her bows back to her room and put them away but  as she was leaving the room, she glimpsed at her sisters' faces. They all looked so incredibly sad, they looked the way Briony felt when her bows were missing. Briony actually felt bad for them. She sighed again. Then, she gave the pink and purple bows to Shannon. She gave the red and blue bows to Shosie. She gave the gold and silver bows to baby, Vivica. She kept the striped bow and the bow with all the colors of the rainbow for herself.

Her sisters smiled at Briony gratefully. Briony smiled back, and she felt surprisingly good.

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