Friday, March 25, 2016

Bossy Barbara

Barbara Turner was a girl who liked to have things her way. In fact, she was very bossy. She  tried to boss her friends around, but they didn't always let her. More than anything, she bossed her little sister, Brielle around. After all, Brielle was only 6, and Barbara was 8.

Barbara was in her room reading  her book when Brielle burst in without even knocking. "Do you want to play?" Brielle asked Barbara eagerly.

Barbara shook her head. "Not now. Go away." she demanded.   Brielle  frowned. She just stood by the foot of of Barbara's bed and made no attempt  to leave the room. "I said get out!" insisted Barbara. "I'm reading!" Brielle sighed and reluctantly left her sister's room.

A little while later, Barbara went to find her sister.  Brielle was in her own room playing with some of her toys. "I finished my book. Let's play now." Barbara said bossily.

"But, I'm already playing with my toys." protested Brielle.

"You don't want to do that." Barbara told her insistently. "You want to play with me. Come on." She led her little sister to their playroom. "Now go and get the Barbies." demanded Barbara as soon as they entered the playroom.

"But I don't want to play Barbies." replied Brielle. "I want to play a game."

"We're playing Barbies." Barbara informed her. "Now, go and get them."

"Barbara!" called Mommy from her room. "Can you please bring me my glasses? I left them in the kitchen!"

"Okay, Mommy!" Barbara answered back.  She knew better than to ignore Mommy. However, she had no desire to go all the way down to the kitchen for Mommy's glasses and then come all the way back up again. "Brielle," Barbara ordered "Go and get Mommy's glasses."

"But, she asked you." pointed out Brielle.

"Just go get them." Barbara told her.

"But .."

"Go!" ordered Barbara. Brielle  gave Barbara  an angry exasperated look, but she went to go get  Mommy's glasses and bring them to her like Barbara told her to.

Barbara waited in the playroom.  She heard Brielle's loud footsteps clumping down the stairs. A little while later, she heard Brielle's loudly footsteps clumping back up the stairs, and then down the hall to Mommy's room.  She expected Brielle to return to playroom any minute, but she waited and waited and Brielle didn't come back.

Finally, Barbara went looking for her little sister. Brielle was still in their Mom's room. Mommy smiled when Barbara entered the room. "Oh Barbara." she said cheerfully. "I'm glad your here too. I was just telling Brielle that we are going to be having a visitor."

"Oh?" said Barbara full of curiosity.

"Cousin, Sydney is coming." announced Brielle before Mommy could get in another word.

"Yes." replied Mommy. "Your cousin, Sydney is coming to visit, and I expect you two to be nice to her." she added.

Brielle nodded. She was looking forward to playing with her cousin.

Barbara frowned. Sydney was only 4. Barbara didn't mind playing with her sister when she felt like it, but she didn't want to play with two annoying little kids. She decided she would keep herself busy when her cousin arrived and stay away from both Brielle and Sydney.

A little while later, Sydney arrived. After Mommy forced Barbara to come and say  hello to Sydney, Barbara hurried up to her room.

"You come play." Brielle told Sydney bossily. Sydney happily followed Brielle into the playroom.

In her own room, Barbara picked out a new book to read and sat down on her bed to read it. However, she couldn't concentrate because Brielle and Sydney were being so loud down the hall. It was mostly Brielle who was yelling at Sydney.

"We're going to play Candy Land." insisted Brielle loudly.

"But I want to play dolls." protested Sydney unhappily.

"We're playing Candy Land. Now go and get it. It's over there!" demanded Brielle bossily.

Sydney started to cry. She didn't want to play Candy Land. She wanted to play dolls.

As soon as Barbara heard her cousin crying, she hurried into the room. "Why are you being so bossy, Brielle ?" she asked her little sister. "Maybe, Sydney doesn't want to play Candy Land. Maybe, she wants to do something else."

"We're not doing something else." insisted Brielle stamping her foot angrily. "We're playing Candy Land."

"Why do you have to be so bossy?" Barbara asked her.

"Because I'm in charge." Brielle told her

"Well, why do you have to be in charge?" asked Barbara.

"Because I want to be like you." Brielle declared proudly pointing to her sister. "I want to be just like you."

"Oh." said Barbara quietly. She didn't feel proud of herself at all. She felt ashamed. For a few minutes, she didn't say anything. Then, finally she said "You shouldn't tell Sydney what to do. You made her cry."

"You tell me what to do." pointed out Brielle although she didn't say it like she was complaining. She said it like she just thought  that was the way it was supposed to be.

Barbara felt even more ashamed. "Well, I'm going to try not to do that anymore, okay? " she said to her little sister. "And you're going to be nicer to Sydney. We're both going  to try to be not so bossy, okay?"

"Okay." agreed Brielle.

"Now, let's find something that we all want to do." suggested Barbara, but she didn't demand it.

"Okay." agreed Brielle and Sydney happily.

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